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Old Rosemont Cemetery
1000 Military Road
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

Sections 1-4
Sections 5-9

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.57238, Longitude: 92.58214

Old Rosemont Cemetery, Benton, Arkansas.

Located next to New Rosemont Cemetery (also known as New Rosemont Memorial Park) on Military Road at the junction of Military Road and Allen Street. You may enter the cemetery via Allen Street or at the junction of Military Road and Alcoa Road.

From the Centennial Edition - Benton Courier March 25, 1937: Formerly known as Ransom Thompson cemetery. Ransom Thompson's wife's grave was the first on this land. Next was Avor Allen, Ham Allen, Ambrose Thompson and wife (who was Rachel Hockersmith). The land was later owned by a Mr. Oliver who began laying off and selling lots. This cemetery is classed as a city cemetery, but is not in the city limits. Property north, laid off in lots, is owned by Mrs. Sena McNeil.    [None of these early graves have a marker that can be found in the 21st century.]

My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after.  Please contact me regarding any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections. At times I have shown the "family monument" but neglected to annotate all of these. If you have a family monument that you wish me to add, please email it to me being sure to let me known which names are in that family plot.

The prior reading that is discussed by many entries was a 1977 transcription by Dorris and Bernard Barber and is found here. Since so many of the stones, especially in Section 3, are illegible their reading was needed to make this transcription as complete as possible.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph  on this site -- click on the name to see the photograph.   The link to Rootsweb WCP is the link to my Rootsweb World Connect Project site.  If you should find an error on this page or my Rootsweb WCP or a link does not work, please email me as soon as possible.

The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission.

Section 1 (read May 22, 2009)

Gann Mausoleum    There were no names on the outside of the mausoleum. The following came from this webpage. Their obituaries, as well as other printed matter, show they are all buried in the mausoleum.
Gann, Dr. Dewell, Sr. (Mason)    [He was born March 31, 1859, near Atlanta, Georgia, and died September 25, 1945, in Benton, Arkansas .] 1
Gann, Martha Harding Whitthorne    [She married Dr. Gann September 4, 1889, and died January 9, 1940.] 1
Gann, Dewell Jr.     [An article in the Benton Courier, June 10, 1985, page 6, indicates he was born September 14, 1890, and died January 11, 1960. His obituary indicates he died January 9, 1960, as does the Arkansas Department of Health Death Certificate Search website.] 1
Gann, Agnes Baum    [Her obituary indicates she died February 3, 1965, and was 62 at her death.]  1
Gann, Irl    daughter of Dr. Dewell Gann, Sr.    02/07/1893-10/26/1927    [Her date of birth came from an article in the Benton Courier, June 10, 1985, page 6. Arkansas death index indicates she died October 26, 1927, in Pulaski County. Her obituary indicates she died October 25, 1927.] 1

Dorris-Phillips Plot
Dorris, Robert M.    09/05/1891-01/24/1945  1
Dorris, Edith    06/05/1891-06/05/1962
Phillips, Dr. John Morgan    died 10/19/1927
Phillips, Mabel C.    died 05/28/1940
Phillips, Harriett Mary    born 01/01/1918

Holleman, Frank G.    1875-08/02/1914
    Holleman, Alma T.    10/03/1881-04/23/1915

Persinger, Victoria    1916-1948

Witherspoon, James Harrison    07/11/1886-01/11/1975
    Witherspoon, Roberta    05/27/1876-11/16/1962

Parker, Flora    04/21/1904-10/20/1998

Burton, Robert L. Sr.    01/14/1902-11/17/1957  1
    Burton, Lee Anna    07/30/1913-03/28/1999  1

Johnson, John W.    08/01/1869-04/11/1957
    Johnson, Kathrine    02/28/1869-06/04/1948

VanNorman, R. Lester    08/11/1907-06/09/1987
    VanNorman, Flora I.    09/21/1919-11/14/1994

Johnson, Jim H.    03/30/1877-10/28/1952
    Johnson, Annie S.    10/05/1881-09/25/1949

McKeown, W. H. "Bud"    12/16/1886-03/17/1971
    McKeown, Mary    11/21/1890-12/26/1973

Bumgardner, Earl James    12/03/1914-05/18/1983    TSgt US Army World War II

Bumgardner, James W.    04/04/1891-10/23/1968
    Bumgardner, Jessie M.    10/13/1896-09/09/1983

Bumgardner, William Zack    05/04/1920-12/14/1981    US Navy World War II Korea
    Bumgardner, J. Marie Miller    11/10/1923-09/13/2012    married 08/19/1939    [dod from obituary] 1

 Gibson, Sam    12/18/1913-04/29/1985    Tec 5 US Army World War II
    Gibson, Faye H.    05/26/1918-    [her obituary indicates she died 12/27/2008]

Witham, Winnie B. Hilton    10/17/1919-10/10/1948 1

Kelley, Henry A.    03/22/1898-12/14/1964
    Kelley, Pearl V.    03/10/1898-04/01/1971

Maxwell, Maxine K.    02/28/1918-07/01/2015    [dod from obituary]
    Maxwell, James H.    09/15/1914-02/19/1996

Pharis, Kenneth P.    1924-1948

Sanders, Jim    04/03/1889-08/03/1974    married 05/06/1922
    Sanders, Annie    07/31/1893-11/12/1971

Gipson, Emanuel Marshall    11/17/1913-04/16/1970    married 01/23/1937
    Gipson, Ruth Steele    10/20/1915-04/19/1995

Haverkamp, John    12/31/1879-06/18/1954

Haverkamp, Ada I.    10/29/1899-02/11/1995

Blackwell, Ida M.    02/29/1902-04/22/1986

Blackwell, Joe Howard    01/13/1897-09/17/1948

Burton, Elsie R.    10/05/1922-10/08/2000 1

Thompson, Anita B.    1922-1998    married 06/22/1956
    Thompson, Charles E.    1928-1968 1

Bumgardner, Alma    1904-1985    married 04/10/1920
    Bumgardner, Roy    1897-1963

Phillips, John W.    1914-1985
    Phillips, Cora M.    1909-2002

Phillips, Charles Eugene    07/22/1938-04/13/1949    son of Cora and J. W. Phillips

Black, Elbert F.    06/21/1909-11/11/1989    SSML3 US Navy World War II    married 06/21/1931
    Black, Alice S.    04/28/1913-01/16/2006

Brown, Wayne B.    10/17/1918-09/28/1996    Pvt US Army World War II    married 06/09/1940
    Brown, Derotha "Tootsie"    07/23/1922-04/14/1998
    Parents of Mary Evelyn and Melba "Cissy"

Louallen, Rodney Neal    09/19/1934-12/13/2006    married 09/02/1998
    Louallen, Mary Evelyn    12/17/1944-    [obituary indicates she died 01/22/2008]

Rich, Charlie R.    08/04/1896-11/13/1962
    Rich, Mary Lou    05/25/1897-01/24/1970

Moeller, Henry F.    07/12/1870-06/28/1953    Father

Dawson, J. Fred    1885-1951

Rath, Frances    01/01/1901-02/15/1951

Rath, Walter W.    06/06/1894-08/15/1970    North Dakota Sgt 163 Depot Brigade World War I

Costley, Mary Jo    01/14/1959-04/27/1976

Costley, George Vernon    11/20/1932-02/09/1999    married 02/14/1922

Costley, Leonard    01/18/1930-07/05/2006    US Army Korea

Wise, Ambrose G.    1890-1949
    Wise, Lillie D.    1892-1983

Prickett, Beulah M.    08/20/1916-09/21/2006    Sister
    Wise, A. G.    03/14/1921-07/08/2008    Brother

Grasty, William "Bill"    03/21/1913-01/26/1978    Tec5 US Army World War II
    Grasty, Zelpha M.    [no date of death shown]

Grasty, Lillian    1905-1949

Willis, Tom E.    03/28/1894-08/26/1958

Willis, David E.    10/30/1901-02/15/1966

Willis, Johnnie E.    01/23/1896-06/19/1974
    Willis, Pearl M.    04/14/1895-01/05/1979

Bright, James Henry    1872-1952

Bright, Sarah Louetta    1879-1970

Bright, Jayme    1906-1989    daughter of S. Louetta and J. Henry Bright

Womack, John W.    1918-1948

Womack, Charles H. Jr.    07/27/1911-08/28/1955    Texas Tec4 1982 Svc Comd Unit World War II

Womack, Robbie F.    10/20/1884-04/14/1961
    Womack, Charles H.    02/28/1877-06/15/1965

Barnette, Albert V.    08/20/1890-06/15/1972
    Barnette, Etha Lee    01/09/1901-08/16/1993 1

Davis, William T.    1872-1948

Davis, Bettie F.    1862-1930

Marinello, Giovanno    Marto 24 Gennaio 1912 Anni 27    [translated means he died 24 January 1912 at 27 years]

Pirl, John W.    12/25/1922-07/10/1970    Arkansas S1 US Navy World War II    married 09/06/1942
    Pirl, Vera M.    09/03/1922-04/03/1986

Pirl, John Milton    1871-1951
    Pirl, Alma    1881-1957

Hudspeth Family Plot
Blair, Edith H.    11/20/1917-02/04/1977
Blair, Dr. M. Suzanne    07/21/1942-08/14/2002    [tombstone back]
Hudspeth, Eula D.    09/20/1888-11/24/1979
Hudspeth, Dan W.    08/27/1880-08/11/1948
Lyons, Hilliard O.    07/09/1910-01/25/1977
    Lyons, Valeria H.    02/09/1914-09/28/1991
Pranger, Harry D. "Popeye"    08/11/1933-01/03/2003
Pranger, Harry W. "Dusty"    05/13/1904-03/15/1966
    Pranger, Juanita H.    10/21/1911-05/03/1997

Little, Marshall M.    08/18/1894-04/18/1964    Arkansas Cpl Co B 114 Engineers World War I
    Little, Ruby Wright    02/23/1905-07/06/1994

Mashburn, Eunice A.    06/05/1892-09/17/1970

Moore Family Plot
Moore, Mary Marie    12/08/1900-09/18/1978
Moore, Wendell H.    07/24/1899-09/22/1979
Young, Anna    1879-1959

Watts, Carol Lynn    11/06/1961-11/22/1961

Wise, J. Loren    04/19/1884-12/30/1976
    Wise, Nancy E.    05/17/1879-01/26/1964

Watts, John Allen    07/30/1914-10/25/1991    married 04/11/1936
    Watts, Lennis E.    10/05/1917-05/22/2012    [date of death from obituary] 1

Griffis, Milford    02/14/1931-10/27/1950

Griffis, James Wallace    03/11/1928-09/17/1984    Cpl US Army Korea    married 12/20/1947
    Griffis, Reba L.    [no date of death shown]

Griffis, Tommy G.    05/13/1943-06/03/1984
    Griffis, Bobby D.    04/03/1946-11/12/1987
    Buried in Dallas, Texas    [a cenotaph]

Griffis, Sherman A.    06/30/1905-02/22/1972
    Griffis, Josephine    05/01/1904-10/03/1977

Davis, Kenneth Evan Sr.    09/12/1910-12/29/1950    Arkansas S Sgt Infantry World War II
    Davis, Emma Lucille    08/06/1926-06/02/2006

