Joel J Pierce Mystery-Rhea Kurykendall Info  From My Journal by LD Pierce

Journal LD Pierce Oct 15 1998

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"The Joel Joseph Pierce Mystery and Nolanís Expedition"

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Phillip Nolan New Handbook of Texas
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Last Week while searching for genealogy information in Cleburne TX I finally got a chance to browse the book "It Took Their Kind" by W.E. "Jack" Carlton of Cleburne TX. I had spoken to Mr. Carlton in 1996 while out in Cleburne selling door chimes and, also doing some poking around in the Leyland Museum for additional genealogy stuff on my Pierce family tree. I was trying to find additional information about the Pierce Ranch at GoatNeck and Mr. Carlton had a paper back book about history of the area. When I called him he had some additional information to supply about a certain Pierce who had joined the Nolan Expedition. This person was Joel J (Joseph) Pierce. Now more about Nolan: "Born in Ireland first came to Texas and established residence at Nacogdoches in 1791. When killed was a resident of Natchez, Miss. Killed near Blanco River (present Day Nolan River), March 21, 1801 by the Spaniards. Was buried here by his Negro slaves Caesar and Robert. Nolan's death aroused a wave of indignation that led to the Independence of Texas in the 1800-1801. Joel J Pierce died 1805 Chihuahua Mexico in Prison."

" All of these prisoners perished in Mexican prisons by 1818 after long and cruel punishment., One of them Joel J Pierce was allowed to Correspond with the world outside and his correspondence revealed many circumstances of importance. His letters to relatives in SC described Nolan's journey through the lower part of what is today Johnson County TX. It provided an excellent description of what was to enable his relatives far away to acquire the present day Pierce homestead familiar to so many in the county today. As late as 1965 the family held firmly to the belief that Joel and Francis Pierce were buried under the selfsame oak that rises about the resting place of Nolan, and this plot is recognized as the "old Pierce burial ground" situated near the Blanco River, now named the Nolan" From the book "It Took Their Kind" by: WE Jack Carlton Cleburne TX page 20

".... That many of his family would traverse the many hundreds of miles from the upper Carolinas to Johnson County, settle there, and found a famous ranch known to this day...(The Clem Pierce ranch)" same book above page 5

I wrote Mr. Carlton Oct 13 1998  

Hi Jack

I finally got over to the Cleburne TX Library the other day and got to browse through your Book " It took their kind"

I assume the ranch you refer to on page 20 and 52 is the Pierce ranch at GoatNeck? Do you have any other info on how the Piercess gathered this ranch. In the Johnson County history book it states that Clem Pierce had as much as 6500 acres of land. I have heard from Relatives Lester Jones that part of the Pierce ranch was not sold but leased for 99 years and the descendants of Clem Pierce had been to Cleburne in 1998. This has not been verified. We are interested in contacting these Pierces for genealogy and history reasons (obviously!). I plan to call the tax collector of Johnson County today possibly.  (July 2012 Now located one Living Descendant of Clam Abercrombie Pierce)

With whom was Joel J Pierce corresponding with in Carolina?? North or South??(Person City and State County?) Any other info onFrancis Pierce??

Who were the Pierces you visited with when you write "as late as 1965" in talking about the old Pierce burial ground

Any and all help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I am almost done with the descendants of Capt. Andrew Jackson Pierce if you want a copy. Clem Pierce and his brother LD Pierce (my great great grandfather) were his sons. Thanks LD Pierce

Mr. Carlton returned my call and was unable at this time to send copies of several documents we discussed. He was ill with chronic inflammation and going to Doctors, and his mother was in the Hospital with a hip replacement. We did spend over 2 hours discussing his findings, which will occupy two whole chapters of a new book (Sequel to the first) that is in the final stages of editing.

In 1954 he became interested in the Nolan Expedition, and in investigating the details of this expedition, became familiar with Joel J. Pierce and wife Francis Roye, after locating the burial ground of Nolan Himself. His research turned up some letters from Rev. Ray Kurkendall of Silver City NM, one dated Aug 4 1949,and the other 1965.

The letters were to Maureen Wilson, a historian, and student at the University of Texas, Austin, who wrote her Thesis on the exploration of the Hill (Johnson County) area on the Brazos River from present day Waco TX to North of Cleburne. He wrote her searching for information (genealogy related) about his father Joe Pierce and Grandfather Joseph (Joel) Pierce. His search led him to locate some living relative (unknown to us now) who lived in the Blum Whitney area who had information about the where abouts that these Pierces were buried. This cousin led him to the oak tree at the river crossing of the Blanco River (now the Nolan) where supposedly Nolan himself was buried. This cousin stated that Joel Joseph himself, and his wife were buried on the other side of the oak tree from Nolanís grave. This letter also writes of Kurkendallís discovery that Joseph Pierce was Ĺ Cherokee and migrated from Mississippi to East Texas Henderson County when the Cherokees were relocated there. His letters also mention the names of Hugh Pierce and Aquilla Carruthers Pierce. More info will follow later in the year when Jack Carlton can get me a copy of these letters.

Kurkendallís concern for the preservation of Nolanís grave, and the graves of his ancestors led to a couple of newspaper articles: one Jan 8 1988 in the Cleburne Eagle News, and the 2nd in the Fort Worth Star Telegram in 1941.

The 2nd letter concerned Raymond McDearmon, who was a very good friend and colleague of the past chairman of the Historical Commission of Johnson County, Mrs. Kimbro, wife of Dr. Robert W Kimbro of Rio Vista. Mr. McDearman had a ten-year assignment from the State Hwy Dept concerning highway markers, and it he who eventually got the historical marker placed at Nolanís grave.

Other documents (from the Univ. of TX and from Mexico) that Kurkendall uses as source documents (which were in Spanish and had been obtained with the help of Mrs. Kimbro who was Spanish with Mexican Heritage) stated info about the settlement of the Pierce ranch itself. Information here stated in 1841 the "Pierce wagon train with over 103 persons, including slaves left Kemper County Mississippi, and Migrated to Rusk, Henderson County, and then to Hill County (Now Johnson County). In searching the county North of Waco on the Brazos, when crossing Mustang Creek, Mr. Pierce, found two natural springs." Mr. Pierce exclaimed " these springs are what I have been looking for" in that this area fit the exact descriptions that were written by Joe Joseph Pierce from the Mexican Prisons. It was his detailed descriptions and maps that had led his Pierce family to migrate to the present Day Johnson County and Hill County areas. The Pierce ranch eventually stretched from near present day Blum-Whitney, all the way up the Brazos River, past Cleburne, encompassing some ten square miles of land. (6,500 acres) Oct 27 1998 Lester Jones the eldest descendent of the Andrew Jackson Pierce family states that the ranch was as much as ten sections. His mother inherited part of it. Per Lester the Clem Pierce Ranch house was on Ham Creek.

Jack Carlton has indicated that Maureen Teresa Wilson of Austin has even more information contained in her masterís Thesis at the University of Texas. It is possible that Kurkendall descendents of Rev Kurkendall in Silver Springs are in possession of his original research documents. He was a doctor and a Reverend and I feel sure he had quite a genealogy collection. I am going to begin trying to contact his descendents soon. I am also going to try to contact this Mrs. Kimbro former chairman of the Johnson County Historical Commission. (I have since found that she is deceased) It looks like I will have several more years of searching and locating some of these documents and sources to track down how the Pierces obtained the 6,500 acre ranch. I also hope this info will lead to finding out who are the mother and father or brothers and sister of Rueben Pierceóour Andrew Jackson Pierces father. Mr. Carltonís new book has two chapters on these matters.

