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      1880 Macoupin Co IL census page 77 B, Brushy Mound township,   William TALBERT M, W, 26 IL, CT, IL, farmer;   Edmonia TALBERT, wife, 22, IL, IL, IL, keeping house;   William TALBERT, son, 2, IL;   Robert E. TALBERT, son, 3/12, IL.

      Macoupin Co IL 1910 census ED 36 sheet 7 A, page 43 A, April 27, 1910, Brushy Mound Township, William A TALBERT, head, m, w, 58, married 1 time 39 years, IL, KY, KY, farmer;   Edmonia Talbert, wife, 52, 9 children 4 living, IL, IL, IL;   George N Talbert, son, 16, single, IL, farm labor;   Silas Z Talbert, head, m, w, 25, married 1 time 2 years, IL, IL, IL, farm labor;   Lucy B Talbert, wife, 19, 1 child, IL, IL, IL;   Clara E Talbert, dau, 1 2/12, IL.

      Macoupin Co IL 1920 census ED 37 sheet 4 A & B, page 34 A & B, Jan 14-15-16, 1920, Brushy Mound Township, Wm A TALBERT, head, m, w, 68, married, IL, Conn, IL, township highway commissioner & farmer,   Edmania Talbert, wife, 63, IL, IL, IL;   Wm T Talbert, son, 41, married, Il, IL, IL, farm labor;   Hazel Talbert, dau in law, 28, married, Kansas, IL, IL; Wm Thos Talbert, grandson, 5, IL, IL, IL;   Mildred Talbert, grand dau, 3, IL, IL, IL;   Silas Talbert, son, 34, widow, IL, IL, IL, farm labor;   Clara E Talbert, grand dau, 10, IL, IL, IL,   Geo W Talbert, grandson, 9, IL, IL, IL;   Isabell J Talbert, grand dau, 7, IL, IL, IL;   Delbert Glen Talbert, grand son, 5, IL, IL, IL; Lucy Fern Talbert, grand dau, 1 11/12, IL, IL, IL.
      Silas Talbert married Lucy Bell Kincaid.     Lucy Fern Talbert born Dec 22 1918 Macoupin Co IL died July 6 2003. She married John Victor Toigo. They are buried Charity Church Cemetery, Carlinville IL.     Delbert Glen Talbert married 1st Dorothy Smith and 2nd Nora Alice Rennie.


Max R TAYLOR of Paris TX died November 28 2008. His wife, Gertrude PEDDY Taylor preceded him in death.   They are buried in Evergreen Cemetery Lamar Co TX.   Max Taylor was born January 21, 1929 in Shelby County, Texas, son of Cecil R and Sally COYLE TAYLOR.


Jacob Tenfel, age 29, (1865 Michigan, son of Anton Tenfel and Kate Bauer) married Sept 1 1894 at Detroit, Wayne Co MI Freda Voigt, age 23 (1871 IL).       Daughter, Lillian later married William Rinkus and 2nd married Hugh Ashby Peddy.


      John Victor Toigo was born Jan 3 1912 at Green Ridge, Macoupin Co IL. He died Feb 26 1995 at Carlinville, Macoupin Co IL. John V Toigo married Lucy Fern Talbert born Dec 22 1918. She died July 6 2003 at Carlinville, Macoupin Co IL.   They are buried Charity Church Cemetery near Carlinville IL.

      John Victor Toigo was the son of John Louie Toigo born Aug 3 1889 in Italy. He was naturalized at Round Up, Mussellshell Co, Montana.   J. Louis Toigo died April 1973 and he is buried in California. J. Louis Toigo was issued SS # 516 05 1780 in Montana. His last benefits were to Redondo Beach, Los Angeles Co, CA 90277. John Louie Toigo married AUG 26 1911 at Girard, Macoupin Co, IL, Nettie Blanch Rennie.   They had one son, John Victor Toigo.   Nettie B Rennie was born April 4 1897 at Girard, Macoupin Co IL. She died Feb 6 1965 and she is buried Charity Church Cemetery near Carlinville IL.       John L Toigo was at the house where Nettie was living attempting to see his son and a Davidson, one of her mother's relatives shot John Louie Toigo in the back. He survived.     After Jan 1912 John Louie Toigo married again.
      Nettie Blanche married Roy William Boatman March 21 1946.

