St Erth Baptisms 1813 to 1899                    
Father's or Mother's Abode - Phillack or Hayle          
Surname Given Names Father Mother Mother's Surname Date Baptised Date Born Abode Father's Occupation Notes
Richards Charity John Miriam   17-Apr 1814     Phillack Miner  
Wearne William Sampson Mary   15-May 1814     Phillack Miner  
Burall William John Christian   23-Oct 1814     Phillack Smith  
Stevens Honour John Patience   5-Mar 1815     Phillack Miner  
Richards William John Miriam   21-Jan 1816     Phillack Miner  
Wearne Richard Sampson Mary   27-Oct 1816     Phillack Miner  
Rogers Elizabeth Abraham Elizabeth   25-Dec 1816     Phillack Mason  
Richards Richard John Miriam   4-Oct 1818     Phillack Miner  
Rogers Abraham Abraham Elizabeth   23-Mar 1819     Phillack Mason  
Carbine John Richard Bridget   18-Apr 1820     Phillack Miner  
Trathen George Edward Ann   18-Apr 1820     Phillack Miner  
Hawk Samuel Joseph Caroline Hayes 23-Jul 1820     Phillack/St Erth Spinster (m)  
Simons Mary William Ann   11-Oct 1820     Phillack Labourer  
Charleston John John Alice   15-Dec 1820     Phillack Labourer  
Northey Mary   Mary Mills 21-Jan 1821     Phillack/St Erth Spinster (m)  
Rogers William Parans? Abraham Elizabeth   25-Feb 1821     Phillack Mason  
Wearn Charlotte John Sarah   6-May 1821     Phillack Smith  
Sampson Elizabeth Henry Elizabeth   6-Jan 1822     Phillack Farmer  
Uren William John Grace   25-Oct 1822     Phillack Labourer  
Rogers James Abraham Elizabeth   3-Nov 1822     Phillack Mason  
Hampton Joanna John Honour   13-Apr 1823     Phillack Labourer  
Strathon Jane Thomas Margaret   13-May 1823     Phillack Labourer  
Wearne Roger John Sarah   6-Jul 1823     Phillack Blacksmith  
Hosking Mary Ann James Ann   4-Jul 1824     Phillack Miner  
Liddicoat Richard Richard Mary   27-Mar 1825     Phillack Smith  
Rogers Thomas Abraham Elizabeth   24-Jul 1825     Phillack Mason  
Tyack Thomas Trouson Martin Ann   27-Jul 1825     Phillack Miller  
Williams Margaret Zachariah Margaret   29-Sep 1826     Phillack Miner  
Tregenzoe Susannah Edward Susannah   21-Aug 1827     Phillack Miner  
Hosking John James Ann   26-Aug 1827     Phillack Miner  
Rogers Mary Ann Abraham Elizabeth   23-Sep 1825     Phillack Mason  
Rodda Elizabeth James Elizabeth   11-Nov 1825     Phillack Labourer  
Tredinnick Maria Richard Susan   7-Jun 1829     Phillack Carpenter  
Carbines Catherine Richard Bridget   30-Jan 1831     Phillack    
Andrewortha Ann John Ann   31-Jul 1831     Phillack Labourer  
Hodges Richard Charles Amelia   3-Feb 1833     Phillack Agent  
Stevens Elizabeth Andrew Mary   12-May 1832     Phillack Smith  
Rodda John James Jane   15-Jun 1834     Phillack Labourer  
Warren William Thomas Samuel Mary   9-Nov 1834     Hayle Shipwright  
Cox Jane Ann Henry Jane   8-Feb 1835     Hayle Smith  
Trounce Eliizabeth Jane John Mary   3-May 1835     Phillack Labourer  
Gilbart Richard William Elizabeth   5-Jul 1835     Hayle Blacksmith  
Harris Mary Jane Henry Jennifer   29-Oct 1835     Hayle Labourer  