Oct 28 1998 I have info from Wanda ([email protected]) who lives in Mississippi. "I am very interested in the wagon train. My grandmothersís Uncle Henry Hart wrote articles for the Terrell, TX newspaper. That is where I got my lead on the Hart and Pierce line. He said they came from Kemper Co. MS on a wagon train with over a hundred people. You are the first person I have heard of who had info on it. I would love to have any information that you have about the wagon train." "LD can you clarify these Pierces for me and the Frances buried under the tree. I was thinking Frances DeLoach but she was too young to be there when Nolan was. Maybe you can straighten me out. There are too many Joseph. Joel, and Joeís.:" " My sister is very confused. She read Rhea Kurkendallís papers where he said Joseph and Frances Deloach were buried under the tree. Of course she knew they were married in Alabama and not in Texas at that time. I told her to read your info and forget the other. I know yours will be correct when published? Am I not right??" " I believe his papers are in Dallas or Fort Worth. Will ask my sister. I never heard of him till she sent me copies. Will get back to you" "My sister said the Kurkendall papers are at the FW LibraryÖin the genealogy Dept. you have to ask for themÖ." So now I have my future research path set out for me!!

LD Pierce Dallas TX

Journal November 1 1998

My researching has finally led me to locate Herbert E Blackstock, formerly of Johnson County now living in Pecos, TX. He is 86 years old. He wrote many of the history and stories about the Pierces that appear in the Johnson County History Book. He remembered all the stories his dad used to tell him about the Pierces. You can never imagine his surprise when I call out of the blue one Sunday morning and announced my name as "LD Pierce" he was quite surprised!! He grew up in the Cleburne and GoatNeck area, and his dad grew up there. He says they were living in GoatNeck before the Petersonís arrived. He thinks this was around 1860 same time as the Pierces arrived. His Uncle Frank Long was Sheriff of Johnson County. He remembered the story of LD Pierceís son who was killed and threw down in the water well. The family did not know anything about it till they notice the smell in the drinking water and found the body. They never found out anything about who killed that son or why he was killed. Herbert could not remember the sonís name. Herbert recalls that the well is still there, and that it was covered by a huge flat rock with a hole in the center. A small stone wall had been built up around the well with the rock on top. The last time he was at the Pierce ranch he could not find the rock and the well was all caved in. He recalls that the Pierces "came from Mississippi to Johnson County soon after the civil war" and that Clem Pierce owned much land before LD Pierce arrived. LD Pierce owned a huge tract of land that today is known as GoatNeck (all the land around the GoatNeck Community Center) LD Pierce came to the land on the Brazos and his freed slaves traveled with him, and worked for him on the ranch. They were known with the last name Pierce also. He had heard there were as many as 20 freed slaves. LD Pierce built the old log house, which was described by both Herbert and Mrs. Viola Block. Pierce Crossing on the Brazos River was close by the Old Log House. He recalls that the description of GoatNeck included land from Fishtrap Crossing to Bluff Mills and Bee Mountain and Back to the north crossing. Part of that area used to be in Hill and Bosque Counties. Herbert says he has an extra copy of the first edition of the Johnson County History Book, and will autograph it and give it to July 1999 at the GoatNeck Reunion. LD Pierce Nov 1 1998  2012 I found info that Herbert Blackwells mother was a pierce in GA but not cannot find that info again.

Journal Nov 14, 1998

I received more information today from Wanda Ruby in Hernanado Mississippi. I knew she was going to send some copies of Ray Kurkendallís papers but lo and behold the first document was from my great Uncle Clem Pierce to Ray Kurkendall. (Clem was my grandfatherís brother) He writes:

"My fathers name was LD Pierce, he and his brother Clem lived in Cleburne TX. He died in 1907. (Editor: unclear as to who died in 1907) He was a cousin of "Dave and Quill" Pierce (Here Ray Kurkendall wrote in "the latter was my grandfather- R.K" meaning Quill. He was born in GA and came to McClennan Co when he was just a boy. They moved to Johnson County on the Brazos across from Bosque County. The Pierce Heirs still own the place---Uncle Clem's Bunch. I have four brothers: LD, George, Allen & Felix. LD is in Spearman, TX, also Allen. George lives at Dalhart, TX. Felix our baby brother is in the army at Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was 24 years old last Dec. 16. I am 43, born in Johnson County. I am the oldest boy in our family, also two sisters. Pa had lots of brothers. Their names were George, John, Clem, & Andrew. My grandfather's name was Andrew Jackson Pierce. My father-in-laws, I F Dacus used to know your folks in Hill County. He died here at home the 3rd of Jan. I expect Dave Mosley knows more about my folks than I do. Best Regard, Clem Pierce Arch New Mexico (near Portales NM) Jan. 22, 1937"

So here is the link I have been looking for in my Joel J Pierce Mystery. QUILL (Aquilla) Pierce was Rhea Kurkendallís grandfather. David Pierce was Sheriff of Johnson County in 1855. Clem says they were cousins. I have sent copies of Wandaís material to Dan Pierce in CA, Dorman Thomas in Arlington, TX. All are much more highly trained genealogists than I am and soon we will get to the bottom of this mystery. As time permits I will begin processing some of Kuykendallís information to insert in this journal. Dec 9 1998 Found info today in GA that indicates that Dave Mosleyís mother was a Pierce (Calhoun Co. GA) 


Letter from Allen Pierce to Eddie Force 1980 "George Pierce died at Cisco Texas. He died when Ola Dell was a baby. I donít know what year it must have been between 1893 and 1895. I have not idea where Bertha was born. She married and her husband went through with most of her property. Uncle Clem Pierce went to Cisco to get the 3 girls & brought them to Johnson County TX, where he raised Olla Dell and Mattie. Bertha your Grandmother lived with her uncle LD (Lorenzo Dowell). That was my dad. I have heard of the man's name that Ola married but I have forgot. Jack Pierce married Nancy Abercrombie. I donít know where she is buried, but I believe in Johnson Co. Jack Pierce died 1891 or 1892, he is buried close to his old farm in Johnson County TX. When the Pierces moved to Texas there was just Jack and Nancy's family. I will try to name the kids and donít know which was oldest. George and Clem came first. Then Grandmother and children, Rhoda Dad and LD. Uncle George's first wife Mollie (this is in error Mollie was Clem's wife LDP Editor) and cousins came later. Aunt Jane the oldest girl married and stayed in GA. The Pierces settled on the Brazos River 20 miles NW from Waco TX. They stayed there 3 years then went to Johnson County TX. Uncle George Moved to Cisco, TX. I am not much help-I know-but the older Pierces were rough and had to be. Signed--Allen Pierce Spearman Texas MAY 1980

Journal Sept 7 1999

I phoned Jack Carlton last week hoping he was in better health. My research (and that of other possible Pierce Relatives has lead me to believe that my great great great grandfather Reuben Pierce, was in fact the brother of Joel J Pierce. It appears that they were both the sons of Hugh Pierce VA 1749 Fredricksberg VA. We have no proof. Jack Carlton did send me two chapters from his new book (title unknown to me). The following is a quote regarding Joel J Pierce which appears on Page 64 of the chapter entitled:  "The Man Who Wanted to Be King"  concerning Nolan's attempt to conquer Texas with his band of 24 followers.

