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Tamar, 1863
Type: Iron Troopship ; Armament 6 x 6 pdr
Laid down : Samuda, Brothers, Poplar, 25 Jul 1861 ; Launched : 5 Jan 1863 ;
BM: 2812 tons ; Displacement: 4857 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 2171 hpi 500 h.p.

10 Oct 1863 Sheerness. Commissioned for Particular Service as a Troopship

1864 Troop Ship. Irregular or particular service. Medical report : number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Particular Service

13 Dec 1870 departed Bermuda.

19 Dec 1870 arrived Port Royal, Jamaica.

24 Dec 1870 departed Port Royal for Barbadoes, Trinidad and England.

25 Jan 1871 arrived at Spithead from the West Indies.

26 Jan 1871 departed for Dover and the Thames, having coaled.

1 Feb 1871 departed Dover with the 97th, which had been embarked for service in Ireland.

6 Feb 1871 arrived at Plymouth Sound, from Queenstown, has since had her powder removed and has been taken into the harbour.

12 Feb 1871 arrived at Portsmouth, from Plymouth, and is expected to be loaded with provisions for France.

13 Feb 1871 departed from Portsmouth for Disppe with a full cargo of navy biscuit and flour from the Government victualling yards at Plymouth and Portsmouth, towards the re-victualling of Paris.

19 Feb 1871 arrived Plymouth Sound and on the 20th moved into harbour with a view to being docked.

6 Apr 1871 arrived at Portsmouth from Devonport to embark passengers and stores for the Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius, Hong Kong, and Japan.

17 Jan 1874 at Cape Coast Castle during the Ashanti War.

1874 her crew had formed part of the Naval Brigade that had helped to defeat the Ashanti at Amoaful.

3 Oct 1876 Commissioned at Devonport

1879 Particular Service. Troopship.

21 Oct 1884 Commissioned at Devonport

1 Apr 1886 Has been appointed to take crews of the Sapphire, Heroine, Satellite, Cockchafer, Espoir and Merlin to the Pacific and China Stations, and will return home with the relieved crews.

3 May 1886 arrived in the Mersey from Plymouth

19 May 1886 Madeira. Left for Cape of Good Hope yesterday.

1890 Particular Service. Troopship.

1897 Base ship at Hong Kong. Receiving Ship

19 Jun 1900 Serving as Receiving Ship at Hong Kong during the Boxer Rebellion.

1914 Hong Kong.

Aug 1914 Hong Kong

1941 scuttled before the advancing Japanese could take her.

1946-1997 Naval Base Hong Kong