Portland Year Book

Portland Year Book 1905

Notes to extracts from the Portland Year Book for 1905: as the original layout was, shall we say unusual, no doubt with a view to speeding up printing of items that were going to be late, I have taken the liberty and opportunity of this medium to combine like topics and would hope that this will aid research rather than hinder. Whilst transcribing I note the occasional transcription or printing error within the original (but have made no corrections), and no doubt I am equally guilty of same - so please remember that this is a transcript of what in effect is also a transcript and it should be used as such and not a source!

Please also note that "some" items are not particular to Portland ie on occasion they also cover Weymouth, West Dorset and in one or two instances the whole of Dorset. I have attempted to show this by including the appropriate items under separate headings. PB

Portland - Local Government
Portland History
Weymouth & Portland - Maritime
Weymouth & Portland
West Dorset

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