Speaking of Phillip Nolan's men in prisonÖ. "Joel J Pierce became a favorite because of his varied skills, which were put to use in the many towns where he was confined and worked for different businesses. During these years he corresponded with kin the faraway Carolinas. With his details and descriptions, his family found its way to the two springs (still flowing today) on Mustang Creek and nearby on the Nolan (Blanco) River and homesteaded in the historic lands of Nolan.

By 1818 all of those once prisoner, Except Bean, had passed on and historians began to relate stories, all of them unfavorable in the USA. Men like Moses Austin of Missouri had then began to plan their own journeys into this gem of a land named TEXAS." (see Bean diaries)

I also received much new information from Wanda Ruby of Hernando MS who is also researching Hugh Pierce descendents. This information is inserted below. The most interesting fact is in a letter she received from another cousin:

" I am not sure of the connection between Reuben and Hugh Pierce. I show him connected to the George Pierce line per Clem Pierce's letter noted below. Shirlene Love also states she remembers her grandfather, Oscar Aquilla Pierce, talking about his cousin, L.D. Pierce, who lived in Spearman TX."



The work of John Pierce
He is also a descendent of Hugh Pierce)
is located at:  John Pierce passed away
(April 30, 1937 - August 18, 2012)

john calvin pierce born hurley nm died las cruces nm

John Pierce Web Pages  Descendents of Hugh Pierce

                      David McCracken  (Elizabeth Pierce married Him)


David McCracken

Hugh Pierce (1749 - 1836)


Wanda Ruby's Genealogy Info Regarding Hugh Pierce and sons 
Joel J Pierce and Reuben

Descendants of Hugh Pierce By Wanda Ruby Hernando MS 

Generation No. 1

1. HUGH1 PIERCE was born Abt. 1749 in Frederick Co. Va., and died Sept. 1836 in 
Jefferson Co. Ala.. He married SOPHIA HUNTER Abt. 1770, daughter of BOLD HUNTER and BEAVER TOTER. She was born Abt. 1756, and died Abt. 1847 in Rusk Co.,Tx ?.

(Our Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution is doing research on Hugh Pierce and know he is buried in Habersham Co., GA, but do not know where. We would like to perform a grave marking ceremony befitting this Revolutionary War Patriot if we can locate his grave. Any help will be appreciated.

Notes for HUGH PIERCE:

Hugh was born around 1749 in Fredrick Co., Virginia. Hugh had at least one sister - for she is spoken of in his pension application from the Revolutionary War. Her name is not given - only that she lived - at the time - in Jones Co. Ga. This was 17 Sep 1834. Believed to be married to ? Adams. Hugh is said to have married a full blood Cherokee woman named Sophia Hunter or Toter if Cherokee tradition was followed. As indians were not considered citizens, they were listed more like a possession on the early census. In 1820, Habersham Co, Ga, Hugh is over 45 years old and has one female type possession, listed on that census. Hugh died around 1837 in Jefferson Co, Ala. Sophia is said to have come by wagon train with the Pierce clan to Texas and she is supposed to have been buried in an indian cemetery in Henderson, Tx. I think she probably died in Alabama or Mississippi before the Pierces made the trip to Texas due to her age.

Hugh and Sophia had five children, George,( Bettie (married to ? John Adams) this I am not sure about as Hugh also had sister named Bettie believed to have married an Adams., Charlie, Willis, Jeremiah and Joel Joseph. Reuben is also shown as son but I have not confirmed this, see notes for Reuben. Bettie sometimes was short for Elizabeth. After much research I find it hard to accept Jeremiah as being one of Hugh's. Jeremiah and his family are found in La. and are living on land that had been in Jeremiah's family for many years. One of the older Pierce's name in LA. was Flave. Have not confirmed any of this. Mrs. Dillon from Houston is of the same mind as I am but she to has not been able to prove anything at this time. Have some of the information from La. in files.

In Ga. DAR collection, 1926, at page 262, "Dec. 8, 1798, Hugh Pierce v Abraham Odum". Same p. 266. "Jurors, 1801...George Pierce". Same, page 334 "Loose Papers, Jury for Feb. 1801 George Pierce..." Same, page. 221 deeds, 1795 "Abraham Pierce of Edgefield So. Car., and George Ogg of Augusta" All of these were in Franklin Co., Ga. Hugh Pierce was living in Habersham Co., Ga. when first census was taken in 1820. He listed a male over 45 years of age,no free white females, l female slave. This from Rhea Kuykendall research. In deed book A of Habersham Co., Ga. Hugh Pierce witnessed along with Richard Chitweed, W. B. Wofford a deed from William Wofford to Charles Baker of lands on Broad River, Jun 19, 1821. Georgia Roster of the Revolution, by Knight, pg 364: Pierce, Hugh, lottery 1827, Habersham Co., Ga.

In the "Authentic List of All Land Grants Made to Veterans of the Rev. War" in the State of Georgia, Pub by authority of the Sec. of State of Georgia, second Edition, 1966, pg 55. Rev. Veteran Hugh Pierce, residence, Habersham Co. Lottery 1827, fortunate draw 119 114 Lee County Reverted. 26 5, Troup Co., granted 12/22/1828. Also, roster of Rev. War Soldiers in Ga, by McCall, Val.III page 300. In Rev. Claims of South Carolina, by Revill, page 267: "Pearce, Hugh No. Return 80". On page 379, it appears that return No 80 was sent out of the Office 27 Oct 1785. In the Second Land Lotter, 1807, in Ga, George Parce drew lot 196 in 8th Dist. of Baldwin Co., Ga. at which time he lived in Griffith's Militia Dist. of Franklin Co., Ga.

In the July Issue, 1977, of the Northwest Georgia Historical and Gen. Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 3, called "Cherokee Indian Issue" is listed the Cherokee Indian Census of 1835, among those listed: Beaver Toter, Living on Watercourse (of) Chattooga River, in family 2 males under 18, l male over 18, 2 females under 18, l female over 18, six in family, all full blooded. The Chattooga River forms the boundary between Ga and So Car. in extreme Northeast Ga. Chattooga is also the name of a river in the county of that name adjoining Alabama.

In Vol. 17 of Georgia Genealogical Mag, July 1965 issue a query sought info on: " Hugh Pearce, R. S. from S. C. moved to Ga, prior to 1800, wife Sophia Hunter (full blood Cherokee Indian, her father was Bear Hunter and mother was Beaver Toter) died C. 1834 in Jefferson Co., Ala. Son George Pearce and wife Elizabeth ? from Habersham and Franklin Counties, Ga. to Jefferson Co., Ala., thence to Kemper Co., Miss. thence to Rusk Co. Tx.. 1849 (5) Thomas W. Hodges b. ca 1824 in S. C. married Eliza Jane Pearce b, ca 1826 in Ga., died ca 1861 in Rusk Co., Tx". Need to check for this query. Was told there was a Hightower and Lucy Green in this query in some way and I have always wondered where my grandmother came up with the name Miranda Green Hodges.

