Hayle Farmers

By John Higgans

Until the second half of the 18th century, Phillack, which included most of Hayle, was a predominantly rural parish consisting of scattered farmsteads with nearby workers' cottages and Churchtown with some dwellings grouped near the parish church. The arrival of the Cornish Copper Company at the eastern end of the parish in 1756 and John Harvey at the western end with his foundry in 1779 was followed by the building of houses to accommodate the large number of employees for these enterprises. Although the effect of reducing the amount of land available for agriculture was noticeable in some places, the majority of farms in the parish remained untouched by this development.

The following list includes the names of many of those who farmed in the parish as yeomen on the large holdings or as husbandmen with a few acres. The landlords for centuries were among the great land-owning families of the county - the ARUNDELs, GREGORs, HOBLYNs, PRAEDs, and BULLERs.  By the 19th century they had disposed of most of their freeholds.

ANGOVE Riviere C17
BAWDEN Riviere and Higher Treglisson C19
BERRIMAN Troon C18 - C20, Kayle C19 - C20, Leah C19
BONE Bodriggy B18
BREE Laity C19
BROAD Castle Kayle and Kayle C19
CARDELL Trethingey C18 - C19
CARNARTHEN Guildford C17 - C18
CLEMENCE Nanspusker C18, Trethingey C18
COURTIS Carthew C19
CURNOW Nanjivel C19
EVA Leah C18
GARTRELL Higher Treglisson C16 - C17
HARVEY Lower Treglisson C19
HEARLE Troon C18
HENDRA Riviere C18
HOCKIN Angarrack C18, Carwin C18, Pulsack C18
HOSKING Carwin C19, Riviere C19; Higher Treglisson C19 - C20
HUTHNANCE Bandowers C18
JACKA Penpol C19
JAMES Bandowers C17 - C18, Higher Treglisson C18, Kayle C18
JONES Penpol C19, Trevassack C19
LAMBRICK Nanspusker C19 - C20
MILLETT Penpol C19
MITCHELL Barnoon C17, Leah C18, Higher Treglisson C19
MURLEY Barnoon C17 - C18
NICHOLLS Lower Treglisson C14 - C19, Nanjivel C17
PASCOE Trevassack C16 - C18
PAWLEY Pulsack C18
PEARCE Trevassack C20
PROUST Angarrack C17
RICHARDS Castle Kayle C19
ROSEWARNE Nanspusker C18 - C19, Barnoon C19, Laity C19
RUNNALLS Lower Treglisson C19 - C20
RUSSELL Riviere C18
SAMPSON Carwin C19
STEVENS Treeve C18 - C19, Pulsack C19, Lower Treglisson C19
SYMONS Laity C19
THOMAS Nanspusker C18, Trethingey C19
TREMAYNE Angarrack C18 - C19, Carwin C18 - C19, Mellenoweth C18 - C19
TREWHELLA Pulsack C19, Riviere C19, Higher Treglisson C19
VYVYAN Pulsack C17

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