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 LD's PDF Genealogy WEbs

abercrombie  family tree

My Great great grandfather's (Capt AJ Pierce)
wife was An
Abercrombie. The Abercrombies were
descended from the
Cavenders Corbins and Deadmans
whose families have been fairly well researched
in the 1950-1970's.  Be sure and look at those pages!


Abercrombie Family Genealogy--Ancestors of Nancy Abercrombie Pierce

Clementh Abercrombie Biography

Clementh Abercrombie beltoit Kansas



Ancestors  of Nancy Abercrombie Pierce
By LD Pierce Copyright 1999
Letter from Joan Marks July 12 1999 -
Regarding Letter she has from Nancy Abercrombie Pierces Sister
Fannie Abercrombie James
(Click Here) for PDF Version Printable

July 9 1999 (postmark)
Letter from Joan Marks, 110 South Eli, Salmon, ID 83467 

Dear LD

Here is a copy of the letter written by the daughter of John and Fannie Cavender Abercrombie that I mentioned. She was the sister of Nancy Abercrombie Pierce and their brother William was my father's Grandfather.

I am also sending you the newspaper clipping of an obituary for Clem Pierce, a son of Nancy Abercrombie, and Andrew Jackson Pierce, Which I discovered in a few items from my father. Your lineage posted on Genforum cleared up the mystery for me. I knew he had to be a relative but no idea what the connection was. The trips to the "mountains of Colorado" would have been to his cousin JJJ Abercrombie's place, who lived in Trinidad, Colorado. JJJ (john Joseph Jarrett) was a son of William Wiley Abercrombie, Nancy Abercrombie Pierce's Brother. My father Calvin Abercrombie,, a son of JJJ, and we also lived in Trinidad when I was a child before moving to Seattle, WA. Unfortunately I found this clipping after my dad died, so had no conversation about it. Also, unfortunately, the obituary writer did not include any family names, locations, ect. It must have been from his local Johnson County TX newspaper? Thought you might like the original clipping as you are a more of a direct descendant. (perhaps someone in your family may have another one somewhere) and I kept a copy.

Would like to keep in touch--"cousin"

Joan Marks July 6 1999


JJJ Abercrombie was the son of William Wiley Abercrombie B. 1830, who was a brother of Fannie the writer, Nancy (married AJ Pierce), and Charles Abercrombie (plus other sibilings) Their parents were John and Fannie (Cavender) Abercrombie. John and his brother Young (David) plus other siblings, wre children of James (b. ca 1765) and Mary Ann Williams Abercrombie.


Letter from Fannie James Abercrombie to JJJ Abercrombie of Pueblo Colorado

Wahoo Ga Jane 13 1897

Mr JJJ Abercrombie

Dear nephew your letter bearing date of the ____ is at hand. I am the daughter of John Abercrombie. I have no record of the place of birth of father and mother. I can give the date of birth and date of death and place of death. John Abercrombie was born Dec 22 1791 and died Jan 22 1864 in Lumpkin CO, GA. Fanie Cavender the wife of John Abercrombie was born May 16 1797 and died Oct 19 1857 in Lumpkin CO GA. I have no record of James Abercrombie's Birth or death date but died here in GA. Their grave is 3 miles north of where I live. I have been told his wife's name was Nancy ____? (prob. Cavender)
I have always been told by some of the Older ones that the Abercrombie came from Scotland. Charles Abercrombie got a letter from Uncle Young Abercrombie some years ago. He wrote his understanding that there were 3 brothers of Abercrombies that came over on the Mayflower. It landed at Plymouth Rock, and their names are on record there. Now John I have forgotten your name, only John ( I remember that part). Write me again tell me of your folks. I do not know their address. I reckon that have all forgot. Write me again tell me what you are aiming at, if I can find out anything more I will tell you when I hear from you again. 
Excuse bad spelling and writing�..

Yours Truly,

Fannie James

Wahoo, GA
note: the letter from Joan was typed with grammar and spelling from the original document. I have taken the liberty to update and correct the letter to current usage.


