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The Phelps Family of Butler County, KY (Updated April 8, 2001)

Who is the father of William Phelps 

The Gordon Family of Ohio County, KY

Butler Co., KY Embry Family

Butler Co., KY House Family

Butler Co., KY Napier Family

Embry and Napier Headstones

Courtlan Taylor - Ohio Co., KY

Grandma Sanderfur Taylor Smith

William “Trip” & Ella Taylor

George Washington Gordon Family

Herman's of Louisville, KY

Hershal Phelps -  Butler Co., KY

Elvis E. Phelps  - Butler Co., KY

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The Jefferson Co., KY Herman Family Album, c. 1889

Butler Co., KY Pictures c. 1900's

John Gordon & wife - and unknown Gordons

WWI Detachment Co. H. 3rd KY from Ohio County, KY

Phelps Family Reunion - 1999 - Butler Co., KY

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Links to other Ohio and Butler Co. sites and Pictures

Genealogy Bookmarks

Taylor's Trail Photo Album

Ohio Co. Photos:
Horse Branch High School - Ohio County, KY - Freshman class of 1940-41

Horse Branch High School - Ohio County, KY - Senior Class – 1934-35
Horse Branch High School- Ohio County, KY - Teachers and student body, 1931
Illinois Central RR Gang – Probably Ohio County, KY in the late 1920’s
Salem School – Ohio County, KY – Teacher and students, 1934-35

Roger's Cemetery Relocation Story  - From the Messenger-Inquirer


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How Kentucky Grew
Phelps' Travelers Guide Through The United States - Published in New York by Ensign & Thayer, 1850


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Cats Pages

Ray's Retirement Pictures - August 31, 2000

Yellowstone   - 1999


Easter at Dad's - Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY

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