Terrell, J. Tobey    08/23/1891-06/19/1977
    Terrell, Sallie C.    03/08/1890-07/09/1951

Suggs, Jesse J.    05/26/1892-01/12/1962    married 02/11/1917
    Suggs, Vella    04/21/1901-08/20/1976

Geurin, Helen Suggs    12/07/1917-08/18/2002    married 07/18/1936
    Geurin, T5 H. Kelley Sr.    03/13/1916-07/12/1986

Bowman, Ed    05/24/1880-12/17/1961
    Bowman, Lizzie    02/22/1880-05/19/1967

Kyzer, Benjamin F.    05/06/1911-04/18/1945    Arkansas Tec5 3810 QM Truck Co World War II

Perry, Mamie E.    1876-1951

Perry, Earl M.    02/18/1914-02/03/1997    married 01/29/1944
    Perry, Katherine M.    04/06/1927-01/23/2011    [dates from obituary] 1

Dorian, Thomas E.    08/26/1925-04/26/2003    married 09/20/1952
    Dorian, Fannie L.    03/19/1935-03/05/2012    [date of death from obituary] 1

Dorian, Mary Elizabeth    10/25/1957-10/26/1957

Dorian, Edna Earl    10/20/1881-03/17/1950

Taylor, Dorothy Dorian    11/21/1913-05/03/1966

Chaney Family Plot
Chaney, Ben Tillman    08/11/1899-01/12/1948 1
Chaney, Sybil Pitcock    05/07/1902-04/19/1974
Chaney, Don Mac    04/24/1938-09/29/1990

Keil, Alvin John    12/26/1891-11/26/1947
    Keil, Jessie Alma    03/10/1894-08/23/1968

O'Kelley, Hughlin T.    10/05/1909-05/19/1998    married 08/03/1942
    O'Kelley, Lillian E.    05/24/1916-09/23/1990

Harris, Schuyler S.    02/22/1915-08/04/1984    Lt Col US Air Force World War II Korea

Gaunt, Jesse S.    1862-1931
    Gaunt, Annette P.    1864-1949

Houser, Blanche V.    died 08/18/1911 age 36 years    wife of George A. Houser

Ballard, Josephine Gaunt    09/17/1914-08/18/1930

Puthoff, Clementine E.    11/07/1879-03/20/1962

Wood, Virginia V.    09/23/1886-01/12/1973

Woodmansee, Mark G.    1858-1931
    Woodmansee, Florence E.    1862-1938

Chambers, Carolyn Evelyn    06/13/1850-12/19/1913    wife of James H. Chambers

Carley, Grace Crouch    11/29/1891-01/24/1950

Crouch, Robert Edward    12/01/1867-12/13/1916

Crouch, Warren R.    06/03/1921-10/11/1947    Arkansas Cpl Field Artillery World War II Purple Heart

Crouch, Ivy M.    03/31/1920-12/24/1943

Crouch, Bee    02/25/1887-02/18/1929

Smith, J. Dean    02/02/1917-05/09/1965
    Smith, Harriett E.    07/15/1915-07/12/1996

Malone, A. Henry    02/06/1885-02/18/1957
    Malone, M. Maude    04/01/1883-09/11/1971    DAR Marker

Wilbur, Ross E. "Smiley"    09/02/1895-04/01/1969

Dodson, Sgt Marvin M.    03/28/1927-08/15/1950    Lost his life in action in Korea    Arkansas Sgt Infantry Korea

Dodson, James Arnold    11/08/1921-12/07/1968    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War II

Hardy, Walter D.    03/14/1914-12/08/1999
    Hardy, Lessie Mae    06/09/1913-01/03/1984

Wilbanks, Tone C.    06/05/1888-06/19/1951
    Wilbanks, Imojean    04/10/1890-10/05/1954

Ziegler, Norval Fin    1897-1950
    Ziegler, Gladys Carol    1900-1991

Perryman, James W.    07/15/1928-01/12/1972    Texas HN US Navy Korea

Mason, Gilbert    02/08/1891-04/23/1949

Mason, Esther McDaniel    05/22/1893-02/20/1963

McDaniel, Silas J.    09/04/1878-10/11/1963

McDaniel, Levi    09/15/1883-05/24/1966    Arkansas Pvt Co A 1 Army Corps World War II

Donham, Martha L.    1848-1918
    Donham, J. Henry    1843-1918

Donham, William C.    1868-1951
    Donham, Sarah J.    1874-1956

Landers, John J.    10/29/1866-07/15/1931

Brown, Rosa B.    11/30/1875-04/07/1920

Landers, Jane    01/09/1874-02/09/1952    Mother
    Landers, Carl    06/20/1920-06/25/1920    Son

Brodnax, Eugene H.    1886-1951
    Brodnax, Una B.    1894-1962

Westbrook, Viola    12/03/1894-02/01/1919    Wife of Alf Westbrook

Guile, Margaret A.    08/12/1901-07/13/1911    daughter of A. M. and Margaret A. Guile

Guile, Margaret A.    10/21/1865-04/03/1915
    Guile, Albert M.    09/03/1859-03/29/1938

Cockmon, G. G.    04/06/1916-06/21/1987
    Cockmon, Mary Jean    09/07/1918-06/21/1987

Knott, John Homer    08/08/1896-12/12/1962

Knott, Lillian Orr Cockmon    08/15/1902-09/03/1989 1

Cockmon, Garland, Jr.    09/02/1906-08/30/1910    son of Garland and Pearl Cockmon

Cockmon, Pearl Orr    08/12/1884-12/15/1969

Cockmon, G. G.    1879-1941

Hardwick, Herman Hazel    08/02/1889-06/26/1909    son of J. L. and N. E. Hardwick

Hammond, Esther H.    1902-1954

Hardwick, Nancy E.    1870-1941

Hardwick, Jefferson L.    1861-1935

Carrick, George Zinn    06/06/1909-02/15/1911

Carrick, Guy F.    08/06/1913-07/13/1983
    Carrick, Ouetia J.    09/29/1913-08/29/1998

Carrick, N. Louise Dove    [no date of death shown]    married 05/18/1951
    Carrick, Ray    03/29/1916-01/21/1989    US Army World War II

Carrick, Robert Hall Sr.    08/08/1885-03/01/1965    married 09/26/1906
    Carrick, Evalyn Rose    11/06/1886-04/30/1962

Reed, Mack H.    02/11/1876-02/15/1910    Benton Camp No. 168 WOW

Reed, Etta    03/11/1882-05/31/1914    wife of M. H. Reed

Baxley, Mary R.    03/26/1891-07/30/1964
    Baxley, Edward M.    10/22/1890-04/23/1966

Reed, Pearl    04/30/1903-02/22/1914    daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Reed

Reed, Carl D.    08/05/1899-04/02/1959

Rowland, Pansy E. Reed    05/20/1913-10/05/1991

Kelley, Margaret    09/22/1884-08/24/1914

Kelley, Nora    06/15/1881-10/01/1911

Landers, Bobby Joe "Bob"    06/19/1929-05/18/2010    Married 04/03/1948
    Landers, Bonnie Lee   01/20/1932-04/26/2011
        Parents of Nick L., Steve J., S. Lance; Grandparents of Steve Jr., Josh, Jared, Scott, Kyle, Colby, Blake, and Gavin

Chisholm, Townley W. "Chiz"    08/17/1916-08/23/1998    US Army World War II
    Chisholm, Mamie    [no date of death shown]    married 01/25/1945

Landers, Garland Ray "Watt"    03/09/1914-05/20/1995    US Army World War II

Landers, Virgil L.    01/06/1890-04/16/1972
    Landers, Josephine    06/27/1893-01/21/1990

Black, Lorie Lynn    08/10/1981-05/22/2009

Landers, Harold "Lacy"    06/28/1927-08/20/2011    married 10/14/1950    (RBFH Marker)
    Landers, Lea J.    08/21/1930-

Cotten, Seborn F.    1878-1953 1
    Cotten, Charlie Laura    1882-1973    DAR marker

Cotton, Charles F.    03/18/1908-07/21/1991    US Army World War II

Brown, Ada    08/1881-09/1957

Brown, S. P.    10/1869-05/1949

Carter, Hugh (Happy)    08/17/1898-11/28/1962
    Carter, Elnora    11/16/1902-10/30/1994

Stitt, John R.    03/05/1916-02/16/1998    PFC US Army World War II

Holiman, Ella Virginia    04/15/1874-02/17/1955

Thompson, John H.    1901-1948

Bell, Charles W.    08/07/1885-09/18/1948

Fowler, Vernon J.    02/27/1921-03/31/1945    Arkansas T Sgt 53 Armd Inf Bn 4 Armd Div World War II

Wilbur, Alfred E.    05/27/1889-12/23/1975

Mason Family Plot
Magee, June    1923-2003[Ashby Funeral Home Marker]   
    Magee, Richard Noel    11/14/1903-07/29/1956
Mason, James E. Jr.    12/13/1910-10/31/1988    Cpl US Army World War II
    Mason, Delores H.    12/31/1973 [appears to be dod]    Beloved Wife
Mason, George Wilbur    09/09/1920-01/10/1945    In Memory Of
Mason, L. Lillian    06/29/1886-04/01/1969
Mason, J. Emmett    01/09/1884-06/12/1968
Vines, Elaine Seals    10/14/1948-04/11/2001    Mother of Laura and Eric

Arrowood, Luther C.    02/15/1888-04/24/1948
    Arrowood, Florence    05/08/1896-09/10/1977 1

Glass, Tom D.    10/18/1865-12/05/1946

Glass, Mary L.    01/11/1868-12/28/1954

Stovall, Nell Glass    06/23/1911-03/31/1974

Glass, Myrtle Rye    10/14/1905-01/16/1937

Glass, John Arlis    08/13/1899-06/19/1956

McKelvey, Nell    1881-1963

McKelvey, Alice    04/28/1850-01/17/1936    Mother

McKelvey, R. B.    04/28/1849-12/12/1909    age 60 years

Beavers, Lulu E.    died 12/18/1910    Wife of J. J. Beavers

Beavers, John J.    1853-1927

Ray, Revedy C.    1874-1956

Ray, Lucy Beavers    1877-1939    Mother

Ray, Harry J.    10/11/1908-08/13/1952    Arkansas Pvt 23 AAF Training Gp World War II

Hyten, C. D. (Bullet)    1877-1944
    Hyten, Cora Z.    1877-1970

Rainey, R. Nelson    1916-1999
    Rainey, Arlene H.    1916-

Bush, Norma Hyten    1904-2006

Hyten, Charles Newton    08/28/1910-07/06/1912

Baldridge, Ella Cameron    12/20/1860-10/31/1935

Cameron, Ewen    07/27/1827-08/18/1912
    Cameron, Melissa    01/13/1839-08/10/1910

Scott, Walter H.    08/27/1867-01/03/1911    Hickory Grove Camp No. 718

Cunningham, James H.    12/19/1881-08/05/1906    Perry Smith Camp No. 262

McDonald, Carroll    died 01/05/1971 age 86 years    [This entry came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. I did not see a marker. The prior reading showed this marker transcription between Carolyn Evelyn Chambers and Jesse Gaunt.]

