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Welcome to my Genealogy Web Page-Pierce Surname.Descendents

of Reuben Pierce born in Edgefield Dist SC 1768
DESCENDENTS OF John R Pierce Son of


INFORMATION ON John R Pierce Till Early 2002

this Mystery has now been solved

It is now proved by Dan Pierce of Calif (Wilson Pierce Descendant)

 that Chuck and Brenda Pierce

owner/manger of the Pierce email list are descended from

John R Pierce's son John Barton Pierce

See Below 


Descendants of John R. Pierce

Note: In my Pierce Book 1999 letter
Allen Pierce wrote to Rhea Kurykendall
stated something about "Aunt Jane" remained in GA.
  Mary Lee Crew of Calif. remembers something about her mother Susie Pierce Dacus
writing an Aunt Jane in South Dakota.

Oct 25 2012
Dan Pierce California sent pdf
 descend chart on John R Pierce

Misc Notes-LD- PIERCE- OCT-1- 2012.pdf



From: "Brenda Pierce" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 16:04:07 -0500

I have been sitting here for quite a bit with Chuck telling me what to
write, and trying to figure out how do you say "thank you" to someone that
has just handed you the "sun, moon and the stars" and totally made yesterday
and today one of the most thrilling in our lives! There is really no way I
know to properly say "thanks" for the hard work and the mind power .... but
I will give it a shot here.

Thanks to two wonderful people on this list, we now know who our Bartow
Pierce of Georgia's parent's are and who is brother and sister are, and a
whole lot more ..... We know all
of this thanks to DAN PIERCE for all of his researching and digging through
heaven only knows how many records and to L.D. (DIAZ) for his continued
support and help over several years and for forwarding my help letter to Dan
and for all of his hard work -- ( the link is this page)....

The background to this is I sent a cryptic message to L. D. back in December
of last year asking him to look through his information and I had found a
record that did pan out and one that did not, and I had a question about the
one that was in another area - L. D. forwarded it onto Dan - and Dan did
ALOT of research and with some information from another researcher that
found Bartow's brother in Lumpkin County, and Dan found next door to them
was Bartow living with his mother and step-father, his father having died
that he found a deed in that mentioned where the grandfather gave
land to his daughter in law and her children - and named them. Dan found
part of this back when I was traveling all over the place and my email went
haywire, so I was unaware until he found more this week.

Here's our story:
(But look at the website - it is much more clear than what I am writing below).

Chuck's father was James Richardson Pierce who was married to Jennie Mae
Baxter - James Richardson Pierce's parents were:
Bartow was married to Vina C Walch in Cherokee County, Georgia - Bartow's
parents were (I am loving knowing this...) Thanks to LD we know that ....
Nancy J. and John R.3 Pierce (Andrew Jackson2, Reuben1) was born 1838 in
Lumpkin Co., GA, and died 1863-1864 in R Road Montgomery. He married Nancy
Jane Wimpey.-You can see how they tie into L.D.'s line here .... -- and -- <thank you LD!!>... The part I
would never have figured out is that Nancy had remarried to a Millwood - and
they were living next door to Bartow's brother (they being the brother
Archibald and his wife). This certainly opens a whole new can of worms -
because there were the 3 of them Bartow, Archibald and George Ann plus the
half sibling Millwoods, but what a wonderful can of worms to be opened --

We would love to give OUR THE LIST HERO AWARD to -- DAN PIERCE -- a SUPER
HUGE hero's award -- FOR WITHOUT ALL of his hard work and wonderful mind
putting all this together, we might never have known any of this ..... and
The REALLY GREAT NEWS (at least to Chuck) <grin> is that he and L.D. <DIAZ>
are cousins. (I am very thrilled as well, and if you haven't viewed L.D.'s,
Dan's and works - please take a look at L.D.'s site it is absolutely the
greatest). -- -- be sure to take a look at the page so you can see how all this
fits together as I probably totally confused everyone with the above.

