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A collection of links to other websites of interest to family historians.

GENUKI Cornwall - Genealogical and historical information related to all of Cornwall.

GENUKI Hayle - Information specific to Hayle.

GENUKI Phillack - Information specific to Phillack.

GENUKI Civil Registration - Information on civil registration in England (Births, Deaths and Marriages).

FreeBDM - A project that is creating free on-line indexes of English and Welsh births, deaths and marriages from 1837 to 1983. Researchers should note that these indexes are incomplete and the absence of an entry in them is NOT an indication that the relevant birth, death or marriage was not registered.

Cornish in Latin America - A database compiled by Dr. Sharron Schwartz of the University of Exeter contains details of many Cornish who emigrated, either temporarily or permanently, to Central or South America.

Cornish Surnames - A website that provides the meaning of many Cornish surnames.

Cornwall Constabulary - A listing of serving officers from 1857 to 1967. The listing include 3 constables born in Phillack.

Cornwall County Council's on-line index of archived documents that refer to people or events in Phillack or Hayle.
    Click here to view the index for Phillack (856 documents)
    Click here to view the index for Hayle (843 documents)

Hayle Community Archive - The Hayle Archive has posted many photo collections for your perusal and interest. If you enjoy looking at the many images we hope you will be inspired to donate or loan any similar photos/documents/maps etc so that we can add them to the on-line database for all to see.

Hayle - Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Bid - The World Heritage Site bid, 'The Cornwall & West Devon Mining Landscape' submitted to UNESCO has been approved. The bid included the full range of 18th - 20th century mining landscape components, including settlements that were created or rapidly expanded as a result of mining and its associated industries. The Port of Hayle was one of the sites included in the bid.

Hayle - Industrial History and Significance - Hayle developed in the 18th and 19th centuries as an important mining town, industrial centre and port. From the early 19th century it was home to two of the three largest mine engine foundries in the world. This link takes you to the results of the Historical Assessment conducted by Cornwall County Council's Historic Environment Service.

Hayle War Memorial - The memorial is located on Commercial Road Hayle, and the names of those who died in the 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 wars are inscribed on it.

History of Phillack Parish Church - Elements of the earliest Celtic foundation at Phillack, believed to be associated with St Piala in the early 6th century, survived until Norman times. This website provides the history of this church from the 6th century to more recent times.

Revival Meetings held at Hayle in 1861 by William Booth (founder of the Salvation Army)
    Meeting held at Wesleyan Chapel in Chapel Lane
    Meeting held at New Connexion Methodist Church in Bay View Terrace

St Erth Parish Registers - As that part of Hayle known as Foundry straddled the border between the parishes of Phillack/Hayle and St Erth, there were many marriages, baptisms and burials at the St Erth Parish Church that relate to residents of Phillack and Hayle. Apart from extracts from this church's Parish Registers elsewhere on this website, there are many more baptisms, marriages and burials in those registers that relate to residents of Phillack and Hayle that often identifies their abode as St Erth. To go to the St Erth Genealogy website, click here.

Stone and Quarry Men of the West Country - A Genealogical Index of Stone Workers and Related Occupations (builders, stone masons, carpenters, plasterers, quarrymen, labourers, etc.) in Cornwall and Devon.

WW2 People's War - An archive of World War Two memories of people of Hayle written by the public and gathered by the BBC.

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