The Wrecking of the Catharine, Venus, Piedmont, Thomas, Golden Grove and Aelous

The Wrecking of the Catharine, Venus, Piedmont, Thomas, Golden Grove and Aelous

List of Subscribers

Austin, Major, South Gloucester Regiment, 5 copies 
Arthington, Miss, Arthington Hull, Yorkshire 
Ashly, Hon. Cropley 
Arbuthnot, Governor, Weymouth 
Abbot, Mr,  Fleet Farm House, Dorset. 

Berkeley, Colonel the Earl of, South Gloucester Regiment 
Boevey, Captain T. Crawley, South Gloucester Regiment 
Bonnor, Lieutenant, South Gloucester Regiment 
Barcroft, Miss, Otley, Yorkshire 
Barcroft, Miss Elizabeth, Yorkshire 
Barcroft, Miss Barbara, Yorkshire 
Bryer, Mr, Surgeon, Weymouth 
Bryer, Mr R., London 
Burns, Miss 
Bowden, Rev James, Lower Tooting, Surrey 
Bowden, Mr James, Hull, Yorkshire 
Bowden, Mr. William, Yorkshire 
Bever, Mr, Surgeon, Weymouth 
Barrett, Mrs, Yeovil, Somerset 
Boyer, Admiral Sir George, Bart. 
Boyer, Lady 
Browne, Mr 
Bryer, Rev. T, Fordington 
Black, Mrs, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, 2 Copies 
Blackwell, Mr, Dursley, Gloucestershire 
Bayly, Edward, Esq. Wootton-Underedge, Gloucestershire 
Bath, Lady 

Cross, Lieutenant, South Gloucester Regiment 
Cross, Miss 
Crofton, Mrs. 
Cook, Mr. 
Churchill, William, Esq. Colliton 
Churchill, Mrs., Colliton 
Churchill, Rev. W., A. B. Fellow of All Soul's Collage, Oxon. 
Crouch, Mr., jun. Weymouth 

Davies, Rev. W., AM. Rector of Eastington, Gloucester. 2 copies 
Davies, Rev. Wm., Berkeley, Gloucestershire, 2 copies 
Dobbs, Mr. Simon, Newnham, Gloucestershire 
Delamotte, Mr. 

Ekins, Mrs. 
Ekins, Miss 

Finucane, Lieutenant, South Gloucester Regiment, 4 copies 
Fuss, Mrs. 
Fry, Mr., Surgeon, Dursley, Gloucestershire 
Fryer, William, Esq. Eastington, Gloucestershire 

Graves, Walwyn, Esq. 
Graves, Rev. Dr. 
Graves, R., M. D. Dorchester 
Gillwood, Mr., Dorchester 
Guppy, Mrs., Bristol 
Gardner, Mr. E., Frampton, Gloucestershire 
Gorton, Rev. Mr., Weymouth 
Gavain, Mr. Peter, Alderney 

Hickes, Henry, Esq. Eastington, 5 copies 
Hickes, Mrs., ditto, 3 copies 
Henwood, Mrs., Bristol 
Harris, Mrs. 
Hunter, Mr Orby 

Jenner, Rev Stephen, B. D. Berkeley, Gloucestershire 3 copies 
Jenner, Edward, M. D. F. R. S. 5 copies 
Jenner, Rev. H.. M. A. Burbage, Wilts, 3 copies 
Jenner, R.W. H., M. A. Fellow of Worcester College, Oxon, 3 copies 
Jenner, Mr. H., Surgeon, Berkeley, 3 Copies 
Jenner, Miss, Berkeley 
Jacobs Mr. E. 
Jacobs, Mrs. E. 

Kingscote, Colonel, Kingscote, Gloucestershire, 5 Copies 
King, Mrs., Berkeley, Gloucestershire, 2 copies 
Knight, Mrs. 

Legard, Mrs. Colonel, Sunderlandwick, Yorkshire, 2 copies 
Lambert, Mrs. General 
Luscombe, Miss, Weymouth. 

Mair, Colonel, Portsmouth 
Mair, Captain, South Gloucester Regiment, 2 copies 
Mair, Mrs. 
Marklove, Mr. John, Berkeley, Gloucestershire 
Marklove, Mrs. 
Marder, Mr., sen. Weymouth, 2 copies 
Marder, Miss 
Minchell, Miss 
Maxwell, Rev. Mr. 
Marston, Mrs. 

Nott, Mrs. 
Nott, Miss 

Ollney, Captain, South Gloucester Regiment 

Parker, Captain, South Gloucester Regiment 
Pyrke, Lieutenant, ditto 
Purdy, Rev Mr. 
Paytherus, T., Esq. Kensington 
Pulteney, Sir James, Bart, M. P. 

Ready, Captain, South Gloucester Regiment 
Rodber, Mr., Weymouth 

Shaftesbury, The Earl of 
Shaftesbury, The Countess of 
Symonds, Captain T. P., South Gloucester Regiment 
Surman, Captain, ditto 
Symonds, Lieutenant, ditto 
Shrapnell, Lieutenant, ditto, 4 Copies 
Shrapnell, Mrs. 
Steward, R., Esq. Weymouth 
Stevens, Mrs, Ansford, Somerset 
Sparks, Miss Mary Anne, Eastington, Gloucestershire, 2 copies 
Steward, Gabriel, Esq. M. P. Weymouth 
Steward, Captain, Weymouth 
Steward, Francis, Esq. Weymouth 

Tizard, Mrs., Weymouth 
Thomas, Sir John, Bart. Southampton 

Wall, Lieutenant Colonel, South Gloucester Regiment 
Wall, Mrs., 4 copies 
Whatley, Captain, South Gloucester Regiment 
Walwyn, Captain, ditto 
Wall, Lieutenant, ditto 
Wilson, Mrs., Manor-House, Otley, Yorkshire, 5 copies 
Wilson, Miss, ditto 
Wilson, Miss Ellen, ditto 
Wilson, Miss Eliz., ditto 
Warne, Mr., Surgeon, Weymouth 
White, Miss 
Woodroffe, Rev. Mr. 
White, Mr. C., Dorchester