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NOTE (Apr 2006) WoW… has it really been that long since I was able to work on this web site! Yes, it has. I have retired and moved in the meantime. Finally, I can get back into genealogy. Please note another new email address posted at the very bottom of this web page. During this period, I have continued to update my database, but have been unable to update the web pages. Please contact me directly with questions and updated data on these families. I continue to work on the Destroismaisons dit Picard family and am currently working on the fourth and fifth generations.

NOTE (Nov 2004) I have edited and expanded the genealogy reports for Hugues Picard dit LaFortune, Pierre Gareman dit LePicard, and for Pierre Picard, husband of Renee deSuronne, based on Jette's Dictionnaire and Tanguay, as well as other resources. In addition, I have re-activated the Guestbook!

NOTE (Oct 2004) I have completed intense work on the first three generations of the Destroismaisons dit Picard family in my database. I first used Jette's and Tanguay's Dictionnaires to find as many of the marriages of this family as I could. I then painstakingly combed through PRDH to document the immigrant, his children, his grandchildren, and their marriages. Philippe had 12 children, 11 of whom produced him at least 87 grandchildren. Further work awaits me on the 4th generation. Along the way, I have encountered numerous acts witnessed by Philippe, the patriach, and it begins to paint a picture of who he associated with and status in his community.

I got to spend part of 2002, and most of 2003, living in Germany. At Thanksgiving, we visited Strasbroug, France, and got to enjoy the city in all it's Christmas finery. After Christmas, we visited Pas de Calais, where we stopped at the Destroismaisons homelands of Bazinghen and Montreuil sur Mer. Afterwards, we went to Bayeux, and Paris. It was unseasonably cold and snowy. In the spring, we visited Holland, the Czech Republic, and Poland. After the record hot summer, we visited Switzerland and Austria. Just before we left in November, we flew to Scotland and visited the Isle of Lewis, my ancestral homeland. What a treat to walk in the lands of our ancestors.

The response to this site remains incredible, and I take great pride and joy in being able to help people connect to family. Please note my EMAIL address change! - Ellen

This website is dedicated to Picard patronyms and surnames. It is a combination of my research and the work of others who are searching for their Picards. You will find here Picard, Destroismaisons, and "dit" Picard (as shown in this list of Picard dit names) as well as anglicized Pecor, Pecore, Picar, and Threehouse. The entire contents of the genealogy book produced by the Picard Family Reunion committee is now included in my database.

I ask that you reference this site if you use information from these pages. I am not a professional genealogist so take my work with a grain of salt, ALWAYS. I consider this as a place for you to start at or to gather leads from in order to further your own research.

Remember to contact me directly for more information, or to check for updates to my database not yet presented here, or to see if I have information on lines not yet listed here. I know not everyone will agree with what I have displayed here. There may be conflicts in dates, spellings, and even lineages. Please don't dash off a "nasty gram" to me, but do send me an email detailing the conflicts so they can be included in the database. It is also possible I may have a made few "typos".

Immigrant Lineages

The following lines originated in France and immigrated to Quebec before 1800. I have placed them in chronological order by 1st marriage date. For more comparisons, check out the immigration comparison table.Table updated 11/16/04

Pierre Gareman dit LePicard - Pierre married Madeleine Charlot in France in 1628. He came to Quebec and died as a captive of the Iroquois in 1653. Edited and expanded 11/10/04

Pierre Picard - son of Joachim of France. Pierre married Renee deSuronne in France in 1630. His son Jean married Marie Caron in Quebec in 1656. Updated and expanded added 11/11/04

Pierre Bulte (Bultet) dit Picard - Pierre first married Louise Pepin (abt. 1645), and then married Jeanne Charron in about 1658 in Picardie, France. Renovated 02/02/04

Marguerite Picard - daughter of Jean Michel and Marie Holin of France. Marguerite married Nicolas Gode in 1658 in Montreal, Quebec. Renovated 02/18/04

Hugues Picard dit LaFortune - son of Gabriel Picard and Michelle Clavier of France. Hugues came to Quebec in 1653 and married Anne Antoinette deLiercourt in Montreal, Quebec in 1660. Updated and expanded Genealogy Report 11/15/04

Philippe Destroismaisons dit Picard - son of Adrien Destroismaisons and Antoinette LeRoux, grandson of Antoine Destroismaisons and Jeanne Lacherer of France. Philippe came to Quebec in about 1655, and married Marie Martine Crosnier in 1669. Complete outline revision, and extensively updated Genealogy Report 10/29/04.

Pierre Picard (Picart, Picquart) - son of David Picard and Jacquette Barbe of France. Pierre came to Quebec about 1666 and married Jeanne Sederay (Cederet) in 1669. Expanded and updated 02/17/04.

