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  Mrs. Louise Wadsworth Jeffcoat. Daughter of James M. and Louise Peddy Wadsworth.
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Lonnie Newton Walker, born Sept 7 1888 in Hill Co TX died Sept 15 1963 in Lubbock Co TX.   Lonnie married Lillie Elizabeth PEDDY.   Lillie was born Jan 18 1885 at Franklin, Robertson Co TX. Lillie was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Peddy and his wife, Lydia "Lilly" Lenora Greer.
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Pat's Wallace family and Pat's allied families follows Wallace.

Mary A "Mollie" White Erickson May 20 1853 - June 30 1925
Cade Wallace 1851 1912
Maggie White Wallace 1851 1909
L. D. "Bud" Wallace Aug 24 1889 April 19 1946
May Wallace Tomlinson May 13 1882 July 06 1959
Code WALLACE / WALIS is in the 1860 & 1870 Ashley Co Arkansas census, the 1880 Morehouse Parish LA census and the 1910 Shelby Co TX census.    
Code Wallace married Margaret B White Jan 7 1874 in Ashley Co Arkansas.
Cade Wallace   Code Wallace

PAT'S   WALLACE   here to end of Pat's Wallace

My Grandmother was Mary Wallace
Her maiden name was Mary CLIFFORD. She married Carl Wallace.
Mary had one sister, Amelia Clifford.
Mary died in Springfield IL at St John's Hospital. I (Pat) was there the night that she died. (Pat was working at St Mary's then.)
Mary Clifford was born in Springfield IL.

      1870 Henry Co IL census, Kewanee IL page 37, Sept 1 1870,   Chas CLIFFORD, 22, m, w, coal miner, England;   Mary Clifford, 23, f, w, keeping house, England;   Thos J Clifford, 1, m, w, at home, IL.
      1880 Menard Co IL census film 1254236 page 221 B, Petersburg IL,   Henry Misner, male, 46, Prussia, Prussia, Prussia, coal miner;   Mary Misner, wife, 32, keeping house, Wales, Wales, Wales;   Emma Misner, daughter, 6, IL;   Sarah Miser, dau, 4, IL; Herbert Miser, son, 2, IL;   Mary Misner, female, 7M, IL;   Thomas Clifford, son 11, IL;   James CLIFFORD, son, 9, IL.
      1900 Sangamon Co IL census ED 98 sheet 6 page 293A, third Precinct, fifth Ward, South 8th Street;   James CLIFFORD, head, m, w, Jan 1871, 29, married 0 years, IL, England, Wales; coal miner;   Ella Clifford, wife, w, f, Feb 1874, 26, married 0 years, 0 children, OH, OH, OH;   House 107-112, Thomas Clifford, head, m, w, May 1869, 31, married 3 years, IL, England, Wales; Coal miner;   Clara Clifford, wife, married 3 years, 1 child, 0 living, IL, OH, OH.   (Two brothers living in the same house)
      James M CLIFFORD, miner, resides w s 5th 4 n Iles Av Springfield IL as per 1902 Polk's Springfield IL city directory.   (w s is probably west side of street.)
      1910 Sangamon Co IL census ED 154 sheet 14A, page 249, Springfield IL, Capital Township, ward 6,   James CLIFFORD, head, m, w, 39, married once for 10 years, IL, England, Weles, coal miner;   Ella Clifford, wife, 36, married one time for 10 years, OH, OH, OH;   Mary Clifford, daughter, 7, single, IL, IL, OH (Mary later married Carl Wallace);   Amelia Clifford, daughter, 5, single, IL, IL, OH;   Charles Clifford, son, m, w, 2/12, single, IL, IL, OH.   (Charles died young.)
      1920 Sangamon Co IL census ED 170 sheet 11B, City of Springfield, Capital Township, Loveland St, house 231-239, Census taken Jan 12 1920.   James F CLIFFORD, head, m, w, 48, married, IL, England, Wales (Welsh), miner in coal mine;   Ella Clifford, wife, 45, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio;   Mary J Clifford, daughter, 17, single, IL, IL , OH, tester in lamp factory [later married Carl R Wallace];   Amelia Clifford, daughter, 15, single, IL, IL, OH.
      1930 Sangamon Co IL census ED 84-49 sheet 14B, City of Springfield, April 17 1930, house 356-370, James M CLIFFORD, head, m, w, 59, married age 28, IL, Maryland, Wales, carpenter home;   Ellen Clifford, wife, 56, married age 25, OH, OH, OH;   Amelia CLIFFORD, daughter, 25, none, IL, IL, OH.
      1940 Sangamon County, Springfield IL, ED 84-36, sheet 16 B, line 50, house 65, Thomas E POTTER head, m, w, 31, IL, elevator operator, office building;   Ethel M Potter, wife, 30, MO, desk clerk;   Amelia S CLIFFORD, lodger, f, w, 33, IL, single, same place in 1935.   (Amelia was living in the house that had belonged to her parents.)

      Springfield IL 1935 city directory, James M Clifford (Sarah E) retired, 2257 Yale Blvd.       James M Clifford died May 13 1939, age 68.       Remains of James Morgan Clifford of 2257 Yale Boulevard, Springfield IL will be removed from Ellinger and Kunz funeral home at 11:30 Monday to the residence of a sister, Mrs Jane Casten, 1223 Poole Street, where the funeral will be held. Rev Fred Mussell of Des Moines IA, officiating. Burial in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield IL. United Spanish War Veterans in charge of grave services. James Morgan Clifford was buried in the Spanish War Veterans Area 25; marked with an upside down cannon. No marker was found in Dec 2009 for James M Clifford.   Note: the sister was, as per 1936-37 Springfield IL city directory; Chas B Casten (Jane), V-President Clear Lake Sand and Gravel Co and Casten Brothers. Charles B Casten(Jane) resides 1223 Poole, Springfield IL.
        Mrs Sarah Ellen Clifford of 2257 Yale Boulevard died 12:10 a. m. Friday, Jan 17 1936, at her residence in Springfield IL, age 61 years. Survived by husband, James M Clifford; two daughters, Mrs Mary J Wallace, Decatur IL and Miss Amelia F Clifford, Springfield IL; three grandchildren; one sister, Mrs Phoebie Ahern, St Louis MO; two brothers, William England and John England. She was a member of Latter Day Saints. Bisch Memorial Home in charge. Sarah E Clifford was buried in block 21, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield IL.
Amelia was known as Aunt Moonie. Amelia never married.
Amelia lived in the house in Springfield IL that was her parent's home.
Amelia is a sister in law of Carl Wallace.
        Springfield IL 1930 City Directory: Miss Amelia Clifford employed J C Ayling Co Inc, (kite manufacturer), resides 2257 Yale Blvd. Also James M Clifford (Ella), miner, resides 2257 Yale Blvd.       Springfield IL 1932 City Directory: James M (Ella) Clifford, miner, resides 2257 Yale Blvd. Also, Amelia Clifford resides 2257 Yale Blvd.     1946-47 Springfield IL city directory; Miss Amelia Clifford, employed in office of Weaver Manf Co, she resides 2257 Yale Blvd.       Springfield IL city directory for 1940, 1953 and 1960; Amelia F Clifford resides 2257 Yale Blvd.     Miss Amelia CLIFFORD, 69, living at Haven Nursing Home died Feb 2 1974 at St John's Hospital in Springfield IL. Amelia was survived by one sister, Mrs Mary Wallace of Hardy Ark. Amelia was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield IL with Elder Orville Hooten officiating. Bish Memorial Home was in charge.   Amelia was buried in Block 19 which is in a flat area near the maintance building.

