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Albert BARHAM born April 17 1916 died Feb 18 2005 at the Chester Co TN Healthcare. Albert was born in Henderson Co TN, son of Albert and Lennie Mae IVY BARHAM.   Albert married June 9 1937 Mildred Farrow. Mildred was born June 9 1919, she died Jan 29 2003.   They were members of Holly Springs Methodist Church. They were farmers and operated a dairy barn. They lived in the Glendale Community of Chester Co TN.   Survivors were a son, Tim Barham of Henderson TN and Ramona Browder of Selmer TN.

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      John PEDDY born 1771-96 (son of Andrew Peddy) married Jelia BARKER.

      Andrew PEDDY born 1793 married Elizabeth BARKER in Wake Co NC.

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Thomas Elijah BARTON, 1844 FAMILY picture
PICTURE with INFO   Barton site with same picture

      Sarah E "Betsy" BARTON
      One of my ancestors was Sarah E "Betsy" Barton born 1815 in Rutherford Co TN. She died about 1855 in Hardin Co TN. She married Jessie H Woodruff.     See Woodruff.     Sarah E "Betsy" Barton was the daughter of Thomas Barton born Nov 26 1785 in Henry Co VA and Tabitha Hodges born July 18 1792 in Pittsylvania Co VA.     Thomas Barton was the son of David Dubart Barton & his wife, Hannah Hill.     Tabitha Hodges was the daughter of Jesse Hodges & his wife, Elizabeth Collins.     Thomas Barton & Tabitha Hodges married Oct 6 1811 in Wilson Co TN.     See HODGES.
      Thomas Barton died before Oct 15 1816 when William Barton was appointed administrator of his estate in Rutherford Co TN. Tabitha Barton was the widow.   A deed was recorded fron Joshua Barton, Swinfield Barton, Jesse Barton and William Barton for himself as administrator of Thomas Barton, deceased, David Barton and Wilson Wade, admimnistrator to Miles Anderson.   In Giles Co TN court minutes Thomas Barton was replaced as road overseer on Dec 4 1816. DAR     181776, 200611, 345568, 385011, 537700, 734922
    Rev War Veteran
      Joshua Barton was born Aug 19 1718 in Maryland. He died 1790, killed by Indians in Kentucky, near Yadkin River NC. Joshua married in 1743 (1) Jane Dubart of Frederick Co MD. She was born April 9 1725. He married (2) Mrs Susan Dodd of Blackwater VA.
Children by Jane Dubart
(1) Jacob Barton born about 1742.   died young.
(2) David Barton born March 13 1744 Frederick Co MD. He married Hannah Hill June 9 1771 in Pittsylvania Co VA [David was also a Rev War Veteran].
(3) Isaac Barton, Sr, born Aug 16 1746 married Keziah Murphy in 1772.
(4) Sara Barton born May 18 1748 William Murphy, a Minister.
(5) Elizabeth Barton born Nov 20 1751 married Peter Young.
(6) Mary Barton born May 10 1755
(7) Joshua Barton, III, born Nov 30 1757
(8) Jane Barton born Feb 9 1763 married Joseph Murphy.   (some DAR show Jane by 1st marriage & others by 2nd marriage.) Looking at Birth date I assume by 2nd wife.
Children by Mrs Susan Dodd
(9) Dianah Barton born March 2 1765 married Matthew Whitman
(10) Job (Joab) Barton married 1st an Indian Maiden and 2nd a Miss Musio / Musick.
(11) Abner Barton     died young
(12) Jacob Barton     died as an Infant
(13)Abraham Barton     died young.

DAR 181776 shows 1st Generation, Joshua Barton.     2nd Generation, Isaac Barton Sr born Aug 15 1746 died Nov 10 1831. He married Keziah Murphy born Aug 7 1754 on Oct 9 1772. She died July 29 1845.     3rd Generation, Isaac Barton, Jr born July 30 1777 died March 14 1851. He married his cousin, Jane Barton on Sept 13 1798. She was born Nov 17 1775 and died Oct 20 1856.     4th Generation, William Murphy Barton born April 15 1809 died March 10 1862. He married Maria Donelson Aug 27 1833. She was born June 27 1814 and died April 14 1911.     5th Generation, William Joshua Barton born July 15 1856 (still living in 1922). He married Mary Alice Lyle on Oct 26 1881. She was born July 14 1858 and died March 19 1901.

      David BARTON born March 15 1744 in Frederick Co MD died July 15 1815 in Rutherford Co TN. He was the son of Rev Joshua and Jane DUBART BARTON.     David Barton married June 9 1771 in Pittsylvania Co VA, Hannah HILL born March 25 1754 in Halifax Co VA. Hannah was the daughter of Robert and Violet LINUS HILL. Hannah died Aug 7 1829 in Rutherford Co TN.       Children:    
(1) Joshua Barton born Feb 15 1772 married Jane Hale.    
(2) Joanna Barton born Nov 6 1773 in Henry Co VA married Nov 9 1792 Jonathan Hall, born about 1774. He died in Crockett Co TN after 1850.   Joanna died in TN. One of their children was David Barton Hall born Feb 17 1794 in Franklin Co VA. David Barton Hall, from Crockett Co TN died during the Civil War.   See DAR 426444.
(3) Violet Barton born Aug 26 1775 married a Jones.    
(4) Isaac Barton born July 30 1777 married his cousin, Jane Barton.    
(5) Sarah Barton born May 20 1779    
(6) Swinfield Barton born Feb 20 1781.    
(7) Jesse Barton born Jan 24 1783.    
(8) Thomas Barton born Nov 26 1785 in Henry Co VA died before October 15 1816 in Rutherford or Wilson Co TN. Thomas married Oct 6 1811 in Wilson Co TN Tabitha Hodges.    
(9) David Barton, Jr born Dec 17 1787    
(10) William Barton born March 18 1792    
(11) Robert Barton born Nov 16 1794.
      See DAR 391177, 391178, 391179, 391180, 426444, 466257, 540657, 542692, 586874, 619483 and 640256 for David BARTON 1744-1815.     Also see "History of Wilson Co TN".   Also see "Public Claims of Henry Co VA", book 1 page 15.     Return to
HILL in Allied Families - H.

      Thomas BARTON born Nov 26 1785 in Henry Co VA died before Oct 15 1816 in Rutherford or Wilson Co TN. Thomas married Oct 6 1811 in Wilson Co TN Tabitha HODGES, born July 18 1792 in Pittsylvania Co VA, daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth COLLINS HODGES. Tabitha died after 1860 in TN.   CORRECTION: Tabitha died after the 1880 census.     Children:  
(1) William Hill Barton born 1813 in Rutherford Co TN.   William married Susan Allen as per a descendant.
(2) a son born 1814 in Rutherford Co TN  
(3) Sarah E "Betsy" Barton born 1815 in Rutherford Co TN died about 1855 in Hardin Co TN. She married Jessie H Woodruff.  
(4) John Wilson Barton born May 25 1824 died Oct 25 1913 in Chester Co TN. He married Ann Amanda Thompson.  
(5) David Barton born 1825.     [Might be # 2 above and if so, the year born is wrong.]
(Last two children born years after the father died.)