So folks, you have the greatest researchers here on this list that I think
you can possibly find anywhere!!! The information they have ferretted out
complete with sources to their work is phenomenal. When we started on this
line we did not know Bartow's name at all - not his first name, and is it
turns out it is very difficult because it is listed as Bartow J. H. some
places, J. H. B. in other places and of course the last name is Pierce,
Pearce, Peirce, etc. So this has not been an easy road to follow and
without Dan's work and L.D.'s we would never have put all this together. So
with all that ....




FOR LD --- YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST .... Dan resides in California and
L.D. is back in Texas now.

Dan's website -- is
excellent as well ....  link above dead

Dan -- I hope you will post and tell them how your line fits into here -- is
it thru Andrew's wife or am I mistaken?

   Chuck and brenda Pierce  Alpharetta GA

Descendants of John R. Pierce

Note: In my Pierce Book 1999 letter
Allen Pierce wrote to Rhea Kurykendall
stated something about "Aunt Jane" remained in GA.
  Mary Lee Crew of Calif. remembers something about her mother Susie Pierce Dacus
writing an Aunt Jane in South Dakota.


1. John R.3 Pierce (Andrew Jackson2, Reuben1) was born 1838 in Lumpkin Co., GA, and died 1863-1864 in R Road Montgomery. He married Nancy Jane Wimpey.

Notes for John R. Pierce:  1838 Lumpkin County, GA
x marr. 23-02-1858 Lumpkin County,         GA

John served in Co. G, 52nd GA Infantry and was killed in action. A Military pension application indicates he was killed at R Road Montgomery. John enlisted in the CSA on 4 March 1862, in Dahlonega, GA for 3 years by J A Parker. He was paid a bounty of $50. He was captured at Vicksburg, MS, and paroled on 16 July 1863.
Apparently, he went on to fight after parole.  Company D 52nd Infantry Regiment
Lumpkin County, ”Boyd Guards

Child of John Pierce and Nancy J. Wimpey Pierce is:

2 i. Archibald4 Pierce, born 1859 in Hall Lumpkin Co..

By the way, Lovica Jones, the wife of Archibald Pierce (son of John R. Pierce and Nancy Wimpey) is the daughter of James N. and Martha Jones in Lumpkin Co. in 1870.  They have a 14 year old son James, then Lovica 10, and then 4 more younger children.  I can't find a marriage record for James N. Jones and Martha in Lumpkin County, and they don't appear to be on the 1860 census of Lumpkin County either. Dan

Nancy J Wimpey Pierce
remarried Aug 13 1865 to James Millwood
Cherokee GA.

 New Info 2006 from Dan Pierce


Thanks for the photo.  Here is my website:
(click here  Dans Page on this Website)   dead
down I reproduced this page somewhere maybe on the page listed above

 I just returned from 5 days in Salt Lake City doing research.  Just before I left, I looked at some deed records in Cherokee County, GA.  It appears Andrew J. Pierce first bought land there in 1854.  He may have last sold land there in 1866, but my notes are unclear.  I know he had power of attorney to sell land for G.W. Pierce in 1866 or maybe later.  There are also some other deed records for A.J. Pierce and G.W. Pierce.

 I only had time to copy a couple of the deed records.  One was the earliest one in 1854 -- Book O, Page 277.  The other one was very interesting.  In 1864, he sold some land to Nancy J. Pierce for $5 -- Book S, Page 106.  Here is a portion of it:

 "[Jan. 11, 1864] between Andrew J. Pierce... and Nancy J. Pierce and her three children Archibald, Georgeann and John Barto... Witnesseth that the said Andrew J. Pierce for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he has and bares to his daughter-in-law and three grandchildren which are before written and for and in consideration of the sum of five dollars in hand paid by the said Nancy J. Pierce daughter-in-law and her three children before mentioned... that tract of No. Four hundred and Forty Eight [448] and half of Lot. No. Four Hundred and Seventeen [417], the south half of said lot, in the County of Cherokee and State aforesaid and in the Fifteenth District and Second Section, containing Sixty acres more or less..."

