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            'MATOR GRAVY & DROPS
        (Creamed Tomatoes & Biscuits)

This dish has been served in our family long before I can remember.  I can remember my grandpa telling Grandma to make the 'Mator Gravy  & Drops  as far back as I can remember! 
Also can relive how Grandma would open a jar of tomatoes and break the tomato pieces apart with her hands before as she put them  in the pan.  She'd mix up a batch of biscuit dough and rather than take the time to roll them out, she'd drop the dough onto a greased cookie sheet by the tablespoonfuls similar to drop cookies of today.  While they were baking, she's put the pan of tomatoes on the stove to boil.  Next she's prepare the 'thickening' - usually flour, salt, a bit of sugar, pepper, and just enough milk  or water to make just the right texture.   By the time the 'Drops' were baked, she would have stirred the thickening into the boiling tomatoes and stirred until the desired consistency.   She'd drop in a spoonful of butter(fresh from the churn) and stir till butter melted...... what a meal!Mom followed up with the tradition and then myself...tho now I normallybake my biscuits from the can!!!  My baby (all 25 yrs) seldom comes home for a visit unless she asks for 'Mator Gravy.
.........  funny thing is.......  HER hands find a difficult timefitting around a wooden spoon to stir with........ maybe I should try a whisk.........or does she just like Mom's cookin'!
Barbara Frame
[email protected]



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