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1810 TENNESSEE Census
David BARTON, 1 male 10-16, 4 males 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 1 male 45+, 1 female 45+, 4 slaves or others.   1810 RUTHERFORD Co, TN census page 17
Listed beside David Barton is Swinfield Barton, 1 male under 10, 2 males 16-45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-45.

1820 TENNESSEE Census
Tabitha BARTON, 2 males under 10, 1 male 45 & over, 1 female 16-25   1820 Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co, TN page 99
    Swingfield BARTON, 3 males under 10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 26-44, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 26-44, 1 slave.   1820 Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co, TN page 99   Enumerated next to Tabitha Barton

1850 Henderson Co TN Census
      W H Barton, 39, TN; Susan A. Barton, 32, Al; Elizabeth Barton, 9; Martha Barton, 7; Thomas Barton, 5; John Barton, 4; Willis Barton, 2.

      Tabitha HODGES BARTON, 56, f, farmer, VA;   David Barton, 25, m, farmer, TN;   John Barton, 24, m, farmer, TN;   Amanda Barton, f, 21, TN;   Zachery Taylor, 2, m, TN;   Windfield Scott Barton, 7/12, m, TN. . . . . . 1850 Henderson Co TN census, page 144 A, house 50-50, taken 27 Sept 1850.   (2 houses from John Dause/Doss and 4 houses from Joel Dause / Doss.)

1860 Henderson Co TN Census
W H Barton, 47, Farmer, TN; Elizabeth Barton, 19, TN; Martha T Barton, 17, TN; Thos E Barton, 16, m, TN; John A Barton, 14, TN; Willis Barton, 12, TN; Mary R Barton, 10, TN; L C Barton, f, 7, TN; W A Barton, m, 5, TN. . . . . . . page 74 or 218 B.       Willaim Hill BARTON Tabitha Woodruff, 21, f, Farm tenant, TN; Eliza Woodruff, 19, TN; Wm Woodruff, m, 17, TN; Sarah Woodruff, 15, TN; Harriett Woodruff, 13, TN; Jennie Woodruff, 11, TN;   Tabitha Barton, 70, TN. . . . . . page 220 A.       (Tabitha Barton is living with her grandchildren - their parents are deceased.) J W Barton, 25, farm tenant, TN; Amanda Barton, 30, TN; Taylor Barton, 12, TN; Scott Barton, 10, TN; Sarah Barton, 8, TN; James Barton, 6, TN; Jane Barton, 4, TN; Fillmore Barton, 1, TN. . . . . . page 217 B.
1870 Henderson Co TN census, Lexington Post office, 5th Civil District, page 17, sheet 43 line 16+, house 127, census taken August 17 1870.     John BARTON, 44, m, w, Farmer, 2160, 1000, TN;   Anna A BARTON, 42, f, w, keeping house, TN;   Zachery   BARTON, 22, m, Farmer, TN;   Winfried S BARTON, 20, m, Farmer, TN;   Sarah E BARTON, 16, f, TN;   Jane BARTON, 12, f, TN;   Milard F BARTON, 10, m, TN;   Anna A BARTON, 8, f, TN;   Henry D BARTON, 7, m, TN;   Harry BARTON, 4, m, TN;   Demaris BARTON, 9/12, f, TN.   (This is John Wilson "JW" Barton and his wife, Ann Amanda Thompson & family.)

Same as above, except line 36-40, house 130 and continued Page 18     John GAITLEY, 50, NC;   Evaline GAITLEY, 39, TN;   2 Gaitley children;   John BARTON,   15, m, w, TN and on page 18 five (5) more GAITLEY children.

William H. BARTON, W, M, widow, 67, Farmer TN, VA, VA;   Nancy E. BARTON, dau, single, 31, Keeping House, TN, TN, AL;   Martha T. BARTON, dau, 29, At Home, TN, TN, AL;   Sarah BARTON, dau, 15, At Home, TN, TN, AL;   William A. BARTON, son, 25, At Home, TN, TN, AL;   Tabitha BARTON, mother, widow, 87, VA, VA, VA. . . . . . 1880 Henderson Co, TN, District 5,   page 333 A.

John W. BARTON, m, w, 54, TN, VA, VA, farmer;   Ann M. BARTON, wife, 52, TN, NC, NC, keeping house;   Taylor BARTON, son, 32, TN;   Winfield S. BARTON, son, 31, TN;   Sarah E. BARTON, dau, 25, TN;   Jennie BARTON, dau, 21, TN;   Millard F. BARTON, son, 19, TN;   Ann BARTON, dau, 17, TN;   Henry D. BARTON, son, 15, TN;   William H. BARTON, son, 13, TN;   Damaris BARTON, dau , 11, TN;   Hattie BARTON, dau, 6, TN. . . . . . 1880 Henderson Co TN census page 333 B

1900 Texas Census
Thomas BARTON, head, Nov 1844, 55, married 17 years, TN, TN, TN, farmer;   Sarah J Barton, wife, June 1859, 40, married 17 years, 9 children - 5 living, TX, NC, NC;   Amanda E Barton, dau, Sept 1884, 15;   James E Barton, son, Dec 1889, 10;   Myrtle L Barton, dau, Dec 1894, 5;   Aaron Barton, son, Feb 1896, 4;   Nora Barton, dau, March 1898, 2.   All children shown born TX, father born TN & mother born TX.   1900 Fannin Co TX census ED 65, sheet 9 B or page 132 B, Justice Precinct # 2, June 21 1900.
1910 Texas Census
Thomas E Barton, head, 65, TN, TN, TN; Amanda Barton, dau, 25, TX, TN, NC; James E Barton, son, 20, TX, married 1 year; Myrtle Barton, dau, 16, TX; Nola Barton, dau, 12, TX; Sarah Barton, 20, TN, TN, TN, dau in law (wife of James E). . . . . . FANNIN Co TX . ED 38 . sheet 6 B or page 20.
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      Reddin BARWICK was born Jan 4 1829, son of William Barwick.     Reddin Barwick married Nov 13 1853 in Thomas Co GA, Martha Ann PEDDY. Reddin and Martha were first cousins as their mothers were both the daughters of Rev John Whittle.
BARWICK     Reddin Barwick     BARWICK site   BARWICK site   Martha Ann Peddy Barwick  
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Johnie Louise PEDDY born was Oct 30 1874, daughter of John Taylor PEDDY and his wife, Hassie.   Johnie L Peddy married Aug 26 1896 in Troup Co GA Van Edward BAUGH. Daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Baugh was born Oct 9 1897 in LaGrange GA. Sarah E Married Benjamin Lucis Wilkes.   Johnie Louise Baugh died Sept 5 1948 in LaGrange GA.       INFORMATION

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      Jeanette C PEDDY married on May 25, 1941 in IL, Glen H BAUMGARTNER.   Jeanette Peddy Baumgartner born Feb 6 1921 died in Mar 1982, age 61.     Glen H Baumgartner married 2nd, Jeanette Huff whom he married on April 25, 1986.     Glen H Baumgartner, 85 of Walworth WI, died March 8 2007. He was buried Lakewood Memorial Park, Elgin IL.   He was born 11 March 11 1921 in Kane County IL, son of Gottfried Baumgartner (born May 10 1893 in Ruderswye, Switzerland) and his wife, Hattie Charlotte Moeller (born September 29 1899 in Elgin, Kane County IL).