Section 2 (read May 22, 2009)

Rich, Henderson Reid    07/23/1883-04/12/1960

Smith, Matildia M. S.    1836-1911

Tyndall, Rosie Ella    11/15/1873-06/19/1914    wife of John S. Tyndall

Tyndall, John S.    07/27/1866-01/01/1912    born in Geneva Co, Alabama

Nelson, Mattie Caldwell    1845-1947

Thweatt, Roy C.    1898-1948

Bell, Guy Gifford    07/28/1888-06/22/1922

Bell, Rose    11/24/1891-10/21/1909    wife of G. G. Bell

Bell, Infant Daughter of G. G. and R. Bell    10/11/1909-05/31/1910

Henderson, Burlie G.    10/26/1888-10/22/1917 1

Dunkel, Elizabeth    04/28/1833-08/27/1908    age 76 years    [The dates don't add up. I went back a second time to reread and that is what it says.]

Section 3 (read May 22, 2009-June 5, 2009)

Edwards, Margaret Speer    1893-1973

Speer, Mary Dyke    03/21/1907-11/29/1992 1

Speer, Dave M.    01/05/1898-12/15/1980    US Army World War I

Speer, Roy C.    10/20/1888-10/03/1974    2d Lt US Army

Speer, Sue Cloud    1858-1933
    Speer, Alex C.    1847-1937

Price, Mrs. L. J.    10/06/1884-10/11/1908    Daughter of A. C. and S. E. Speer

Gunn, Kyle Moore    02/16/1909-03/04/1909    Son of Walter M. and Sue Gunn

Mason, Pauline    08/05/1916-09/03/1924    Daughter of J. E. and Lillian Mason

Wilbur, George E.    1864-1944
    Wilbur, Harriette A.    1865-1936

Wilbur, Pollie Ann    05/20/1841-05/09/1913

Wilbur, Willie C.    1891-1907

Trammell, Joel D.    04/25/1856-03/04/1918

Trammell, Lucinda H.    07/06/1843-07/03/1916

Trammell, Count P.    01/08/1878-10/06/1942

Hughen, Emma Dickinson    08/08/1866-12/05/1956

Trammell, P. M.    07/18/1838-11/09/1886

Trammell, J. E.    02/14/1882-10/28/1883

Curry, A. L.    04/17/1861-07/26/1905
    Curry, Florida T.    10/13/1871-08/30/1961
    Dickinson, R. D.    09/27/1860-09/03/1895

Dickinson, Clara Wallace    1891-1954

Dickinson, Albert L.    1890-1945

Kinney, Samuel W.    11/25/1896-12/22/1972    Arkansas PFC US Army World War I

Hyatt, Lula R.    10/15/1879-10/23/1975
    Hyatt, Calvin A.    10/08/1874-06/09/1948

Melton, George Hampton    09/23/1912-04/15/1984
    Melton, Geneva Dodson    04/21/1908-11/12/1981

Wright, Dallas M.    05/22/1917-02/21/1945    Arkansas Tec 5 127 Fld Arty Bn 35 Div World War II

Austin, Earl H.    01/18/1888-07/20/1984    married August 8, 1909
    Austin, Lou E.    09/04/1886-04/04/1980

Nantze, Clem J.    06/07/1882-02/13/1961
    Nantze, Hazel Cooper    05/01/1891-02/13/1961

Nantze, Howard Pasco    10/09/1917-07/03/1933    Son of C. J. and Hazel Nantze

Nantze, Clarence A.    04/25/1914-04/26/1931    Son of C. J. and Hazel Nantze

Nantze, Thelma Bernice    07/17/1912-01/06/1917    Daughter of C. J. and Hazel Nantze

Leeper, Thomas A.    03/08/1865-12/29/1918

Leeper, Mary T.    11/24/1872-03/03/1967

Leeper, Ann    03/17/1904-10/11/1906    Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Leeper

Leeper, Bertie    04/30/1907-05/03/1907    Baby Bertie daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Leeper

Tidwell, Rachel F.    02/14/1836-11/10/1918

Easley, Daniel B.    07/05/1853-07/19/1906    Husband

Henderson, W. L.    03/29/1874-01/15/1906

Henderson, Samuel F.    08/30/1898-11/27/1960    Arkansas Sgt 302 Base Unit AAF World War I and II

Henderson, Lilburn A.    05/26/1902-03/16/1976
    Henderson, Reita H.    11/10/1902-04/10/1981

Hockersmith Family Plot
Hockersmith, Lizzie    03/13/1882-05/29/1965
Hockersmith, J. A.    12/21/1875-01/11/1942
Hockersmith, J. A. Jr.    03/17/1907-11/04/1961
Hockersmith, W. L. "Bill"    07/03/1912-10/07/1985
Hockersmith, Fred C.    06/24/1910-05/14/1911
Hockersmith, Mary Lettie    10/31/1902-05/13/1906    Age 3 Yrs. 6 Ms. 3 Ds.    Daughter of J. A. and Lizzie Hockersmith

Shoppach Family Plot
Shoppach, Mary J.    1853-1936
Shoppach, Emily    1842-1932
Shoppach, Mother    1813-1902
Shoppach, James Henry    03/26/1845-12/20/1922
    Shoppach, Sarah Watson    03/06/1847-07/12/1892

Webb, Elizabeth Anne    departed this life July 11, 1893    broken stone

Womack Family Plot
Womack, Herbert Earl    1916-1939
Womack, Walter    died 07/16/1890 age 6 Yrs 10 Mos 15 Days    Son of D. H. and J. E. Womack
    Womack, Ida Whaley    died 12/17/1896 Aged 20 Yrs 11 Mos 13 Days    Daughter of D. H. and J. E. Womack
Womack, Julia Etta    12/12/1855-04/17/1923
Womack, Ida    [no dates - believe this is a duplicate stone for Ida Whatley Womack]
Womack, Walter    [no dates - believe this is a duplicate stone for Walter Womack above]

Bingham, John A. P.    08/12/1829 in Fredericktown, Md. - 07/05/1892 Benton, Ark.

Bingham, William K.    01/14/1869 Benton, Ark. - 06/23/1912 Little Rock, Ark.

Duke, Annie Marie    1928-1983    [funeral home marker]

Lovins, D. M. and Family    [this stone has been knocked over - one side cannot be read]
    Lovins, Henry D.    08/10/1872-07/20/1891    son of D. M. and Julia Lovins
    Lovins, Julia A.    1850-06/08/1904    wife of D. M. Lovins
    Lovins, Drewie M.    11/14/1844-06/08/1922    Co C 1 Miss Inf C.S.A.

Henderson, Antonia    01/05/1845-06/28/1900

Henderson, Samuel McNeal    04/30/1842-06/05/1902

Bush Family Plot
Bush, Fredrick Carl Jr.    1902-1980    Pvt US Army World War II
Bush, Frederick William    01/30/1837 Cassel, Germany - 07/14/1914    Faithful treasurer of Benton Lodge 34 F.A.&A.M. more than 25 years. Christian citizen, kind husband, and indulgent father 1
    Bush, Margarette A.    08/22/1848-11/22/1922 1
Bush, Hattie W.    09/06/1875-05/02/1911
    Bush, Hollis Wayne    12/12/1908-04/29/1911
Bush infants buried side by side - all I could read was F. and A Bush Children. A prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber stated the stones read MWB and COB with no dates

Kirkpatrick Family Plot
Kirkpatrick, Joseph    03/07/1847-09/26/1891
    Kirkpatrick, Martha E.    02/14/1848-
Kirkpatrick, Little Lemuel    10/22/1899-09/03/1900    Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick, John P.    07/06/1870-02/03/1944
Kirkpatrick, Della B.    03/15/1875-09/14/1950
E. K.
J. P. (small stone with those initials)

Orr Family Plot
Orr, Sara Jean    -1923
Orr, James Thomas    -1920
Orr, Lillie Cate    1895-1974
Orr, William S.    1883-1950

Collatt, Lily    08/19/1870-08/27/1918    Wife of J. F. Collatt

Collatt, Maude S.    12/24/1883-08/02/1973    married 04/08/1920
    Collatt, J. Frank    08/26/1872-03/12/1960

Bradshaw Monument
Bradshaw, Willis N.    1881-1961
Bradshaw, Edna L. B.    1881-1943

Hall, T. J.    04/26/1851-01/03/1873    [I could not read this marker - the transcription came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Hall, M. A.    03/10/1828-08/21/1871    [I could not read this marker - the transcription came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Herold, Hazel    04/29/1912-12/18/1960    Wife of E. Herold; Daughter of Eugene and Pearl Holleman

Wilkerson, Fred F. Jr.    04/18/1931-11/20/1985

Wilkerson, Fred F.    12/07/1893-12/17/1966
    Wilkerson, Easley B.    09/17/1900-10/03/1963

Hall, Kenneth D.    06/20/1934-02/21/1935

Jordan, Fay    06/03/1908-06/30/1932

Wilkerson, John A.    06/11/1838-09/16/1919

Bradshaw, Donald G.    07/01/1938-03/14/1939

Wilkerson, Norma    07/20/1920-12/11/1922

Powell, Infant Daughter of M. F. and M. F. Powell    03/11/1899-04/11/1899    [There is a broken stone that is upside down in this area. The transcription came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Holleman, Tommie Pearl    10/29/1891-01/18/1915    Wife of Eugene Holleman; Mother of Wesley and Hazel

Wilkerson, Sarah E.    07/27/1849-12/25/1918

Wilkerson, James    02/06/1886-07/03/1890

Stone lying face down

Adams, M. P.    06/15/1863-08/26/1895

Adams, James Reuben    10/23/1877-01/31/1900

Adams, Mary E.    01/30/1841-10/09/1910

Adams, Dr. James W.    09/27/1832-06/27/1890    Capt Co B 25 Arkansas Infantry Confederate States Army

McKinley, William Lock    12/05/1824 in Rhea County, Tn. - 10/24/1897
    McKinley, Beersheba Stewart    09/10/1828 in Meggs [Meigs] Co, Tn. - 11/20/1903

Broken Stone

McKinley, John James    01/05/1861-01/25/1890

McKinley, W. Lafayette    09/20/1863-05/15/1928

McKinley, G. Byron    04/10/1866-01/04/1944 1

McKinley, Hugh T.    02/01/1869-08/31/1951

Mehaffey, Blanch    08/16/1890-03/13/1891    Infant Daughter of Tom M. and Anna A. Mehaffey

Mehaffey, Little John    12/15/1892-09/03/1893    Son of Tom M. and Anna A. Mehaffey

McCray, John Franklin    1840-1907

McCray, Samuel Harry    06/10/1904-10/11/1941

McCray, Joseph Franklin    06/10/1906-06/19/1923

McCray, Samuel Newton    08/08/1870-12/03/1929

McCray, Ella Milham    04/23/1876-09/23/1918

Milham, J. M.    06/09/1838-06/04/1912

McDaniel, Nathan A.    08/20/1887-11/26/1956

McDaniel, Uldine McCray    11/30/1896-01/18/1975

McDaniel, Mary McCray    10/28/1883-02/10/1922

Hall, Clarence A.    1876-1943

Benson, Etheldreth Dredmond    08/03/1849-09/13/1883
    Benson, Ellen Olivia    05/24/1856-03/18/1941

Hall Plot - Unmarked gravesite

Fisher, D. N.    M.D.    11/10/1845-02/25/1915

Fisher, Mary I.    06/10/1856-03/06/1931

Walton, Edgar    06/28/1888-08/02/1917    Son of M. J. and M. E. Walton

Gillihan, H. T. Jr.    -October 1923

Walton, Ada I.    aged 31 years and 24 days    Wife of Dr. J. W. Walton; Daughter of Dr. D. N. Fisher and Wife

Tisdale, Floy L.    12/01/1892-07/21/1926    Wife of W. L. Tisdale

Brents, Mary Etta    08/21/1877-04/11/1959

Thompson, Zenoma R.    03/03/1905-08/07/1967

Richey, Ida A.    1867-1951

Richey, W. M.    1860-1936

Richey, Lula L.    1892-1906

Blackwood, Baby    -08/12/1937

Thompson, Malcolm L.    05/04/1904-01/08/1975

Winslow, Violet Tarver Hogue    12/11/1897-03/15/1992

Hogue, Roy    01/29/1893-02/17/1943    Husband of Violet Tarver

Tarver, Samuel P.    06/20/1886-10/14/1908    Benton Camp No. 168 W.O.W.

