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Rules of the Perkins
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Rules of  Our List

First and foremost this is to be a Genealogical Discussion Group! 
A sharing of ideas, information and questions pertaining to the Perkins Family. 
Although we have these wonderful projects going on, I hope that all of us
will continue sharing information and asking questions.
 It's the posts that help the most to make connections.

Rule #2.   There will be and I stress no foul language of any kind, no off
colored jokes or rude remarks to any other members of the listů  posted to the
list!  What you do on your own time or in private is your own business but
this list and it's well being is mine! 
With an offense of this kind one strike and your out! 
You will have to beg and plead until the cows come home and it Will Not help!
 Your Gone!

Rule #3.  There are to be no attached files posted to the list.  They will be
rejected by rootsweb proper and it's a big mess for us all!  This is also a Rootsweb List Rule
For all of our protection " No attached files please".

Rule#4.  There are to be no profitable as in money solicitation to the list
other than that of Rootsweb Donations.

I hope to leave all doors open and I do expect some resentment of these
rules.  If this is the case, please contact me in private at [email protected]
and help me to understand your feelings on what ever matter is at hand. 
I am  very open to constructive criticism.

There will also be except for rule #2 a three strikes on the same rule and
your out policy in effect.  You will be notified via private e-mail and the
rule violated will be posted to the list.  After 3 violations you are gone!

I just love this list and all that it is about!
What an exciting time to be a PERKINS!
Thank you!
Sonya Perkins Lynch
Perkins List Manager/Webmaster of Perkins List Home Page

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Welcome to the Perkins Rootsweb Mailing List. 
Thank you Rootsweb.

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