CARL R WALLACE       (Pat's natural Grandfather).
      CARL R WALLACE born August 18 1892 died Feb 1975. His last residence was in a nursing home in Springfield, Sangamon, IL 62703. Social Security number 329-01-5051 was issued in Illinois.   Their address was Hardy Ark. They came up for a visit and Carl got sick. When he was released from the hospital he was put into a nursing home where he died. His wife, Mary Clifford Wallace returned to Arkansas and sold their home and moved back to Springfield IL to a senior citizens high rise apartment.
Carl Wallace married 1st Mary, probably O'Brien/O'Brion
Carl Wallace married 2nd Mary Clifford.
      MARY CLIFFORD WALLACE was born October 23 1902 and she died August 1979. Her last residence was Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL, 62702 and the last benefits were to Decatur, Macon Co, IL, 62523. Social Security number 332-22-9054 was issued in Illinois.
      Mrs Carl (Mary Jane CLIFFORD) WALLACE, 76 of Springfield IL, previously lived Decatur IL, died 4 am August 24 1979 at St John's Hospital in Springfield IL. Funeral services were at J. J. Moran and Sons funeral Home in Decatur Il with burial in Macon County Memorial Park. Mary Jane CLIFFORD WALLACE was born Oct 23 1902 in Springfield IL, daughter of James M and Sara E ENGLAND CLIFFORD. Mrs Clifford was a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She married Carl Raymond WALLACE in 1922. He died in 1975.       Survivors are daughters, Mrs Arvil (Charlotte) Taylor of Decatur IL; Mrs Walter (Norma) McCauley of Springfield; stepdaughter Mrs W. J. (Elva "Pepper") Crosby of Cicero IL; 12 grandchildren; 19 great grandchildren. Two brothers and one sister preceded her in death.     Note: a son, James William Wallace is not mentioned in either his mother's obit or his father's obit. Perhaps they disowned him because he abandoned his two daughters and never supported his children. Also he was not on good terms with his parents.
      MARY WALLACE born October 23 1902 died August 24 1979 in Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL, 62702. Last Benefits were to Decatur, Macon Co, IL, 62523. Social Security number 332-22-9054 was issued in Illinois.
      Norma F WALLACE McCAULEY born Dec 26 1924 in Springfield IL died August 9 2000 in Ash Flat Arkansas. She was buried in Roselawn Memorial Park, Springfield IL.
      June 5 1917 Carl Raymond WALLACE, age 24 registered for the WWI draft in Macon Co IL.   Carl lived at RR 8 Box 37, Decatur IL and he was a Chauffer (truck driver) for Decatur Coal Co, Decatur IL. He was born August 18 1892 in Decatur IL. He was married. He was medium height and medium built with blue eyes and brown hair.
        1900 Macon Co IL census Ed 54 sheet 9 page 234 A, house 183-186, James WALLACE, head, m, w, July 1868, 31, married 13 years, MO, MO, IL, cigar maker;   Susan Wallace, wife, Aug 1870, 31, married 13 years, 4 children 4 living, IL, IL, IL;   George Wallace, son, Nov 1888, IL, at school;   William Wallace, son, Oct 1890, 9, IL;   Carl Wallace, son, Aug 1892, 7, IL, at school; Otis Wallace, son, July 1898, 1, IL.
        1910 Macon Co IL census Ed 118, sheet 6 A, page 48, house 88-89, (Is this Pat's Carl Wallace?), Carl R WALLACE, head, m, w, 19, married 1 year, IL, IL, IL, trucker freight house;   Cora E Wallace, wife, 19, married 1 year, IN, IN, IN.
        1910 Macon Co IL census Ed 112, sheet 12 B, page 136B, house 268-284, James S WALLACE, head, m, w, 41, married 21 years, MO, USA, USA, cigar maker;   Susan Wallace, wife, 39, married 21 years, 5 children 5 living, IL, MO, IL;   George Wallace, son, 21, IL, MO, IL, driver;   William Wallace, son, 19, IL, trucker;   Carl Wallace, son, 17, IL, MO, IL;   Otis Wallace, son, 11, IL;   Merle Wallace, son, 7, IL, MO, IL.
        1920 Macon Co IL census Ed 128, sheet 15 B, James S WALLACE, head, m, w, 51, married, IL, IL, IL, laborer bridge;   Susan Wallace, wife, 48, married, IL, USA, USA;   William Wallace, son, single, 28, IL, laborer brick;   Otis Wallace, son, 21, single, IL, Baker bakery;   Mirel Wallace, son, 16, single, IL, baker bakery.
        1920 Sangamon Co IL census ED 150 sheet 5 B, city of Springfield, Capitol township, E Searritt St, house 108-113,   Carl R WALLACE, head, m, w, 27, married, can read & write, IL, US, US, mechanic automobile;   Mary A Wallace (1st) wife, f, w, 23, IL, Ireland (Irish), Ky;   Margaret O'Brion (or O'Brien), mother in law, 65, widow, KY, Ireland, Ireland;   Thomas E O'Brion, brother in law, m, w, 40, single, IL, Ireland, KY, Laborer;   Charles O'Brion, brother in law, 38, single, IL, Ireland, KY, laborer.   NOTE; this is Carl Wallace's family by his 1st wife.   Next door lives Frank O'Brien, 34 and his family including his grandfather Everett Evans, 70, widow, Wales.  

      1930 Macon Co Illinois census, Decatur Township, ED 58-26, sheet 5 A, page 163, house 77-83, Carl R WALLACE, head, m, w, 37, married age 29, IL, IL, IL, machinist automobile garage;   Mary J Clifford Wallace, wife, 27, married age 19, IL, IL, OH;   James W Wallace, son, 6, IL;   Norma E Wallace, dau, 5, IL.

      1940 Macon Co IL census, 1331 E Cantrell Decatur IL, ED 58-39, sheet 14 A, page 773, line 6, house 307, James S WALLACE, head, m, w, 72, IL, widow, same house in 1935 (whole family in same house in 1935), assembler, steel structural Co;   Carl R Wallace, son, 47, IL, married, bartender, tavern;   Mary (Clifford) Wallace, dau in law, 37, IL, married;   James W Wallace, grandson, 17, IL, married, gro clerk, retail grocery; Norma E Wallace, granddau, 15, IL, single; Charlotte J Wallace, granddau, 8, IL, single; Maxine L (Whitney) Wallace, granddau in law (wife of James W Wallace), 17, IL, married; Patricia Ann Wallace, gr granddau, 0/12, IL (dau of James and Maxine).  

      JAMES William WALLACE was born May 15 1923 and he died February 10 2000. His last residence was Norwich, Chenango Co, NY, 13815. Social Security number 325-18-4344 was issued in Illinois.  
      James Wallace married Maxine WHITNEY about 1940 in St Louis MO. They lived in Decatur IL.   James Wallace was drafted and he served in the US Navy. After he was discharged he worked for WSOY radio station in Decatur IL as a control room operator. One daughter born 1940 and the 2nd daughter born 1946.     James Wallace married 2nd Sept 21 1951 in Norwich NY to Frances Steward.   Note: His obituary did NOT mention his two daughters that he did not provide child support for.

      James W. WALLACE     US NAVY   WWII   Born May 15 1923   Died Feb 10 2000   Buried in:   J D LEWIS CEMETERY   PRESTON, NY 13830   (607) 336-6686
JAMES WALLACE.     NORWICH NY.   James W Wallace, 76, of 2 Howard St, Norwich NY, well known area businessman passed away Thursday morning, Feb 10 2000 in the Chenango Memorial Hospital of Norwich.
      Jim was born and raised in Decatur IL.Having left school at an early age, Jim began what would be a long career in radio and television electronics, as a control room operator for a local radio station, WSOY, in Decatur IL. Jim then put his career on hold and entered the United States Navy, where he served his country from August 1943 until his honorable discharge in December 1945. Jim returned to station WSOY, but soon thereafter moved to Peoria IL and continued to work for the radio station. He subsequently moved to Utica IL or NY) and worked as a professional roller skater, teaching countless people the art of rollerskating. He also worked with Utica's local radio station.
      In 1949 Jim moved to Norwich NY, where he ran the former Grant's Roller Rink for a brief period. Getting back into the radio and TV field Jim went to work for Robert's TV in Norwich and the Western Union Store. He also taught rollerskating on the third floor of the Norwich City Hall and was DJ st record hops at the Norwich High School and the YMCA until the early 1960's. It was in 1967 that he opened J. W.'s Television on Cortland St, which he owned and operated for the next 30 years.
      In his spare time, Jim and his wife Frances started the Lancerettes, which would become a familiar sight in many parades through out New York State. Jim and Frances spent many hours with the children and also maintained their own equipment and hand-made the uniforms. During the Bicentennial Parade in Norwich in 1976, the Lancerettes had the largest contingent, 150 children, marching at one time.
      An avid car buff Jim owned several older cars over the years, which he loved to tinker with and took great pride in. He enjoyed traveling around the countryside with these cars. He was a life member of the VFW. He also loved country music and he and Frances had taken several trips to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and to Branson MO.
      Born May 15 1923, Jim was the son of Carl Raymond and Mary Jane (Clifford)Wallace. On Sept 21 1951, in Norwich NY he married France Steward, who survives. Beside his wife Frances of Norwich, Jim is survived by two sisters; Charlotte Taylor of Decatur IL and Norma McCauley of Williford Ark; his cousins, Betty and Robert Smith of Platina CA; two sisters in law; Nora Steward of Clayton NC and Loretta Steward of Binghamton NY and a sister in law and brother in law Yvonne and Ronald Steward of Norwich. Several nieces and nephews also survive. Jim was prececeased by his parents, his mother in law and his father in law, Vivian and Ralph Steward and four brothers in law; Paul, Kenneth, Ralph and Robert Steward.
      Funeral services for Jim were held at R J Fahy Funeral Home. Thoma Moore of Shelburne conducted the services. Interment with full military rites were held in the spring at the J D Lewis Cemetery of Preston NY.
He had two daughters by his first wife - Patricia and Carolyn, not mentioned in this obit and furthermore he did NOT support them. He disappeared and they did not hear from him until after they were grown - many years later.

Maxine Lois Whitney was the daughter of Charles Scott Whitney and his wife Vera FORE WHITNEY.
Maxine Lois WHITNEY WALLACE married 2nd in 1948 Richard W "Barney" BARNETT. They had 1 daughter and 3 sons. Barney was in the Army, serving in Germany in WWII and he later worked for Caterpillar in Decatur IL.

      MAXINE L BARNETT was born June 4 1922. she died February 27 1992. Her last residence and benefits to Decatur, Macon Co, IL, 62526. Social Security number 337-20-7917 was issued in Illinois. Maxine had two daughters (Patricia Ann "Pat" and Carolyn Elaine) by her 1st husband, James W Wallace. Maxine had 4 Barnett children.