Foss Thomas Thomas Mary Ann   22-Nov 1835     Hayle Blacksmith  
Hayes Henry William Grace   10-Jan 1836     Hayle Labourer  
Champion Thomas Thomas Mary   24-Jan 1836     Hayle Labourer  
Richards Clarinda Therese John Clarinda   28-Feb 1836     Hayle Mason  
Ellis Richard Henry Richard Jennifer   3-Apr 1836     Hayle Labourer  
Antrewortha Susan John Ann   4-Apr 1836     Phillack Labourer  
Rodda James James Jane   4-Apr 1836     Phillack Labourer  
Vawdry Philis Leah George Ellen   26-May 1836     Hayle Surgeon  
George Eliza Jane Giles Honor   6-Jun 1836     Hayle Captain of a  
Rawlings Eliza Thomas Elizabeth   23-Jun 1836     Hayle Bookkeeper  
Bayley Mary Jane William Honor   9-Feb 1837     Phillack Miner  
Liddicoat Mary Thomas Richard Elizabeth   26-Mar 1837     Phillack Husbandman  
Edwards Mary Ninnis Thos Mary   3-Sep 1837     Phillack Carpenter  
Bryant John James Jane   17-Sep 1837     Phillack Labourer  
Fawsett Mary James Jane   5-Nov 1837 19-Oct   Phillack Painter  
Richards Mary Jane John Clarinda   19-Nov 1837 29-Oct   Hayle Foundry Mason  
Mitchel William Sampson William Mary Ann   26-Nov 1837     Hayle in Phillack Joiner  
Richards Solomon William Christian   24-Dec 1837     Hayle Moulder  
Goodge Giles Giles Honour   5-Jan 1838 4-Sep   Hayle Captain of a Trader  
Gilbart Elizabeth Johns William Elizabeth   11-Mar 1838     Hayle Mechanic  
Stevens James Andrew Mary   5-Jul 1838     Phillack Blacksmith  
Rawlings Mary ??? Thomas Elizabeth   22-Aug 1838 27-Jul   Hayle Cashier  
Harris George Edward Peter Olivia   29-Aug 1838 25-Jul   Hayle Agent  
Earnaut Lewis Thomas Honour   16-Sep 1838 26-Aug   Hayle Mariner  
Williams Lavinia Thomas Jane   22-Sep 1838 27-Aug   Hayle Blacksmith  
Bryant Elizabeth Ann James Elizabeth   29-Sep 1838     Hayle Blacksmith  
Ralph Mary Jane Henry Mary   5-Oct 1838 4-Sep   Hayle Hind?  
Trevithick Charles John Harry Charlotte Jane   27-Oct 1838 30-Sep   Hayle in Phillack Carpenter  
Trevithick Jane John Harry Charlotte Jane   27-Oct 1838 30-Sep   Hayle in Phillack Carpenter  
Bigglestone Sophia Atwood Philip Mary Thomas   8-Nov 1838 12-Sep   Hayle in Phillack Iron Founder  
Hockin William Jones Thomas Grace   20-Nov 1838 11-Apr   Phillack Cooper  
Burton Anna Maria William Eleanor   20-Nov 1838 4-Oct   Phillack Mason  
Tredinick Henry Edmonds John Mary Ann   20-Nov 1838 9-Sep   Phillack Saddler  
Vawdrey Ellen Leah George Eleonor   15-Jan 1839 13-Dec 1838 Hayle Foundry Surgeon  
Richards John Bennetts John Clarinda   27-Jan 1839 7-Jan   Hayle Mason  
Kelway Lavinia William Elizabeth   3-Feb 1839 28-Sep 1838 Hayle Labourer  
Bree James William Elizabeth   16-Feb 1839 21-Nov 1838 Phillack Innkeeper  
Trounce John John Susan   8-Mar 1839 18-Feb   Phillack Labourer  
Bush Elisha Elisha Elizabeth   24-Mar 1839 24-Feb   Hayle Labourer  
Warren Edward Samuel Mary   18-Apr 1839 25-Mar   Hayle Shipkeeper  
Strathon Edward Thomas Martha   24-Apr 1839 1-Jan   Phillack Labourer  
Williams Thomas Alfred William Phillippa   19-Aug 1839     Hayle Shopman?  