Jones and Gandrud, Ala Records, Val. 107: Pg 341: Hugh Pierce late of said county died in testate. Peter Anderson, sheriff, made administrator. 12 Dec 1837. Page 369: "Hugh Pierce deceased. Final settlement of Peter Anderson, Sheriff and administrator of estate, made the 25th day of Feb 1843. To balance of Judgment is George Pierce returned in inventory $2400.

By commissioners allowed the admin'r $170

By fees of administration 718.31

Balance in hands of adm'r 1561 1/4

By Moses Kelly voucher no. l 1925.

Jones and Gandrud, Ala Records, Vol. 112: Jefferson Co., Ala., Orphans Court Book, 1837-1844: Page 37: Hugh Pierce has lately died in testate and no person having applied for administration on estate, Peter Anderson, sheriff is appointed. 11 December 1837. I let myself believe that maybe George was making himself scarce as this was about the time that the Cherokees were being rounded up for the Trail of Tears march into Oklahoma and took his time getting into the court to claim the estate.

Carol Jean McClure Evans sent much info. Her line comes from John Wesley Hodges, son of Elizabeth A. Pierce married to Thomas H. Hodges. This is where we branch off from the Pierce line. Elizabeth A. and Thomas H. are our gggrandparents.



Sophia is said to be full blood Cherokee Indian, father Bold Hunter , mother Beaver Toter/Toater. Unfortunately I have not been able to prove this connection yet. Bold Hunter is listed on the Reservation Roll along with Bold Hunter Jr. Heirs of Bold Hunter (Rain Frog and Nancy Big Bear were listed with the board of commissioners to settle claims under the treaty of 1817 and 1819 and were allowed $l,l04). Do not know for sure who these heirs were. Beaver Toter is shown on the Henderson Roll in Ga. Do not have any other information on this. She does not show on a later roll that I can find. Bold Hunter Jr was given land On Littler Tellico at the mouth of Little Natcha Creek in Dec of 1819. Again I can find no definite family members on any of these. I also found where Bold Hunter signed Treaty of Telico Block House, dtd 11 Oct 1794. Any of this could be possible. Just no proof.

Story has it, Sophia was buried in Cherokee Burial Ground in Henderson, Rusk Co.,Tx, after coming to Texas with son George and his family. No proof.

Her age makes me believe this could be wrong. Although Hugh died before the rest of the Pierce's made their trek into Texas and if the census showing her as non white is true, she was much younger then Hugh. So could have been possible, again who knows? So far have not been able to find anything on this cemetery. The Cherokee nation is not to happy about trying to help. Her parents are believed to have been Bear Hunter and Beaver Toter.

Francis D. Nelms made application for citizenship to Cherokee Nation but was turned down. It states that "S. H. Hayes, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation says that Sophia Pierce nor George Pierce's name appears on any authentic rolls of said nation". I believe Francis D. Nelms is Francis Pierce, daughter of Aquilla and Nancy DeLoach, married to James Nelms.

I had always thought Aquilla could have been an Indian name but to my surprise when I finally found George's wife's people, McCracken, the name Aquilla had been in their line for quiet some time. Came from Scotland probably. It means Eagle.


Children of HUGH PIERCE and SOPHIA HUNTER are:

i. BETTIE2 PIERCE, b. Abt. 1771; m. UNKNOWN ADAMS.


Her name could have been Elizabeth. Believed to have married an Adams.

Some think his name was John. No confirmation. Hugh's pension application states he had a sister, Betty, living in Jones Co. GA., with their birth records. I am not convinced that Bettie was a daughter of Hugh. Although excerpt from Rhea Kuykendall's research states: "Two days ago (September 26, 1960), I visited Calvin Pierce, age 74 of Hurley, New Mexico. He gave me a great deal of data. He resembled my uncle Aquilla Caruthers Pierce so much that a lump came into my throat every time I looked at him. He told me that George Pierce, the son of Hugh, had a sister, Betti, who married a Adams; a brother, Charlie, who with a companion named Sla----were both killed by Texas Rangers; and a brother, Willis, who was assassinated when he crossed a bridge in Smith County. TX." This could be mixed up with Hugh's sister Betty.

ii. CHARLIE PIERCE, b. Abt. 1773, Spartanburg Dist, S. C..


Reported to have been killed by Texas Rangers. Not confirmed. This information found in a copy of some Rhea Kuykendall research. Copy made by Ruth Cunningham.

In The Dallas Morning News, Sunday, 18 May 1997 - Book reveals memoirs of roper-lawman - Tascosa, Texas --"In spring a young cowboy's fancy might run to saloon girls. And a fastidious drover in Tascosa in the 1880's could choose among Frog Lip Sadie, Rowdy Kate, Homely Ann, Canadian Lily, Panhandle Nan, Slippery Sue, Gizzard Lip, Midnight Rose or Box Car Jane.

Jim Gober's favorite was Rocking Chair Emma. She helped him hide out drunken Tom Harris one night in her two room adobe hut when hired guns were hunting him. But I'm getting ahead of the story. A tired, 67-year-old private detective named Jim Gober died in Amarillo in 1933, leaving a messy memoir of a significant but messy life.


He'd been a trail driver, one of the cowhands who established the Panhandle's sprawling Frying Pan Ranch. At 22, he'd been Potter County's first sheriff, youngest sheriff in the United States. While sheriff, he fatally shot a constable. Before winning acquittal, he had wed the county judge's daughter in Potter County's first marriage. Strutting across his memory were the likes of Old Sam Jacinto's wild son Temple Houston, as well as bandits Sam Bass, Rube Burrow, Al Jennings and, on the other side of the badge, Billy the Kid nemesis Sheriff Pat Garrett and his sometime sidekick, man-killer Jim East. Jim East nearly ended the Gober autobiography on an early page. The memoirist's recollection of that Tascosa drama will cock your pistol: I walked around in front of the bar, and when I asked several of the boys to join me in a drink, five or six lined up with me and came up to the bar.

As Jesse (Jenkins, saloon owner) set out the glasses and bottles, Jim East, the (Oldham County) sheriff, popped in, bareheaded, with an Indian blanket around his shoulders. He walked up beside and almost against me and said 'Do you know what I am going to do with you? I am going to shoot your brains out and eat them up.' Before he had a chance to draw, I leveled my .45 on him and said, 'Your appetite for brains will spoil your future if you aren't careful.' At that moment, (Chief Deputy Charlie) Pierce, who was East's faithful friend, had trailed East and was behind me and put his gun against the back of my head and said, "Jim if you kill East, I will have to kill you."


Then I heard a double click still behind Pierce, and Jesse Jenkins; keen voice rang out, 'Off the kid with that gun, or I will blow your head off.' I realized in a moment that he was behind East, Pierce, and me. Jesse had a cap-and-ball shotgun with the barrel sawed off to about 18 inches long and with a six-shooter handle on it. He kept it loaded with two inches of black bowder and 15 buckshot in each barrel, and if it had gone off, not only Pierce but East and I as well would have been headless. I am confident East and Pierce felt the same sensation as I did. So, all was silent for a minute. Then Pierce stepped around me and took East by the arm and led him out and, fortunately, East left without resistance.In those days, Tascosa and Dodge City, Kan., were the busiest cities of the plains. Yet, liken them to Sodom and Gomorrah, Salty spots. Cowpuncher Gober, a product of Hunt and Denton counties, had driven herds and smelled gunsmoke in Dodge City's Lady Gay Saloon. Etc" I am trying to get copy of these memoirs at this time. Sounds like our Pierce family? I realize this is the wrong Charlie to be Hugh's son, because of the age, but to get it in our family pages I used this space. Could be one of ours later down the line. 

