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A small collection of mostly old maps of the Phillack and Hayle area. Click on each map to view a larger version of it.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

This map was copied from one surveyed by David Palmer in 1810

This map was drawn in 1828

This map is of the Hayle Foundry copied from one drawn circa 1832

This map is undated, but probably drawn in the late 1880's

This map is of Phillack and Hayle drawn circa 1789

This map of Hayle is undated but would appear to have been updated after 1971

To view an Ordinance Survey map drawn circa 1888-1890 go to old-maps.co.uk and enter Phillack or Hayle into their search engine. A modern day map can also be viewed as well as an aerial photo of the area.

Not an old map, but this link is to a map of Hayle included in the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Bid for inclusion as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To see the full details of this bid follow the link on my Links Page.

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