 The John Barto is the ancestor of Brenda and Chuck Pierce, which I deduced several months ago.  Have you been in touch with them about your connection since then.  I never got any response from them about it. (Editor  Note: Their Email was down Virus)  2012 John Barton was Actually James H Bartow Pierce cant find if h was henry or harrison

Dan Pierce Sagus California
Dan Pierce [[email protected]  ]



  (Brenda and Chuck) will have much more
to post here soon!!  Chuck and Brenda

Welcome to the AJ Pierce Rueben Pierce Family!!

June 2012 That never happened. Chuck Pierce was ill last time heard from Brenda
and never heard from her gain about getting
 Chucks ( and hers) genealogy family tree. I think she moved
and for whatever reason just would not get the boxes out and get the
info to me.  also since this time the Rootsweb Pierce email list
has been languishing unmoderated.  She has not responded to even
one of my emails. I wish she would contact me
Oct 15 2012 I now tracked down Brenda and Chuck Pierce
by making a million phone calls to every Pierce in Alapharetta
Sure was good to talk to her again Chuck is better
and she promises that if Dan and I supply her with what we have
on john R pierce that she will try to keypunch this line
into family tree maker (along with her information and she will willing
to talk to chucks relatives also)

I think if we get this done quick she is going to donate her genealogy materials
to the Fort worth Texas Genealogy Library (like I did and also Rhea Kuykendall did
and I am encouraging Dormans wife and son to donate his materials there)


Oct 15 received this from Thank you for contacting the Historical Society. In our case, we are the same as a genealogy society. The only mention we were able to find in our records of property is the attached notice. You may also want to check the county's website

The land lots mentioned in the guardian notice were in the Wildcat Militia District, north of present day Woodstock.  Lot 417 was adjacent to the Marietta & N. GA. Railroad.  (1019- Wildcat (Holly Springs Area)
district was in town and outside of town)

 Cherokee County still uses the current land descriptions today, so you should be able to find them, although I tried on the online map and did not know how to put in the correct query. If you are local, we would be happy to show you on our historic map. 

cherokee ga land deed andrew jackson pierce to nancy jane pierce millwood
click to see larger image

georgia milita district maps

this map shows wildcat district 15

other map
ga cherokee/maps/militiadistrictmap.htm

LD Pierce  347 762 0062

I think Dan Pierce CA  sent me the info below regarding
Elizabeth Pierce Price Putnam. It included some tidbits
about John R Pierce wife Jane Wimpey remarrying
and also John H Bartow Pierce Marrying Vina Walch

There were several Price families in Cherokee County from 1850 thru 1880.  However, there are no Pierce/Pearce families shown on the 1850 or 1870 census indices of Cherokee County.  There also seems to be one Pence family.  At any rate, the only Pierce marriages in Cherokee County between 1855 and 1884 are the ones shown below
 (whom I believe are all from your A.J. Pierce family):


PUTMAN, David L.          PEIRCE, Elizabeth        Dec 15, 1859  D 267

PEIRCE, George W.       MOSS, Molly                Nov 20, 1864  D 273

GRICE, Daniel                PIERCE, Georgia A.      Nov 28, 1878  E 418

PEACE, J. H. B.             WALCH, Vina               Dec 14, 1882  E 693

Putman should actually be spelled Putnam.

The following marriage is also the wife of John R. Pierce
remarrying, but the name was misindexed as Price:


MILLWOOD, James        PRICE  (PIERCE) , Nancy Jane       Aug 13, 1865  D 231

Your Pierce family seems to be the only one in Cherokee County during that period.


Georgia A. Pierce who married Daniel Grice is the daughter of John R. Pierce and Nancy J. Wimpey.


Also, on the 1850 census of Lumpkin Co., GA, the family of Andrew and Nancy Pierce includes
 a 2 year old son named James.  I would assume that he is a child of theirs that died young


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