Pepper picture taken June 2009. Jean Tigo's "Pepper".
John Tigo

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      James H Peddy married Dec 21 1854 Melvina R Tuke, born June 28 1837.    Melvina Peddy drew a Civil War Pension 1902 - 1912. She died Aug 18 1912.   They are in the 1860, 1870 & 1880 Washington Co GA census and in the 1900 Johnson Co GA census.  
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      Jas E TRUETT, 20, m, 500, TN;   Sarah E JONES TRUETT, 23, f, TN. . . . . . . . 1860 Pope Co ARKANSAS census page 2, Illinois Township.

      James M Truett, head, m, w, 57, married, Ark, Ark, TN;   Ada E Truitt. wife, f, w, 54, TN, NC, TN;   Washington L Mayo, orphan, m, w, 9, TN, TN, TN. . . . . . . . 1920 Henderson Co TN census ED 95 sheet 3 A, page 112, District 5.

      Lelia TRUETT IVY, f, w, head, 51, TN, widow, farmer, same house in 1935;   Coy IVY, son, 17, TN;   James TRUETT, father, 78, Ark, Henderson County in 1935;   Ada TRUETT, mother, 74, TN. . . . . . . . 1940 Chester County, Mifflin TN, ED 12-5, sheet 6 A, line 14.

      Ellis R TRUETT, head, m, w, 41, TN, salesman, chain general store, same house in 1935;     Martha E Truett, wife, 39, TN:   Ellis R Truett,son, 18, TN:   Patrice C Truett, daughter, 16, TN;   James M Truett, son, 14, TN;   Martha M Truett, daughter, 10, TN; George W Truett, son, 7, TN;   Eddie E Truett, son, 5, TN;   Elnora W Truett, daughter, 2, TN. . . . . . . . . 1940 Madison Co TN census, ED 57-29, sheet 7 A, page 492, line 30.

Ellis Russell Truett, Jr born May 25 1921 died December 18 2013 in Jackson TN. His home was Huron TN. He was a talented musician, dulcimer maker and antique collector. He was a member of the Plectoral Society. Family members included Cratis, Marie, Mary and Ann.
also see Allied Families - J (Jones) for more Truett info.

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      Willie Sue Bryan was born on October 27, 1914 in Panola County, TX. She was the daughter of Robert H. and Martha Ann Gomillian Twomey. Mrs. Sue Bryant died Thursday, March 31 1994. Survivors included a sister, Faye Peddy of Tenaha TX and two brothers, Robert H. Twomey and Llel Twomey, both of the Old Center Community, Panola Co, TX.
Faye Twomey Peddy
      Faye Twomey Peddy, 80, of Tenaha, passed away Friday, Jan. 19, 2007, in Tyler TX. She was born Oct. 3, 1926, in Carthage TX daughter of Robert H. TWOMEY and his wife, Annie Gomilion.   Robert H TWOMEY, 42, head, m, w, TX, TX, Miss, farmer;   Annie M Twomey, wife, 37, TX, FL, TX;   Ruby Twomey, dau, 18, TX;   Nina Twomey, dau, 16, TX;   Willie S Twomey, dau, 15, TX;   Delbert Twomey, son, 11, TX;   Robert H Twomey, Jr, son, 9, TX; Llelwyn Twomey, son, 5, TX; & Annie F (Faye) Twomey, dau, 3 7/12, TX. . . . . . . 1930 Panola Co TX census ED 183-13, page 168 A & 169A or sheet 10 B & 11 A. house 208 / 214.
at house 207 / 213 is William B Twomey, 34, & family
at house 206 / 212 is Horace Twomey, 34 & mother, Mary Twomey, widow, 72, TX, MS, MS.
Robert TWOMEY   Robert TWOMEY   Robert Twomey  
James Henry TWOMEY  

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