      Richard Wayne BARNETT     TEC 5 US ARMY   WW II     Born May 24 1924   Died Oct 06 1979   Buried in: SECTION I SITE 3718   CAMP BUTLER NATIONAL CEMETERY   R.R. #1 5063 CAMP BUTLER ROAD SPRINGFIELD, IL 62707-9722
      Maxine L. BARNETT     Born June 4 1922   Died: Feb 27 1992   Buried in : SECTION I SITE 3718   CAMP BUTLER NATIONAL CEMETERY   R.R. #1 5063 CAMP BUTLER ROAD SPRINGFIELD, IL 62707-9722 (217) 492-4070   WIFE OF Richard Wayne BARNETT (buried with her husband)

      OBIT (Partial) of MAXINE L. BARNETT.   Maxine L Barnett, 69, of Decatur IL died 4:55 am Thursday, Feb 27 1992 in St Mary's Hospital in Decatur IL. Burial was in Camp Butler National Cemetery, Riverton IL.
      Mrs Barnett was born in Oakley IL on June 22 1922, the daughter of Charles and Vera FORE WHITNEY. She was affiliated with Cerro Gordo United Methodist Church. She was a lifetime member of Brush College PTA, member and past president of VFW Post 99 Ladies Auxiliary and a homemaker. She married Richard W Barnett on Dec 11 1948. he preceded her in death on Oct 6 1979.
Mrs Barnett is survived by her mother of Decatur IL; children, Patricia Wallace of South Pasadena FL; Carolyn Albro and her husband, Steve of Cerro Gordo IL; Robert Barnett and his wife, Virginia of Windsor IL; Dorothy Jackson and her husband Tom of Chicago; William Barnett and his wife Becky of Decatur IL; George Barnett of Decatur IL; sisters, Sarah Hart and Imy Strickland, both of Florida; Faye Davidson* of Decatur; brothers Jerry Whitney of Decatur IL; Richard Whitney of Florida; Grandchildren and five stepchildren. Mrs Barnett was preceded in death by her father and her husband.   * (Faye Davidson was a child of Vera FORE WHITNEY's sister. The sister died in childbirth of Faye and Vera later brought Faye to IL when Faye was about 7 - 9 years old. Faye was born the same year that Jerry Whitney was born.)

      Richard W "Barney" BARNETT's parents were George Edward BARNET born March 17 1897 and his wife, Gladys Ruth Barnett born August 27 1902. [Amanda Turner was her mother.]       Richard W Barnett died Oct 6 1979 in Decatur IL. Maxine L Barnett died Feb 27 1992.     Richard W and Maxine L BARNETT are buried in Camp Butler, Cemetery, Springfield IL.

      George Edward BARNETT, 88, OF 524 East Condit St, Decatur IL died Nov 23 1985 in his home.   Burial was in Fairlawn Cemetery.     Mr Barnett was born in Decatur IL, son of William H and Carrie S Barnett. He was employed by Houdaille-Hershey Company and was a member of Grace United Methodist Church. He married Gladys R TURNER December 31 1920.     Surviving are his wife; daughter Phyllis Barnett Combs of Decatur IL, eight grandchildren; eight great grandchildren. One son, Richard Wayne Barnett preceded him in death.     (Phyllis Barnett married Albert COMBS - 2 daughters and later married Dean Carlton.)
      GEORGE Edward BARNETT born March 17 1897 died November 23 1985 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL,62521. Social Security number 328-10-8179 was issued in Illinois.   He was the son of Wm Henry & Carrie S. Busher Barnett.     George Edward Barnett was buried Fairlawn Cemetery, Decatur IL.

      Decatur IL, Gladys Ruth BARNETT, 92, of Decatur died Sunday, Feb 26 1995 in Decatur Memorial Hospital, Decatur IL. Graveside Services were held in Fairlawn Cemetery.     Mrs Barnett was born Aug 27 1902 in Solomenville Ariz, the daughter of James Wilson and Amanda Sophia PETERSON TURNER.   Mrs Barnett was a homemaker and member of Grace United Methodist Church. She married George Edward Barnett on Dec 31 1920. he preceded her in death on Nov 23 1985.   Surviving are her daughter, Mrs Phyliss Carelton of Branson MO.; eight grandchildren; eight great grandchildren; three great-great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, son, Richard Wayne Barnett, and two brothers.

      1900 Macon Co IL Census ED 53 sheet 13 A, page 211, Decatur Township. William H BARNETT, head, m, w, July 1861, 38, marrried 10 years, IL, PA, PA, carpenter;   Caroline S "Carrie" Barnett, wife, Jan 1864, 36, married 10 years, 1 child 1 living, Germany, Germany, Germany;   George E Barnett, son, Mar 1897, 3, IL, Il, Germany.
      Carrie S BUSHER BARNETT born January 1864 in Germany, died September 25 1911 buried Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, Macon Co, Illinois.
      William Henry BARNETT born July 27 1866 died December 15 1944, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, Macon Co, Illinois.
      William Henry Barnett 1866-1944 was the son Jacob M Barnett 1827-1866 and his wife, Mary Ann Schneider 1836-1912. Jacob and Mary Amm married 1856 in Lancaster PA.   Jacob Barnett is buried in Garvey Cemetery, Oreana IL and Mary A Schneider Barnett is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur IL.
Robert Dale BARNETT     WINDSOR IL - Robert Dale Barnett, 60, of Windsor IL passed away at 2:00 p.m. Saturday (September 10, 2011) at his residence. Memorial services were held Saturday (September 17, 2011) in the First Apostolic Church of Sullivan IL with Pastor Francis Farney officiating. Arrangements are by Lovins-Lockart Funeral Home, Windsor. Memorials may be made to the family.     Robert was born January 15, 1951 in Decatur the son of Richard and Maxine (Whitney) Barnett. He married Virginia Donaker Bly, November 26, 1988 in Lerna. Robert was a 1970 graduate of Lakeview High School, Decatur IL (since torn down) and attended Danville Jr. College. He attended the First Apostolic Church of Sullivan and a life member of the Illinois Archery Association. He was employed by Clark Oil in Decatur and Mattoon for 25 years. Surviving are his wife, Virginia; and step children, sisters, Patricia of Sullivan, Carolyn (Steve) of Cerro Gordo and Dorothy (Tom) of Chicago; brothers, William (Becky) Barnett and George Barnett of Tennessee; Robert was preceded in death by his parents Condolences at www. Obituary written by family members.   (sisters, Patricia and Carolyn are 1/2 sisters - same mother.)
      1900 Graham Co AZ census, June 1900, ED 20 sheet 3 B, house 65-67, James W TURNER, head, m, w, Dec 1867, 33, married 6 years, IL, IL, IL, farm laborer;   Amanda Turner, wife, Aug 1872, 27, married 6 years, 2 children 1 living, IL, Denmark, IL;   Glen E Turner, son, Nov 1896, 3, IL.
      1910 Larimer Co Colorado census, ED 232 sheet 2 A and B, line 50-53, house 35-35, James W TURNER, head, m, w, 42, married 1 for 16 years, IL, IL, IL, farmer, farm;   Amanda S Turner, wife, 37, married 1 time for 16 years, 3 children 2 living, IL, Denmark, IL, Keeping Boarders Plaster Mill - (No boarders shown);   Glen E Turner, son, 15, IL, IL, IL;   Gladis R(Gladys) Turner, daughter, 7, Arizona, IL, IL.

      CHARLES SCOTT WHITNEY was born December 14 1895 and he died March 1970. His last residence was Decatur, Macon Co, IL, 62521. Social Security number 329-01-2274 was issued in Illinois. He is buried in Memorial Park in Harristown IL (suburb of Decatur).
Charles Scott WHITNEY married Vera FORE in Arkansas.
Charles Scott Whitney retired from General Electric in Decatur IL.
        Memorial Services for Charles S "Buck" WHITNEY born December 14 1895 at Pertersburg IL died March 15 1970 at Decatur IL. Services held at Britlinger's Funeral Home March 17 1970. Officiant was The Rev Floyd Stradley of Christ united Methodist Church. the Organist was Mrs Edna Gendry. Interment was in Macon County Memorial Park.

VERA F WHITNEY was born September 13 1896 and she died at age 104 on December 23 2000. Her last residence was Decatur, Macon Co, IL, 62521. social Security number 340-22-6285 was issued in Illinois.
        IN MEMORY OF Vera Francis WHITNEY. Born Rosston Arkansas September 13 1896 she died Decatur Illinois December 23 2000. Services at Dawson and Wikoff, West Wood Street Funeral Home, Decatur IL Dec 28 2000. Gerald Marietta Officiating. Interment in Macon County Memorial Park.
        Vera Francis FORE WHITNEY, 104, of Decatur IL died Saturday, Dec 23 2000 in the Fair Havens Christian Home. Burial was in Macon Co Memorial Cemetery, Harristown IL.   Vera was born in Rosston Arkansas on Sept 13 1896, the daughter of Alonza Newton and Sarah E STAGGS FORE. Vera was a member of Salem Baptist Church, an avid rose gardener and was affectionately known as "Grandma" and the "Cookie Woman". Vera married Charles Scott WHITNEY in March 1917. He preceded her in death on March 15 1970.       Surviving are her daughters, Faye Davidson* and husband Kelley of Decatur IL, Imojean Strickland and husband Jack of Tarpon Springs FL; son Richard Whitney and wife Shirley of Lakeland FL; 20 grandchildren, 34 great grandchildren, 7 great great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. Vera was preceded in death by her parents, son G. Jerry Whitney; daughters, Maxine Barnett and Sara Hart; two grandchildren, four brothers and four sisters.     * [Faye Davidson was a child of Vera's sister. The sister died in Childbirth of Faye. Vera brought Faye to IL when Faye was 7 - 9 years old. Faye was born the same year that Jerry Whitney was born.]