2. iii. GEORGE PIERCE, b. Abt 1776 Spartanburg Dist S. Car; d. 1850, Rusk Co TX

3. iv. JEREMIAH PIERCE, b. Abt. 1783, N. Car.

v. WILLIS PIERCE, b. Abt. 1791, Franklin Co., Ga.; d. Smith Co., Tx..


Per Rhea Kuykendall research: " Calvin Pierce of Hurley, New Mexico stated that George Pierce, the son of Hugh, had a sister, Bettie, who married an Adams; a brother, Charlie, who with a companion named Sla-----were both killed by Texas Rangers; and a brother, Willis, who was assassinated when he crossed a bridge in Smith County. TX."


vi. JOEL JOSEPH PIERCE, b. Abt. 1778; d. Bet. Apr 28 1804 - 1805, Mexican Prison in Chihuahua Mexico.


On the 6th of Oct, 1800, the Spanish commander of the post at Concordia, LA, addressed an official communication to the military commander at Nacogdoches, informing him that Philip Nolan was (under the pretext of chasing wild horses) organizing an expedition of thirty or forty armed men to enter the territory of Texas; that he had remonstrated with the authorities at Natchez, Mississippi, but he was satisfied that they would not discountenance the plans of Nolan. The above communication was forwarded from Nacogdoches to the commanding general at Chihuahua, who transmitted it to the viceroy.

Lieutrnant M. Muzquiz was ordered to start in pursuit of Nolan, and he left Nacogdoches with that object on the 4th of March, 1801. From Muzquiz's diary on March 21st is following account: "The fight lasted until 9 a.m., when Nolan being killed by a cannon-ball, his men surrendered. They were out ammunition. His force at the time of the engagement was composed of 14 Americans, l Creole of Louisiana, 7 Spaniards or Mexicans, and 2 negro slaves. Nolan had three men wounded and several horses killed. His men had long beards. After the surrender I learned that they had left Natchez with supplies for two months, and had been in the woods and prairies of Texas over seven months, living on horse meat. Nolan's negroes asked permission to bury their master, which I granted, after causing his ears to be cut off, in order to send them to the Governor of Texas.

Among the list of the men who followed Nolan: Joel J. Pierce, North Carolina, 22; Joel J. Pierce died in prison. The King of Spain, by a royal decree, dated at El Pardo, February 23rd, 1807, ordered one out of five of Nolan's men to be hung, and the balance to suffer ten years of hard labor (the King was under the impression that ten men were prisoners).  But as one of them (Joseph Pierce) had died, the new judge decided that only one out of the nine remaining was to suffer the penalty of death, which legal opinion was approved by Gen. Salcedo. In the town of Chihuahua on Nov 9, 1807 threw the dice (that the oldest of them should throw first, and he who threw the smallest number should be hung). Ephraim Blackburn was hung at the Plaza de los Urangas, in the town of Chihuahua, on the 11th of November, 1807. (--The battle and burial of Nolan took place near present day Blum, TX and the Nolan River)(ibid A Texas Scrapbook by D.W.C. Baker - 1875 p. 230, 231, 233, 234, 235) Nolan set out from Natchez in Octobrer, 1800, accompanied by 18 American, 7 Spaniards, and 2 Negro slaves. (Ibid A History of Hill County, Texas 1853-1980 by Members of Hill County Historical Commission, Residents of Communities, Editorial Staff: Miss Ruth B. Reed, Mrs. Walton Smith, Dr. Celest Varnell Dodd, Chairman. p.7.) One of the Americans who joined Nolan's expedition was Joel Joseph Pierce, 22, native of North Carolina, and resident of Natchez a year and a half. (ibid Philip Nolan and Texas-Expeditions to the Unknown Land. 1791-1801 by Maurine T. Wilson and Jack Jackson p.42)

An Article appeared in the Cleburne Eagle News in Jan 8, 1988.

The following article in Fort Worth Star Telegram in 1941: Rev. Rhea Kuykendall, Presbyterian minister of Silver City, N.M., believes he has positive proof that Philip Nolan in 1801 fought his battle with the Spaniards and was buried near Blum, and urges that the state of Texas erect a marker at the spot.

Nolan, an adventurous character of the Texas-Louisiana border, is believed to have been the first American to lead an armed force into Spanish Texas. He was believed to have been the first American to head an armed force into Spanish Texas. He was believed by some historians and by the Spaniards to be an agent of Aaron Burr, in a conspiracy to seize the territory. A successful trader, he had led several expeditions across the border to capture wild horses and had aroused the suspicion of the Spaniards. In his expedition of 1800-1801 ostensibly to catch horses, he was accompanied by 18 or 10 men. In a battle with a small contingent of Spanish soldiers he was killed.


Rev. Kuykendall, in a letter to the Star-Telegram, relates that several years ago he was taken by a cousin to the graves of his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pierce, under an immense live oak tree about midway between Rio Vista and Blum. "In the grass," he wrote, "I found a small tombstone inscribed: "Sacred to the Memory of Nolan."

"Inquiry developed that his battle occurred where old Live Oak Cemetery now is on the west bank of Noland's River. Immediately south is a deep ravine, called "Battle Branch" by old settlers. Also to the south is "Battle Ford," named by old settlers.

Nolan's body was buried on the east side of th4 river, about half a mile from the stream, under the live oak, where my grandparents were buried. The tree has a girth of about 13 feet and a spread of 240 feet.


"My great-grandfather (Joseph Pierce) was a nephew of Joe Pierce, who was in Nolan's party. He came to Texas and the Blum area in ___. He was half Cherokee, had race horses, killed six men in his time and was shot to death on the race track at Waco in 1856. He was buried near Nolan. Others are buried there. It is known as "the old Pierce burying ground". All the graves were dug into years ago by people hunting for the gold Nolan was supposed to have with him.

"Nolan's grave is on land farmed by my great-grandfather. My grandfather, Aquilla Pierce, and his brother, Dave, and their step-brother, Harrison Roye, all cut bullets out of the trees on the battlefield when they were children."

(The cousin who took Rhea Kuykendall to the graves of Nolan and Frances/Joseph Pierce was my grandfather, Oscar Aquilla Pierce, son of David Pierce and grandson of Joseph/Frances Pierce, Oscar Aquilla Pierce was born and lived in the Blum area until about 1940 when he moved to Crosby Co., TX. When Joseph Pierce moved west and came to the Blum-Rio Vista area and found the natural springs there, he said, "These are the springs I have been looking for". These springs fit the exact detailed description that Joel Joseph Pierce had written in letters to his brother, George, and nephew Joseph, from the Mexican prison in Chihuahua before he died. After Joseph was shot in 1856, Frances married Isaac Roye, hence the stepbrother, Harrison Roye.

--by Shirlene Irvin Love/Shirley Pierce Irvin/Oscar Aquilla Pierce.)

My understanding is that Joseph Pierce, son of George Pierce, was a quarter Indian as George was the half breed, son of Hugh Pierce and Sophia Hunter, full blood Cherokee Indian. BJ

4. vii. REUBEN PIERCE, b. Abt. 1768, SC; d. Aft. 1850, Hall Co., GA.


Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE2 PIERCE (HUGH1) was born Abt. 1776 in Spartanburg Dist, S. Car, and died 1850 in Rusk Co., TX. He married ELIZABETH MCCRACKEN Abt. 1799 in Franklin Co, Ga.?, daughter of DAVID MCCRACKEN and ELIZABETH WILSON. She was born 1775 in N. or S. Car., and died Aft. 1860 in Cherokee Co. Tx..


In the Second Land Lottery, 1807, in Ga., George Pearce drew lot 196 in 8th Dist. of Baldwin County, Ga. at which time he lived in Griffith's Militia Dist. of Franklin Co., Ga. ???

Henderson, Tx: Rusk C. Courthouse Index to Estates No. l, Vol. E, the probate of George Pierce started on page 440. There is a variation of the spelling of the name Pierce, Pearce, and even Peirce all within the document. Never found last pages of estate settlement. The 620 (one place shows 640) acres, is listed in David Brown Headright. Vol. L, in which this probate was continued could not be located (Vol. L. page 190), so am not sure of outcome. Believed to have been finished in 1871.

Jones and Gandrud, Alabama Records, Vol. 1007: page 369: "Hugh Pierce deceased. Final settlement of Peter Anderson, Sheriff and administrator of estate, made the 25th day of Feb 1843. To balance of Judgment is George Pierce returned in inventory $2400. Page 382: George Pierce & Abner Killough named security for Matthew M. Click, appointed guardian of Wm. F. McElroy, infant child of Randolph L. McElroy, deceased 23 Dec. 1837. See page 3. Alabama Records, Jones, Vol. 10, Jefferson Co., page 205, Pierce, James and Elizabeth Nellemns, 12 Jul 1827; solemnized 12th. George Pierce wrote consent for son.

Book by May Jean Pettit states 1850 census of Rusk Co, Tx lists Geo & Elizabeth Pierce, both age 74, along with l dgt, Minerva, her husband Wm C. Churchwell & their children. 5 of the Pierce sons, David, Riley, James, Joseph and Charles with wives & children. Geo Pierce, born about 1776, Spartanburg Dist, S Car, died 1854, Rusk Co, Tx, married about 1797 probably in Franklin Co., Ga. THERE IS SAID TO BE A LIST OF PERSONS WHO WERE ENTITLED TO RESERVATIONS IN THE CHEROKEE NATION 1817-1819, AND THE LIST INCLUDES BALD or BOLD HUNTER AND BEAVER TOTER. This is believed to be George's grandparents, parents of his mother, Sophia Hunter. Hugh, father of Geo, enlisted in Dec 1775, Rev War, served 2 months as Pvt in Capt John Wood's Co, Col Thomas' S. Car Reg. Enlisted 2 Jul 1776, served 6 mos as Pvt in Capt John Wood's Co, Co, Col Willia W. Wofford's S. Car Reg, and was in Battle of Timothea. Enlisted in 1780 and served 3 months as a Pvt in Capt McPeter's S. Car Co. Enlisted in 1781, served 2 months as Pvt in Capt John Henry's Co, Col Moffett's S. Car Reg and was at the taking of Fort Granby. He then enlisted and served 2 mos as a Pvt in Capt Samuel Lacey's Co, Col Thomas Beil's S. Car Reg. Jefferson Co, Ala records show the names of Hugh's parents were unknown. Hugh was allowed pension on certificate #27624, which was issued Sept 17, 1834, rate thirty dollars per annum via Alabama agency. Places of residence show he moved from Frederick Co, Va to Camden Dist, S. Car. During the Rev War, he resided in Lawson's Fork of Ninety Six Dist, S. Car,Spartanburg Dist, and Camden Dist, S. Car. He moved to Franklin Co, Ga, then to Habersham Co., Ga where he was living in 1832. Hugh sued Abraham Odom in Franklin Co., Ga. in 1798. Hugh Pierce of Habersham Co., drew land in Lee Co and in Troup Co, Ga, in the 1827 lottery as a Rev. solder. In 1834 he was a resident of Jefferson Co, Ala, where he died about 1836. It appears in Jefferson Co., Ala, records that final settlement of his estate was made in 1843, with his only family shown as George Pierce, who received so called balance of Judgment in amt of possibly l500 dollars from inventory.

George Pierce's estate was large for its time in history. Through the years in court over his estate settlement it was listed as containing 620 acres and listed as plantation. Slaves valued at almost 12 thousand dollars were accounted for, not to mention tools and other personal property. At one time in the probate, reports revealed that over 20 thousand dollars had been received from properties of the estate. No one has found last courthouse volume containing last proceeding of this probate. It is apparently lost and we can only imagine how it was settled after all the squabbling. Son David was first appointed administrator, then Elizabeth, George's wife. was made administrator. She put up a 40,000 dollar bond. Elizabeth is found on 1860 Cherokee Co. census living with Riley J Pierce, grandson, and his family. This is Riley Jordan and Nancy Bass's son. Copy of Estate Papers in Pierce file.

In some Pierce family data by Rhea Kuykendall:

"26 Sep 1960, I visited Calvin Pierce, aged 74, of Hurley, N. Mexico. He gave me a great deal of data. He resembled my uncle Aquilla Caruthers Pierce so much that a lump came into my throat every time I looked at him. He told me that Geo Pierce, son of Hugh, had a sister, Bettie, who married an Adams: a brother, Charlie, who with a companion named Sla---were both killed by Texas Rangers; and a brother, Willis, who was assassinated when he crossed a bridge in Smith Co, Tx."

"George Pierce, son of Hugh, was once a Texas Ranger. He lived in La. while enroute to Texas. Long family in La., recently (1960) brought prominently before public attention by "Ole Earl", intermarried with the family."

I believe he was confused about the Betty being George's sister. Hugh Pierce stated on his pension request that his sister Betty, living in Jones Co. Ga. had the family bible records. She was believed to have been married to an unknown Adams.

(Inventory of Geo Pierce Estate, Rusk Co., TX, 1854 as obtained by R. Kuykendall)

1 dun mare; 1 gray mare; gray colt, young black mule, black mule mare, brown horse mule, black horse mule, hack wagon and harness, road wagon and gear, 2 pided steers, l black steer, 2 young steers, 45 head stock cattle, lot stock hogs, lot of farming utentials, l grind stone, l crop cut and hand saw, l loom, 2 spinning wheels, 8 chairs and pine table, 4 beds and furniture and 3 steads, 2 pr. hand irons, l man's saddle, l rifle gun, l wash pot, 1 pair small steelyards, l lot cooking utensils; 1 yellow man, Sam, 1 black man, Hamp, l black man, Andy, l black man Moses, l yellow woman Hannah, girl Texana, Martha and child, 640 acres of land, several notes owing estate.

George Pierce, according to the affidavit of T.F. Collins, was known as a half-blood Cherokee Indian. (Son of Hugh and "Sophie" - by R. K.) 


Daughter of David and Elizabeth Mc Cracken of Lincoln Co. Tenn. Died after 1860 in Cherokee Co., Tex.

Elizabeth was still alive in 1860, now being 85 years old. Riley J.Pierce, her grandson, son of Riley and Nancy Bass, and his family were living with her. Sometime between 1860 and 1870 Elizabeth died. Her father, David McCracken died in 1812 in Lincoln Co. Tenn. and left a will including Elizabeth Pierce as an heir. Have copies of parts of the will.