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Pauline Beasley born Jan 9 1875 died Feb 18 1894. She is buried in Magnolia Springs Cemetery Jasper Co TX. Pauline was the first wife of James R. G. "Jim" Peddy.
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Lamantha Orange Peddy, born Nov 25 1829 in Upson Co GA died Aug 12 1887 in New Harmony TX. She married Thomas Jefferson Beckham Sept 5 1849 in Tallapoosa Co AL.     Lamantha {not Samantha} Orange Peddy was the daughter of Alexander George Peddy, 1802 and his wife, Selina D H Shackelford.

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Betty JO STAFFORD born July 29, 1925 in Blackwell, OK married George W. Bennett. He was in the US Army stationed at Fort Riley KS. They were married on June 6, 1942 in Kay Co., OK.   Daughters are Della Marie, Janice and Georgett.
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Clemie Betz born September 11 1895 married first Andrew Jackson "Jack" PEDDY in Shelby Co TX. Two children: Ydelle Peddy born 1914 TX and "Danny or Dawne or Billie" PEDDY born Nov 28 1916 Shelby Co TX.     Andrew Jackson Peddy born December 26 1892 died May 10 1935   Clemie moved to Florida.

      John Betz, b. 1825 Berlin; d. 17 Jan 1897 Shelby Co., TX; m. Catherad ?, b. 1823 Germany; d. 23 April 1893 Shelby Co., TX.
      Andrew Joseph Betz, b. 22 Dec 1863 Boston; d. 25 April 1958 Shelby Co., TX
      George Betz, b. 22 Dec 1865 Boston; d. ?
      Elmer Betz, b. 11 Mar 1869 where?; d. 4 Mar 1914 Shelby Co., TX
See Betz

      John Thomas Peddy, 1866 married S. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Batz Dec 6 1884 in Shelby Co TX.     Death certificate of son, Grover Cleveland Peddy in 1960 shows his parents as John T Peddy and Sarah Elizabeth Beaty.
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      Jasper McEwen Jones married Sept 11 1904 Minerva Elizabeth "Bessie" Bingham, daughter of Jabez Ero "J E" Bingham and Minerva Elizabeth Haltom.   Bessie's brother was William Parker Bingham.  

      1910 Chester County, Henderson TN, census, ED 48, sheet 4 A, page 173, house 69, Church Street,   William P Bingham, head, m, w, 38, TN, Merchant, retail dry goods;   Lillie V (Hudson) Bingham, wife, 26, TN.
      1920 Chester County, Henderson TN, census, ED 49, sheet 8 B, house 177/193,   Parker Bingham, head, m, w, 47, married, TN, TN, NC, merchant, general mdse;   Lillie Bingham, wife, 35, TN;   Vivian V Bingham, dau, 2 11/12, TN;   Mildred P Bingham, dau, 3/12, TN.
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      Sandra Lee Birdwell married Doug Peddy.

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      Herman J. Birkenfeld died Thursday, July 21, 2005.     HERMAN J BIRKENFELD was born January 28 1924. His Social Security number, 458-26-7266 was issued in Texas. His last residence was Nazareth, Castro Co, TX 79063.
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      Sarah A PEDDY born Oct 26 1847 died July 5 1922. Sarah was the daughter of James C. and F. Jane GARLAND PEDDY. Sarah married, Dec 19 1867 in Lee Co AL, John T BLALOCK.   Sarah PEDDY is in the 1850 Barbour Co AL census, 1860 Harris Co GA census and the 1866 Russell Co AL census. Sara A Peddy BLALOCK is in the 1880 Blount Co AL census.

      Southern Democrat, Oneonta AL, Thursday, July 6 1922, page 1 column 4.       Mrs Sarah Blalock dead.       Just as we go to press we learn of the death of Mrs Sarah Blalock, beloved wife of Uncle Jack (John) Blalock which accured at the home of her daughter, Mrs Frank Lowe, Oneonta Route 2 Wednesday morning, aged about 75 years.     This good woman had been a paralytic for quite a while.       She was a consistent member of the Missionary Baptist Church for many years.     The deceased is survived by her aged husband, two daughters, Mrs Frank Lowe of Oneonta AL, R 2 and Mrs Lucy Gilliland of Arkansas and one son, W. J. Blalock of Oneonta R 1. Interment at Antioch today (Thursday).

      Southern Democrat, Oneonta AL, Thursday, March 19 1931, page 1.       J. T. Blalock dies after brief Illness.     J. T. Blalock, after a very brief illness, died at the home of his son in law, D. F. Lowe, on route 2, Oneonta AL, early Sunday morning.       Mr Blalock was 82 years of age and was one of the oldest citizens of this part of the county. He was a native of Lee county, coming to Blount county while yet a young man. He settled in this immediate section and spent the remainder of his life within a few miles of where he died.       He at once identified himself with the best interests of the county and for many years served as a school trustee. Later he served two terms as a member of the Court of County Commissioners. In this capacity he rendered much valuable service. he was a quite but conservative leader and his advice was sought by both old and young. When Uncle Jack Blalock expressed his views on any question it carried great weight.       Mr Blalock had been a member of the Baptist Church since August 1876, having connected himself with Old Liberty Baptist Church at that time. At the time of his death he was a member of Tait's Gap Baptist Church where he lived for a number of years and engaged in the mercantile business. He enjoyed the full confidence of all who were so fortunate as to have personal contact with him. It has often been said of him that if he ever wronged anyone it was unintentional.       Mr Blalock was a man who had strong convictions and he lived by those convictions, yet he conceded to others the right to their views, and differed with them in a friendly way.       He was a staunch Democrat, but his life was spent in a community where most of his neighbors were of a different political faith yet they were the closest of friends.       Mr Blalock had been a constant reader of the Democrat for 34 years. His subscription dated back to April 1 1897. He always kept his subscription paid in advance and with very few exceptions paid it on the first day of every month.       The very great popularity of Mr Blalock was shown by the fact that a vast throng of people attended his funeral at Antioch Monday. The services were conducted by Rev P. J. Jordan assisted by L. T. Findley, Rev R. A. Tuck, Rev Ira Tidwell and Rev W E Ellis.       The deceased is survived by one son, W. J. Blalock of Route 1 Oneonta AL, two daughters, Mrs D. F. Lowe of route 2 Oneonta and Lucy Gilliland of Morley MO.; one sister, Mrs Alice Burdell of Rome GA. He is also survived by nineteen grandchildren and about 46 great grandchildren.
Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery     Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery    
BLALOCK site  

      Patrick BLALOCK, head, M, W, 60, GA, SC, SC, farmer;   Jane BLALOCK, wife, 54, GA, SC, SC, keeping house;   Francis BLALOCK, dau, single, 18, AL, SC, SC;   Robert BLALOCK, son, single, 14, AL, SC, SC, farm labor. . . . . . Meadows Cross Roads, 1880 Lee Co, AL census, page 211B       (Father of John T Blalock)

Lucy Blalock first married William Ryan. They divorced and she married James Wiley "JW" Gilliland.

