Pictures of Yellowstone


Pictures of Yellowstone - 1998


Grizzly Swimming
I'm gonna tell my DADDY!
Bison calf fight
Pretty as a postcard!
Oh give me a home
Where did everything go?
Bison in the mist

Someone lost their head this winter!

Bison skull in hot spring runoff

Anywhere he wants to go!
Black Bear
Nature's way!
Elk Carcass
Elk in velvet

NOT a  Geyser, but the second largest hot springs in the world!
Grand Prismatic Spring
Notice the hump!
Grizzly Bear
Beautiful colors caused by cyano bacteria!
Morning Glory Pool
NEVER every hour on the hour..
Old Faithful 

Ghost Trees
Ghost Trees
Ft. Yellowstone Postcard
Ft. Yellowstone Postcard
by Ft. Yellowstone
Mammoth Terraces

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