Ships Captains Hayle's Ship's Captains and Mates
by John Higgans


Thanks to the enterprise of the partners of the Cornish Copper Company and their rival, Harvey & Company, the port of Hayle which they developed became one of the busiest in Cornwall during most of the 19th century.  In addition to the cargoes of coal, grain, timber, iron, building materials, domestic hardware and foodstuffs which were shipped into the port, large quantities of copper ore, machinery from the factories of the Cornish Copper Company and Harvey & Company as well as flour and china day were dispatched.  There was also a thriving passenger service to and from Bristol until the railway replaced it.  The Cornish Copper Company, Harvey & Company and others, including the Bains of Portreath took part in this trade with their own ships commanded mainly by masters born in Hayle or its neighbourhood.

The road to captaincy with its responsibilities, knowledge of navigation, ship-handling and man-management was a long and hard one from ship's boy or apprentice to mate and then master.  In 1845 a system of examinations was introduced for masters and mates.  At first it was voluntary and applied only to foreign-going vessels, but from 1850 it became compulsory.  Certificates could be obtained by passing an examination or on the evidence of long service as a master or mate.  In spite of these requirements captains were sometimes appointed without these qualifications to serve in the coasting trade.

The following is a list of names of masters and mates of ships based on Hayle and registered there or at St Ives, together with their birthplaces and parentage, if known.

ANDREW Philip s. John & Jane Andrew b 1808 St Hilary

ANDREW Richard s. William & Elizabeth Andrew b 1805 Germoe

BOSUSTOW Martin s. James & Elizabeth Bosustow b 1799 Paul

CHINN George s. George & Elizabeth Chinn b 1811 Hayle

CLEMENCE John s. Christopher & Elizabeth Clemence b 1787 St Erth

CLEMO William b 1844 Newquay

COCK John b 1819 St Agnes

COCK John Collings s. John & Joanna Cock b 1828 St Minver

COCK William s. John & Alice Cock b 1816 Hayle

COCK Williams. William & Mary Cock b 1839 Hayle

COUCH William b 1832 ?

CUNDY Johns. John & Grace Cundy b 1782 St Endellion

CUNDY William s. John & Grace Cundy b 1766 Lelant

CUNDY Nicholas s. John & Grace Cundy b 1770 Lelant

CUNDY Henry Harvey s. Nicholas & Mary Cundy b 1805 Hayle

CURTIS Williams. John & Elizabeth Curtis b 1784 St Erth

EDWARDS Richard s. Richard & Mary Edwards b 1808 St Ives

GILBERT Joshua s. John & Mary Gilbert b 1781 Hayle

GILL William b 1811 St Agnes ?

GLANVILLE James s. James & Susan Glanville b 1852 Hayle

GREGORY George s. Thomas & Mary Gregory b 1809 Gwithian

GREGORY George s. George & Elizabeth Gregory b 1833 Hayle

GREGORY Richard b 1815

GRENFELL John b 1816 Hayle

GUDGE Giles b 1794 Longbridge, Dorset

GUDGE Thomas Ninnis s. Giles & Hannah Gudge b 1829 Hayle

GYLES Richard b. 1819 St Ives?

GYLES Richard s. Richard & Jane Gyles b.1851 Hayle

HARRY Richard s. James & Caroline Harry b 1804 St Ives

HAWES Sampson s. Sampson & Margaret Hawes b 1791 Lelant

HELL John s. Thomas & Grace Hill b 1828 Crowan

HUNT John b 1836 Yougall, Ireland

JAGO William b 1823 St Michael's Mount

KING John s. Thomas & Elizabeth King b 1789 Hayle

MILLETT William St Hilary?

MILLWOOD John s. John & Mary Millwood b 1760 Hayle

POOL Francis Harvey s. William & Anna Pool b 1819 Hayle

READ William s. Thomas & Mary Ann Read b 1822 Madron

REES John b 1825 Mylor

REES Samuel b 1827 Swansea

REES Thomas b 1834 Swansea

ROGERS James b 1844 Illogan

ROSEWARNE John Carpenter s. William & Phyllis Rosewame b 1827 Gwinear

ROSKILLY Joseph s. Simon & Elizabeth Roskilly b 1826 St Keveme

RULE Richard s. Richard & Alice Rule b 1806 Crowan

SAMPSON William s. William & Elizabeth Sampson b 1816 Hayle ?

SHUGG Thomas b 1823 Swansea

SICKLER John s. Richard & Wilmot Sickler b l748 Hayle

SPRAY Biggleston s. William & MaryAnn Spray b 1845 Hayle

SPRAY Glanville s. William & Elizabeth Spray b 1841 Hayle

SPRAY John s. William & Anna Spray b 1819 Hayle

SPRAY Phillips Biggleston s. William & Anna Spray b 1814 Hayle

SPRAY Richard Angwin s. Samuel Cooper & Jane Spray b 1851 Hayle

SPRAY Samuel s. Samuel Cooper & Jane Spray b 1844 Hayle

SPRAY Samuel Cooper s. William & Anna Spray b 1817 Hayle

SPRAY Thomas s. William & Anna Spray b 1822 Hayle

SPRAY William s. William & Anna Spray b 1809 Hayle

STEPHENS Thomas s. Thomas & Bridget Stephens b 1798 Lelant

TREDINNICK William Biggleston s. Richard & Susan Tredinnick b 1831 Hayle

TRENERRY Eldred s. James & Catherine Trenerry b 1814 Hayle

TRENERRY John s. James & Catherine Trenerry b 1811 Hayle

TRENERRY Thomas s. James & Catherine Trenerry b 1819 Hayle

VIVIAN John s. John & Elizabeth Vivian b 1784 Hayle

VIVIAN John s. John & Elizabeth Vivian b 1809 Hayle

VIVIAN Nicholas s. Simon & Phillippa Vivian b 1760 Cambome

WILLIAMS James probably s. of James & Mary Williams b 1819 Hayle

WILLIAMS James s. James & Phillippa Williams b 1841 Hayle

WILLIAMS Jasper s. Jasper & Mary Williams b 1764 St Ives



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