      See PEDDY Census Records this site also.
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      In the 1980's I was given a copy of a letter that Emma Bond had written to William Henry "Buck" Peddy (born 1856). Buck's father, James C Peddy had moved the family from Henderson Co (now Chester Co) TN to Tenaha, Shelby Co TX in the fall of 1878. [NOTE;   James Peddy lived on what is Hwy 200 today - (Henderson-Mifflin Road in 1878) at 35.492176, -88.597165     Holly Springs Methodist Church that both families attended is on Holly Springs Road at 35.492176, -88.597165 and Elisha Bond, Emma's Grandfather lived on Glendale Road at 35.504597, -88.567189 or at 35.506763, -88.566374]

Mifflin Tennessee
Feb 20th 1879

Mr W. H. Peddy

      Kind friend I received your letter last Saturday, which you may rest assure was read with pleasure. Verry glad indeed you thought enough of me to write too me.
      I have nothing of interest to write everything as usual is dull. I do know this is one of the dullest neighbor-hoods I ever saw, every boddie stays at home, wheather they work or play I cant tell though I suppose they all do like I do (play). Mr. Buck I am very glad to hear that you are so well pleased with Texas. As to your friend I think you will in a short time have as many there as here if you dont I say this much, It is not your fault. You left a great many warm hearted friends back here in Tenn. and I think you will in the corse of a few years be like Mr. Frank H.   Will say Texas is a great state but Tenn is the garden spot, though I hope you will be pleased longer than Mr. Frank, by the way I rec. a letter from him Saturday you just ought to see it, I think it would make you sick.
      Mr. Buck I guess you will find Miss Katie out there, or at least I hope you will. I guess you will get a nice little house away out there in Texas and what a nice quiet time you and Miss Katie will have. (Mr Buck you must excuse my foolish expressions as you know I'm good at foolishness) You spoke of having a sweetheart out there you seceded in finding one very quick. You must get her picture and send it to me I would like very much to see a Texas girls picture to compair it with the Tenn ones not that I think the Tenn girls will look better than the Texas ones. I expect you have some very prettie girls out there.
      Well Mr Buck I suppose you want to know how I spent Christmas (though you said nothing about Christmas) I dont think I ever saw a dull Christmas in my life. I diten have any company atall, I received a Christmas present. It was a sack of Confectionaries, it was presented by Mr. S     The weather was so very bad the young people could not injoy Christmas very much.
      Mr Buck I had my fortune told a few weeks ago. I was told that I was to be married next May I had better begin to hunt me a fellow up and was told severald other things not necessary to mention. If I was with you I could tell it all.
      I must tell you about Annie and Lessie. Be sweetheart. We have a young preacher on our circuit Chris and Lessie B and I are tacking on terrable about him, though I have the oldest claim. I had the pleasure of his company last first Sunday over to Mason's Grove he's very good company indeed. Yes I wend to Mason's Grove to church Saturday and went over the river and stade all night with Fannie Boon and came back next day to church and went home with Miss Frank Hanes and Mr Buck you must excuse this long letter but I havent told you half I have to tell you. I went to see Miss Nan Pasham a few weeks ago she said tell you good-by for her. Give my love to Ma, also to Miss Narcie and tell her to write to me, respect to family and write soon to your very True Friend.
      (signed)       Emma Bond

      Buck and his descendants were proud enough of this letter to preserve it and pass it down.     Emma did not come up in my family tree so I saved the letter, but did not research, Who was Emma Bond.   By 1950 there were no Bond's in the Mifflin, Glendale or New Friendship Community of Chester County TN that I knew of, but I still wondered, Who was Emma Bond?   In passing my cousin (Lee Nell Stanfill King) told me that Emma Bond married John S Taylor.   Then my Aunt (Joyce JONES PRUITT) told me that Jasper Jones, brother to my Grandfather (Hugh Ned Jones) had inherited the Elisha Bond farm that his mother, Sarah Frances SPENCER JONES had purchased with money that she inherited.   Ah, a potential link to Emma.   Elisha Bond had married Elizabeth TRUETT, sister of Ann Catherine TRUETT (Sept 25 1805 - Jan 28 1853), my Great great grandmother, wife of Allen Kincaid Jones - at last a possible connection.

      1850 HENDERSON COUNTY CENSUS, 4th Dist;   Elisha BOND, 55, SC, farmer;   Elizabeth (Truett) Bond, 53, TN;   William Bond, 22, TN;   Sarah Bond, 21, TN;   Nancy Bond, 16, TN;   Rachel Bond, 12, TN.
      1880 HENDERSON COUNTY CENSUS;   William H Bond, 53, TN, farmer;   Addy Bond, son, 20, TN;   EMMA BOND, 17, daughter, TN;   Clara Bond, daughter, 15, TN;   John Gardner, apprentice, 15, TN.       A link has been established, Emma Bond's Great Aunt is my Great Great Grandmother Ann Katherine Truett Jones.   Ann K Truett Jones's father, Elijah Truett is our common ancestor.
      1900 CHESTER COUNTY CENSUS, 4th Dist, sheet 1 A or page 135, ED 12;   John S Taylor, head, 40, March 1860, GA, GA, GA, farmer;   Emma O Taylor, 38, May 1862, married 10 years, 2 children - 2 living (error - a son died 1899), TN, TN, TN;   Myra T Taylor, daughter, 9, Dec 1891, TN, at school;   Clara Taylor, daughter, 4, March 1896, TN.

      1910 Chester Co census, John S Taylor, 46, Emma O Taylor, 45, Myra Taylor, dau, 18 & Cora B Taylor, dau, 13.     Emma died Oct 10 1912.   John S Taylor born March 12 1860 Georgia died July 26 1930 Jackson, Madison County, TN. He was a grocer, 70 years old, widowed, and a resident of Jackson Tennessee when he died. Informant was Mrs. Carl Pegram, Jackson Tennessee; burial was July 27 1930. Alexander-Lanier, Jackson Tennessee, was in charge of arrangements. (Tennessee death certificate# 16620) His wife had been Emma O Bond Taylor (1862 - 1912) and a child was Charley Taylor (1882 - 1899) as per Findagrave.