Tarver, Claud    02/11/1873-09/26/1908

Hooper Family Plot
Hooper, Leona    1850-1909
Hooper, Leslie A.    1841-1923

Byrd, David Lee    12/03/1927-03/22/1934

Long, Baby    11/17/1914

Stones - nothing written on them

Byrd, Rozilla A.    01/03/1858-09/14/1904    Wife of W. O. Byrd

Byrd, Ted G. Jr.    12/13/1920-08/16/1944    2 Lt. 179 Engr. Bn Army World War II

Byrd, William O.    02/02/1850-02/09/1936

Brooks, Zora E.    08/22/1877-03/18/1953

Brooks, Thomas A.    11/15/1868-05/05/1917    W.O.W. Benton Camp No. 168

McNeill, Lyddia E.    03/28/1839-10/06/1906    Wife of J. McNeill

McNeil, Joshua P.    10/05/1833-08/01/1910

Hackett, Sgt. Leaven W.    60 E 2 NG Inf C.S.A.

Hackett (broken no name), wife of L. W. Hackett    04/02/1839-01/11/1891    [Marker was illegible and obtained from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. Her name was Mary according to a census.]

Holder, Callie    09/03/1881-02/15/1955

Thompson, Emma    12/23/1869-04/03/1958

Carrick, William A.    1862-04/18/1929

Carrick, Mary Anne    09/10/1875-02/06/1952

Carrick, Dewell A.    06/23/1897-04/14/1971

Carrick, Mabel Coyle    03/25/1903-04/17/1971

Cupp, Mary Bernice    04/06/1890-05/21/1919

J. F.    [believe it is a footstone and don't know what it goes with]

Ray, Agnes O.    02/15/1885-02/14/1889    Daughter of W. A. and T. E. Ray

Ray, Robert B.    01/04/1877-11/12/1886    Son of J. F. and M. J. Ray

Ray, J. F.    01/01/1833-03/23/1904

Ray, Mary Jane    12/03/1835-02/26/1890    Wife of J. F. Ray   

J. R.    [believe it is a footstone and don't know what it goes with]

Ray, Will A.    01/11/1859-04/27/1932

Ray, Thursa E.    07/06/1866-03/04/1943 1

Lusby, Lula A.    08/04/1882-01/22/1909

Wood, Ann Petty    09/24/1868-11/24/1957

Wood, W. E.    10/25/1856-12/07/1915

Wood, William Lilburn    08/14/1890-06/10/1955
    Wood, Jalanie L.    12/19/1892-02/11/1985

Wood, William Garland    01/25/1913-03/27/2002
    Wood, Frances Peacock    02/15/1919-07/12/1989

Morgan, May Belle    02/14/1890-06/25/1891    Daughter of W. M. and M. C. Morgan    [Part of marker was illegible and obtained from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Morgan, Finis    died 08/17/1929 Age 49 Years    [Marker was illegible and obtained from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Carter, John L.    1873-1947

Beckwith, Ellen    1849-1941

Flickinger, "Aunt" Grace Speer    08/29/1886-07/10/1981

Flickinger, Ellen Florence    11/18/1907-12/02/1912    Daughter of B. N. and G. Flickinger

Hall, R. A.    09/1881-09/24/1903    [I could not read this marker - came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Hall, Garna    died 10/04/1908 aged 17 years   Daughter of J. G. and Sarah Hall

Hall, Sarah    died 04/14/1908    wife of J. G. Hall    [could not read the age at death]

Johnson, G. L.    02/16/1868-03/22/1891

Hulsey, E. C.    05/10/1824-05/03/1897    Age 73 Years    Mother of Mrs. S. I. Ellerkamp

Roberts, Rechow W.    02/19/1888-04/02/1962

Roberts, Florence Wood    09/24/1888-09/04/1957 1

Wood, Charles M.    1886-1942
    Wood, Grace H.    1886-1975

Jones, Eva Mott    1902-1938

Jones, Henry P.    died 07/11/1900 Aged 23 Years    Husband of Fannye R. Jones

Garland, Rufus M.    1898-1934

Henderson, Louise    [Stone actually reads Henderson Louise but believe it is for a Louise Henderson]

Lett, Sarah Jane    08/29/1839-12/09/1918    Wife of James Lett

Lett, James    01/06/1837-01/05/1921    [James and Sarah Jane Lett are in a curbed plot. There appears to be a stone broken off at the base to the left of their markers.]

Lett, John W.    04/05/1878-10/05/1902

McPherson, S. H.    11/24/1885    Aged 44 Ys 1 Mos 24 Days

McNeil, Ewing K.    1872-1953
    McNeil, Sena    1876-1959

Smith, Hattie    died 07/28/1896 Aged 18 Years    Daughter of Aaron and Mary Smith

Broken Stone - it may be:
Fish, Infant Son of Dr. and Mrs. D. N. Fish    01/08/1896-01/14/1896    [The stone was broken, and a prior 1977 transcription by Dorris and Bernard Barber showed a broken stone in this area belong to the infant.]

Henderson, Jerome B.    07/19/1897-01/05/1975 1
    Henderson, Mary L.    08/30/1901-11/04/1991

Henderson, Calvin Jerome    07/02/1926-03/02/1939 1

Henderson, Mary Elizabeth    born and died 11/27/1924

McNeil, Infant    1907

Crabtree, Letha E.    06/26/1894-08/29/1976

Crabtree, Kenny M.    11/06/1893-06/04/1940

Raney, Zora Lee    10/10/1906-11/23/1924    Wife of T. A. Raney

Bryan, J. M.    1842-1922 1
    Bryan, Mary A.    1851-1929

Crabtree, Rixey H.    11/23/1833-    [no date of death]

Crabtree, Brantley M.    05/30/1835-12/08/1919

Crabtree, Bertha May    04/01/1895-04/30/1901    Daughter of A. M. and C. J. Crabtree

Crabtree, Albert M.    01/26/1868-10/04/1897    Son of B. M. and R. H. Crabtree

Crabtree, Mollie C.    Died 09/23/1888 Age 21 Yrs 10 Mos 27 Ds    Wife of Albert M. Crabtree    [I could not read age at death. It came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Crabtree, Walter A.    Died 10/07/1888 Age 2 Yrs 2 Mos 17 Ds    Son of Albert M. and Mollie C. Crabtree

Crabtree, Lonnie B.    Died 10/17/1888 Age 1 Mo 17 Ds    Infant Son of Albert M. and Mollie C. Crabtree

Petty, Clyde Waymon    Born and Died 01/09/1934

Pettey, M. C.    09/14/1844-    Mother
    Pettey, Mathais    01/08/1835-09/03/1913    Father

Petty, Flecia Tyler    11/21/1865-03/09/1899
    [I did not see this stone. It came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]   

Passe, Samuel E.    01/17/1873-04/20/1911

Passe, Jeanne Hudson    02/09/1881-07/05/1966

Passe, Zella F.    11/28/1902-04/01/1983

Passe, Jeanne Lorene    07/25/1910-09/26/1987

Carter, Woosley    1896-1907

Raper, Julia Ann    10/13/1875-03/17/1970

Raper, J. C.    08/02/1873-06/06/1904    W.O.W.

Beckwith, George W.    12/11/1885-12/11/1918    W.O.W. Benton Camp No. 168

Carter, Emma    1873-1945

Carter, Dave    1862-1905

Pass, William Andrew    09/10/1902-05/25/1904    Son of W. J. and E. E. Pass    [There was no "E" at the end of Pass.]

Henry, Benjamin F.    1867-1942
    Henry, Addie B.    1871-1970

Parker, Hubert    01/03/1897-11/12/1945

Parker, Pearl H.    09/14/1895-03/06/1968

Henry, Angie Wave    05/07/1907-04/01/1935    [Her obituary shows her name as Wave Henry Duncan, Mrs. Thomas P. Duncan.] 1

Malone, Alfred B.    Died 04/29/1903 Aged 22 Years

Lawer, W. H.    1873-1923

Hollis    1906    [There was no last name but assume he was Hollis Lawer since he was by W. H. and Lula Lawer.]

Lawer, Lula    1877-1947

Kelley, Baby

Kelley, Zack    1913-1930

Martin, Louella K.    1873-1954

Kelley, John Wesley    09/13/1869-10/09/1915    W.O.W. Benton Camp No. 168

Richey, Mamie    12/11/1892-08/13/1975

Richey, Wallace W.    1887-1953

Breitweiser, Sophia M.    09/20/1889-06/10/1956 1

Breitweiser, Ed    07/22/1886-12/22/1965

Cloud, Dora Ard    12/17/1879-09/07/1922    Wife of D. M. Cloud

Ard, Sarah    04/08/1843-04/14/1919    Mother
    Ard, J. W.    died 03/18/1904 age 72 Yrs    Father

Westbrook, Margaret    07/09/1916-07/08/2002

Westbrook, John L.    1912-1968

Posey, Patsy A.    02/03/1939-02/16/1998    Mahurin Westbrook (on bottom of marker)

Wilkerson, Ollie    08/09/1876-08/13/1904

Cook, Robert L.    12/27/1880-07/09/1962
    Cook, Maude B.    08/13/1888-04/18/1961

Cook, Martha J.    01/05/1851-11/08/1912

Cook, John W.    1873-1918

Cook, A. J.    07/20/1845-02/08/1902

Pass, William J.    03/06/1864-09/17/1913    W.O.W. Benton Camp No. 168

Lawrence, James M.    01/03/1896-09/23/1987
    Lawrence, Maude M.    07/24/1904-06/25/1987

Smith, Mary Ann    09/14/1819-01/16/1895

Kesterson, Rosa L.    07/27/1902-06/20/1921    Wife of W. M. Kesterson 1

Smith, Amanda M.    03/24/1851-01/02/1928

Smith, Isaac H.    1845-01/11/1935    Co. B. 17 Ga. Inf. C.S.A.