New July 1999
She also sent me this Biography of Clementh Abercrombie, brother to Nancy Abercrombie Pierce from Beltoit KS newspaper 1902. | CLICK HERE Clem Abercrombie Biography |

Biography of Andrew Jackson Abercrombie
By LoHurl Miles Mueller| Click Here Andrew J Abercrombie Biography |

JANUARY 20 2000  I had received an email from 
 Pam Crain  PO 362 Lamont OK 74643 [email protected]
She is looking for info on a Fanny Abercrombie  In her research of Abercrombie's she had found a lot of information on Andrew Jackson AbercrombieHe was evidently a Brother Clem Abercrombie of Beloit Kansas. (Added 2009  My great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Pierce married Clem Abercrombie's Sister Nancy Emaline Abercrombie)

2009 April I have info now that the Nancy Emaline Pierce who married Andrew Jackson Abercrombie was descended from Sampson Pierce possible brother to my great grandfather Andrew Jackson Pierce.


 | Click Here Andrew Jackson Abercrombie Biography |



Abercrombie Book 1999 PDF version: Descendents of James Abercrombie

1. Nancy Abercrombie Ancestors
2.LDS Abercrombie outline
3. Descendents of Alexander Abercrombie
by Chris Powell
4. Other Abercrombie Info
5.Clemeth Abercrombie (Nancy's Brother) Biography ECT Pdf
6. Nancy Abercrombie Pierce Book (SEE BELOW)
By LD Pierce

(Pierce Genealogy Book)
PDF Version: Descendants of Capt Andrew Jackson Pierce and Nancy Emaline Abercrombie.  (Capt AJ was commanly called Jack or Jackie Pierce)

Nancy Abercrombie Pierce Book

Printable Version PDF 8 1/2 by 11
May require payment
read statement
Text PDF

Please note that this is actually same version of my Pierce PDF Book.  It contains  info on Captain Andrew Jackson Pierce and wife Nancy E Abercrombie and all their children and grandchildren. This Pierce/Abercromibe Electronic book is complete and hyperlinked or clickable to work like a book. If you want to be able to browse the Pierce/Abercrombie Genealogy information using hyperlinks, use the full length Pierce book here. The Pierce/Abercrombie Book is not printable or editable, but you may download it to your hard drive and keep and read later offline!! Above there is the link to the printable version of the PDf Book, but you must email me for printing permission.

Abercrombie Genealogy by Larry Abercrombie  a cousin in Cordele, GA and here are his pages of the Abercrombie Family Association
Abercrombie Genealogy on this page Larry has a list of
"Mystery Abercrombies".  This is a page that interests all!
These Pages are offline Feb 2000 Will Let you know if
new site goes online!!

Spouse Index



SPOUSE             First Name           LOCATER CODE   HULSE First Name   Born   Year
Abbott               (fnu)              G05/046/024a   Flora               IN   c 1870 
Abel                Bertie              37/D027/C47    John                KY   c 1853 
Aber                John                R03/011/002    Mary                NY     1700 
Abercrombie         Clem Pierce         D08/189/163B   Dora Ellen          AR     1876 
Abercrombie         James S.            D08/190a/163B  Alys Ninette        AR     1878 
Abercrombie         Margaret L.         D08/192/163B   William Macy        AR     1885 



 Clem Abercrombie and Great granddaughter Jones
I had originally thought this photo of Clem Abercrombie
(C.A. )Pierce. May 25 2007 a Mrs. Eugene Burris
of Harrison Arkansas called me. A man they had known
years ago had died and left a box of photos.
I will post more later. only a few are identified. On the
back of the identical photo above I found the
clipping posted below. This Clem Abercrombie
was a brother to Nancy E Abercrombie
wife of my great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Pierce.







I post this info from karen roberts website on the abercrombies


Clemeth ABERCROMBIE [Parents] [scrapbook] was born on 28 Jul 1822 in , Hall, GA. He died on 17 Nov 1907 in Saltville, Mitchell, KS. He was buried in Presbyterian Cem, Saltville, Mitchell, KS. Clemeth married Emeline Sarah JONES on 4 Mar 1841 in , Hall, GA.


Emeline Sarah JONES was born on 17 Nov 1824 in , , GA. She died on 25 Aug 1899 in Saltville, Mitchell, KS. She was buried in Presbyterian Cem, Saltville, Mitchell, KS. Emeline married Clemeth ABERCROMBIE on 4 Mar 1841 in , Hall, GA.


They had the following children.