      Emma Oliver Bond May 19 1862 - Oct 10 1912 married Oct 9 1890 John S Taylor March 12 1860 - July 6 1930. John was a grocer merchant in Jackson TN as per his death certificate.   They are both buried Henderson (TN) City Cemetery, Chester Co TN.   Their Children:   (1) Myra J Taylor, born Dec 1891 married 1st Sept 10 1912 in Chester Co TN, Percy Edmondson "PE" Baldridge   March 31 1889 Martin TN - March 21 1924 Cook Co Il, buried East Side Cemetery, Martin, Weakley Co TN.   Myra married 2nd July 7 1928 in Madison Co TN Earl Pegram   Jan 21 1883 - Nov 1975, last residence Jackson, Madison Co TN.   (2) Charley Taylor   Oct 1 1892 - Feb 8 1899 buried Holly Springs Cemetery, Chester Co TN.   (3) Clara Taylor, born March 1896 TN.   Clara Taylor (March 22 1896 - Sept 19 1973) married Oct 9 1910 in Chester Co TN, Richard P Hearn (Dec 7 1884 - June 29 1948). Both buried Hollywood Cemetery, Jackson, Madison Co TN, also 2 of Clara's four children are buried here. The Bond family attended and were members of Holly Springs Methodist Church. This church was about two miles from where James C Peddy and his son Buck Peddy had lived. (John S Taylor joined this church in 1890.) The Bond's lived about 1/2 mile north of the location of the Glendale School which would have been about 2 miles from Holly Springs Methodist Church. Jasper Jones inherited this farm after his mother purchased it with money that she inherited. After Jasper lost the farm to debts the property was purchased by Richard “Dick” Taylor and in the 1950's this is where Roy & Mable Bailey owned and lived in the Glendale community of Chester Co TN. In the 1990's the Swaffords live on the farm. From the Glendale school location go north - toward Mifflin, about 1/2 mile and the property is on the left before the creek.)


Bonham     Bonham     Bonham

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      LUELLA MARTHA BOOS and JAMES ORVILLE PEDDY had a marriage license issued May 8 1910 in San Jose Co CA
      Silsa E BOOS, head, 56, f, w, CA, CA, CA; Joseph Boos, husband, 60, CA, Germany, CA; Luella PEDDY, dau, 34, CA; Milton Peddy, grandson, 6, CA; Selsa Peddy, granddaughter, 5, CA; Julianna Sanchez, dau, 26, CA; Raldon Sanchez, grandson, 2 6/12, CA; Gwendelyn Sanchez, granddaughter, 1 8/12, CA. . . . . . . . 1920 Santa Clara Co CA Census, ED 183, sheet 18 A or 173, San Jose CA precinct 63.
Luella Boos

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Rosa Malisie BRANNON
Rosa Malisie Brannon was born July 8 1859 in Clarke Co MS, daughter of James Thomas Brannon and his wife, Nancy Monk.     Rosa Malisie Brannan or Brannon married Aug 20 1893 in Hill Co TX George Washington PEDDY.       For the 1860 Mississippi Census see Clarke Co           George W and Rosa Brannon Peddy are buried in San Juan Co NM.

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1870 Washington Co GA census, sheet 32, page 281 B, Davisboro GA, Green Brantley, 65, m, w, farmer, GA;   Cerrie Ann Brantley, 38, f, w, keeping house;   Zachariah Brantley, 21, farm labor;   Mary Davis, 18, at home;   John Davis, 14, school;   Georgia Davis, 14, f;   Julia Buck, 20, f, at school.  
Green Brantley Info   Green Brantley See Postem Note for Census Data    
Green Brantley Info  
Another Green Brantley in Washington Co GA much earlier. In AL by 1850.
Also see Enoch GRAY

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Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" BRAY was born April 3 1844 in TN, daughter of Elijah Bray, born 1809 and Elizabeth PATTERSON, born 1811. BRAY DAR info   Sallie married Andrew Jackson PEDDY in TN between May 3 1869 & June 12 1869. This time period is determined from two census records where the number of years married is shown and from the Andrew J Peddy will.
      Sallie taught school - probably at the Buckley School and paid farm debt with her teacher salary. Sallie owned land and she loaned money to her sons to buy property - money that she had inherited from her parents. Sallie owned & played an organ. [The organ was passed on to daughter, Cora Peddy SEATON.] Sallie worked hard & farmed while her husband was traveling to Nashville TN or out to TX.   Andrew engaged in politics, land speculation in TX & visited relatives in TX.       Between 1902 and 1910 son, Hubert Peddy was murdered in New Mexico (or Texas). Because of the animosity between Hubert and his father, Andrew J did not go and retreive the body. Sallie was very upset that Andrew J would not go and retreive the body.   Hubert's burial place is now unknown to living Peddy descendants in 2004.           Children: (1) William Franklin Peddy Feb 28 1870 - Nov 29 1870   (2) John Allen Peddy Feb 23 1872 - July 11 1952   (3) Hubert Ellis Peddy July 25 1875 - (1902-1910).   (4) Elma Elizabeth Peddy May 30 1877 - Sept 30 1893   (5) Luther Lee "Luke" Peddy Mar 26 1879 - March 15 1955   (6) Ollie Mae Peddy Aug 20 1882 - Aug 8 1905   (7) Minnie Orrah Peddy Feb 17 1884 - July 23 1916   (8) Cora Eva Peddy Feb 4 1890 - Dec 1 1977.     Many years after Hubert E Peddy was murdered Sallie gave her grandson, Herschel H Peddy a pocket watch, a knife and a Mexican Silver dollar that Hubert had in his pocket when he was murdered.
      In their later years when they could no longer care for themselves Andrew J Peddy went to live with his son, James E. "Jim" Peddy and Sallie went to live with her daughter, Cora E Peddy Seaton.
      Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" BRAY PEDDY died Nov 20 1921. She is buried at New Friendship Cemetery in Chester Co TN beside her husband, Andrew J Peddy. They have seperate tombstones, but Sallie's tombstone does say "Wife of A. J. Peddy".
      Henderson Co TN Chancery Court Book 7 (1880-1882), pages 59, 139-144, April 1 1880.   Sallie Peddy and husband, Andrew Peddy and others verses A. E. Bray, Polk Bray, and others. It appears in court that Elizabeth Bray died in her residence in Henderson Co TN in Sept 1878 and she left 6 tracts of land, all adjoining Clarks Creek in Civil District 4 in Henderson Co TN. She had been survived by her husband, Elijah Bray and children; Sally, wife of Andrew Peddy; Amanda Price, wife of James Price; A. E. Bray; Sam Bray; G. B. Bray; a son William Bray died in 1879 leaving his widow (p 60) Adaline Bray and children Maggie and James Bray.   S. Polk Bray had sold his interest to John M Taylor. A. E. Bray sold his interest to Ellen and Mollie Bray. The court ordered the 6 tracts of land sold for the benefits of the heirs. On July 17 1880 the Bray land was sold at the residence of Elijah Bray, widower of Elizabeth Bray of Civil District 4 in Henderson Co TN.   81 acres sold to J. M. Taylor for $100. 112 acres sold to J. M. Taylor for $100. The other acreage, 321 acres designated as the "old homestead" found no bidders. The heirs believed that better bids could be obtained for the land and the court ordered a rebidding of the tracts.     [In 2000 this land is in Chester Co TN on the Rabbit Ranch Road.]
      In the 1880's in Chancery Court Minutes, Book 8, in Henderson Co TN there are court records:     BRAY, A. E. and others vs SALLIE PEDDY and others 74, 75, 158, 159, 160, 161, 278, 279, 280, 299, 300, 301, 373-376.       PEDDY, SALLIE and others vs A. E. BRAY and others 74, 75, 278, 279, 280, 299, 300, 301, 373-376.