      GLEN J WHITNEY   born July 12 1928   died July 18 1998     Last residence was Decatur, Macon, IL, 62522     Social Security number 332-22-7866 was issued in Illinois.

      Charles and Vera FORE WHITNEY had 2 boys and 3 girls. They also raised a niece, Faye that they brought from Arkansas.

      1900 Macon Co IL census, ED 60 sheet 4 B, Long Creek township, Charles Oliver WHITNEY, head, m, w, May 1865, 35, married 9 years, IL, IL, IL, farmer;   Sarah A Whitney, wife, Dec 1865, 34, married 9 years, 5 children, 4 living, IL, NJ, IL;   Minnie L Whitney, dau, Dec 1892, 8, IL, at school;   George A Whitney, son, March 1894, 6, IL, at school;   Charlie S Whitney, son, Dec 1895, 4, IL; Mary A Whitney, dau, 1892, 2, IL.       (Charles Oliver Whitney born May 6 1865 in Menard Co IL married Feb 21 1891 in Decatur, Macon Co IL   Sarah Ablacur SICKLER born Dec 10 1865 in IL and he married second about 1910 Minerva Sickler born 1869.)     Charles Oliver Whitney Information   Tree     They (Charles O, Sarah and Minerva Whitney) are buried in Spangler Cemetery, Macon Co., IL.   Spangler Cemetery         SICKLER  

      1910 Macon Co IL census ED 125 sheet 10 A, page 221, C. O. WHITNEY, head, m, w, 44, married 19 years, IL, KY, IL, grocer;   Sarah Whitney, wife, 44, married 19 years, 9 children 8 living, IL, IL, IL;   George Whitney, son, IL, laborer;   Charles Whitney, son, 14, IL (later married Vera FORE born in Arkansas); Mary Whitney, dau 11, IL;   John Whitney, son, 9, IL;     Eva Whitney, dau, 6, IL;   James Whitney, son, 3, IL;   Robert Whitney, son, 1, IL.

      Charles Scott WHITNEY registered for the draft on June 9 1917 in Sangamon Co IL. He was 21 years old, born Dec 14 1895 at Petersburg IL. He was residing at New Memphis, Clinton Co, IL. He was a farm hand for Enoch Ray. He was single, Caucasian, medium built, medium size, brown eyes, dark hair and he had a bad leg.

      For the 1920 census Charles Scott Whitney is in Arkansas.

      1930 Macon Co Illinois census, Decatur Township, ED 58-40, sheet 18 A, page 133, house 446-416, Charley S WHITNEY, head, $2000, m, w,33, married age 23, IL, IL, IL,die setter bumper factory; Vera F Whitney, wife, 32, married age 22, ARK, ARK, ARK;   Sarah M Whitney, dau, Ark, 10; Maxine L Whitney, dau, 7, IL;   Richard B Whitney, son, 6, IL;   Imojean Whitney, dau, 4 8/12, IL; Jerry G Whitney, son, 1 10/12, IL.
      1940 Macon County, Decatur IL census, ED 58-28, sheet 7 B, line 68, house 163, Charles S WHITNEY, (known as Buck Whitney)< m, w, head, 44, IL, same place in 1935, die setter, auto parts manf co;   Vera Whitney, wife, 43, Ark;   Sara Whitney, dau, 20, Ark, receptionist, Doctor's office;   Richard "Dick" Whitney, son, 16, IL;   Imogene Whitney, dau, 14, IL; Jerry Whitney, son, 12, IL;   Elizabeth Reltherford, niece, 11, Ark. (Maxine was listed as a child and then marked through because she is married and living elsewhere.     Elizabeth, known to Pat as Aunt Faye was a daughter of Vera's sister. The sister died and Faye's father remarried. the stepmother was mean to Faye so Charles and Vera brought her from Arkansas to Decatur to live with them.     Imogene married Jack STRICKLEN and in 2012 she is in Freedom Inn nursing home in Tarpon Springs FL.     Richard "Dick" Whitney is living with his second wife, Shirley in Lakeland FL in 2012 - first wife, Marjorie died.)

1910 The Whitney's are in IL - see above.
      1920 Nevada Co ARKANSAS census ED 124 sheet 11 B, house 187-187, Charlie O WHITNEY, head, m, w, 54, married, IL;   Minerva Whitney, wife, 51 (may be a 2nd wife); Mary Whitney, dau, 21, IL; John Whitney, son, 19, IL; Eva Whitney, dau, 16, IL; James Whitney, son, 13, IL, laborer farm;

      1920 Nevada Co ARKANSAS census ED 124 sheet 11 B, house 188-188, Charlie WHITNEY, head, 24, married, IL, farmer;   Vera Fore Whitney, wife, 23, married, Ark, KY, Ark;   Sarah Whitney, dau, 1/12, Ark. (living next to his father)

      1930 Hempstead Co ARKANSAS census ED 29-30 sheet 3 B and 4 A page 64 B and 65, Walnut Creek Township, house 56-59, Charlie O WHITNEY, head, m, w, 64, married first at age 24,IL, KY, IL, merchant, grocery;   Mammie Whitney, wife, 62, married first at age 48 (a second wife), IL, NJ, IL;   Mary A Whitney, dau, 31, widow, IL, IL, IL, (Occupation not readable);   James E Whitney grandson, 3, IL, IL, IL.
      Glen Jerry Whitney, age 70, of Decatur IL died Saturday July 18, 1998 at home. Memorial services were held Tuesday, July 21 1998 in Westminister Presbyterian Church.     Mr. Whitney was born July 12, 1928, in Decatur IL, the son of Charles and Vera FORE WHITNEY. He was a member and elder of Westminister Presbyterian Church. He was vice president of sales for W.G. Traver Co. for 23 years, owner and operator of Clayton Sales Co. of Decatur and was executive secretary of Metro Decatur Home Builders Association for 28 years. He was a founding member of the Fireplace Institute, a member of the Decatur Club and Country Club of Decatur, American Legion Post 105 and the O.F.P. Club. He also sat on the board of directors of Mutual Bank of Decatur. He was an Army veteran serving in Japan during the Korean conflict.     He married Genevieve Howell* on May 8, 1954.
  Surviving are his mother of Decatur; wife; son, Clayton and wife Jill of Decatur; brother, Richard and wife Shirley of Lakeland, Fla.; sisters, Imogene Stricklen and husband Jack of Tarpon Springs, Fla.; Faye Davidson and husband Kelley of Decatur; grandson, Jerald of Decatur.       He was preceded in death by his father and sisters, Sarah Hart and Maxine Barnett.       Sarah WHITNEY HART died Jan 20 1996.   Maxine L. WHITNEY BARNETT died Feb 27 1992. * 1940 Macon Co IL census, Decatur IL, ED 58-34, sheet 14 A, page 877, line 19, house 385, Alva Howell, head, 24, OK, lived Toledo OH in 1935, foreman, central inspection B - Pat says that he worked for Standard Oil;   Lona Howell, wife, 31, OH;   Genevieve Howell, dau, 13, OH - "Gin" later married Jerry Whitney.  

      SARAH M WHITNEY HART born December 10 1919 died January 20 1996.   Her last residence was Zellwood, Orange Co, FL, 32798. Social Security number 359-01-3569 was issued in Illinois. Sarah was buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Decatur IL.

CLARENCE Silver HART born March 19 1922 died January 22 1998. his last residence per Social Security was Zellwood, Orange Co, FL 32798. Social Security number 325-18-2310 was issued in Illinois.
        Clarence Silver Hart, 75, of Arlington Heights IL, formerly of Zellwood FL and Decatur IL and the Sunbelt Living Center in Apopka FL died in Arlington Heights IL Jan 22 1998.   Mr Hart was born March 19 1922 in Macon Co IL. He served in the Army Air Corp as Captain in WWII. He worked 38 years for Illinois Bell as a supervisor in the Chicago area. Mr Hart was an avid golfer and a member of the Zellwood Station Country Club in Zellwood FL and a member of Toastmasters. He was preceded in death by his wife, Sarah WHITNEY HART whom he married June 28 1941 in Decatur IL. Survivors are his children . . . . .

