Knox Women--"Gramma Knox's Legacy" from Blandford, MA to Thomaston, CT and beyond by Peggy J. Knox



Welcome to my web page.

I'm Peggy Joyce Knox, daughter of Milan and Hazel Olmstead Knox, the third daughter of the four born to them. I was born March 23, 1948 in Cooperstown, New York, about a block away from the Baseball Hall of Fame. I grew up in Thomaston, Connecticut surrounded by Gramma Knox (Lillian Northrop), aunts, uncles, and cousins. My line of Knox ancestors are: William Knox; Capt. William Knox; Samuel Knox, Samuel Knox, Jr.-all of Blandford, Massachusetts-Anson Smith Knox; George Anson Roberts Knox; George Anson Knox-from the Hotchkissville section of Woodbury, Connecticut and then Thomaston, Connecticut--Milan Anson Knox; me. For the past sixty years, the descendants of George Anson Roberts Knox gather for an annual reunion at Black Rock state Park in Watertown, Connecticut (just over the Thomaston town line). This year marked 60 years. We also gather the Sunday before Thanksgiving in the Methodist Church in Thomaston for the annual Knox Family Memorial service. This year will be the 57th service.

While working on my degree at the University of Connecticut-Torrington Campus-I decided to write a book about my paternal grandmothers, beginning it while studying at the University. Although I graduated in 2000, the book was on hold, because I became more disabled and house bound. Yet I continued working on it a little bit at a time, wondering if it would ever be read by anyone. My cousins kept asking me when it was coming out. After conferring with my history professor and mentor at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Karl Valois, I decided to apply to for this page. When granted my request, I finished Book I of Gramma Knox's Legacy; spanning the time period 1718 to 1774.

Not being a computer whiz, and months of frustration of trying to do a perfect page, I decided it was far more important for me to present Book I and start Book II than to take all the time it would for me to design a more professional web page. So some of the page numbers of the HTML (I didn't even know what that was when I began this page) aren't exactly in the right position, and the index is a little out of order, I do hope you will overlook all that, and grab a cup of coffee to visit with the first circle of Knox women in the early years before our nation existed.


Peggy J.Knox
November 10, 2003
Torrington, CT

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