May Susan Robert Elizabeth   26-Aug 1839 15-Dec 1837 Hayle Labourer  
Pearce Richard Richard Mary   27-Oct 1839 26-Sep   Phillack Engineman  
Palk Thomas Thomas Elizabeth   3-Nov 1839     Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Andrewartha Mary Oatey James Honor   22-Dec 1839 17-Nov   Hayle Mariner  
Miller William Francis Thomas Elizabeth   5-Jan 1840 1-Nov 1839 Hayle Coppersmith  
Stevens George Henry William Martha   9-Feb 1840 15-Oct   Phillack Labourer  
Harris Louisa Peter Olivia   1-Apr 1840 27-Jan   Hayle Agent  
Berriman Mary Jane Andrew Catherine   23-Apr 1840 18-Jul 1838 Hayle Blacksmith  
Coombe Elizabeth Thomas Susan   29-May 1840 27-Apr   Hayle Office Clerk  
Gilbart Mary William Elizabeth   6-Jun 1840 17-Feb   Hayle ???  
Burton John William Elizabeth   6-Jun 1840 13-Apr   Hayle Mason  
Jones Mary Andrew Jane   12-Jul 1840 24-Jun   Foundry Hill Wheelwright  
Richards Elizabeth Blight William Christian   18-Jul 1840 9-Jun   Hayle Moulder  
Richards Mary Jane Annibal Jane   26-Jul 1840     Hayle Foundry Moulder About 1 years old
Harry Richard Richard Jane   5-Aug 1840 25-Jun   Hayle Commander of ???  
Vivian Ellen ??? William Eleanor   14-Sep 1840 11-Aug   Hayle ??? Packer Agent  
Trevithick John Henry John Henry Charlotte Jane   5-Nov 1840 12-Sep   Hayle Iron Founder  
Paltridge John Samuel Eliza   22-Nov 1840 25-Oct   Hayle Osler  
Whinnan Jane John Jane   6-Dec 1840 15-Nov   Hayle Whitesmith  
Bryant Richard James Betsey   27-Dec 1840 9-Nov   Hayle Smelter  
Richards Henry Annibal Jane   17-Jan 1841 28-Oct 1840 Hayle Iron Founder  
Gluyas William Mumford Edwin James Honor   23-Feb 1841 11-Jan   Hayle ???  
Curry James   Sarah   11-Apr 1841 15-Jan   Hayle    
Garland Elizabeth Ann Thomas Honor   18-Jul 1841 27-Jan   Hayle Master of Loading Ropes  
Wood William John Henry Elizabeth   20-Jul 1841 24-May   Hayle Agent  
Trevithick Maria Frederick Frederick Henry Maria   15-Sep 1841 25-Aug   Hayle Agent  
Warren Thomas Samuel Mary   22-Nov 1841 26-Oct   Hayle ???  
Harris Louisa Peter Olivia   14-Dec 1841 26-Oct   Hayle Agent at Mehanen Smelting House  
Davis Eliza Emily William Avis   1?-Jan 1842 15-Dec 1841 Hayle Carpenter Surname DAVIES at FreeBDMs
Edwards William James Mary   13-Mar 1842 4-Feb   Hayle Labourer  
Rule Catherine James Mary   10-Apr 1842 10-Nov 1841 Hayle Labourer  
Golsworthy Mary Thomas Mary   10-Apr 1842 4-Mar   Hayle Labourer  
Jones John Andrew Jane   8-May 1842 10-Apr   Hayle ???  
Stevens Matthew William Martha   15-May 1842 31-Mar   Hayle Labourer  
May Samuel Robert Elizabeth   5-Jun 1842 20-Jan 1839 Hayle Labourer  
May Mary Robert Elizabeth   5-Jun 1842 4-Aug 1841 Hayle Labourer  
Wilkins George Richard Jacob Frances   28-Aug 1842 1-Aug   Hayle Coppersmith  
Trevithick Richard John Harvey Charlotte Jane   30-Sep 1842 26-Aug   Hayle Iron Founder  
Trevithick James Stewart John Harvey Charlotte Jane   30-Sep 1842 26-Aug   Hayle Iron Founder  
Gluyas Mary Edwin Honor   15-Oct 1842 27-Sep   Hayle ???  