      James Lee WHITNEY, 25, serving with the US Navy in California, formerly of Decatur died August 14 1976 in an electrical accident aboard the USS Decatur. Military Services and burial were at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Cyprus CA.   Mr Whitney was the son of Richard and Shirley Whitney. He was a graduate of Eisenhower High School, Decatur IL and served with the US Navy as a missile fire control technician second class. Surviving are his wife, Marilyn of San Diego CA; son . . . . . grandparents, Mr and Mrs Earl Cheek of Pomona CA, Mrs Charles Whitney and Mrs Magdalene Salogga, both of Decatur IL.     NOTE: James Lee Whitney was a son of Marjorie L Whitney by her first husband. He was adopted by Richard Whitney after he and Marjorie married.
        James Whitney born March 19 1951 died August 14 1976 in San Diego CA. Social Security number 361 44 1190 was issued in Illinois.

      Services for MARJORIE L WHITNEY born Decatur Il November 6 1926 died Decatur Illinois January 7 1966. Services at Dawson and Wikoff Funeral Home/ Clergyman, The Rev William E Pruitt. Interment in Macon County Memorial Park.     Marjorie was Richard Whitney's first wife. His second wife is Shirley.   Marjorie was Marjorie SALOGGA. Richard Whitney was a brother to Maxine Whitney Wallace Barnett.

      George Whitney born Mar 6 1894 died March 1966. Last residence was Decatur, Macon Co IL.
DAR line
Hezekiah WHITNEY,   born Connecticut about 1742.   He served in the Rev War from CT as a Private.   He died in Vermont before (ante) 7 Apr 1801.   No pensions shown. His spouse: (1) Sarah Taylor.       Hezekiah Whitney   or   Hezekiah WHITNEY   or   Hezekiah WHITNEY  

      son of Hezekiah and Sarah Taylor WHITNEY was William WHITNEY born 4 Jan 1774 died 3 Mar 1856 married Sally BATTERSON born 6 Oct 1776 died 5 Jan 1868.
      son of William and Sally WHITNEY was Jesse Bedient WHITNEY born Oct 11 1810 married Emily BROWN born about 1812 in Kentucky.
      son of Jesse B and Emily WHITNEY was Scott Massena WHITNEY born Oct 12 1840 in Anderson Co KY and died SEP 11 1907 in Decatur, Macon County, Illinois .   Scott M WHITNEY married MAR 27 1891 in Menard Co., IL Mary Ann BELL born 2 DEC 2 1840 in Illinois.
      son of Scott M and Mary Ann WHITNEY was Charles Oliver WHITNEY born MAY 6 1865 in Menard County, Illinois.   Charles O WHITNEY married FEB 21 1891 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL Sarah Ablacur Sickler born DEC 10 1865 in Illinois.     Information
      Hezekiah Whitney born about 1742 in Norwalk, Fairfield County Connecticut died after 1792 in Wolcott, Lamoille County, Vermont.   Hezekiah Whitney born 1742 was the son of Hezekiah Whitney born 10 Apr 1705 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co Connecticut and Margaret Harris born about 1710.       Hezekiah Whitney born about 1742 married Sarah Taylor born 16 Jul 1744 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co, Connecticut.       Children     (1) Sarah Whitney b: 23 Nov 1764 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (2) Thankful Whitney b: 7 Mar 1766 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (3) Jeremiah Whitney b: 29 Aug 1767 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (4) Zadok Whitney b: 9 Feb 1769 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (5) Hannah Whitney b: 26 Jun 1770 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (6) Nathan Whitney b: 24 Jan 1772 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (7) William Whitney b: 4 Jan 1774 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (8) Josiah Whitney b: 1 Jan 1776 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (9) Hezekiah Whitney b: 26 Jan 1778 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (10) Margaret Whitney b: 26 Jan 1778   (11) Jesse Whitney b: 10 Jan 1780 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (12) Ira Whitney b: 3 Sep 1783 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut   (13) Thankful Whitney b: 23 Feb 1788 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut


      1880 Nevada Co ARKANSAS census ED 214 page 19 page 501, Albany Township, house 154-165 June 9 1880, Alonza N FORE, m, w, 24, single, laborer, KY, TN, KY;   living with Jno S Haddle, 30, TN, TN, TN, Physician and his wife, Robt A Haddle, age 19, housekeeper, AL, AL, TN.
      nearby at house 151-162 lives Jno W FORE, M, W, 49, farmer, TN, France,VA   Lucinda Fore, wife, 44, housekeeper, TN, Ireland, NC;   Kate A Fore, 13, daughter, Ark;   Joseph J Fore, son, 11, Ark;   Henry W fore, son, 8;   Jno Calvin Fore, son, 6;   Alford W Fore, son, 2, Ark.

      1900 Nevada Co ARKANSAS census Ed 80 sheet 2 B, Lonna FORE, head, Feb 1855, 45, married 5 years, KY, KY, KY, farmer, rents 37 acres;   Lizzie Fore, wife, May 1872, 28, married 5 years, 3 children 3 living, Ark, Ark, Ark;   Vera Fore, dau, Sept 1895, Ark, KY, Ark;   Fred Fore, son, 2, Ark;   Gerta Fore, dau, 1, Ark.
      1910 Nevada Co ARKANSAS census ED 107 Sheet 6 A and B, page 168+, house 84-84, line 44 +, A N FORE, head, m, w, 54, married twice, KY, KY, KY, farmer general farm;   S E Fore, wife, 37 married once, married 14 years, 8 children 8 living, Ark, Ark, Ark;   Vera Fore, dau 13, Ark, KY, Ark, laborer home farm (later married Charles Scott Whitney);   Freddie Fore, son, 12, Ark, laborer home farm; Gertrude Fore, dau, 10, Ark, laborer home farm;   Gladys Fore, dau, 9, Ark;   Jesse Fore, son, 8, Ark;   Lloyd Fore, son, 6, Ark; Cumie Fore, dau, 4, Ark;   Waid Fore, dau, 2, Ark.
      1920 Nevada Co ARKANSAS census ED 135 sheet 15 B, Parker Township, Jan 20 1920, house 286-290, Lonnie N FORE head, owns farm, m, w, 64, married, can not read and write, KY, KY, KY, farmer;   Lizzie S Fore, wife, 46, can read and write, ARK, ARK, ARK;   Freddie W Fore, son, 22, single, Ark, home farm;   Gladys L Fore, dau, 19 single, Ark;   Jessie H Fore, son, 17, single, Ark, home farm;   loyd J Fore, son, 15, single, home farm, Ark;   Cumi A Fore, dau, 14, single, Ark;   Wady P Fore, dau, 11, Ark;   Foy J Fore, son, 9, Ark.
      1930 Nevada Co ARKANSAS census ED 50-18 sheet 6 A, Parker Township, April 8 1930, house 115-115, Alonzo N FORE head, m, w, 75, married age 26, Ark, Ark, Ark, farmer, general farm;   Lizzie Fore, wife, 58, married age 20, Ark, Ark, Ark;   Foy Fore, son, 19, Ark, Ark, Ark, farmer.
      1930 Nevada Co ARKANSAS census ED 50-18 sheet 5 B, Parker Township, April 8 1930, house 107-107, Herman BUTLER, head, m, w, 25, married age 18, Ark, Ark, Ark, Farmer;   Cumi FORE BUTLER, wife, 24, married age 17, Ark, Ark, Ark;   Milton Butler, son, 5, Ark.

        Alonzo Newton FORE born January 15 1854 married second Sarah Elizabeth STAGGS.       SARAH ELIZABETH STAGGS  

        Sarah Elizabeth STAGGS born about 1872 in Bradley Co., Arkansas died March 14 1934 and she was buried in Old Union Cem., Rosston, Nevada Co, Arkansas. She was the daughter of Aquilla Quinn STAGGS born September 27 1848 and his wife, Sarah Francis SPLAWN born December 7 1850 in Bradley Co, Arkansas.   Sarah Elizabeth STAGGS  

      1880 Bradley Co Ark census June 1880, Quachita Township, ED 17 page 10, Acquilla STAGGS, m, w, 32, farmer, Ark, Miss, Miss;   Sarah Francis Staggs, 30, wife(second wife of three), keeping house, Ark, Ala, Ala;   Mary Jane Staggs, 10, dau, Ark;   John Staggs, son, 9, Ark;   Sarah E Staggs, 8, dau, Ark (later married Alona Newton Fore);   Margarett L Staggs, 7, dau, Ark;   Ellen Victory Staggs, dau, 6, Ark;   Octavie L Staggs, 3, dau, Ark;   Martha E Staggs, 1, dau, Ark.     Aquilla Quinn STAGGS  


      Fore, Aloza N. - 15 Jan 1854 - 21 Oct 1939 - Union Cemetery Nevada Co Ark.
Fore, Sarah Elizabeth - 2 May 1874 - 14 Mar 1934 - Union Cemetery

Hermon F. Butler born June 6 1904 died March 29 1965.   Union Cemetry
Cumie A. Butler born Dec 10 1905 died Aug 30 1995   double rock with Hermon F.   Union Cemetery
Union Cemetery Nevada County, Arkansas
Alonzo N Fore   Alonzo N FORE  
Alonzo N FORE   Alonzo N FORE  


        Sarah Ablacur SICKLER was born Dec 10 1865 in ILINOIS, daughter of Robert Sickler born 1836 and his wife, Mary Sheppard born 1839.   Sarah A SICKLER married Charles Oliver WHITNEY Feb 21 1891 in Decatur, Macon Co IL. One of their 9 children was Charles Scott Whitney.  
        SICKLER Read the post-em.