Smith, Joe J.    06/20/1859-06/28/1943    W.O.W.
    Smith, Fannie M.    10/11/1858-03/19/1928

Palmer, Mittie Hutcheson    04/10/1899-03/23/1982

Hutcheson, Albert R.    02/24/1896-01/06/1921    Husband of Mittie Hutcheson 1

Lynch, Jesse E.    1853-1932    Father 1
    Lynch, Fannie L.    1865-1920    Mother

Palmer, Wilbur    03/04/1926-10/01/1928    Son of J. L. and M. M. Palmer

Palmer, Julius    06/16/1890-09/27/1967

Trammell, Pulaski M.    died 11/08/1886    Pvt 1 Ala Regt. C.S.A.    [he has another stone with J. E. Trammell]

Parham, Emily    08/17/1829-01/07/1897    Wife of W. C. Parham

Dickinson, R. D.    09/27/1861-09/06/1895    [he has another stone with A. L. Curry]

Womack, Emery    08/09/1904-09/15/1904

Woodall, Mary A.    04/12/1833-10/17/1906    [I cannot read year of birth-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]
    Woodall, David A.    11/29/1821-11/21/1904

Harvey, Yola

Harvey, Frankie

Harvey, Joe C.    11/04/1854-07/15/1907
    Harvey, Virginia P.    06/13/1856-02/20/1924

Gaylord, Joe Hockersmith    06/24/1887-03/19/1976
    Gaylord, William P.    03/13/1876-10/17/1971

Hockersmith, J. H. Jr. "Mouse"    08/28/1938-08/25/1998

Dougan, Minnie Ola    12/09/1893-08/01/1896    Daughter of T. J. and A. H. Dougan    [I cannot read year of birth-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Thornton, Rutledge    08/01/1834-03/23/1883

Betterton, Anna L.    03/03/1860 Troup Co, Ga-09/23/1884 Benton, Ark.; Wife of W. A. Betterton


Hartry, Mary    06/25/1855-04/20/1926    Mother
    Hartry, Frank    01/10/1852-08/19/1929    Father

Lett, Elizabeth    10/06/1832-07/03/1929    Wife of William Lett    [Saline County, Arkansas Obituaries and Death Notices 1823-1930 indexed by Eddie G. Landreth shows her last name as Ray at the time of her death; also Arkansas Death Index shows Elizabeth Ray died July 3, 1929, in Saline County]

Lett, William    10/05/1828-12/14/1888    Husband of Elizabeth Lett

Wilson, Mary H.    01/09/1825 Cassville, Ga-03/07/1888 Benton, Ark.; Sacred to the Memory of Our Mother

Lett, Mary E.    05/30/1860-06/15/1882

Stone is broken    01/06/1880-10/04/1897    Age 17 Yrs 9 Mos 2 Ds    [Stone was broken. Transcription came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. Dates can no longer be read.]   

Lett, Tommie B.    08/27/1861 Troup Co, Ga-02/05/1895 Little Rock, Ark.    Wife of J. W. Lett

Full plot with no markers

Lawrence, Josie Lowe    11/30/1869-09/09/1901

Lawrence, Josie    09/03/1901-09/22/1901

Lawrence, Ruby E.    11/10/1894-08/04/1905

Lawrence, James M.    01/03/1857-04/08/1923

Bennett, Earl J.    11/23/1893-08/14/1925

Bennett, W. E.    09/16/1879-03/14/1900    Son of M. A. and M. A. Bennett

Bennett, M. A. J.    11/29/1854-04/30/1926

Bennett, Hosea Abbitt    1824-1908    Father
    Bennett, Nancy Ann    1839-1905    Mother

McAdoo, John C.    01/14/1875-09/28/1902    I.O.O.F.

Egner, Pauline    10/02/1867-05/28/1953    Mother

Simmons Family Plot
Simmons, Mabel    12/25/1891-12/26/1891    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]
Simmons, Paul    01/26/1893-01/24/1901    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]
Simmons, Julian H.    05/26/1857-05/04/1900    Wife of W. T. Simmons
Simmons, Wiley Terrell    02/19/1853-03/22/1931
Simmons, M. E. Lott    03/14/1865-09/30/1923    Wife of W. T. Simmons

Evans, Charles E.    09/02/1898-03/09/1974    Arkansas Sgt US Army World War I

Evans, Vidolaw Anderson    05/30/1903-01/26/1986    Beloved Wife and Mother

Evans, Rosebud Marie    04/10/1896-07/24/1901    Daughter of W. H. and A. C. Evans    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Evans, William Henry    1865-1953
    Evans, Clementine Edds    1867-1956 1

Cloud, Madison F.    12/14/1906-10/17/1990    Married December 31, 1930
    Cloud, Opal J.    04/22/1910-08/06/1990

Laster, Pella    09/25/1870-07/21/1901
    Laster, Herman L.    09/27/1863-05/14/1904

Cloud, Martha H.    07/03/1853-09/13/1899    Wife of D. M. Cloud

Cloud, David M.    06/14/1848-03/30/1945

Cloud, Leon    05/10/1871-11/16/1905    Son of D. M. and M. H. Cloud    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Cloud, Loueasy Jane    03/25/1828-11/26/1917

Poarch, Mary Frances    05/04/1872-09/29/1946    Mother    Wife of Lee Poarch    [back of stone] Sacred to the Memory of Our Mother Johnie and Ellen Oct. 7, 1946

Armbrust, John Poarch    1892-1963

Armbrust, Ellen E.    1897-1987


Poarch, John Thomas    02/12/1857-08/31/1909    W.O.W. Baring Cross Camp No. 56

Poarch, Mary    02/03/1837-09/15/1900

Poarch, Roy    06/24/1898-09/26/1900    Son of Lee and Mollie    [The stone was broken and upside down. The reading came from a 1977 transcription by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Poarch, Joseph Lee    06/27/1863-02/19/1899

Shoemaker, W. W. and Ollie H. had two sons
Shoemaker, L. F. born 04/08/1886    [L. F. is buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Pulaski County.]
Shoemaker, W. E. born 01/02/1890 died 12/01/1931

Shoemaker, Ollie H.    05/22/1867-10/15/1897    Wife of W. W. Shoemaker

Summerville, Sallie Gertrude    12/27/1853-06/06/1923    Wife of J. C. Summerville

Summerville, Eddie    06/13/1872-10/10/1899    Son of J. C. and S. G. Summerville

McClue, William A.    05/19/1854-06/27/1909    W.O.W. Forest Camp No. 5?

McClue, John E.    07/24/1877-12/10/1939

McClue, Sidney W.    08/05/1884-02/03/1897    Son of W. A. and Mattie L. McClue

Howell, Sue Bell    01/31/1917-07/19/1917    Daughter of T. E. and Lily M. Howell

Howell, Thomas E.    05/27/1892-02/06/1921

Shoemaker/Bell Family Plot
Shoemaker, George F.    04/13/1888-08/05/1888    Infant son of J. F. and Sue E. Shoemaker     [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]
Bell, Clara E.    09/24/1878-07/14/1901    Wife of K. K. Bell
Bell, Clyde R.    06/20/1897-01/13/1967
Shoemaker, John F.    03/16/1846-03/24/1916    SCV Confederate Cross of Honor
    Shoemaker, Susan Elizabeth    02/16/1853-10/16/1911    Wife of John F. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Harriet E.    08/16/1833-03/23/1917

Sanford, Eld. F. M.    Died 11/06/1878 Age 46 Years, 5 Months, 15 Days    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Beavers, Benton B.    10/03/1843-02/01/1885

Beavers, Fannie Lucy    died 08/1877    Daughter of Dr. B. B. and Fannie Beavers

Torry, James A.    03/01/1816-06/19/1877    born in Sparta, Georgia, and died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Delk, Jesse C.    03/22/1872-09/28/1878

Wilbur, A. D.    06/27/1844-06/13/1895

2 stones on ground - one illegible and one broken

Caldwell, Minnie Riley    12/22/1875-10/14/1878
    Caldwell, Edna Bell    02/10/1880-02/20/1881
    Child(ren) of C. N. and L. C. Caldwell

Caldwell, Laura C.    07/29/1849-01/18/1923

Caldwell, Charley N.    11/09/1849-02/19/1882    aged 32 Yrs. 3 Mo. 10 D's.    Initiated into the IOOF 02/06/1878; Benton Lodge No. 34 AF&AM Inititated 02/10/1876; passed 03/18/1876; raised 04/15/1876; Saline Lodge No 1319 K of H Benton, Ark.

Caldwell, Irene A.    04/09/1877-09/18/1901    Wife of James M. Caldwell

Caldwell, James Martin    05/24/1867-08/18/1925

Caldwell, James Fain    09/06/1901-02/25/1954

Caldwell, Loys Earl    07/13/1901-02/01/1905    Son of Will C. and Ina C. Caldwell)

Caldwell, W. Fra?    02/02/1888-08/16/18?0    son of W. and Mary E.    [Broken stone; transcription came from a 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Houston, James Knox    11/29/1895-08/09/1974
    Houston, Marion C.    07/01/1900-06/11/1980 1

Oliver, W. J.    1822-1893

Oliver, Sena    1830-1920

Bryant, W. A. (Billy)    05/27/1878-10/03/1955

Rowland, Oscar P.    05/07/1856-08/21/1900

Rowland, Alice Virginia    08/22/1857-12/22/1915    Wife of Oscar P.      

Hyten, Dean    02/01/1903-02/16/1903    Son of C. D. and Cora Hyten

Hyten, John F.    10/20/1844-06/27/1881
    Hyten, Maud    08/10/1879-01/11/1881    His Daughter

Broyles, Robert M.    09/22/1853-01/29/1880
    Broyles, Frances S.    08/16/1858-01/26/1936

McMann, John    Co B 1 Ark Cav C.S.A.

Payne, Julian    06/22/1934    Arkansas Sgt. Med. Dept.

Payne, Mila M.    12/10/1857-02/17/1925    [no stone; a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber stated it was unmarked]

Payne, Richard Welch    10/09/1858-03/17/1937    [no stone; a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber said it was unmarked]

Payne, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Payne    born and died about 1885    [no stone; a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber said it was unmarked]

Rion, Mary H. V.    born 10/14/1888    Daughter of G. A. and L. V. Rion

Pack, Laura V.    01/17/1847-09/20/1913

Pack, Mary A.    12/06/1822-01/10/1903       [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Pack, Thomas    08/24/1811 Roan Co, NC-09/27/1891

Pack, Minnie Laura    died 09/01/1876    Daughter of William and Mollie Pack    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Pack, Pauline    11/01/1867-03/16/1887    Daughter of W. M. and Mary Pack

Pack, W. M.    07/26/1840-09/04/1908
    Pack, Thomas    Born 07/10/1876 Aged 22 Years

Morrison, George William C.    11/21/1899-10/01/1912

Morrison, Paul    02/01/1904-01/04/1931    Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Morrison    [There was a broken stone in that area and it was upside down. The transcription came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Morrison, Freda B.    10/08/1880-09/15/1927    Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Payne    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber; in addition, the prior reading shows unmarked]

Morrison, William Paul    04/14/1879-09/22/1903    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber; in addition, the prior reading shows unmarked]

Hammond, Charles A.    died 07/17/1899 aged 23 Yrs.    Son of J. W. and S. I. Hammond

Hammond, Sarepta I.    Died 04/05/1904 age 47 years    wife of J. W. Hammond

Hammond, John W.    10/26/1850-05/09/1917    W.O.W. Forest Camp No. 5 Little Rock, Ark.