His son, David, was first appointed administrator but after some problems, Elizabeth filed for administrator and put up a 40,000.00 dollar bond. In 1859 she was still fighting the entire family or families. She was definitely a shrewd and strong willed person. No one that I have contacted has been able to find last volume containing the last proceedings of this probate. It is apparently lost and we can only imagine how it was settled after all the squabbling.

I have since become quiet involved in the McCracken line and have quiet a library now on some of the McCracken families. I correspond with Mr. Tom DeZern of Spartenburg and Martha Canaday of Fla. and try to keep up with trying to tie in some of the McCrackens around here. It seems a couple of the McCracken boys came on into Tex and Ok. The majority of the family remained in the Carolina's and Tenn. They are a very large and extended family. Elizabeth came by her shrewd business sense and strong will honestly. Many of the McCrackens were and are school teachers, business people, doctors and lawyers. All hard working, law abiding and strong in their religion. A wonderful heritage, one to proud of.


5. i. RILEY J.3 PIERCE, b. Sep 4, 1802, Ga.; d. Jan 31, 1864, Cherokee Co. Tx.

6. ii. DAVID PIERCE, b. 1803, Ga.; d. Jan 18, 1880, Cherokee Co, Tx.   John Calvin Pierce Descended from this line

7. iii. AQUILLA PIERCE, b. 1804, Ga; d. 1834, Taladaga Co., Ala..   QUILL Lived and died? in Silver City NM with Rhea Kuykendall

iv. MAHALA PIERCE, b. Abt. 1805, Ga or Tenn; m. THOMAS W. PEDEN, Mar 19, 1823, Jefferson Co., Ala..


Mahala resided in Kemper Co., Miss in 1859.

Children unknown at this time.

Husbands name written as Peden, Peyton and several other ways. Not confirmed.

8. v. JAMES C. PIERCE, b. Abt. 1808, Tenn.

9. vi. JOHN PIERCE, b. Abt. 1815, Ala.

10. vii. JOSEPH PIERCE, b. Abt. 1815, Tenn; d. 1856, Waco, Tex.  McClennon Co.. Joanna Pierce Rhea Kuykendall this line

11. viii. CHARLES MARCELLUS PIERCE, b. Abt. 1822, Jefferson Co., Ala; d. Feb 14, 1872, Smith Co, Tx.

12. ix. MINERVA PIERCE, b. Abt. 1826, Ala.

3. JEREMIAH2 PIERCE (HUGH1) was born Abt. 1783 in N. Car. He married (1) REBECCA ARNOLD. He married (2) NANCY Abt. 1803 in Ga.. He married (3) MARY CHAPMAN 1855.  Jan 2013  It appears Wanda Ruby is wrong here.

All I find shows that Jeremiah Pierce and son Zachariah David Pierce were descended from Lewis P Pierce and Ann Wooten.


Not sure which children belong to what wife, lst wife Rebecca Arnold,

Nancy ____________2nd wife, 3rd wife Mrs Mary Chapman, 1855


I cannot verify any of Jeremiah's line. Some came from Carlene Brown and thru her came information from Elsie LeGear Lee of Mobile, Ala., Ruth Cunningham from Napa, Ca., and Elva H. Robinson of Fort Worth, Tx. Some of the sources given are Dalton F. Pierce, 1850 census, Mobile Co, 1860 census, Mobile Co. Al, 1880 census, Mobile Co., Al., S. Rackard; Perry Evans: Bob & Boyou Burials, vol II, Mobile Co. Marriages, 1840-1850-1860 census, Union Co., Ark, Quachita Co., Ark., Henderson Co. Tx., marriage records Union Co., Ark. I have not checked any of this because I come from the George Pierce line, brother of Jeremiah. Although I am not convinced that Jeremiah is Hugh's son because of all the LA. information. Have found a large Pierce line in LA plus large Pierce Cemetery. Have info in file


Talk say she was full blooded Choctaw Indian. Not confirmed.

Children of JEREMIAH PIERCE and NANCY are:  Jan 2013  It appears Wanda Ruby is wrong here.

   All I find shows that Jeremiah Pierce and son Zachariah David Pierce were descended from Lewis P Pierce and Ann Wooten.

i. WILLIAM3 PIERCE, b. Abt. 1804, Ga; m. ELIZABETH DAVIS, May 1, 1829, Mobile, Ala.

ii. REBECCA PIERCE, b. Abt. 1806, Ga.; m. JOHN SEYFER, 1825, Mobile, Ala.

iii. MATILDA PIERCE, b. Abt. 1808, Ga; m. BRINKLEY BROWN, 1827, Mobile, Ala.

13. iv. JOHN PIERCE, b. Abt. 1810, Ga.

14. v. THOMAS JEFFERSON PIERCE, b. Abt. 1812, Ga; d. Abt. 1868, Tx..

15. vi. SILAS PIERCE, b. Nov 13, 1815, Ga.; d. Mar 8, 1895, Semmes, Ala.

vii. GEORGE W. PIERCE, b. Abt. 1816, Ala.; m. TOMZIEL STRINGFELLOW, Oct 9, 1843, Mobile, Ala..

viii. ELIZABETH ANN PIERCE, b. Abt. 1816, Ala.; m. WILLIS PAGE, Jan 10, 1833, Mobile, Ala..

ix. JEREMIAH PIERCE, b. Abt. 1823, Ala.; m. SUSANNAH WILLIAMS, Jun 17, 1845, Mobile, Ala..

x. NANCY PIERCE, b. Abt. 1825, Ala.; m. JAMES DAVIS, Mar 20, 1844, Mobile, Ala.

f16. xi. ZACHARIAH DAVIS PIERCE, b. Mar 24, 1826, Ala; d. Jan 19, 1902, Kaufman, Tx-Mabank Cem. Sheriff  of Johnson County 1853

ID 45465 (Group J)
1. HUGH2 PIERCE (?1) was born Abt. 1749 in Frederick Co. VA, and died Aft. Sep 1836 in Jefferson Co AL. He married SOFIA HUNTER, daughter of BOLD HUNTER and BEAVER TOTER. SOFIA2 HUNTER (BOLD HUNTER & BEAVER TOTER) died Bef. 1820. She married HUGH PIERCE, son of ? PIERCE. He was born Abt. 1749 in Frederick Co. VA, and died Aft. Sep 1836 in Jefferson Co AL. Hugh Pierce was a Rev. War Soldier.

Full-blood Cherokee Indian.

2. GEORGE3 PIERCE (HUGH2, ?1) was born 1776 in Spartanburg District, SC, and died Abt. 1850 in Rusk Co. TX. He married ELIZABETH MCCRACKEN, daughter of DAVID MCCRACKEN and ELIZABETH WILSON. She was born 1774 in S.C., and died Aft. 1860 in TX.

3. JOSEPH4 PIERCE (GEORGE3, HUGH2, ?1) was born 1815 in Tennessee, and died 12 Apr 1856 in Waco, TX buried his farm in Hill Co. TX beside Phillip Nolan. He married FRANCES DELOACH 29 Sep 1831 in Jefferson Co., AL, daughter of JOHN DELOACH and FRANCES GILLIAM. She was born 08 Jan 1816 in TN (1900 Hill Co. TX census for son David says she was born Alabama), and died Aft. 1880 in Hill Co. TX (Beside Joseph Pierce & Phillip Nolan on farm).