Jean dit Jean Baptiste Marie Picard - son of Pierre Picard and Marie Gagnon of France. Jean married Marie Madeleine Sabourin in 1688 in Montreal, Quebec. He later remarried to Marie Jacqueline Neron. Expanded 02/15/04

Pierre Joseph Collet dit Picard dit Adrien Rigaud - son of Jean Collet and Marie Therese Dupont of France. Pierre Joseph married Marie Marguerite Courtois in 1688 in Charlesbourg, Quebec. Updated 02/17/04

Francois Picard dit LaRoche - son of Jean Picard and Marie Morin of France. Francois first married Genevieve Picard in 1704 in Montreal, Quebec. He then married Marie Francoise Beaudry in 1732. It appears that Francois did not have any progeny. Added 02/18/04

Nicolas Picard - son of Francois Picard and Marguerite Bouchard of France. Nicolas married Marie Josephe Forget dit dePatie in 1734 in LaChenaie, Quebec. Updated 02/08/04

Pierre Philippon dit Picard - son of Jean Philippon and Louise Ligne of France. Pierre first married Marie Louise Bonhomme in 1737 in Quebec, then he married Marie Angelique Amiot dit Villeneuve in 1739 in Quebec. Greatly expanded 02/08/04

Louis Etienne deQuoy dit Picard - Louis Etienne married Marie Josephe Guilbault in 1740 in Charlesbourg, Quebec. Expanded 02/07/04

Pierre Denis dit Picard - son of Pierre Picard and Marie Flamand of France. Pierre married Charlotte Charles Marie Charbonneau in 1749 in Montreal, Quebec. Expanded 02/19/04

Francois Bournival dit Picard - Francois married Marie Angelique deNevers dit Boisvert in 1751 in Forges du St. Maurice. Updated 02/07/04

Alexandre Noiret dit Picard - son of Louis Noiret and Marie Louise Braillon of France. Alexandre, also called Alexandre LeNoir dit Picard by some sources, married Marie Jeanne Quenneville in 1756 in Montreal, Quebec. Added 02/04/04

Robert desForges dit Picard - son of Nicolas desForges and Marie LeMoyne of France. (Louis) Robert married Marie Madeleine Malboeuf dit Beausoleil in 1758 in Beaupre Bas, Quebec. Renovated, Grandson's lineage added 02/07/04

Pierre Alexandre dit Alexandre Picard - son of Louis Picard and Marie Anne Dutrieu. Pierre Alexandre married Marie Louise Goupil dit LaViolette in 1758 in Quebec. Renovated 02/03/04

Louis Alexandre dit Alexandre Picard - son of Pierre Francois Picard and Marie Anne Legere. Louis Alexandre married Francoise Maufils in 1759 at Quebec. Added 02/03/04

Emigrant Lineages

These lines have origins in Quebec or Ontario and migrated to what is now the United States. If it is known how they connect to the immigrant lines above, it is noted:

Louis Picard - possibly also known as Jean Louis. Louis married Anna Marie Estninthek (Toutchek), and may have been married to Anne Marie Barbe. The time frame was the 1700's. This family moved to Louisiana from the Detroit region, and may have been from Quebec. Edited 02/02/00; Greatly expanded lineage not yet posted on line 05/17/01

The Pecors and Picards of Oconto, Wisconsin - Brothers Pierre, Jean Baptiste, Felix, and David; their sisters Felicite, Marie Caroline, and Marie Eleonare; and first cousin once removed Joseph were all born in Quebec but eventually settled in the Oconto, Wisconsin area. At least three of the families tell of descendency from 3 Picard brothers who fled France during the time of Napoleon; however, birth and marriage records tie these Pecors and Picards back to Philippe Destroismaisons dit Picard. Corrections made 08/06/00

Joseph Picard of Clayton, New York - Joseph Picard (Picor, Pecor, Pecore) and his wife Elizabeth settled in Clayton, New York, sometime in the 1820's. It is highly likely that this Joseph Picard is a member of the Noiret dit Picard family as Joseph and Elisabeth have a strong parallel to Joseph Noiret dit Picard and his 2nd wife Elisabeth Cyre. Added 02/04/04

Maybe even a Noble line?

Catherine deBaillon, descendent of King Charlemagne and many of the other kings of Europe, has a LePicart in her line:

Jean LePicart - Jean LePicart married Catherine Poncher in about 1430 in France. One of their descendents, Louise deMarle, is the mother of Marie Catherine deBaillon. Catherine deBaillon came to New France as a "fille du roi" and married Jacques Miville dit Deschenes in 1669. Jean LePicart's ancestry is not known by this researcher. For additional information, check out the Catherine Baillon Royal Connection Research Association. Updated 01/17/04

New York Picards and Pecors

The Picard listings from the Albany, New York, City Directories (1866 through 1926) have been extracted and put into two tables. The first is an alphabetical listing; the second is a listing by year. The table sorted by year is one large table, so it will take a long time to load. I left it all intact so that people can compare who lived where and when and with whom. Added 06/03/00

Picards of the St. John Valley of Maine and New Brunswick

Do you have Picards with connection to northern Maine, especially Arrostoock County, or the adjacent area across the St. John River in Madawaska and Victoria Counties, New Brunswick? Then, the Upper St. John River Valley website is for you! The site contains not only genealogies, but transcribed records including census records and history. In English and French. Added 04/21/06


A good place to do research is at the Picard resources page. This page contains links and search boxes for the resources at Rootsweb including the SSDI, USGenWeb, Obituary Daily Times, and the Picard-L mailing list archives. It can be use for the Picard surname and all variants:


You can post queries or information at the Picard Message Board that I administer at Ancestry.com:

Picard Message Board

The Picard-L mailing list, a feature of Rootsweb but which I administer, can be joined at this link:

Picard-L mailing list

The Picard Family Genealogy Forum at Genealogy.com is another place to read or place queries. It is located at:

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Check out my page about the Province of Picardie and surname coat of arms.

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