L. M. H.    Footstone

Brents, Rena    1873-1876    Dau. of R. E. and Talitha Brents

Brents, William    04/10/1810-05/26/1900    Father    Southern Cross of Honor
    Brents, Xalisco Stribling    01/20/1837-08/09/1916    Mother

Brents, Robert E.    03/01/1844-03/03/1926    Father
    Brents, Talitha Sweeten    02/05/1845-04/13/1918    Mother    His Wife

Fletcher, Richard Manning    09/30/1908-08/08/1936

Ashby, John W.    1842-1923

Ashby, Mary A. P.    1846-1922

Steele, Edna E.    03/03/1871-08/30/1959

Steele, John G.    12/19/1857-11/18/1929 1

Hockersmith, Lena    08/03/1868-02/22/1898    Beloved Wife of L. A. Hockersmith

Hockersmith, Lilburn Addice    05/14/1857-05/16/1913    W.O.W. Camp No. 168 Benton, Ark.

Hockersmith, Jessie Bland    1869-1960

Ashby, Willie D.    02/01/1860-01/13/1939

Ashby, Sallie M.    03/14/1868-11/01/1945

Brown, Charles E.    09/19/1896-09/13/1967
    Brown, Sammie A.    03/27/1897-02/24/1979

Wylie, Creed F.    Sgt Co E 1 Arkansas Infantry C.S.A.

Wylie, Mary P.    09/27/1836-01/09/1918

Wylie, Annie E.    06/02/1870-03/14/1898    Wife of S. H. Wylie

Wylie, Samuel H.    01/21/1871-01/23/1955

Nolte, Pearl    03/13/1892-05/05/1914

McNeil, Roy    09/05/1910-09/04/1975

McNeil, Fred    09/30/1912-01/20/1977    Pvt US Army World War II

McNeil, Troy    07/14/1934-11/01/1934

McNeil, Vernie D.    My Beloved Grannie

Hughes Family Plot
Hughes, John L.    10/02/1833-08/31/1908
    Hughes, Hattie    03/04/1841-02/01/1899
Hughes, Nannie    04/23/1865-12/24/1943
Hughes, George    12/01/1859-01/30/1930
Hughes, Baby    05/18/1903-05/23/1903    Son of Joe E. and Arkye Hughes
Hughes, Infant Son of J. L. and Bess Hughes    10/23/1925
Hughes, John L.    05/10/1892-08/05/1971    Benton-Bauxite Charter Member
    Hughes, Bess Barrow    07/27/1893-12/21/1960


Grasty, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Grasty    02/24/1908-03/08/1908

Grasty, May    01/25/1878-10/15/1953    Mother
    Grasty, William    09/03/1871-09/27/1927    Father

Reed, J. E.    03/14/1900    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Praytor, James Henry    05/25/1873-12/24/1960
    Praytor, Sadie Broyles    08/25/1880-11/21/1961

Praytor, William B.    Co A 2 Ala Cav C.S.A.

Praytor, Hannah    11/15/1832-12/31/1903    Wife of W. B. Praytor

Lawrence, Margaret Anne    07/24/1826-02/18/1902    Our Mother

Lawrence, Thomas B.    02/03/1857-03/15/1920

Fagan, Leta    01/04/1897    Dau of J. W. and Mildred Fagan

Lawrence, Willie    05/08/1877-11/28/1892    Dau of Thomas and ? Lawrence    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Brents, Hattie    1881-1924    Dau of R. E. and Talitha Brents    [Her last name at death was Patman.]

Glenn Plot
Glenn, James H.    07/25/1873-03/16/1963
Quinn, Mrs. Mary Ann Margaret    08/08/1830-07/22/1908
Glenn, Sizerra Winnifred (Winifred)    03/11/1843-11/10/1878    Wife of N. S.    [This ledger-type marker had no name except the initials SWG. The transcription Sizwera Winnefers comes from a 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. Her actual name was Sizerra Winnifred/Winifred Julian Glenn.]
Glenn, H. S.    09/30/1836-10/06/1918

Graham, James G.    1903-1904
    Graham, Zera Belle    1906-1906


Harvey, Francis I.    03/18/1859-07/13/1885

Allen, Clara L.    08/16/1878-10/04/1879    Daughter of W. H. Allen

Allen, Firmen W.    10/13/1881-08/16/1882    Son of W. H. Allen

Allen, Micky C.    09/28/1856-09/30/1889    Wife of W. H. Allen

Allen, W. H.    11/04/1848-05/19/1925 1

Thompson, Olivia    1855-1934

Thompson, Sam    1871-1962 1

Thompson, W. A.    1856-1946
    Thompson, Martha    1864-1934

Garrison, Martha    1810-1881
    Garrison, Alvah    1805-1882

Thompson, W. W.    07/16/1828-11/17/1891

Thompson, Margaret    died 02/07/1893    Aged 59 Y. 6 M. & 5 D.

Thompson, Daisy    1888-1904

Shoppach, J. Frank    10/18/1878-03/20/1952 1
    Shoppach, Virgie M.    03/27/1882-04/26/1963

Shoppach, Gussie Mae    03/12/1907-07/06/1991

Shoppach, C. C.    03/10/1851-08/10/1910

Shoppach, Tennie J.    01/18/1854-03/03/1910    Wife of C. C. Shoppach

Shoppach, Mary J.    02/18/1915-08/28/1915    Daughter of S. H. and E. I. Shoppach 1

Shoppach, Gene    06/07/1921-06/08/1921

Shoppach, S. Hawley    10/06/1891-03/16/1963
    Shoppach, Irl    01/23/1896-10/26/1974

Shoppach, Hawley J.    06/14/1922-09/25/1985
    Shoppach, Coy I.    11/04/1912-03/31/1993 1

Shoppach, William Henry    1876-1935 1
    Shoppach, Etta Jones    1880-1950

Jones, Sarah Beale    1850-1926

Raper, Andrew J.    1844-1912
    Raper, Louvenia A.    1845-1920

Collett, Dixie    09/24/1894-01/01/1919    Daughter of W. H. and M. A. Collett

Collett, Walter Oliver    01/10/1875-02/05/1893    Son of W. H. and M. A. Collett

Collett, William Harrison    03/14/1845-05/23/1927    A Confederate Veteran 1

Collett, Margaret Ann    08/14/1856-03/10/1939

Collett, Homer Hollis    06/14/1880-08/13/1937    Son of W. H. and M. A. Collett


Stowers, Henry    02/03/1884-02/06/1912

Stowers, Maud    08/01/1881-08/11/1918    [I could not read dates on marker. They came from a prior 1977 transcription by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Stowers, Mary B.    09/28/1850-01/16/1920

Stowers, Garvin C.    10/25/1836-01/09/1894
    Stowers, Cynthia E.    01/25/1838-02/05/1879

Westbrook, Claudie    06/23/1871-02/08/1909    Wife of Dr. T. H. Westbrook

Sweeten, Sirene S.    died 06/04/1891 aged 75    Wife of S. M. Sweeten    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Sweeten, Samuel M.    06/10/1826-11/17/1895

Fagan, Joseph W.    09/24/1864-12/26/1950    Father
    Fagan, Mildred I.    06/01/1875-05/21/1932    Mother

Fagan, James Bryant    02/25/1920-08/12/1990    Daddy    Children James Richard; Margaret Ann

Coleman, Infant Daughter of J. O. and Evelyn    08/21/1925 [only date]

Fagan, Kenneth H.    05/13/1915-09/05/1915    Son of J. W. and Mildred Fagan

Fagan, Lawrence    03/15/1906-08/20/1952
    Fagan, Mittie    03/17/1910-04/24/2006


Pelton, William L.    12/18/1895-12/23/1895    Son of J. D. and M. A. Pelton    [Dates came from prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Pelton, Martha Ann    10/07/1858-07/13/1940

Praytor, Louis D.    02/22/1866-08/31/1940
    Praytor, Nora T.    02/14/1876-04/16/1967

Whitthorne, S. H.    Died 10/16/1899 Aged 71 Years    Father

Whitthorne, M. A.    Died 09/12/1900 Aged 66 Years    Wife of S. H. Whitthorne

Parkin, Margaret Ray    04/28/1900-01/27/1965

Parkin, Royce    07/07/1894-11/04/1966    Ohio Pvt Co D 3 Div Bn World War I

Starkey, C. A.    12/27/1837-02/12/1903    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Starkey, Margret    02/26/1839-08/26/1909    [I cannot read the stone-it comes from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Tittle, James    03/13/1854-12/17/1910

Crouch, Mary Rebecca    08/1852-12/27/1925    Wife of L. S. Crouch

Crouch, Lee S.    1836-1904    Co F 21 Ga Regt Confederate States Army

Crouch, Hoke    03/12/1877-06/28/1902    W.O.W. Magnolia Camp No. 54

Mother with a cross

McCray, Fred, Jr.    12/04/1923-08/26/1925    Son of Fred and May

McCray, Olivia    12/25/1822-04/05/1901

Worthen, Martha    09/10/1840-08/28/1899

McMillan, L. E., Jr. "Buster"    Died 08/23/1908 Aged 6 Years

Rowland, Roy    09/28/1884-04/30/1971

Rowland, Tennie L.    09/15/1886-12/14/1924    Wife of Roy Roland

Rowland, Tiny L.    12/12/1924-03/31/1925

Barnes, Virgil Cole    09/20/1908-01/26/1956    Florida Sgt 610 Base Unit AAF World War II  1

Barnes, Ruth D.    04/05/1909-08/27/1989

Howe, John David    07/24/1906-01/21/1977    Brig. General U.S. Air Force; Son of Charles D. and Lucy Rowland Howe

Howe, Kathryn Biscoe Bradford    12/12/1907-11/14/1954    Wife of John D. Howe

Howe, Charles David    Calloway County Mo.    05/08/1867-09/17/1960

Howe, Lucy Rowland    Green County Ga.    03/17/1875-08/08/1960

Petty, Will L.    1880-1955

Petty, Leila Z.    1889-1969

Petty, Harley W.    01/30/1916-04/04/1973    Arkansas Tec4 US Army World War II

Shadrick, Norman Thomas    12/16/1939-05/16/1975    PN 3 US Navy Vietnam

Shadrick, James T.    07/01/1917-04/26/1966
    Shadrick, Nancy M.    12/28/1925-10/09/1988

Steele, Billy Ray    08/14/1930-01/06/1998    Pvt US Army Korea

Steele, Dorothy Louise    03/12/1936-01/24/2005

Rood, Pearl Vivian    01/22/1926-05/26/1926

Rood, Vivian Petty    06/03/1907-01/28/1926

Petty, W. Earl    02/09/1906-05/19/1947

Petty, Dahlia May Logsdon    05/24/1906-02/22/1999

Tompkins, Houston D.    02/18/1918-01/31/2007    US Army World War II
    Tompkins, Opal E.    10/10/1924-02/24/1991

Slack, Robert M.    03/23/1870-03/09/1950

Slack, Lily B.    03/02/1871-06/29/1955

Pratt, Robert J.    07/28/1894-02/06/1957

Pratt, Lucile S.    10/07/1899-07/13/1996

McMillan, M. T.    1858-1936

McMillan, L. E.    1856-1936

McMillan, Mary L.    1867-1931

Hutcheson, Charles A.    11/09/1864-03/20/1940 1

Hutcheson, Belle    06/14/1872-12/08/1956 1

Hutcheson, Charlie S.    11/30/1893-12/21/1969 1
    Hutcheson, Virgie M.    11/27/1895-07/07/1976