Coombe Fredrick Thomas Susannah   12-Mar 1843 20-Feb   Hayle in Phillack Clerk at Ship Hangar  
Briant John James Elizabeth   12-Mar 1843 13-Feb   Hayle Smith  
Williams Harriett Elizabeth William Philippa   16-Jul 1843 11-May   Hayle Shipman  
Rule Ann James Mary   5-Nov 1843 7-Sep   Hayle Engineer  
Firstbrook Frederick Henry Frederick Henry Maria   28-Nov 1843 7-Nov   Hayle Agent  
Goldsworthy William Thomas Mary   3-Mar 1844 9-Feb   Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Warren Edwin George Samuel Mary   6-May 1844 9-Oct   Hayle Foundry Ship Builder  
Jones Henry Andrew Jane   26-May 1844 15-May   Hayle Foundry Millwright  
Pearce William Michael Mary   30-Jun 1844     Hayle in Phillack Engineer  
Trevithick Ann John Ha?? Charlotte Jane   2-Jul 1844 12-Jun   Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Williams Isaac Albert Jacob Frances   18-May 1845 14-Apr   Hayle Foundry Coppersmith  
Rule Ann James Mary   7-Sep 1845 17-Aug   Hayle Foundry Engineer  
Michell Richard Banfield William Mary   1-Feb 1846 20-Oct 1845 Hayle Foundry Carpenter  
Newton Elizabeth ??? Henry Catherine   8-Feb 1846 18-Jan   Foundry Farmer  
Goldsworthy Maria Thomas Mary   22-Feb 1846 8-Feb   Hayle Foundry Waggoner  
Trevithick Catherine Meadshaw John Harvey Charlotte Jane   31-Mar 1846 21-Feb   Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Hayse Mary Ann Richard Mary   12-Apr 1846 14-Apr 1844 Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Eva Eliza Jane Richard Catherine   22-May 1846 2-Apr   Hayle Labourer  
Trounce John John Susan   24-May 1846 20-Feb   Phillack Labourer  
Trevithick James Garland Frederick Henry Maria   23-May 1846 27-Apr   Hayle Phillack Agent  
Dale Emma Alexander Alice   16-Aug 1846 10-Jan   Laity in Phillack Farmer  
Osborne Ann John Mary   23-Aug 1846 20-Jul   Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Harris George Peter Peter Olivia   16-Sep 1846 6-Aug   Hayle Agent  
Bartle Philip Edward Ann   1-Nov 1846 23-Sep 1845 Phillack Miner  
Trevorrow Jane Ann John Mary Ann   25-Dec 1846 22-Nov 1845 Hayle Foundry Blacksmith  
Stevens Elizabeth Ann John Eleanor   27-Dec 1846 5-Oct   Phillack Miner  
Eva Eliza Jane Richard Catherine   18-Apr 1947 24-Mar   Phillack Blacksmith  
Harry Caroline Richard Jane   17-May 1947 20-Mar   Hayle Foundry Master Mariner  
Stevens William John William Mary   23-May 1947 22-Feb   Phillack Carpenter  
Rule James James Mary   27-Jun 1947 18-May   Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Bryant Joseph Henry Joseph Catherine   31-Oct 1947 25-Oct 1846 Hayle Labourer  
Trevithick Henry Harvey John Harvey Charlotte Jane   17-Apr 1848 20-Mar   Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Bartle William Edward Ann   11-Jun 1848 12-Feb   Phillack Miner  
Vivian James Freeman William Eleanor   14-Jul 1848 10-Jun   Hayle Agent  
West Elizabeth William Jemina   14-Jul 1848 10-May 1843 Hayle Engineer  
West Joanna William Jemina   14-Jul 1848 2-Jun   Hayle Engineer  
Stevens Jonathan Richard Ann   6-Aug 1848 8-May   Hayle Foundry Smelter  
Rule Elizabeth James Mary   17-Sep 1848 23-Aug   Hayle Engineer  
Callaway Mary William Mary   17-Sep 1848 8-May   Hayle Smith  