      Robert F. SICKLER was born 1836 in New Jersey and he died 1880.   Robert Sickler was the son of Jazer Sickler born November 20 1802 in Gloucester Co., NJ and his wife, Charlotte.     Robert Sickler married Feb 12 1864 Mary J. Sheppard born October 7 1839 in Illinois.
No one has joined the DAR through Jazer Sickler.
      Sarah Ablacur SICKLER, born 10 DEC 1865 in Illinois, died 6 JUN 1910 in Decatur Macon County Illinois, buried JUN 1910 Spangler Cemetery, Macon Co IL. Sarah A Sickler was the daughter of Robert Sickler born 1836 and Mary Sheppard born 1839.     Sarah A Sickler married 21 FEB 1891 in Decatur Macon Co IL, Charles Oliver Whitney born 6 MAY 1865 in Menard County Illinois.     Children     (1) Minnie Laura Whitney b: 1892 in Menard Co IL   (2) George Allen Whitney b: 1894 in Menard Co IL   (3) Charles Scott Whitney b: 1896 in Menard Co IL   (4) Jazer Harry Whitney b: ABT 1898 in Menard Co IL   (5) Mary Ann Whitney b: 1899 in Menard Co IL   (6) John William Whitney b: 1901 in Menard Co IL   (7) Eva Lorene Whitney b: 9 FEB 1904 in Decatur, Macon Co IL   (8) James Douglas Whitney b: 1907 in Decatur, Macon Co IL   (9) Robert Francis Whitney b: 1909 in Decatur, Macon Co IL
Here Ends Pat's Wallace Family

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James Walters married Maggie Peddy.     Margaret "Maggie" PEDDIE Information  
      His obit is in the Cass County Chronicle, Cass City MI June 17 1932       More PEDDIE Info. Note Mrs James Walters.       George Peddie Info.       Margaret PEDDIE WALTERS Information   

      James WALTERS, head, m, w, 41, married once for 16 years, MI, Canada, Canada, farmer, general farm;   Margaret Walters, wife, 38, married 1 for 16 years, 4 children 4 living, Canada, Scotland, Canada;   James N Walters, son, 14, MI; Eldon A Walters, son, 13;   William G Walters, 10, MI;   Lee A Walters, son, 6.   . . . . . 1910 Tuscola Co MICHIGAN census, ed 116 Sheet 4 B, Elmwood Township, house 98-98. (at house 95 is George PEDDIE Sr, 62 and family.)

      James WALTERS, head, m, w, 51, MI, Canada, Canada, farmer;   Margaret Walters, wife, 47, Canada, Scotland, Canada, naturalized 1894;   William Walters, son, 20, single, MI, MI, Canada, laborer;   Lee walters, son, 16, single, MI;   Wesley Walters, son, 24, married;   Eleanor Walters, dau in law, 25;   Myrtle walters, grand dau, 5; Stanley Walters, grandson, 1 10/12. . . . . . . 1920 Leeper Co MI census ED 47 sheet 12 B, page 139, Imlay MI.

James Walters born May 3 1868 died June 7 1932. He is buried in the Imlay City Cemetery.
Margaret PEDDIE WALTERS was born March 31, 1872 in Canada and she died August 17, 1947 in Detroit Mi in Harper Hospital. She was buried in Westlawn Cemetery in Imaly City Mi.     Margaret "Maggie" married in January 1894 in Cass City, Tuscola Co, MI to James Walters born 1868.     Peddie Info.

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1910 Chester Co TN census, ED 96 sheet 6 B, page 155 B, area between Pinson and Jackson Road, Thomas D WARD, head, m, w, married 8 years,(2nd wife) TN, NC, NC, farmer;   Bettie B Ward, wife, 54, married 8 years, TN, TN, TN.
1920 Chester Co TN census ED 47 sheet ? A, page 209, Mifflin TN, Fifth Civil district, T D WARD, head, m, w, 73, TN,farmer;   Bettie Ward, wife, f, 63, TN.         They are buried at
Mt Pleasant Cemetery Chester Co TN

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Mary Cornelia Peddy married Hugh Walter Warren on March 12 1873. She was his 4th wife.   Mary Cornelia Peddy born Oct 3 1850 in Jackson Parish LA died Sept 28 1903. Cornelia Peddy was the daughter of Jeremiah Peddy, 1825 and his wife, Mary Ann FRAZIER.     Also see the 1880 Louisiana Census in PEDDY CENSUS INDEX .       1900 Winn Parish LA census ED 116 sheet 5 B, ward 4, page 262 B, Hugh Warren, head, m, w, Feb 1847, 53, married 27 years, AL, VA, AL, farmer;   Mary C PEDDY Warren, wife, Oct 1850, 49, married 27 years, 6 children - 5 living, LA, AL, GA.       In this 1900 census they are living between two of Hugh's son's, Henry Warren born July 1868 and Elbert Warren born Nov 1878.   they are 3 houses from Willie & Ella Peddy MILAM, 5 houses from Charles & Laura Peddy MIXON and 6 houses from James PEDDY, 1852 and Amanda.   These last 4 are on sheet 6, page 263.

      Hugh Warren died Feb 3 1901 and Mary C Warren died Sept 28 1903.

[Is R. B. Warren in the 1900 Wise Co TX census, son, Robert Benson Warren? (probably not)]
Hugh Walter Warren   or   Mary C Peddy   or   Hugh Walter Warren
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Mary Peddy born 1826 in Wake Co NC married December 24 1861 James Weathers, Jr. Mary PEDDY WEATHERS was the daughter of Andrew Peddy, 1793 and his wife, Elizabeth.

      1870 Harnett Co NC census, Buckhorn Twp, page 33, line 30, James Weathers, 33, m, w, farmer, NC; Mary Weathers, 28, NC, keeping house; Sally Weathers, 8, f, NC; Henry Weathers, 6, m, NC; Etta E Weathers, 4, f, NC; Stephen Weathers, 1, m, NC.   (Is this Mary Peddy?)  

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Charlie Bishop WELLS married November 9 1936 in Corinth, Alcorn Co, Mississippi Minnie Ruth PEDDY*. Ruth Peddy was born Feb 15 1909 and she died Oct 5 1984.   Bishop Wells was born Oct 16 1911 in Columbus KY and he died June 11 1984. They lived in Chester Co TN all their married life. Bishop was a farmer and "Miss" Ruth was a school teacher.     *(Many couples from West TN went to Corinth MS to get married as MS had no waiting period like TN did.)

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June HART WESTER was born April 26, 1924 and died peacefully at home on August 20 2010. She grew up in Temple GA where she married her high school sweetheart, William L. "Bill" Wester in 1945. During their 65 years of marriage they have made their home in Carrollton, Rome and, for the past 37 years, in Canton GA.  
A teacher, librarian and certified genealogist, June spent many years researching family history. She traced all her family lines back several generations, and compiled two books recording her research: Elijah Ragsdale and his descendants, and a biography of her maternal grandmother, Effie Howard Ragsdale. She and George Peddy Cuttino published a small PEDDY book.  
A graduate of West Georgia College and the University of Georgia, member of Beta Sigma Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega and the DAR.   She was a founding member of the Cherokee Historical Society. She was a member of the First Baptist Church Canton GA where she volunteered in the church library for 29 years and was for many years a teacher for the Joy Sunday School Class.
June Hart Wester was the daughter of the late Dr Charles Raymond Hart and Irma Ragsdale Hart of Temple, granddaughter of Dr Charles Arthur Hart and Bertha Powell Hart of Dallas and Dr George Warner Ragsdale and Effie Howard Ragsdale of Hiram GA.   She was also preceded in death by her sisters, Elaine Hart Smith and Carole Hart Clifton, and infant brother Charles Raymond Hart Jr.   She leaves behind her loving husband, Bill Wester, daughter Julie Wester, granddaughter Sophie Wester Teague, son and daughter in law, Charles William and Tricia Wester; grandchildren, Joda and Todd Foster, and great grand children, Ellie, Davis and Ford Foster. Funeral Services at Darby Huey Funeral Home with Rev Nathan Brandon and Chaplain Hal Cole officiating. Interment in the Georgia National Cemetery.

Mrs Wester and I corresponded many times regarding Peddy Genealogy, which was one of her lines. I supplied info that enabled her to get a supplement for her ancestor, William Peddy through Jeremiah Peddy.