Sally & Andrew Pictures

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      Elijah Bray born May 18 1809 in Chatham Co NC died Aug 25 1881 in Henderson Co TN (now Chester Co). Elijah Bray of Chatham Co NC married Dec 27 1832 Miss Elizabeth Patterson of Orange Co NC. (See "The Greensborough Patriot" issue of Jan 16 1833)       Elijah Bray was the son of Eli Bray* born Feb 28 1778 in Chatham Co NC one source shows 1762. Eli died Oct 19 1855, probably in Randolph Co NC.     Eli married Mary Cox about 1801 in Chatham Co, North Carolina.       Eli Bray was the son of Henry Bray born about 1742. Henry died after Feb 1812 in Chatham Co NC. He is buried in the Bray Cemetery at Siler City NC. Henry married Sarah "Sally" Yokely.
      *   Elijah Bray is NOT listed in Eli Bray's will.   BRAY NOSTALGIA Vol 2 no 1, June 1986 in an article submitted by Steven McDaniel, 1550 California St, Suite 6113, San Francisco CA 94109 shows Elijah Bray as a son of James & Ann WELCH BRAY.   Other children of James & Ann Welch Bray were Elisha Bray, Henry Bray and several daughters including Nancy Bray born about 1797.     (James Bray is a son of Henry & Sarah "Sally" YOKELY BRAY.)

      Children of Elijah Bray born 1809 and his wife, Elizabeth Patterson: (1) Alson Bray born June 12 1834 in NC (2) William H "Billy" Bray born Oct 26 1835 in Chatham Co NC married Margaret Adeline Hunter (3) Isaac Manley "Ike" Bray born June 13 1838 (or 1839) in TN married Mary Ann McKnight (4) James Franklin "Polk" Bray born 1839 married Eliza Adeline "Addie" Ewing. (5) Martha J A Bray born Jan 5 1842 TN married C C Gattis and later married R W B Fisher. (6) Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Bray born April 3 1844 TN married Andrew Jackson PEDDY. (7) Amanda E Bray born Sept 28 1846 married James W Price. (8) Rhoda E "Puss" Bray born Jan 5 1849 TN married Richard M "Dick" Price. (9) George P "Dock" Bray born Aug 18 1851 TN married Rozelle A Davis. (10) Mary Evylin "Molly" Bray born Jan 31 1854 married David M Marsh.

      Elijah BRAY, M, W, 71, NC, NC, NC, Farmer; Allison E. BRAY, son, single, 46, NC, NC, NC, Overseer; Rhoda E. BRAY, dau, 31, TN, NC, NC, Keeping House; Mary E. BRAY, dau, 26, TN, NC, NC, At Home. . . . . . . 1880 Henderson Co TN census page 329 B.

Sarah E "Sallie" Peddy in PEDDY GENEALOGY.
Andrew J Peddy in PEDDY GENEALOGY.
Bray Dutch Painters   BRAY Forum   Mass BRAY   Scroll down for →Bray Also  
BRAY information in DAR (DAUGHTERS of AMERICAN REVOLUTION) information
BRAY Information.   OR   BRAY2 Information
    HENRY BRAY Will       [Will of Henry BRAY - NOT this line.   Other Bray]
Mississippi BRAY descendantrs of Greenville Bray, son of Henry & Martha Moody Bray.
BRAY site     BRAY Luck family     Sally YOKELY BRAY     BRAY Lambert family    
Bray site with Micros - may not be safe to open BraySurname I disabled micros before I opened it and it is an interesting site.
David I BRAY 1743 VA - 1836 NC

Henry BRAY descendants     more BRAY   more BRAY    more BRAY 2   more BRAY ?  
Elijah Bray
This link (above) shows that Elijah Bray, born 1809 and marrying Elizabeth Patterson is a son of James Bray and Ann Welch and a grandson of Henry Bray that married Sally Yokely. Elijah is shown as a 1st cousin to Solomon, Samuel, Ruth, etc.

      HATTIE LEE BRAY, 1910.
      Chester County 1910 Census, A. Homer Bray, head, m, w, 26, married 1 year, TN, TN, TN, farmer;   Annie M BAIN Bray, wife, 21, TN, TN, GA;   Infant (not yet named) dau, 1/12, TN.         Chester Co TN 1930 census, ED 12-6 sheet 9 A page 42, 5th Civil District, Samuel Tolbert, head, m, w, 64, married age 24, TN, NC, VA, farmer;   Annie Tolbert, wife, 42, married age 20, TN, TN, GA;   Hattie L Bray, step daughter, 26, single, TN, TN, TN. . . (census taken April 24 1930 by Allen Arnold.)
      Hattie Lee Bray was born March 13 1910 in Chester Co TN, daughter of Asa Homer Bray and Annie Mae Bain - their only child.     Hattie Lee married Millard Arnold after the 1930 census and he died in 1935.     She married Oscar Wright Cone on Nov 3 1951 in Corinth Miss. He died Jan 15 1995.
      Hattie Lee Bray Arnold Cone kept and preserved the Mary Bray diary and the John Bray Ledger. She has lived in the John Bray house, (on hwy 200 in Chester Co TN in the Friendship Community), which she inherted from her grandfather, for many years.     Both Millard Arnold and Oscar Cone were farmers.     By 2004 she has been in the Chester Co Nursing Home, Henderson TN for several years.   NO children.       Hattie Lee has been a wonderful source of history and information for me and many others for information on the Friendship Community of Chester Co TN and the people that lived there.       The Bray School was on the John Bray farm, near where Hattie Lee Bray lived for many years.       Hattie Lee BRAY ARNOLD CONE died, Monday, Jan 3 2005. I, as well as a whole host of friends will miss Hattie Lee very much.     Hattie Lee Bray Arnold Cone was buried in The New Friendship Cemetery. She is buried between her husbands and at the double stone for Millard Arnold. The stone reads Hattie Lee Arnold, 1910. Oscar Cone's tombstone, beside her reads "Husband of Hattie Lee".
        Hattie Lee Bray Arnold Cone age 94 died January 3 2005 at Chester County Healthcare. She was born and reared in Chester County the daughter of the late Homer and Annie Bain Bray. She attended school in Chester County and worked on the family farm. She was married to Millard Arnold and they made their home in the Friendship Community. Mr. Arnold died in 1935. She later married Oscar Cone and Mr. Cone died in 1995. She was a very intelligent lady and remembered so much of the early history of Chester County. She was a homemaker and an active member of the Friendship Baptist Church for over 80 years. She was a Sunday school leader and helped organize the first Bible School at the church. A journal that she had kept from 1983 to 2001 was found and published in 2002 and was entitled "Precious Memories". She was selected as servant of the month for the Chester County Lions Club July 21 2003. She is survived by a host of cousins who were very attentive to Mrs. Hattie Lee. Funeral services Wednesday from the Chapel of Casey Funeral Home with Rev. Ronnie Sells and Rev. Fred Morris officiating with burial to follow in Friendship Cemetery.
    Hattie Lee Bray

      Mary Bray born May 20 1833 was a daughter of Samuel Bray born April 6 1806 in NC and his wife, Mary Polly Hutson, born April 24 1807 NC.   (Samuel Bray married Feb 26 1826 Mary "Polly" Hutson).       Mary Bray born 1833 married Nov 18 1850 in Tennessee her 1st cousin, John Bray, born 1831, son of Matthew Bray. Mary and John had no children.
      John R. BRAY, M, W, 49, NC, NC, NC, Farmer; Mary C. BRAY, Wife (& 1st cousins), 47, NC, NC, NC, keeping house; Eliza BRAY, B, F, 46, NC, NC, NC; Rye BRAY, B, F, 21, NC, NC, NC; Matilda BRAY, B, F, 18, TN, TN, NC; Delema BRAY, B, F, 16, TN, TN, NC. (These last four were formerly slaves). . . . . . . Henderson Co TN 1880 Census page 322 A.

