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St Elwyn Parish Church and Registers


St. Elwyn Church Hayle circa 1892 (courtesy Francis Frith Collection)                                         St. Elwyn Church Hayle in 2006 (courtesy Charles Winpenny)

History (Courtesy of Cornwall Inscriptions Project)

The parish was constituted in 1870, formed from the western part of the parish of Phillack. This tiny parish of only 198 acres was centred around the the needs of the Harvey iron foundry at the western end of Hayle, whilst the medieval Parish of Phillack mainly served the needs of the eastern end of the town where the Cornish Copper Company was based.

For the first eighteen years of itís existence the new parish did not have a church, services were conducted in the neighbouring parish of Phillack in the Mission Church of St. Johnís. In 1884 a site was found for the parish church and designed by the architect John D. Stedding and built by R. Stanslake of Plymouth, the foundation stone was laid on 5th May 1886 and the church consecrated on 5th August 1888 and dedicated to the fifth century Irish missionary St. Elwyn, The Martyr.  To see this complete article, click here.

Parish Register Transcriptions


Entries in the St. Elwyn parish registers commence from

            Baptisms            10 Oct 1888

            Marriages            26 Nov 1888


If you cannot find what you were looking for in the St. Elwyn (or Phillack) transcriptions, check the St. Erth parish register transcriptions as many St. Erth parish register entries refer to residents of Phillack and Hayle.  Click this link to go to the St. Erth parish register transcriptions.




1888-1899 1900-1907      

Limited information on baptisms after 1907 is available by contacting me.


1888-1899 1900-1909 1910-1919 1920-1929  

Limited information on marriages after 1919 is available by contacting me.


As there is no burial ground associated with this church, there are no parish burial records.  Check burial records at Phillack Parish Church.  Despite having no burial ground a total of 51 of other types of memorial were found with 200 names.  Click here to the names on these memorials.

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