Hutcheson, Samuel Wade    08/08/1920-11/04/1969    Arkansas S Sgt Army Air Forces World War II 1

Hutcheson, Una    08/16/1921-11/26/2005

Richards, Floyd H.    12/28/1889-04/08/1968 1
    Richards, Fannie Mary    11/13/1891-12/11/1954 1

Pool, Louis Everett    12/07/1906-02/18/1994

Lindsey, Fred E.    07/28/1921-04/16/1997    Father    Married 09/30/1939
    Lindsey, Juanita Pool  [no date of death shown]    Mother

Pool, Carl Lee    05/03/1913-12/02/1986

McNeill, Rena Hudgins    1879-1915

McNeil, Leonard R.    01/21/1874-04/13/1908    W.O.W. Benton Camp No. 168

Bridges, Raymond Sylvan    08/21/1909-07/31/1910    Rootsweb WCP

Bridges, Ivan Wayne    08/12/1914-03/07/1917    Rootsweb WCP

Chaney, Fabena B.    [no date of death shown]

Bridges, Demetrius S.    12/02/1879-09/26/1964    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Bridges, Sallie Petty    02/15/1882-07/12/1967    Rootsweb WCP

Burroughs, T. Lois Bridges    07/08/1907-02/28/1991    Rootsweb WCP 1

Pool, Mary Katherine    -06/19/1939

Pool, Johnie    10/27/1908-02/11/1967

Pool, Charley    08/16/1882-05/28/1948    Married 08/27/1905
    Pool, Susie Kathrine    02/10/1888-03/24/1979

Howard, Clarence J.    09/24/1896-02/25/1988    Married 12/24/1918 1
    Howard, Anna Belle    02/05/1901-07/23/1969

Poole, Josephine    1864-1945

Poole, James H.    1862-1934

Orender, Clyde C.    08/07/1908-09/28/1995    married 12/13/1929
    Orender, Jewel M.    02/11/1914-03/02/2011    [dod from obituary]

Barnes, Pauline    1906-1949

Adams, Myra L.    08/02/1906-11/24/1987    married 11/22/1924 1
    Adams, W. W. "Bill"    11/19/1902-06/14/1988 1

Adams, Wilburn C.    1925-1998 1
    Adams, Jean A.    1925-1976 1

Adams, Baby    -11/04/1950

Elliott, Irene Maynard    1898-1947

Rowland, Dorothy Murry    09/11/1917-06/14/2007    married 06/20/1934    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Rowland, Charles H. "Pine Knot"    02/19/1916-01/27/2005    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Parents of Dorothy Jane, Betty Gene, Carolyn Murry, and Rebecca Sue

Murry, Robert C.    1880-1943
    Murry, Nellie V.    1878-1947

Rowland, Jewell A.    09/11/1897-04/12/1988

Rowland, Clifford A.    08/14/1889-08/22/1965    Arkansas Pvt 4 Regt FA Repl Depot World War I

Rowland, Lillian Heard    1881-1959

Rowland, Richard Stephen    03/23/1948-08/30/1987

Rowland, Ruth P.    Saline County, Ark. 03/14/1887-03/25/1962

Rowland, Marietta A.    1855-1931

Rowland, David R.    1846-1932

Rowland, Melville A.    1884-1939

Rowland, Carolyn Murry    1941-1942    Dau. of Chas. H. and Dorothy Rowland

Rowland, H. A. "Hub"    1852-1931    Father    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Rowland, Lucy P.    1859-1937   Rootsweb WCP 1

Rowland, James M.    1881-1957    Rootsweb WCP
    Rowland, Sibbie I.    1881-1960    Rootsweb WCP

Swann, J. E. "Pete"    05/24/1853-12/17/1932

Section 4 (read May 22, 2009)

Whitthorne, William J.    07/01/1860-11/23/1910

Beadle, Flora H.    08/29/1887-07/05/1962

Raper, Lona Barksdale    12/25/1879-03/19/1934

Raper, Lou Rena    08/30/1882    03/31/1906

Hall, Lewis B.
    Hall, Thursey A.
    These were two large concrete and brick crypts built into one. According to the Saline County argenweb site, these are believed to be the resting places of the bodies moved from the site of the C. W. Lewis Stadium. There is no proof to this - based on a statement that the bodies were placed in a concrete crypt now unmarked.

Weise Family Plot
Johnston, Russell F.    04/29/1920-07/23/1978    Cpl US Army World War II
    Johnston, Dorothy M.    07/02/1917-04/13/2006
Mize, Harold H.    01/14/1911-04/13/1995    MOMM3 US Navy World War II
    Mize, Mauriene    01/08/1909-02/07/1974
Weise, Paul W.    08/29/1876-01/06/1958    Rootsweb WCP
    Weise, Eva L.    03/22/1886-12/08/1971    Rootsweb WCP
Weise, Clyde F.    07/03/1907-04/30/1966
Weise, Edward K.    11/18/1922-04/15/2015    GM2 US Coast Guard World War II       Rootsweb WCP
    Weise, Mary L.    [no date of death shown]

Carter Family Plot
Carter, William D.    03/26/1923-08/14/1967    Arkansas S Sgt Army Air Forces World War II    Rootsweb WCP
Carter, Dorris H.    09/23/1919-07/27/2002    Rootsweb WCP 1
Carter, Dave J.    12/20/1894-03/25/1946    Rootsweb WCP
Carter, Myrtle R.    09/28/1894-05/07/1960    Rootsweb WCP
Carter, David Walton    08/04/1915-04/21/2002    married 01/12/1941    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Carter, Sybol Cain    05/15/1921-11/17/2014    Rootsweb WCP
Carter, Peggy Jean    04/30/1925-11/17/2014    Rootsweb WCP

Carter, Teddy E.    12/24/1931-01/19/2010    Wed 11/10/1953    Rootsweb WCP
    Carter, Sylvia Lynn    10/07/1935-02/29/2008    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Carter, Jodi Michelle    10/21/1967-05/06/2012    Mother of Jordin and Alli

Smith, Flynn B.    06/05/1888-12/04/1979    Father
    Smith, Arabelle T.    07/07/1895-07/19/1975    Mother

Kates Family Plot
Kates, Joseph C.    04/22/1889-12/22/1945    Father
    Kates, Nancy Ellen M.    08/07/1899-09/15/1972    Mother
Dodson, Miriam Kates    1924-1966    Daughter

Robertson, G. W.    1890-1944
    Robertson, Pearl    1896-1950

Lee, Eugenia A.    10/08/1866-06/16/1965

Lee, George Ricks    11/04/1892-04/02/1944    Arkansas Seaman 2 Cl. US Navy

Gourley, Willie F.    11/25/1903-03/05/1991
    Gourley, Iva S.    10/22/1907-06/02/1985

Hopkins Family Plot
Johnson, Louise Hopkins    1914-1999
Hopkins, Sue Speer    1878-1967
Hopkins, Robert Lee    1877-1951
Hopkins, Alex C.    1908-1937
Hopkins, Robert Speer    1900-1965
Hopkins, Mary Olive    1899-1957

Bledsoe, Andrew Jackson    10/24/1891-06/25/1936    Arkansas Sgt 1 Cl. 162 Depot Brig.
    Bledsoe, Lovie May    09/27/1904-03/27/1999    married 02/14/1920

Jones, Faye Withem    01/02/1915-2000
    Jones, Luther G. H.    04/25/1911-10/20/1979    Tec 4 US Army World War II

Withem, Della    03/08/1886-09/28/1957
    Withem, George W.    07/05/1881-02/20/1971

Currie, Jack Irene    11/23/1910-12/31/1928

Fish, Sarah C. "Tena"    02/10/1893-11/28/1978
    Fish, George W. "Bud"    04/21/1891-06/11/1931

Warfield, F. A.    1866-1929 1
    Warfield, Clara    1876-1968

Clark, Thomas R.    01/09/1910-11/27/1933    Son

Clark, Vicie    1879-1957    Mother

Clark, David U., Sr.    1874-1948    Father

Clark, Jeremiah "Jerry"    02/11/1913-01/05/1996    married 03/28/1937
    Clark, Martha Louise    11/22/1916-

Ballard, William W.    12/1858-02/17/1932

Ballard, Nellie T.    12/10/1875-08/06/1938

Ballard, William T.    07/21/1908-01/04/1970

Young, Mabel T.    01/03/1884-03/18/1945

Lovell, William Forrest    Father

Lovell, Susan Catherine    Mother 1

Lovell, James    11/19/1927-04/19/1942

Lovell, John Wesley    02/20/1895-05/26/1972    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I
    Lovell, Della M.    06/07/1897-06/19/1975

Lovell, John W., Jr.    07/11/1923-07/16/1988
    Lovell, Vera M.    04/02/1928-01/29/1989

Holland, Bernard Worth    05/08/1918-06/20/1999    US Navy World War II Purple Heart
    Holland, Gracie Duncan    08/01/1917-09/16/2007 1

Holland, Nora Helen    1897-1944

Holland, Willie Seth    1892-1963

Holland, George B.    02/21/1947-06/15/1998

Tubb, Ruth    1910-1992
    Tubb, Lonnie    1908-1984

Evans Family Plot (step)
Fleming, Clyde E.    01/29/1915-02/20/2009
    Fleming, Charlotte H.    02/15/1918-10/22/2003 1
Wampler, Essie Stark    02/23/1886-12/17/1969 1
Rodd, Lorena    03/14/1864-11/12/1940    Mother
Evans, Henry T.    01/17/1891-04/17/1932

Adams, Vella    10/08/1900-01/05/1981    married 08/07/1921
    Adams, James E. "Cap"    10/27/1888-08/04/1969

Adams, Martha    1865-1941

Adams, J. P.    1933-1935

Adams, J. D.    1930-1930

Reddin, Julia C.    11/18/1905-04/03/1929    wife of Vinous G. Reddin    age 23 yrs 4 mos 17 days

Reddin, Martha L.    07/16/1877-03/29/1963
    Reddin, James M.    10/21/1877-02/01/1972

Outlaw, Cora    04/30/1881-07/21/1959
    Outlaw, William B.    12/05/1878-09/11/1961

Redding, Audrey M.    05/22/1905-12/10/1992    married 11/30/1930
    Redding, Vinous G.    02/04/1902-05/22/1988

Conway, Bois Leon    05/30/1927-08/03/2001    US Army World War II Korea

Murray, Sue Foster    01/26/1894-01/26/1950

Murray, Ernest    02/18/1891-07/10/1941

Branton, Claude N.    03/26/1899-10/19/1974

Chandler, H. H.    07/14/1840-12/27/1913
    Chandler, M. J.    09/14/1845-    his wife

Hyten, Alice L.    09/14/1872-08/11/1905    wife of Lee E. Hyten; daughter of H. H. and M. J. Chandler; aged 32 yrs. 10 mos. & 27 days

Harrison Family Plot
Harrison, Henry C.    04/19/1869-11/12/1928
    Harrison, Eulalia L.    12/25/1876-11/14/1907    wife of Henry C. Harrison
    Harrison, James W.    09/05/1905-12/03/1905

From Saline County, Arkansas Obituaries and Death Notices 1823-1930 indexed by Eddie G. Landreth and not included due to markers not being found. It should be noted that I have not read these obituaries; therefore, I cannot say with certainty that these people are buried in Old Rosemont Cemetery. I am assuming by the dates of death they are buried in Old Rosemont and not New Rosemont (aka Rosemont Memorial Cemetery). This book may be purchased by the Saline County History and Heritage Society, Inc. You may find it here. This is a great resource if you are researching in Saline County.