      Eli Coe BRAY, M, W, 39, TN, NC, NC, Farmer; Martha C. BRAY, wife, 36, TN, NC, NC, Keeping House; Albert L. BRAY, son, 7, TN; Marietta BRAY, dau, 1, TN. . . . . . . Henderson Co TN 1880 census page 321 D

      M. D.(Matthew Day) BRAY, single M, W, 33, TN, NC, NC, Farmer;   Nancy (McDANIEL) BRAY, Mother, widow, (widow of Matthew Bray - they married March 21 1829, Randolph Co, North Carolina) 67, NC, NC, NC;   E. M. BRAY, Brother, 40, NC, NC, NC, Farmer, Delina BRAY, Sister, single, 27, TN, NC, NC, Keeping House;   Jas. BRUMETT, laborer, single, M, W, 22, farm laborer, IN, IN, IN. . . . . . . . 1880 Lamar Co TX CENSUS,   page 148 B.     [ED 78 page # 23, house 189/197, precinct 4, enumerated by J H L Bray.]
Nancy Bray's Cemetery Record - Sylvan Cemetery, Lamar Co TX.     Matthew & Nancy Bray     Some Bray Information
      Matthew Bray was born April 6 1806 in North Carolina.   He died 1848 in Henderson Co, (now Chester), TN. He is buried in the New Friendship Cemetery, Chester Co, TN.     New Friendship Cemetery Chester Co TN.

      Children of Matthew Bray 1806 NC - 1848 TN and Nancy McDaniel Bray were: (1) John R Bray 1830 NC - Dec 29 1905 Chester Co TN married his 1st cousin Mary Bray. (2) Elijah Bray 1832 NC (3) Elisha Bray 1835 NC (4) Frances A "Fannie" Bray born Sept 27 1836 died June 12 1895 Chester Co Tn. She married Cornelius "Neal" Latham. (5) James Bray born 1838 TN died young. (6) Eli Coe Bray born April 22 1841 TN died July 1 1906 Chester Co TN. He married Martha Carolina Seaton. (7) Francis Marion "Frant / Frank / F M" Bray born 1843 TN died 1927 TN. (8) Martha Bray Jan 22 1844 - (Never married) (9) Matthew Day "M D" Bray born Dec 28 1845 TN died May 9 1926 at Moran, Shackelford Co TX. His wife was Brown Bray (nee, Mary Brown Edwards). (10) Hulda D Bray born 1849 TN married J W Rooks. Article on M. Day Bray in Moran TX (Shackelford Co TX)   ERROR Parents of M. Day Bray were Matthew and Nancy McDaniel Bray.   Also Nancy is buried in Lamar Co TX, not TN.

      Samuel Bray born April 6 1806 in NC died Jan 12 1870 in Henderson Co TN. He is buried in New Friendship Cemetery, Chester Co TN.   Samuel married Mary Polly Hudson born April 24 1807 in NC. She died Oct 26 1858 TN.   Children: (1) Basil Manley Bray born March 7 1830 NC died Oct 14 1896. (2) Mary Catherine Bray May 20 1833 - Feb 9 1888 Chester Co TN married her 1st cousin, John Bray (No children). (3) Jeremiah Randolph Bray Nov 12 1835 NC - March 10 1863 Henderson Co TN (4) John C Martin Bray Sept 30 1841 NC - June 11 1848.

A BRAY FAMILY REUNION picture.   Bray Reunion
     Starting left front:   Frank Bray and baby,   Ike Bray   Polk Bray   Mattie Fisher   Child is Oscar Peddy born Jan 23 1899.   Sarah "Sally" Bray Peddy   girl is Mae Peddy born Aug 8 1900   Amanda Price   Puss Price   Claude Bray   Dock Bray   Elijah Marsh   Iola Marsh  
      2nd row from left:   Frank Bray's wife   Maggie Bray Stanfill   Lizzie Fisher Farrow   John Fisher   Minnie Peddy   Andrew J Peddy   Jim Price   Dick Price   Rosa Bray   Dave Marsh, standing in front of the square post.   Louphelia E "Lieu" Ward Peddy (March 1 1869 - April 12 1938)   John Allen Peddy holding his son, James Thomas "Little Jim" Peddy, born April 12 1902.
      3rd row from left:   Add Bray   Polk Bray's wife.   Cora Cattis   Cora Peddy, with both hands on her father's shoulders.   Elbert Price   Fred Price   Bert Price   George Bray     ?   ?   "Old Gus", a Black person
      4th row from left:   Jim Bray   Jim Bray's wife.   Luke Peddy   Ollie Mae Peddy Aug 20 1882 - Aug 8 1905.   Ernest Peddy   Hillard Price   Bob Price.

Near the center of the picture is Andrew J Peddy 1848 - 1923. His daughter, Cora has both hands on his shoulders. Andrew's wife, Sarah E "Sally" Bray Peddy 1844 - 1921 is seated in front of Andrew. Sally has a grandchild on each side of her.       I also submitted this picture for the "History of Chester County Tennessee" published in the late 1990's. It is in front of the Family Genealogy section.
Also some BRAY Census records above
Henry Bray, 3 males under 10, 1 male 26-44, 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-44. . . . .1810 Rutherford Co TN census

      Elijah BRAY, M, W, 71, NC, NC, NC, Farmer; Allison E. BRAY, son, single, 46, NC, NC, NC, Overseer; Rhoda E. BRAY, dau, 31, TN, NC, NC, Keeping House; Mary E. BRAY, dau, 26, TN, NC, NC, At Home. . . . . . . 1880 Henderson Co TN census page 329 B.

      Frances M.(Frant) BRAY, head, M, W, married, 32, TN, NC, NC, farmer;   Tabitha J. BRAY, wife, 39, TN, NC, NC, keeping house;   Thomas D. BRAY, son, 8, TN;   Nancy A. BRAY, dau, 4, TN. 1880 Henderson Co TN Census, Civil District 2, page 318B

      M. D. BRAY, head, single, M, W, 33, TN, NC, NC, farmer;   Nancy BRAY, mother widow, 67, NC, NC, NC;   E. M. BRAY, brother (?), single, 40, NC, NC, NC, farming;   Hulda Delina BRAY, sister, single, 27, TN, NC, NC;   Jas. BRUMETT, laborer, single, M, W, 22, IN, IN, IN, farm labor;   1880 Lamar Co Texas Census Precinct 4, ED 78 sheet 148 B, page 23, house 189/197.
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      Frances Elizabeth Peddy was born Aug 30 1901, daughter of Cecil Harris Peddy and Alma Hill.     Richard Talley BRIM married Frances Elizabeth Peddy April 11 1922 in Terrell Co GA.   Frances Peddy Brim died March 22 1965 in Dougherty Co GA.