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FANNIE MAUDE WHAM was born October 31 1910, Sterling, Comanche Co., Oklahoma, daughter of Lyle Wham and his 1st wife, Mattie Mounds.   Fannie died Nov 10 1979. She is buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park, Ardmore OK.   Maude married ROBERT LEIGHTON PEDDY. They were both teachers in the Carter Co OK schools. Fanny Maude was a home room teacher in the old Junior High School and taught English, Geography and History. They were both very frugal and Fanny being a good cook could prepare anything from the farm or hunted or caught and it was good.   Fanny died shortly after she retired due to cancer.
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See   WHAM

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      [ William WHITE Group Sheet     Rotated Version     [This group sheet Original from James B Smith in 2007]       Mora Waddell Boone Genealogy. Mora Evelyn Waddell BOONE was born July 23 1901 at Greenville, Hunt county TX. She died Aug 1982. SS # 461 09 2416. Last benefits to Burlison, Johnson Co, TX.   Mora married 25 Dec 1921 in Houston TX, James Leroy Boone, born 15 Oct 1898 in Carlisle Arkansas.       Mora W Boone     Mora W Boone   Mora's mother was Susie Annie White born 1876 in Stewart Co GA.   Mora Waddell Boone     MORA WADDELL BOONE  
Some FACTS about the group sheet.
(1) Mrs J. H. Rush had the Frank Erickson Bible
(2) Elbert White had a _____ White Bible.
(3) Mora Boone mailed this group sheet to someone June 30 1973.
(4) The wife of William White born about 1813 was related to James C Peddy, 1823 or to his wife, Nancy Ann Ferrer Peddy as Mary Ann "Molly" White Ericksaon was a cousin to Andrew J Peddy, 1848 and to his brother, John Thomas Peddy.
Moscow and May Tomlinson (mentioned on the group sheet)were children of Margaret "Maggie" White Wallace ] 1910 Bexar Co, San Antonio, TX census, ED 57, sheet 2 A, page 160, ward 7, line 1; Homer A WADDLE, 42, GA, TN, GA, manager, life ins office; Susie A Waddell, wife, 33, GA, GA, GA; Herman Waddle, son, 15, TX, errand boy, groceries; Sylvester Waddle, son, 14, Indian Territory; Earl Waddle, son, 12, TX; Douglas Waddle, son, 10, TX; MORA Waddell, dau, 8, TX; Gordon Waddle, son, 6, TX; Maurine Waddle, dau, 4, TX; Susie Waddle, dau, 11/12, TX.

Also See   WHITE   in ALLIED FAMILIES - E (Erickson)
World Connect   William Anderson WHITE   William Anderson WHITE   William Anderson WHITE   Nancy Melvina Harper
James T White  
James Robert WHITE 3 wives.  
Edward White Louvale GA to Hamburg Ark to TX to CA

WHITE Marriages     Stewart Co GA
Nathan Shaw - Rebecca White   Sept 27 1832
Harmon Thames - Francis White   Oct 5 1837
Daniel Mathison / Mathewson - Unity White   May 9 1838 or May 9 1839
William Cravey - Sarah White   Dec 25 1838 or Dec 25 1839
Solomon White - Catherine Allen   May 17 1840
Francis Fleming or Flournoy - Eliz White   June 3 1840 or June 3 1846
Edward White - Sarah Burks   Nov 18 1840 or Edmond White - Sarah Burks   Nov 18 1841
Augustus W Pepper - Mary White   March 4 1841
Manly H White - Martha Bates   Sept 4 1845
Francis Fleming - Elizabeth White   June 3 1846
Junius White - Amelia Ann Calloway   Dec 26 1847
Francis Patten - Narcissa White   Dec 18 1848 or Dec 18 1845
Joseph White - Susan L Jordan   July 12 1849
Levi White - Temperance H Harvey   April 30 1850 or April 30 1851
James H White - Nancy C Holly   March 25 1850 or June 25 1850
John W White - Elizabeth Bussey   Aug 21 1850
Cullen Jones - Matilda White   April 15 1851
William White - Matilda Finch   Dec 19 1852
John M Touchtone - Martha A White   Oct 21 1855
William Pratt - Anna E White   March 21 1858
William James - E. F. White   May 17 1864
Luke White - Bethania Ann Savannah Durden   March 15 1865

Stevenson-White Cemetery, Ashley Co Ark
Stevenson, William B., 25 Feb 1898, 2 Nov 1902.
Veach, James W., 27 June 1860, 25 June 1890
White, Emrie C., 28 Mar 1862, ? 19??, no month, day or year of death, double stone with Joseph L. White
White, Joseph L., 8 Nov 1862, 9 Nov 1929, double stone with Emrie C. White
White, Cora Burnice, 31 Oct 1885, 1 Sept 1886, two names on one stone, with Robert Alvin, also one side of stone says "Son and Dad of J. W. and E. C. White"
White, Robert. Alvin, 14 July 1886, 26 Sept 1888, two names on one stone, with Cora Burnice White, also side of stone says "Son and Dad of J. W. and E. C. White"
Antioch Cemetery, Ashley Co Ark.
White, Gerald D., 19 Mar 1926, only one date, double marker with Flora Mae White, married 10 Mar 1962
White, Flora Mae, 28 Nov 1916, 22 May 2000, double marker with Gerald D. White, married 10 Mar 1962
White, T. T., 13 Oct 1839, 15 Sept 1913
White, Fatima Jane, 15 Aug 1845, 25 Jan 1901, Two markers, older marker notes "wife of T. T. White"
White, D. R., 18 Mar 1842, 17 Jun 1902, Husband of Nannie White, arched double marker
White, Nannie, 17 Mar 1847, 1 Sept 1904, Wife of D. R. White, arched double marker
White, Lessie T., 1904, 1993, double stone with C. B. "Booster" White
White, C. B. "Booster," 1908, 1973, double stone with Lessie T. White
White, C. B., 29 Aug 1908, 31 May 1973, Tec 4, U. S. Army, World War II
White, M. W. (Mike), 1870, 1956
White, Ben S., 18 Jun 1872, 21 Nov 1948
White, John T., 21 Aug 1875, 6 Nov 1932, Woodmen of World
White, Marion F., 27 May 1881, 4 May 1904, Editor's Note: Two markers. Older marker lists death date of 7 May 1907.
White, Hamilton B., 5 Apr 1884, 17 Jan 1944
White, Infant Son, no dates
White, Willie P. 23 Nov 1882, 5 Dec 1975
Bell Cemetery Ashley Co Ark
White, Alice Adams, 13 Oct 1861, 23 May 1902, wife of H. P. White
White, H. P., 25 Nov 1851, 2 June 1931
White, Sidney L., 20 Feb 1893, 11 Nov 1965, World War I veteran
White, Leroy, 3 Sept 1895, 5 Aug 1983
White, "Little Brother," no name or dates
White, Minnie Ocie, 29 Nov 1901,11 Dec 1991
White, Robert P., 8 Nov 1888, 11 Mar 1965
White, Tressie, 24 Apr 1920, 22 Apr 2003
White, William Arthur, 2 Oct 1899, 10 Oct 1986
White, William Joseph, 22 Oct 1890, 4 Sept 1899, son of H. P. and Alice White

White are in Lick Prairie Cemetery Ashley Co Ark
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Ashley Co Ark
Mount Zion Baptist Cemetery
White, Pickins, 16 Dec 1849, 1 Nov 1854, s/ of W. Y. and M. A. White, broken stone

Promise Land Cemetery Ashley Co Ark
White, Andrew Edward, 1 Apr 1926, one date, double stone with Hazel Imogene White
White, Angel Diane, 17 Aug 2004, 2 Sept 2004
White, Audrey, 1918, 1919
White, Bessie H., 26 Jan 1893, 5 July 1963, double stone with Henry G. White
White, Beverly Dianne, 4 May 1955, 31 May 2004
White, Billy Jack, 6 Aug 1960, 8 Sept 1960
White, Calvin, 1881, 1957, double stone with Carrie White
White, Carrie, 1888, 1963, double stone with Calvin White
White, Cecil, 16 June 1911, 21 Feb 1993, double stone with Maxine White
White, Flora Mae, 29 Oct 1917, 10 Dec 2000, double stone with Olan Washington White
White, Floy Stanley, 2 June 1928, one date, double stone with Roger O. White, wed 11 Aug 1951
White, George Washington, 1849, 1926
White, Glen Dale, 22 July 1943, one date, inf son of Flora Mae and Olan White
White, Harvell Leon, 14 Apr 1929, 1 Oct 1999, US Air Force, Korea
White, Hattie Laura, 10 Apr 1895, 6 Dec 1980, double stone with Juddy Washington White
White, Hazel Imogene, 17 May 1929, 31 Aug 1979, double stone with Andrew Edward White
White, Henry C., 15 Jan 1854, 28 Mar 1926, Mason, double stone with Idora A. White
White, Henry G., 18 Jan 1890, 1 Sept 1972, double stone with Bessie H. White
White, Idora A., 3 June 1854, 17 Sept 1931, double stone with Henry C. White
White, J. Wiley, 1879, 1946, double stone with Maggie White
White, James, 16 Apr 1894, 14 Apr, 1896, son of H. C. & I. A. White, broken stone
White, James Garvin, 4 Oct 1915, 24 Apr 1992
White, Juddy Washington, 18 May 1892, 18 June 1980, double stone with Hattie Laura White
White, Katie, 28 Feb 1880, 7 Dec 1893, dau of H. C. & I. A. White, broken stone
White, Louise M., 14 Jan 1945, 30 Oct 1967
White, Maggie, 1879, 1948, double stone with J. Wiley White
White, Malissia Ann, 18 June 1854, 18 Mar 1899, wife of G. W. White
White, Maxine, 25 July 1923, 23 June 2002, double stone with Cecil White
White, Milton, 1923, 1924
White, Olan Washington, 14 Feb 1916, 12 Apr 1997, double stone with Flora Mae White
White, Raymond Dewayne, 17 Jan 1921, 27 Mar 1975
White, Raz W., 31 July 1906, 26 June 1975, double stone with Rubye D. White
White, Roger O., 7 Jan 1926, one date, double stone with Floy Stanley White, wed 11 Aug 1951
White, Ronald Dean, 15 Nov 1953, one date
White, Rubye D., 11 Aug 1911, 28 June 2002, double stone with Raz W. White
White, Thomas Floyd, 18 Sept 1919, 11 Oct 1920
Zion Methodist Cemetery Ashley Co Ark
White, Tee, 2 Mar 1862, 4 Nov 1905