Archer, Elizabeth A.; BC on 06/28/1917; dod 06/23/1917 age 70; m/o H. J.

Ashby, Mrs. R. J.; BC on 12/23/1915; dod 12/21/1915

Brewer, Charlie; BC on 03/12/1925; age 26

Bridges, Wayne; BC on 03/08/1917; dod 03/07/1917; age 2; s/o D. S.

Broadnax, Baby; BC on 01/08/1914; dod 01/05/1914; c/o E. H.

Bryant, Jesse M.; BC on 11/16/1922; dod 11/16/1922; age 80

Bryant, Jim; BC on 11/30/1922; dod 11/16/1922; age 80; born in Georgia

Buzbee, Baby; BC on 04/17/1919; dod 04/16/1919; c/o George F.

Call, J. C. "Cad"; BC on 06/19/1930; dod 06/13/1930; age 69

Carrick, Lettie; BC on 11/10/1921; dod 11/04/1921; age 67

Carter, Tennessee Cloud; BC 10/04/1928; dod 10/01/1928; age 74

Cox, Mary Louise Finkbeiner; BC on 09/26/1929; dod 09/23/1929; age 24; w/o William A.

Crawford, Robert Lee; BC on 01/21/1926; dod 01/19/1926; age 53; s/o W. A.

Cunningham, Olin H. "Dan"; BC on 02/13/1930 and 03/11/1930; dod 02/13/1930; age 41; h/o Myrt

Dussell, Mrs. Gus; BC on 12/25/1919; dod 12/21/1919

Emrich, Katherine; BC on 12/15/1927; dod 12/09/1927; age 4; d/o F. F.

Finkbeiner, Child; BC on 01/16/1930; dod not shown; c/o Henry

Fish, Jack Irene; BC on 01/03/1929; dod 12/31/1928; age 18; d/o G. W.

Gatlin, Mary; BC on 07/10/1924; dod 07/07/1924; age 51; w/o R. T.

Glenn, Martha; BC on 12/04/1930; dod 12/01/1930; age 87; w/o H. S.

Green, John W.; BC on 10/10/1920; dod 10/04/1929; age 27; s/o John W.

Gross, Henry; BC 10/09/1924; dod 10/08/1924

Hall, Dr. D. W.; BC on 05/27/1915; dod 05/21/1915; age 60

Henderson, A. E.; BC on 05/05/1927; dod 04/29/1927; age 47 1

Henderson, Garland; BC on 10/10/1918; dod 10/06/1918; b/o Sam Henderson 1

Hooper, Bige; BC on 08/12/1926; dod 08/11/1926

Hooper, Nellie; BC on 08/22/1929; dod 08/15/1929; age 8; d/o Bige

House, Emily Mayfield Mrs.; BC on 09/25/1930 and 11/27/1930; dod 09/22/1930; born 11/15/1845

Hubman, John; BC on 05/31/1928; dod 05/25/1928; age 70; born in Switzerland

Huddleston, Dewey Jr.; BC on 05/09/1929; dod 05/06/1929; age 2

Keith, Rena (nee Hughes); BC on 01/28/1915; dod 01/24/1915; age 36

Kirkpatrick, Hattie; BC on 06/14/1917; dod not shown; d/o John

Laster, Mollie; BC 06/03/1926; dod 06/02/1926; age 54

Leonard, Susianna Dixon; BC on 05/24/1923; dod 05/23/1923; age 61; born in Tennessee

Lewis, Charles Willis; BC on 12/27/1928; dod 12/22/1928; age 60; s/o Candace

Loftin, W. S. Mrs.; BC 06/06/1929; dod 06/04/1929; age 83    [Her name was Sarah C., and she died in Saline County according to the Arkansas Death Index.]

Malone, Howard C.; BC on 11/29/1923; dod 11/25/1923; age 22; s/o Alfred

Marshall, Mettie; BC on 04/30/1925; dod 04/14/1925; age 34; w/o W. B.

Marshall, Susan; BC on 07/31/1924; dod 07/30/1924; age 91; w/o Alexander

McCray, Lula Shoppach; BC on 06/03/1926; dod 06/01/1926; age 56; w/o W. N.

McCray, Will N.; BC on 06/23/1921; dod 06/18/1921; age 56; suicide

McGehee, John William; BC on 04/17/1919; dod not shown; age 68; Milan, Tennessee

McGill, Burl?; BC on 10/10/1929; dod 10/04/1929; age 28; s/o Maroon    [An Earl McGill died on 10/04/1929 in Hot Spring County according to Arkansas Death Index.]

Morgan, Mrs. Will; BC on 10/22/1914; dod not shown

Orton, Baby    BC on 09/16/1915; dod 09/11/1915; c/o Will

Parks, Wilbur; BC 01/06/1921; dod 12/31/1920; age 13; s/o W. A.

Pelton, James; BC on 11/29/1917; dod 11/23/1917 1

Petty, Billie Leland; BC on 05/15/1924; dod 05/08/1924; 16 mos; s/o Will

Petty, Thelma Lucile; BC on 04/08/1915; dod 04/02/1915

Ramsey, Margaret Permelia; BC on 04/29/1926; dod 04/23/1926; age 89; d/o Leech

Ray, Mrs. Griff; BC on 10/13/1927; dod 10/12/1927

Russell, E. J.; BC on 04/17/1919; dod 04/14/1919; s/o W. A.

Schurch, Elizabeth; BC on 08/01/1918; dod 07/30/1918; age 68    [Arkansas Death Index indicates she died 07/31/1918 in Saline County.]

Scott, Mrs.; BC on 06/17/1915; dod 06/14/1915    [Her name was Nancy Scott according to Arkansas Death Index]

Spenille, Carmen; BC on 10/30/1919; dod 10/28/1919; age 16; d/o John

Tarver, Harold; BC on 02/07/1918 and 02/14/1918; dod 02/05/1918; age 4; s/o Sam S. Tarver

Tausch, Gordon Henry; BC on 08/06/1925 and 08/27/1925; dod 07/30/1925; age 18 mos; s/o Charles H.

Trapp, Myrtle King; BC on 01/20/1927 and 01/27/1927; dod 01/19/1927; d/o Ed; w/o A. R.

Trebing, E. Harvey; BC 05/31/1928; dod 05/29/1928; h/o Miss Gaunt

Whiting, S. N.; BC on 06/16/1921; dod 06/13/1921

Wright, Jewell Belle; BC on 01/06/1927; dod 12/31/1926; age 49; d/o W. B.

From Undertaker's Records 1916-1928 A Personal Account Record of J. W. Ashby, Founder of Ashby Funeral Home compiled by Shirlene Martin Chilton and not included due to markers not being found. It should be noted that I did not find markers; therefore, I cannot say with certainty that these people are buried in Old Rosemont Cemetery. I am assuming by the dates of death they are buried in Old Rosemont and not New Rosemont (aka Rosemont Memorial Cemetery). This book may be purchased by the Saline County History and Heritage Society, Inc. You may find it here. This is a great resource if you are researching in Saline County.

Ashborn, Charles    06/12/1918

Burnfiglio, Gutseppina    06/17/1918

Byrd, Will Lee    05/22/1916    his obituary is found in the book

Harvell, Sue Bell    07/19/1917    baby of Tom Harvell

McCarvey, D. M.    02/25/1917    Daniel M. McCarvey's obituary is found in the book

Warnock, Grandma    02/09/1916    her obituary is found in the book

Wills, Sarah    11/06/1921

Shoppach, John Frederick    04/15/1849-04/15/1937    [Source: Krueger, Marlo B. "Civil War Biographies." The Saline September 2009. Benton: Saline County History and Heritage Society, Inc, 2009.] 1

Shoppach, Mary Sophronia "Sophie" Homan    01/31/1848-03/20/1938    [Source: Krueger, Marlo B. "Civil War Biographies." The Saline September 2009. Benton: Saline County History and Heritage Society, Inc, 2009.] 1

Additions per obituaries:

Anglin, Ryan Elizabeth    11/09/2010-11/09/2010    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Armstrong, Marion Lee "Jack"    11/20/1938-07/23/2015    [Roller-Ballard Funeral Home online obituary]

Bard, Diana Gay    07/19/1948-04/20/2010    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Beaty, Beverly Jane Holiman    07/15/1936-09/15/2015    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Beavers, Margaret    age 86-12/26/1961     [no marker was seen. obituary states Rosemont Cemetery; her parents are buried in that cemetery; Benton Courier obituary] 1

Bennett, [Mary] Almina    age 88-02/10/1948    [Benton Courier obituary] 1

Bowers, Leavon Dallas    07/08/1994-02/21/2014    (Ashby Funeral Home online obituary)

Carter, Judy Walton    01/27/1955-09/06/2010    (Ashby Funeral Home online obituary)

Dougan, Anna Laura Henderson    about 1865-06/16/1938    [no marker was found; obituary just says Rosemont Cemetery] 1

Dougan, Benjamin Franklin    10/17/1853-06/15/1938    [no marker was found; obituary just says Rosemont Cemetery] 1

Frost, James Howard    10/01/1937-08/09/2012    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Gipson, Sam "Pokey"    09/13/1939-01/14/2003    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Henderson, A. E.    -04/29/1927    [no marker was found; obituary says Rosemont Cemetery] 1

Henderson, Garland    02/03/1878-10/06/1918    [no marker was found; burial based on obituary] 1

Horner, Jean Ann Bradshaw    03/17/1936-04/26/2016    [Roller-Ballard Funeral Home online obituary]

Larsen, Walter Driskell "Dub," Jr.    03/24/1931-10/09/2015    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

McClintock, Ora Gentry   09/21/1932-01/22/2016    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

McDonald, Patricia C.    01/18/1936-03/03/2012    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary] 1

McNeil (McNeill), C. P.    age 63-05/12/1933    [Benton Courier obituary] 1

Melian, Richard Manuel    06/30/1937-12/15/2012    [Roller-Ballard Funeral Home online obituary]

Merritt, Esther Jean Hyatt    10/22/1935-05/26/2011    [Saline County] 1

Pranger, Lucy Jean Marsh    03/31/1933-01/10/2011    [Roller-Ballard Funeral Home online obituary] 1

Rasburry, Curtis G. "Shag"    11/09/1928-05/19/2014    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Tarvin, Grace McClain Costley    age 86-12/10/1989    [Benton Courier obituary] 1

Smith, Jimmy Richard    -03/19/2014    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Watts, James William    08/27/1937-09/20/2012    [Ashby Funeral Home online obituary] 1

Wray, John W.    11/09/1924-04/15/2012    [Saline Courier obituary] 1

Wyley, Jane    -02/24/1934    [no marker was found; burial based on obituary] 1

Zinn, George Franklin    01/12/1937-08/18/2009    (Ashby Funeral Home online obituary) 

1   I have the obituary. In most cases, I have the hard-copy obituary from the newspaper. You may request it by sending me an email showing Old Rosemont Cemetery Obituary in the subject line. Then copy and paste the entire line for the person you are requesting the obituary within the message.