Lucinda Rebecca ABERCROMBIE was born on 10 Feb 1842 in , Lumpkin, GA. She died on 10 Feb 1842 in , Lumpkin, GA.
 MiiJohn Henry ABERCROMBIE was born on 4 Jul 1843. He died on 23 Nov 1904.
 MiiiWilliam Wiley ABERCROMBIE was born on 16 Apr 1846. He died on 1 Mar 1908.
 FivSarah Ann Fanny ABERCROMBIE was born on 16 May 1848. She died in Nov 1907.
 MvJoseph Martin ABERCROMBIE was born on 6 Oct 1850. He died on 20 Nov 1923.
 FviParmelia Arveline ABERCROMBIE was born on 9 May 1853.
Nancy Emaline ABERCROMBIE was born on 28 Oct 1855 in , Lumpkin, GA.
 MviiiJames Jarrett ABERCROMBIE was born on 15 Mar 1858.
 MixYoung Howard ABERCROMBIE was born on 3 Oct 1860.
Clemeth Hayden ABERCROMBIE was born on 23 Mar 1863 in , , GA.[Notes]
 FxiAmanda Tulula ABERCROMBIE was born on 19 Jul 1865.
 FxiiMary Susannah Elizebell ABERCROMBIE was born on 19 Apr 1870. She died on 10 Dec 1962.


HISTORY: Family History Book given to me by Beverly Martin:

Clem and Dora raised a girl named Olive Abercrombie, the daughter of Clem's brother, Lee Abercrombie.


1890 MARRIAGE:  AR, Benton Co., FHL 1034661, page 362:

...Matrimony between Mr. C.P. Abercrombie aged 19 years and Miss Dora Huls age 15...I T.J. Sillen M.G. do hereby certify that on the 23d day of Nov 1890, I did duly...solemnize the rite and publish the bans of Matrimony...

1896 LAND:  AR, Benton County, Arkansas Land Patents, page 15:

Clem P. Abercrombie; Vol. AR2410.250, Land Office in Harrison, 6 Aug 1896, Document #4036, Cash Entry; Part #1: NWSE, Sec. 25, Twp. 19N, R33W, 40 acres.

1900 CENSUS:  CO, Hurefano Co, Vol 10, ED 143, sheet 17, line 12:

Chenn Abercrombie, white, age 29, born in AR; Dora, wife, 24, born in IA; Auther, son, 9, born in AR.

1920 CENSUS:  1920 CENSUS:  ID, Bingham County, Aberdine, E.D. 69, sheet 11, line 4:

Clem P. Abercrombie, w, 49, born in Arakansas; Dora, wife, 44, born in Iowa; Olive, niece, 12, born in Colorado.

 Clementh Abercrombie Biography
Born 1822

New July 1999
She also sent me this Biography of Clementh Abercrombie,
brother to Nancy Abercrombie Pierce:



Newspaper article and photograph published in the "Beloit Times" Beloit KS, Aug 21, 1902. Obtained from Mr. Homer T Abercrombie (Great Grandson) 27069 Belvedere Court, Hayward CA 1-16-65. Typed copy sent to me by Patricia Lay. Salmon Idaho

This excellent photograph of Uncle Clem Abercrombie and his great-great grand child, Baby Jones, now ten months old, represents five generations now living. Mr. Abercrombie is a resident of Mitchell County, near Saltville, KS, to which place he moved from the state of GA, about thirty years ago. He has been an industrious farmer, and has amassed considerable property and is comfortably situated on his old homestead near Saltville. He is still active and his face is as ruddy as many a man at fifty. The family tree represented by the picture is as follows: Clemeth Abercrombie Born July 22, 1822, was married to miss Emaline Jones March 4 1841. Their son was William A Abercrombie who was born April 16, 1846; and was married to Miss Elizabeth Brookshire in 1863. Miss Emaline Abercrombie, their daughter was born 1865, and married at 18 to Joseph Shipley. Their daughter, Etta Shipley, was married to W.C. Jones at age of 18, from which union comes, Baby Jones, now ten months old. Uncle Clem, As he is known to all his neighbors, came from a prolific and long lived family. He being one of 13 brothers and sisters. He is the father of 12 children, six boys and six girls. He has 39 grand children, and 38 great great-grandchildren. His wife has been dead several years and sleeps on the hillside at Saltville by whose ride the husband and father expects to rest by and by awaiting the morning of the resurrection in hope of eternal life.