Mitchell Henry Martin William Mary   20-Mar 1849 22-Jan   Hayle Wagoner  
Oliver Grace William Charlotte   25-Mar 1849 2-Mar   Hayle Smelter  
Grenfell Anthony Cock John Nanny   14-May 1849 31-Mar   Hayle Mariner  
Wilkins Joseph ??? Jacob Frances   5-Aug 1849 16-Jun 1848 Hayle Coppersmith  
Trewhella Eliza William Eliza   4-Nov 1849 29-Aug   Treglisson Farmer  
Trevithick William Stewart John Harvey Charlotte Jane   6-Dec 1849 14-Nov   Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Vivian Elizabeth Joanna William Eleanor   26-Dec 1849 4-Dec   Hayle Agent  
Lander Charles Charles Elizabeth   13-Jan 1850 25-Dec 1849 Foundry Hill Carrier  
Mitchell Thomas William Mary   15-Apr 1850 7-Feb   Hayle Waggoner  
Osborne Elizabeth Ann John Mary   19-May 1850 15-Feb   Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Rule Helen James Mary   2-Jun 1850 10-May   Hayle Engineer  
Harvey Nance Sophia Nicholas Catherine Wilhemina Juliana   19-Jun 1850 17-Apr   Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Evan Richard Henry Richard Catherine   22-Sep 1850 23-Jul   Foundry Hill Miner  
West Nanny William Jemina   21-Apr 1851 4-Apr   Hayle Foundry Engineer  
Ould Martha Frances Samuel Catherine   20-Jul 1851 9-Jun   Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Richards Charles Thomas Nanny   30-Sep 1851 16-Sep   Foundry House Hayle Mine Agent  
Bryant James Henry James Elizabeth   2-Nov 1851 29-Aug   Hayle Foundry Smith  
Osborne John John Mary   23-Nov 1851 18-Jun   Hayle Foundry Waggoner  
Lander William Charles Elizabeth   30-Nov 1851 3-Nov   Hayle Foundry Carrier  
Glasson James Henry Robert Grace   18-Dec 1851     Hayle Foundry Porter  
Harvey Juliana Henrietta Nicholas Catherine Wilhemina Juliana   18-Feb 1852 24-Oct 1851 Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Johns James Henry John Maria   21-Mar 1852 22-Dec 1851 Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Odgers George William George Grace   2-May 1852 30-Mar   Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Rutter Joseph Jacka Solomon Elizabeth   8-Jun 1852 20-Jan   Hayle Coppertown Miller  
Rule Jane James Mary   26-Sep 1852 7-Aug   Hayle Foundry Engineer  
Vivian Nanny William Eleanor   7-Feb 1853 13-Jan 1853 Hayle Foundry Merchant  
West Ellen William Jemina   28-Feb 1853 1-Feb 1853 Hayle Foundry Engineer  
Oates Mary Elizabeth James Eliza   6-Mar 1853 15-Feb 1853 Foundry Hill Farmer  
Thomas Mary Elizabeth James Emily   6-Mar 1853 2-Feb 1853 Trelissick Downs Miner  
Hosking James James Mary Ann   20-Feb 1853 19-Feb 1850 Hayle Foundry Blacksmith  
Osborne William John Mary   1-Oct 1853 21-Jan 1853 Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Trevaskes Elizabeth Ann William Elizabeth   2-Oct 1853 13-Aug 1852 Phillack Mason  
Grenfell Richard John John Nanny   9-Oct 1853 15-Aug 1853 Phillack Master Mariner  
Rawlings Kitty Lee William John Catherine   9-Jan 1854 12-Sep 1853 Hayle Foundry Agent  
Bryant William Thomas Webb James Elizabeth   12-Feb 1854 5-Oct 1853 Hayle Foundry Smith  
Gribble Edwin William James Amelia   25-Jun 1854 20-May 1854 Hayle Foundry Engineer  
Roscholar Elizabeth Philip Ann   29-Aug 1854     Hayle Porter  
Oates Catherine James Eliza   3-Sep 1854 7-Jul 1854 Hayle Foundry Gardener  
