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On October 16, 2008 Thomas Pick had a stroke. He passed away on November 10, 2008 at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon. He was a loving father and husband and is greatly missed. He enjoyed geneology and his work will remain on this website to continue to help those interested in finding their families histories. We thank you for the kind thoughts and words.

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This homepage is dedicated to all those people who are researching their families that came from the Eifel region of Germany. As of this date, there are 557,000 names in 680 towns on this homepage.

Research Area.

The map shown to the left is the original research area. The original study area was bound by the border with Luxembourg and Belgium to the west, Blankenhein and Arenburg to the north, Mullenborn and Eisenschmitt to the east, and Welschbillig to the south. I am assuming that the Moselle River is the eastern boundary of the Eifel region in Germany.


My name is Thomas A.Pick, and I am the owner of this homepage. I was born on October 31, 1946 in Portland, Oregon, to Leo and Irene Pick. I attended St.Cecelia grade school and North Catholic High School in Portland. I then attended college at Portland State, before graduating from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering in 1969.

After graduation I spent almost 3 years in the Army in such remote spots as Ft.Belvoir, South Korea, and Portland, Oregon. For the next 30 years I worked for the Corps of Engineers in Porland, and the Bureau of Reclamation in the following cities: Salem, Oregon, Billings, Montana, and Denver, Colorado. I retired approximately 10 years ago.

I have four daughters, and presently live in LaPine, Oregon.

Marriage and Birth Data.

The following is a listing of the towns that I have entered to this homepage :

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To see the birth and marriage data for a certain town, click on the appropriate letter above.

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