Clemeth Abercrombie was born in the Capt. Abercrombie Militia District, Hall County GA. (1, 16) on July 28, 1822 (2) TO John and Fannie Cavender Abercrombie. (3,4,5). He is one of thirteen brothers and sisters (6) listed as follows:

  1. (~abt 1866) Md. Catherine Peck (3,10,11)
  2. James ( ) Md. Sarah Step Dec 5 1839 (3,10)
  3. Charles (1827-1908) ;Md. Cyntha A Mays Dec 22 1846 (1,4, 7, 8)
  4. William (1830-1885) Md. Caroline Blackwell Oct 12 1848 (4,7,9,10,13)
  5. Young David (1832-1863) Md. Isabella Johnson (3,11,12)
  6. Washington (abt. 1835- 1060's (never married) 1,3
  7. Joseph (Abt 1835-1860's) never married 1,3
  8. Fanny (abt. 1846- ) Md. Jarret Jones Feb 22 1855 1,3,10
  9. Andrew J (abt 1846- _ Md. Nancy E Pierce march 10 1866
  10. Nancy ( ) md. Jack or AJ Pierce 3,4,10
  11. Becky ( ) Md. Baker 3
    ( Possibly one daughter married J H Glaze, another married John F Roberts)

During the 1840's he purchased four 160 acre agricultural lots in the wild mountainous Penitentiary Cove area surrounding the fertile valleys of Montgomery Creek, in the No. 935 Davis Militia District of Hall County GA, near the Two Run Post Office, which became the Jones Creek District and the No. 1252 Hightower Dist. of Lumpkin County in 1871. The area later became part of the Chattahoochee National Forest and is known as a fisherman's paradise. (11)

He was active in civic affairs, (11) served jury duty in the 1836-1837 and built, Lumpkin County Courthouse, Dahlonega, GA, in 1869 (18) with brothers William and Andrew J, sons William Wiley and John H, and relative John. During the Civil War, at age 41 years six months (Jan 1864) He served as a sub-caroling officer and was exempted from Military service for serving in that capacity. (19)

With the Death of his father John Abercrombie in Dec 1863/jan 1864, Clemeth inherited Approximately $1384, all of which became worthless upon the defeat of the Confederacy plus nominal amounts, in 1865, and later years as his fair share of the large estate (21)

Clemeth's mother, the former Fannie Cavender, the daughter of Cementh Cavender (1774-1836) (5,22) Also of Hall County GA (11) had at least one sister Nancy (1823-1912), (5) who married John Barnes (1824-1864) Clemeth apparently was named after his maternal grandfather Cemeth Cavender, as no previous Clemeths can be found in earlier Abercrombie family history.

Between March 5 1869 and Oct 24 1872, Clemeth and Emeline with children William Wiley and family, Joseph martin and wife, Permelia Arveline, Nancy E Jones P. I, Young B., Amanda and Mary Susie; (26) and friends Simons, Pratt's, Gads, and other (27) left Georgia traveled westward, and settled in the new state of Kansas. The Abercrombies homesteaded several parcels of land approximately 14 miles south of Williy Springs (now Beloit) and nine miles northwest of Barnard, in Mitchell County KS. In later years they were joined by sons John H (8,14,25,260 and Andrew J (26) and their respective families. One of the original homesteads, now beside state highway 14, was in later years owned by Mr. Frank Wright, and Mr. Joe Weber. (27) The community of Saltville was established in the same general area near fifth Creek, with the Abercrombie gentleman owning several of the stores, active in local government, and becoming progressive farmers on the rolling plains abundant with buffalo and infested with marauding bands of savage Indians.
(2, 29)

Clementh's wife, Emaline Jones, was born Nov 17 1824 (2) in GA. (26). They were married in Hall County GA on March 4 1841. (6,29) She later was a member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Lumpkin County, GA (29). She died at Saltville, Mitchell County KS, on Aug 25 1899, in her 74th year of life.

Clementh, with ruddy complexion, gray hair, and beard, was well liked by his neighbors and friends of Saltville and was know to all as "Uncle Clem". He was an industrious man who amassed considerable property during the 35 plus years of Kansas pioneer farming. (6)

On Nov 17 1907, Clemeth died at the age of 85, and was laid to rest in the Saltville Presbyterian Cemetery beside his wife Emaline. (2) Eleven children (29) of the original 12 children (6) as listed below survived to mourn his death;


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