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      Rev John WHITTLE was born 1760-70. He died March 2 1836 in Washington Co GA.   Children:   (1) Sarah Whittle born Aug 6 1792 (2) Ambrose Whittle born June 29 1794 (3) Burrell Whittle born Jan 26 1796 (4) Mary Whittle born Oct 11 1798 married Julius C PEDDY (5)Leathy Whittle born June 7 1803 (6) Seaborn Whittle born Dec 31 1807 (7) Jane Whittle born July 29 1810 (8)James Whittle born Oct 17 1812 (9) Penelope Whittle born May 25 1817.   See History of Sumter Co GA.
      John WHITTLE   1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 45+, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 45+, 1 in agriculture, 6 slaves. . . . . 1820 Washington Co GA census.
      Rev John Whittle was called May 13 1825 to be the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Washington Co GA. He and sister, Winifred (his wife) remained there until Nov 28 1828 when they left to Pastor another church.

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Ditzie WILLIFORD married C E Peddy Dec 27 1911 Shelby Co TX.   (This Peddy NOT found by me in other records.)
or Ditz Williford married Charles Edward Peyvey/Pevey Dec 29 1911 Shelby Co TX.

Shelby Co TX 1910 census ED 150 sheet 12 B, page 151 B, Thomas A Williford, head, m, w, 63, married 1 for 40 years, TN, TN, TN, farmer;   Martha J Williford, wife, 55, 9 children - 6 living, LA, AL, AL;   Ditz Williford, dau, 16, TX, TN, LA;   Mattie Williford, dau, 14, TX, TN, LA.

      Eliza A WINDSOR was born Aug 30 1821 or 1823 in SC. She married March 26 1846 in Early Co GA, William PEDDY.   Elizabeth married 2nd, Nov 3 1849 in Henry Co AL, John W ANGLIN.   Daughter, Mary Ann PEDDY was born 1847.     Also Anglin children.

      1900 Henry Co AL census, Eliza A ANGLIN, mother in law, w, f, Aug 1823, widow, 8 children, 8 living, SC, SC, SC.     Living with Wm P STEWART, head, m, w, Sept 1851, 49 and his wife, Mary E Stewart, 1862, 37, GA, GA, SC, married 8 years this marriage, 9 children - 8 living. Mary has 6 Stewart children and two BROOKS children are shown as step sons of Wm P Stewart.   (Mary is the youngest child of Eliza / Elizabeth WINDSOR PEDDY ANGLIN).
See 1880 GA Census
See Anglin

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Hilda PEDDY married in 19666 Reginald WOITAS, born about 1942.

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Martha PEDDY born 1822 married Merritt WOMBLE Feb 26 1841 in Wake Co NC.     Martha is a daughter of Andrew Peddy, 1797 and his wife, Elizabeth.         Henry A. Womble is the son of Merritt Womble and Martha Peddy. In 1873 Henry married Margaret Ardelia Holleman the daughter of Edwin Holleman and Sarah Johnson. Around 1890 Henry and Ardelia moved to Winston-Salem. They had 9 children. Oscar James Womble was the 3rd son born to them.

Priscilla PEDDY (born about 1783) married William WOMBLE Feb 15 1802 in Wake County, NC.     They are in the 1850 Wake Co NC census.
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WONDERS   Troy Wonders   WONDERS     Paul Herbert Wonders  
      Gates Wonders Picture   4 years old  

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Joseph "Patriot" WOODRUFF, born 1751 in Surry Co NC.        
Joseph married Jan 24 1774 Ann LINDSEY born 1756, She died Jan 7 1826 at Woodruff SC
Joseph died Nov 2 1817 in Woodruff, Spartanburg Co SC, he is buried Bethel Cemetery, Woodruff SC.
CHILDREN: [1] Samuel Woodruff Jan 30 1775, married Mary Allen (2) Mary "Poly" Woodruff Sept 2 1777, married Rev James Allen.   [3] Thomas Woodruff April 28 1780 married Mary Patillo Harrison   (4) Caleb Woodruff Dec 22 1783 married Rosanna Farrow (5) Eunice Woodruff Aug 25 1786 married a Sparks (6) Joseph Woodruff Oct 5 1788 (7) Sarah "Sally" Woodruff March 13 1793 married a Hendrix (8) Elizabeth "Betsy" Woodruff June 9 1796 married Caleb Allen (9) Anne Woodruff Dec 27 1798.
      See DAR 755767 for line through son Thomas Woodruff April 28 1780 NC - Jan 12 1868 Woodruff SC.
[1] Samuel WOODRUFF born Jan 30 1775 in Spartanburg SC. He died after 1860 Prentiss Co MS census.
Married Mary ALLEN born 1778 NC - she died after the 1850 Prentiss Co MS census.    
CHILDREN: (1) Jessie H Woodruff 1816 married Sarah E "Betsy" Barton (2) Marcus Luke Woodruff 1816 (3) John Henry Woodruff born Jan 24 1823 married Martha Rushing (4) Balshire M "Barry" Woodruff married Mary Ann "Polly" Long

[3] Thomas WOODRUFF born April 28 1780 NC, died Jan 12 1868 Woodruff SC.   Married 1804 Mary Pattillo Harrison born April 25 178/5.
Jessie H WOODRUFF born 1816 in SC. He died about 1855 Hardin Co TN
Married Sarah E. "Betsy" BARTON born 1815, died about 1855 Hardin Co TN
CHILDREN: (1)Mary Tabitha Woodruff 1838 (2) Elizabeth K "Eliza" Woodruff 1841, died Dec 22 1928, never married, buried Unity Cemetery, Chester Co TN. (3) William Henry Harrison "Bill" Woodruff March 22 1843 married Nancy Louise SMITH (4) Sarah Woodruff 1845 (5) Harriet Woodruff 1848 (6) Jennie Lind "Jenny" Woodruff Dec 11 1850 married Thomas J "JT" McCorkle.     buried Unity Cemetery
William Henry Harrison "Bill" WOODRUFF born March 22 1843 in Henderson Co TN.   He died May 2 1919 in Chester Co TN and was buried Unity Cemetery.  
Married about 1865 Nancy Louise SMITH born March 19 1844 in TN     Nancy Louise Smith first married William Franklin Record. He died in the Civil War. One child, William Franklin Record born May 11 1862.     Nancy died Dec 28 1904 Chester Co TN.
CHILDREN: (1) Jessie Right Woodruff 1866 married Linnie Era Stone (buried Holly Springs Cemetery, Chester Co TN). (2) Margaret E "Maggie" Woodruff 1868 married John M "Chicken Pin" Webb (3) Malissa Mary "Mammie" Woodruff 1869 married M. Herbert Smith (4) Charles Spalling Woodruff 1871 married Emily "Emma" Ward (5) Eliza Catherine "Dovie" Woodruff 1872 married James Franklin "Frank" Bain   (both buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Chester Co TN) (6) Susie Matilda Wodruff 1873 married William Joseph "Joe" Stewart (7) Hubert Jackson Woodruff 1876 married Bertha C Pearce & Sadie Stewart (8) Lee Etta Bell Woodruff born July 3 1877 married Henry Miles Laster born July 3 1872. (Both buried Johnson's Crossroads, Chester Co TN) (9) Callie Emaline Woodruff 1879 married Luther Lee "Luke" PEDDY, buried Friendship Cemetery, Chester Co TN. (10) Lessie Ethel Woodruff 1885 married Ben L Dunn (11) Hattie Izora Woodruff 1887 married Walter Taylor.
Woodruff Web Site   See # 105 & # 201 - 208.     See # 478 for Jessie H Woodruff     See # 1079 for William H H Woodruff     See # 2255 for Callie E Woodruff PEDDY
This, once free site on Rootsweb is now on the paid side of
more Woodruff     or   more Woodruff     more WOODRUFF
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      Other sources of Woodruff Information is "The Woodruff Newsletter" published by James H Woodruff in 2000 - & perhaps before and after.     Woodruff Genealogy by Susan Woodruff Abbott.     DAR 568112, 675805, 714008, 755767     "Woodruff Family" by Bobby Woodruff.

Hattie Clay HARRINGTON MELTON born Sept 15 1929 died May 8 2009. Hattie was the grand daughter of Lee Etta B WOODRUFF LASTER. She was born in Henderson County Tennessee, the daughter of Arthur Harrington and his wife, Elsie Laster.   She married Clarence Melton February 22, 1946. He died in 1995.
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WOODWARD Web Site       Woodward-Austin Cemetery site.  
Jonathan & Bashby Woodward DUCK Cemetery

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