Galveston Tri-Weekly: Tuesday, April 15, 1856 Killing - On last Saturday, Mr. Hal Ross killed Joseph Pierce. The affair occurred on the Waco Race Course. Pierce was one of the party with which the people of Navarro had a difficulty---Austin Times (Date of death Saturday, April 12, 1856)

Rhea Kuykendall Joanna Kuykendall Aquilla Pierce



4. DAVID5 PIERCE (JOSEPH4, GEORGE3, HUGH2, ?1) was born 22 Apr 1834 in Alabama, and died 06 Apr 1916 in Blum, TX. He married (1) ADALINE EDMONSON Abt. 1856. She was born in Alabama, and died Abt. 1875. He married (2) TELITHA ISABELLE ROYE 03 Feb 1876 in Hill Co., TX, daughter of WILLIAM ROYE and EMALEE WALKER. She was born 03 Feb 1842 in Missouri, and died 28 Jun 1907. David Pierce was a Civil War veteran.

"DAVID PIERCE, Blum, Texas.---Born April 22, 1834, near Jones Valley, Alabama. Enlisted in the Confederate Army, 1862 at Cedar Creek, Texas, as Sergeant in Company H, Thirtieth Texas Cavalry, Gano's Brigade, Kirby Smith's Division, Army of Trans-Mississippi. Jack Pucket, first Captain, and E. J. Gurley, First Colonel. Was changed to William H. Parsons'Brigade, on account of our General being ordered across the river to take charge of another command. Was never wounded, captured nor promoted. Was in the battles of Roseville, Ark.; Poison Springs, Camden, Ark., and Little River."

5. OSCAR AQUILLA6 PIERCE (DAVID5, JOSEPH4, GEORGE3, HUGH2, ?1) was born 28 Nov 1881 in Blum, TX, and died 13 Dec 1956. He married (1) MARGARET ELIZABETH APPLEGATE 17 Oct 1899 in Hillsboro, TX, daughter of JAMES APPLEGATE and MARY RAZOR. She was born 09 Sep 1885 in Covered wagon, on a Missouri road going to Texas, and died 12 May 1922 in Terrell, TX. Margaret Applegate Pierce buried Blanton Cemetery near Blum, TX. He married (2) LOTTIE MAE PARSONS 27 Aug 1922. She was born 24 Dec 1890, and died 06 Jun 1963 in Ridge Park Cemetery - Hillsboro TX.

6. JULIUS JEWELL7 PIERCE (OSCAR AQUILLA6, DAVID5, JOSEPH4, GEORGE3, HUGH2, ?1) was born 11 Sep 1900 in Hill County TX, and died 03 Aug 1947 in Ralls TX (Crosby County). He married CARL CLEMENTINE BRANTLEY 27 Jun 1920 in Hill County TX (sitting in a buggy), daughter of DOOD BRANTLEY and HATTIE LAND. She was born 04 Feb 1903 in Hill Co., TX - near Covington, and died 29 Jun 1988 in Lubbock, TX.

ID 89777 (Group J)
1. Hugh Pierce, b: abt 1749, Fredrick, Virginia, m: Sofia , d: Sept 1836, Jefferson Co. Alabama
2. George Pierce, b: abt 1776, South Carolina, m: Elizabeth McCracken abt 1797, d: abt. 1855, Rusk Co. Texas
3. David Pierce, b: abt 1802 Georgia, m: Susannnah Little, 1 May 1823, Jefferson Co. Alabama, d: abt. 1870, Rusk Co. Texas
4. George W. Pierce, b: 10 Aug 1824 Alabama, m: Nancy Ellen Taylor Moore, 3 Sep 1852, Cherokee Co. Texas, d: 30 April 1909, Hope, Eddy, New Mexico
5. John A. Pierce, b: 14 Jan 1855 Cherokee Co. Texas, m: Margaret Katherine Conn, 31 Dec 1875, Texas, d: 19 April 1926, Hurley, New Mexico
6. Calvin A. Pierce, b: 28 October 1886, m: Allie May Abel, 25 Jan 1912, El Paso, Texas, d: 11 July 1970, Las Cruces, New Mexico       john-calvin-pierce obituary



4. REUBEN2 PIERCE (HUGH1) was born Abt. 1768 in SC, and died Aft. 1850 in Hall Co., GA. He married LOUISE in SC.


I am not sure of the connection between Reuben and Hugh Pierce.

I show him connected to the George Pierce line per Clem Pierce's letter noted below. Shirlene Love also states she remembers her grandfather, Oscar Aquilla Pierce, atlking about his cousin, L.D. Pierce, who lived in Spearman TX.

(note that would be my great great grandfather LD Pierce, commanly called Peg Leg Pierce) LD Pierce Dallas Tx Aug 1999


Journal Nov 14, 1998 I received more info today from Wanda Ruby in Hernanado, Miss. I knew she was going to send some copies of Ray Kurkendall's papers but lo and behold the first document was from my great Uncle Clem Pierce to Ray Kurkendall. (Clem was my grandfather's brother) He writes: "My fathers name was LD Pierce, he and his brother Blem lived in Cleburne TX. He died in 1907. (Editor: unclear to who died in 1907) He was a cousin of "Dave and Quill" Pierce (Here Ray Kurkendall wrote in "the latter was my grandfather-R.K" meaning Quill. He was born in GA and came to McClennan Co when he was just a boy. They moved to Johnson Co. on the Brazos across from Bosque Co. The Pierce Heirs still own the place---Uncle Clem's Bunch.

I have 4 brothers: LD, George, Allen and Felix. LD is in Spearman, TX, also Allen. George lives in Dalhart, TX. Felix our baby brother is in the army at Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was 24 years old last Dec 16. I am 43, born in Johnston Co. I am the oldest boy in our family, also two sisters. Pa had lots of brothers. Their names were George, John, Clem and Andrew. My grandfather's name was Andrew Jackson Pierce. My father-in laws, I F Dacus used to know your folks in Hill Co. He died here at home the 3rd of Jan. I expect Dave Mosley knows more about my folks than I do. Best Regard, Clem Pierce - Arch, New Mexico, Jan 22, 1937. (near Portales NM)

So here is the link I have been looking for in my Joel J Pierce Mystery. QUILL Pierce was Rhea Kurkendall's grandfather. David Pierce was Sheriff of Johnson Co., in 1855. Clem says they were cousins, I have sent copies of Wanda's material to Dan Pierce in CA, Dorman Thomas in Arlington, TX. All are much more highly trained genealogists than I am and soon we will get to the bottom of this mystery. As time permits I will begin processing some of Kuykendall's information to insert in this journal. Dec 9, 1998, found info today in GA that indicates that Dave Mosley's mother was a Pierce (Calhoun Co. GA)

LD Pierce PO 190351 Dallas, TX 75219 800-398-5127


i. ANDREW JACKSON3 PIERCE, b. Jul 16, 1815, Hall Co., GA; d. May 20, 1892, Johnson Co. TX; m. NANCY ABERCROMBIE, Jul 2, 1837, Lumpkin, GA.

This web site is primarily concerned with the descendants of Capt Andrew J Pierce and Nancy E Abercrombie



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