Samuel Rule Samuel James Rule

Survivor from the "Titanic"


Dwelling: Clifton Terrace
1881 Census Place: Phillack, Cornwall

Richard RULE M 74 M Crowan, Cornwall, England Rel: Head Occ: Retired Master Mariner
Mary RULE M 65 F Pembroke, Wales  Rel: Wife
Samuel J. RULE U 27 M Hayle, Cornwall, England  Rel: Son Occ: Ships Steward
Fredrick RULE U 22 M Hayle, Cornwall, England Rel: Son  Occ: Tailor

''I was told to get into lifeboat 15 as one of the crew, before we left there was an appeal for any more women and children but none came. I saw women refusing to leave their husbands. I think the worst part of the disaster was just after the ship went down. The groans were awful, and of course we could do nothing. I shall never forget it.''

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