Rombach Catherine John Jane   24-Dec 1854 24-Jun 1854 Hayle Blacksmith  
Thomas Jane John Emily   24-Dec 1854 9-Nov 1854 Trelissick Downs Miner  
Michele Alice King William Mary   24-Dec 1854 2-Dec 1851 Hayle Labourer Surname probably MICHELL
Michele Thomas John William Mary   24-Dec 1854 27-Sep 1854 Hayle Labourer Surname probably MICHELL
Lawry George John Elizabeth   24-Dec 1854 24-Aug 1854 Hayle Labourer  
Colenso Elizabeth Amelia Joseph Elizabeth Ann   31-Dec 1854 22-Nov 1854 Hayle Osler  
Harvey Wilhelmina Sophia Nicholas Oliver Catherina Wilhemina Juliana   13-Jun 1855     Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Vivian Margaret Pearce William Eleanor   26-Jun 1855 3-Jun 1855 Hayle Accountant  
Trounce Thomas Hocking William Elizabeth   26-Aug 1855 29-Jul 1855 Trelissick Downs Smith  
Hambley William Henry William Ruth   9-Sep 1855 18-Jul 1855 Phillack Smith  
Quick Jane John Patience Grenfell   9-Dec 1855 16-Dec 1852 Phillack Smith  
Quick John John Patience Grenfell   9-Dec 1855 4-May 1855 Phillack Smith  
Couch Moses Simon John Elizabeth   23-Mar 1856 16-Aug 1855 Hayle Foundry Miner  
Pearce Thomas Medlin? John Susannah   23-Mar 1856 23-Aug 1855 Trelissick Labourer  
Thomas Emily James Emily   23-Mar 1856 3-Feb 1856 Trelissick Downs Miner  
Monaghan Elizabeth Mary John Sarah   20-Apr 1856 20-Feb 1856 Hayle Driver  
Michell Mary Elizabeth William Mary   6-Jul 1856 25-Apr 1856 Hayle Foundry Wagoner  
Oates James James Eliza   20-Jul 1856 8-Jun 1856 Foundry Hill Farmer  
Odgers Elizabeth Ann Charles Grace   17-Aug 1856 3-Jul 1856 Hayle Foundry Labourer  
Couch Catherine Jane John Elizabeth   2-Nov 1856 26-Sep 1856 Hayle Mariner  
Grenfell Anthony John John Nanny   1-Feb 1857 20-Nov 1850 Hayle Foundry Master Mariner  
Harris Henry Henry Ann   1-Mar 1857     Hayle Ship ???  
Colenso Stephen Thomas Stephen Elizabeth Ann   24-Mar 1857 5-Nov 1856 Hayle Foundry Osler  
Daniel William Henry William Elizabeth   10-May 1857 28-Apr 1857 Hayle Foundry Pattern Maker  
Harvey Henry Nicholas Nicholas Oliver Juliana Catherina Wilhemina   13-Aug 1857 3-Jun 1857 Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Osborne William John Mary   15-Aug 1858 25-Mar 1854 Hayle, St Erth Labourer  
Harvey William Lu?? Nicholas Oliver Juliana Catherina Wilhemina   20-Sep 1858     Hayle Foundry Iron Founder  
Couch Priscilla John Elizabeth Jane   3-Dec 1858     Foundry Hill Mariner  
West Jane William Jemina   27-Dec 1858     Foundry Gentleman  
Mudge Thomas James Fanny Bullock   30-May 1860     Phillack Surgeon  
Couch William John John Elizabeth Jane   7-Jul 1860 6-Mar   Hayle Mariner Private
Husband James William Ann   13-Sep 1860     Foundry Hill Gentleman  
Smith Sarah Mary Ann Richard Elizabeth   5-Jan 1862 14-Nov 1861 Hayle Serjeant  
Husband Susan William Ann   8-Mar 1862 15-Jan   Foundry Hill Gentleman Noted as 'Dead'
Couch Mary Ursula John Elizabeth Jane   5-Sep 1862 4-May   Hayle Sailor Noted as 'Dead'
Mudge Zachary Belling James Fanny Bullock   11-Oct 1862 21-Sep   Phillack Surgeon  
Kettle David William James Sarah   7-Aug 1864 27-Jun   Hayle Foundry Sergeant, Royal Artillery  
Hill Hester Jane John Hester   24-Mar 1865 20-Feb   Hayle in St Erth Mariner  