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      John Peddy of Shreveport LA is a brother in law of Nellie Virginia Britt, deceased June 29 2005.
      Graveside services for Madden L. "Buddy" Nelson, 82, of Ruston, was Aug. 19, 2007, at Pines Memorial Gardens with the Rev. M. F. Copeland officiating the service under the direction of Kilpatrick Funeral Home of Ruston.
Mr. Nelson was born in Dodson on Nov. 3, 1924, and passed away in Ruston on Aug. 18, 2007. He was a member of the Vienna Baptist Church; the VFW; and a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. Buddy was a veteran of World War II. He served in the Army Air Corps 416th Night Fighter Squadron. He was on active duty for three years in the European theatre overseas with no furlow home. Buddy was also responsible for the air corps planes in the Normandy invasion air attack. He is preceded in death by his parents, Elliott and Iva Nelson and brother, Roy Nelson, Sr. He is survived by his wife of fifty-four years, Myra Britt Nelson, of Ruston; sister, Norma Atkins and husband Harold, of Ruston; sister-in-law, Rhoda Nelson, of Simsboro; special nephew, Roy Nelson, Jr. and wife Leska and grand nephew Jake, all of Dubach; niece, Carla Colvin and husband John Ed, of Ruston, and grand niece Beth Colvin, of San Antonio, Texas; nephew, Charles Nelson, of Iraq, and grand niece Kristy, of Ruston; brother-in-law, John Peddy; and numerous sisters-in-law, nieces, and nephews.     His obit was in the Aug 26 2007 issue of the Ruston (LA) Daily Leader.
NELLIE VIRGINIA BRITT       Services for Nellie Virginia Britt, 76,of Kilgore was June 29, 2005 in the Chapel of Rader Funeral Home of Kilgore TX with the Dr. William J. Ingersol officiating. Graveside service was held at Fellowship Cemetery in Dubach, Louisiana. Mrs. Britt passed away Sunday at The Willow's in Kilgore TX following a brief illness.
She was born November 16, 1928 in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana daughter of the late John Terry and Willie Gertrude Britt. "Gin" was raised in Dubach, Louisiana, lived in Ruston, Louisiana for a number of years with her mother before moving to Texas in the fall of 1967. She was a resident of Kilgore TX with her sister Ruth Simmons for the past 35 years. Gin held a very special place in the hearts of all her family and of everyone who called her friend.
Mrs. Britt is survived by six sisters, Doris Britt of Springfield, MO, Ruth Simmons of Kilgore, TX, Joyce Green of Longview, TX, Lydia McKinley of Minden, LA, Rhoda Nelson of Simsboro, LA and Myra Nelson of Ruston, LA; brothers-in law, John Peddy of Shreveport, LA and Buddy Nelson of Ruston, LA; Sister - law, Mary Britt of Karnack, TX. She is also survived by a large number of nieces and nephews
Miss Britt was preceded in death by her parents, brother, Calvin Britt of Kilgore, TX; two sisters, Lois Walker of Kansas City, Kansas and Floyce Peddy of Shreveport, LA.    
BRITT   or   Britt

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Wake Co NC 1920 census ED 131 sheet 17 B, page 103 B, Raleigh NC, Raleigh township, N. T. Brown, head, m, w, 54, married, NC, superintendent mill; Mary Brown, wife, 52; Mary Ward, grand daughter, 10, John Ward, grandson, 8; Mary Peddy, roomer, 67, widow, NC.
      DOY BROWN, 79
LAKELAND FL,   Doy James Brown of Lakeland FL died Thursday, Jan. 19, 2006 at Good Shepherd Hospice. He was 79.     He was born Jan. 30, 1926, in Overton County, Tenn, He moved to Lakeland from Miami FL in 1978, served in the Marine Corps and he worked for Elliott Lawn Care. Mr Brown attended Bethany Free Will Baptist Church. He was a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars.     Mr. Brown is survived by his wife, Melvie Brown;   daughters, Rhonda Brown-Peddy, Lakeland FL, Vicki Rutherford, Sparta, TN, Peggy Ritz, Macon, GA;   son, Randy James Brown, Lakeland FL;   eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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Armanta Bullard married Amos Nettleton.   son, Newton Nettleton married twice in Clay Co IL.
Also see NETTLETON  


CODY ANCEL BURGIN, 83, passed away on Sunday, February 13, 2000. He was born Sept 1 1916, son of John O and Hattie BURGIN.   Cody was a resident of Baytown, Harris Co, TX for 25 years, he served in the Navy Seabee's during WW II and retired from Brown and Root, Inc. He was a member of Cedar Bayou Church of Christ.   Mr. Burgin was preceded in death by wife, Louise Burgin;   Brothers, Cleo, Doyle, Dewey, and Troy Burgin; Sister Faye Skiles; and Grandson Jay Allen.   Survived by his wife of 28 years, Idalice Burgin of Baytown;   Sister, Jan Peddy (Elizabeth Janell "Jan" Burgin Peddy) of Lumberton TX;   Children by birth: Daughter, Glenda Prewitt and husband Carroll of Highlands, and son, Kenny Burgin, of Baytown.     Interment will be at San Jacinto Memorial Park.   Social Security # 459 16 7266 was issued in Texas.   See 1930 Smith Co TX census
Jan Peddy Information
BURGIN Information

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Minnie PEDDY KEY Information
See Link offsite for the daughter of Minnie O PEDDY KEY. Mary Elizabeth Key Butler Information     For BUTLER Genealogy click on "Woodrow BUTLER" on the offsite link. Use your Browser "Back" button to return here.

    Woodrow Butler   1913-1990     Buried Lexington (TN) Cemetery.
Scroll down for Mary Key Butler     Scroll down for Woodrow Butler Husband of Mary Key Butler.

    NELL BUTLER CORSON died March 23 2009, daughter of Walter B Butler and his wife, Edna Rosena Holloway.


Asher David Peddy is a great - grandchild of Jean E BYERS.   Jean died Dec 26 2005 in Greenville SC.     Obit


      Maude E Peddy born Oct 18 1891 in Shelby Co TX was the daughter of John Thomas Peddy born 1866 and his wife, Elizabeth "Lizzie".   Maude Peddy married Sept 22 1912 in Shelby Co TX, George Edison Byrd, born Nov 29 1891. He died Oct 26 1950.   Children: (1) John Wiley Byrd born May 30 1914 died Nov 18 1966   (2) Claud Byrd born Oct 27 1915 died Oct 9 1969   (3) son, born & died June 19 1919   (4) Illa Mae Byrd born Dec 27 1920. She married William Lawrence Hilton. Illa Mae died Jan 25 1978.
George E Byrd and Maude Peddy Byrd are buried in Ramah Cemetery
BYRD site   BYRD 2


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