Couch Mary Elizabeth John Elizabeth Jane   9-Nov 1865 11-Aug   Foundry Hill Mariner Noted as 'Dead'
Palk James Rule Thomas Mary   23-Feb 1866 18-Dec 1855 Foundry Hill Pattern Maker  
Paddy Edwin Albert Kelynack William Frances   23-Dec 1866 3-Mar   Phillack Cooper  
Nightingale Adeline Calvert John Emma   28-Jul 1867 1-Jul   Hayle in St Erth Sergeant, Royal Artillery  
Bicker Thomas James   Caroline   1-Sep 1867 6-Jan   Phillack    
Williams William James James Mary Louisa   17-May 1868 11-Mar 1868 Phillack Smelter  
Thomas Ellen Elizabeth Pascoe Alfred Ellen Ausley Jane   3-Oct 1869 4-Jul 1867 Phillack    
Harvey Charlotte Mary Francis Anne   7-Nov 1869 3-Aug 1869 Hayle in St Erth Merchant  
Read Lucy Jane Thomas Jane Sophy   30-Oct 1870 21-Oct 1869 Phillack Mariner Noted as 'Dead'
Pellewe Elizabeth Ann George Henry Ann   6-Mar 1874 8-Feb 1873 Hayle in St Erth Porter Noted as 'Dead'
Berryman John Henry Alexander Alice   1-May 1874 28-Nov 1873 Hayle in St Erth Porter Noted as 'Dead'
Bone Alfred Newton Henry Jane   1-May 1874 14-Nov 1873 Hayle in St Erth   Noted as 'Dead'
Pellew Fredericjk George Edwin Eliza   1-May 1874 4-Mar 1874 Hayle in St Erth Carpenter  
Poole Millicent Blanche Thomas Ellis Katherine Blanche   19-Jun 1874 1-Mar 1874 Hayle in St Erth Mercchant & Ship Owner  
Stevens John Bosanko William Praed Ellen Mary   3-Aug 1875 24-Jun 1875 Phillack Labourer  
Newton Julia Ann Isaac Ann   10-Oct 1876 22-Feb 1860 Hayle Painter  
Wearne Annie John Samson Rebecca   18-Mar 1881 26-Oct 1880 Phillack Gentleman  
Godolhis Mary Elizabeth Francis Richard Mary   29-Jun 1882 18-Jun 1865 Phillack Osler  
George Maud Mary Thomas Mary Anna   8-Jan 1884 7-Apr 1882 Hayle Porter  
Hampton William James John Martha Anne   8-Jan 1884 12-Aug 1882 Hayle Porter  
Hosking Grace Lavinia Alfred Mary Elizabeth   20-Jun 1884 27-Apr 1884 Hayle Engine Fitter  
Oliver Charles Charles Asenath   18-Jul 1884 2-Dec 1882 Hayle Gardener  
Bawden Thomas Charles William John Elizabeth   25-Jul 1884 18-Feb 1884 Wheal Alfred, Phillack Labourer  
Beare Grace Richards Francis Emily   22-Aug 1884 27-Feb 1881 Hayle in St Erth Labourer  
Beare Louis Philip Francis Emily   22-Aug 1884 2-Jun 1883 Hayle in St Erth Labourer  
Whear Frederick James James Mary Jane   20-Mar 1885 5-Nov 1884 Phillack Sailmaker  
Hodge Myrtle Samuel Mary   22-Mar 1885 19-Nov 1884 Hayle in St Erth Agent  
Osborne Beatrice Mary William Elizabeth Ann   8-May 1885 17-Feb 1885 Hayle in St Erth Chipper  
Bawden Lily William John Elizabeth   22-May 1885 4-Mar 1885 Phillack Labourer  
Oliver Herbert Charles Asenath   16-Oct 1885 5-Feb 1885 Hayle in St Erth Gardener  
Pellow Annie Maria Beatrice Abraham Annie Maria   20-Nov 1885 18-Aug 1885 Hayle in St Erth Groom  
Hockin Eliza Ellen William Nanny   27-Nov 1885 9-Aug 1885 Hayle in St Erth Driver  
Woolcock Fanny Bale Peter Amelia   12-Feb 1886 20-Dec 1885 Hayle in St Erth Labourer Noted as 'Dead'
Newman John Henry William Annie   24-Jun 1887 17-Mar 1887 Phillack Smith  
Bawden Edgar William Elizabeth Bawden   19-Aug 1887 30-Apr 1887 Phillack Labourer  
Johnston Alice Louise James Nanny Laity   30-Dec 1887 15-Nov 1887 Phillack Labourer  
Collick Thomas John John Mary   24-Jul 1889 28-Apr 1889 Phillack Labourer