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Juanita Faus Pierce Page

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She was a Descended from the Faus Hibbs and Luke Surnames

My Mother Juanita Faus Pierce

Photos of her below with her Biography and Obituary She died in 1995 from Breast Cancer.
Many thanks to the Hansford County Hospice and the St. Anthony's Hospital Hospice
for making her end of life care gentle and caring. All of her sons and daughters were present.

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juanita&jessie.JPG (52428 bytes)
Mom when Jessie (Rosa's daughter) was just a baby.  Mom Died about a year later
She loved that baby so much!!!.
jlnita1.jpg (45285 bytes)

Mom and Dad after a fishing trip to Oklahoma with Jammie and Larry McCoy
MOM LOVED TO FISH!! 1993 (I think)

jlnita.jpg (22491 bytes)
This photo of my mom and dad was taken in the 1960's during one of the big snow storms.
Mom Looks very happy, and Dad looks good to.

us3.jpg (23203 bytes)

JL and Juanita's first three kids, taken around 1958-59.
Jammie on left appears to be one year old, Karon Pierce in the middle, and
LD (Lynn Pierce) on the right. My Mom Juanita "Colorized" this photo.

Biography and Obituary of Juanita Faus Pierce

J.L. ( James Lorenzo) and Juanita (Faus) Pierce Story

JL Pierce son of L.D. Pierce and Jimmie Scott Pierce was born in Spearman in 1925. He is a 1942 graduate of Spearman High. He spent most of his younger years working with his father on water wells and windmills. After High School he spent time in Holly, Colorado running a Pool Hall. J.L.'s mother died when he was 20, so he helped his dad raise his only  sister Peggy (Ferguson).

During WW II, J.L. tried several times to join the service but was rejected because of a childhood accident that blinded him in one eye. So he was left home to take care of the girls and he did a good job. J.L. has one brother Bobby Jack Pierce of Amarillo TX, and one sister Peggy Ferguson, of Sun City AZ.

I, Juanita, the daughter of Rube and Julia Faus was born in Spearman in 1933. I was raised in the back of Rube's Boot Shop. My dad, Rube Faus, has run Rube's Boot Shop for 47 years. For several years his family lived in the back of the "shop". One year was well remembered: it was spent in the Old Spearman Hotel. Mama (Julia Hibbs Faus) leased the hotel for one year. It was very cold and dark. We "kids" had to be quiet all the time.

I was very glad to move back home to the back of the boot shop. Daddy moved us to Amarillo in 1942. So most of my growing up years were spent in Amarillo Schools. We moved back home in 1948. No house could be found for us, so my folks bought a laundry with living quarters in one side and the laundry on the other side. I helped my mother in the Faus Laundry, until I married and left home. I have four sisters: Rosa Steele, Vernonia Oregon (retired to Gage Ok, deceased 1996), Ruby Saltness, Lubbock TX, Bertha Willison and Phyllis Mann both of Gage, OK. I have one brother Harry Faus, of Fountain Valley, CA.

J L and I married in 1952. We spent the first two years farming and Colorado, close to Ignacio. We made $45 over our room and board, so we haven't tried farming again. For the next couple of years, J L worked for Baker and Taylor Drilling Co. We traveled with the rig, which went to Springfield, CO, and Boise City, OK. We returned home and J L went to work for his dad LD Pierce and Pierce Water Well Service. We settled down raising a family: 3 Girls, Karon Hardy of Chesapeake VA, Jammie Pierce of Amarillo, TX, Rosa Roberts, of Chesapeake, VA; two sons: Lynn (LD) Pierce of Dallas TX, and Tylan Pierce of Spearman. We also helped raise two other boys: John Riley, and my nephew, Mike Pierce- (my sister Rosie's son). Mike lives in Gage OK and we last heard John Riley was living in the Victoria TX or Houston TX area.

J L bought Pierce Water Well Service from his dad in 1963. His dad's health got so bad he came to live with us in 1962. We lost him to death in 1971. We all loved him very much.

J L loves hunting, fishing, and riding the dune buggy at Wyonka Park in Oklahoma (the buggy was sold in the late 1970's) and he also loves going to the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.

She enjoyed fishing and the mountains. She was a Hansford County Historical Commissioner, and a volunteer ambulance driver, both which She enjoyed doing very much.Editors Note: in 1985 the EMT Assoc. awarded Juanita Pierce "LifeSaver of the Year!" Award. She also carried the US Mail for 12 years running the mail route from Spearman to Gruver and Morse, then Stinnett and Back to Spearman. She loved the prairies of our county and always talked about the birds, flowers, snow, and all things beautiful. She discovered some rare "White" bluebonnets, and the State of Texas and Texas Highways Magazine came to collect specimens

We have four grand children: Shameka and Derek Hardy of Chesapeake VA, and Jessie and Austin Roberts, born in Spearman, and now living with Rosa their mother in Gage OK.  Jessie has her own web page at http://www.jessieroberts.us  (now off air)

Editors Note from son LD Pierce: My mother Juanita Pierce died of cancer in 1995 and Jesse her granddaughter was the light of her life during her long one year decline into death from bone cancer. It was very painful and Jessie brought much joy and love into my dying mother's life. She was diagnosed with cancer as being terminal in 1990, but she was a survivor, and took five years of chemotherapy to live. She lived to see Jessie born and knew that she had another grandson on the way. She was a tough lady, and died with grace and no pain thanks to the help of the Hansford Hospice, and the St. Anthony's Hospice in Amarillo TX. I especially want to thank Erin Bergin of Hansford Hospice for all her help and comfort during the passing of my mother. And special thanks to all the Doctors, Nurses, Clergy, and volunteers at the St. Anthony's Hospice for their assistance and help during our final hours with our mother.

By Juanita Pierce from Hansford County History Vol. 1 page 233 with additions and updates by son LD Pierce Dallas TX 1998-1999.

Notes for Juanita Lois Faus: Obituary Juanita Faus Pierce from The Spearman Reporter Statesman Aug 3 1995 Juanita Faus Pierce

SPEARMAN Juanita Faus Pierce 61, died Friday July 28, 1995.'

Services were held on Tues. August 1 at 2:00 p.m. at the Union Church with the Rev. Dan Carter officiating. Burial was at Hansford Cemetery with Boxwell Brothers handling the arrangements.

Mrs. Pierce was born in Spearman on December 15 1933, and was married to J.L. Pierce on July 5 1952 in Clovis, New Mexico.

She was a rural mail carrier for 16 years,
a member of the Union Church of Spearman, was on the Hansford County historical Commission, and was an EMT Ambulance Driver and a Museum Volunteer.

She is survived by her husband; two sons; L.D. Pierce of Dallas, and Tylan Pierce of Spearman.; three daughters, Jammie Pierce, Rosa Roberts of Spearman, and Karon P Hardy of Chesapeake, VA; her mother, Julia McManus of Gage Ok, one brother Harry Faus of Fountain Valley CA, and four sisters, Rosa Steele, Ruby Saltness , and Phyllis Mann of Gage Ok , and three grandchildren. Editors Note: Juanita was followed in death by the death of her sister Rosa Steele in 1996. She died from cancer also.

The family suggests memorials be to the Hansford Hospice or a favorite Charity.

She died in the St Anthony's Hospice and Life Enrichment Center Amarillo Texas


Monty Ferguson, David Oakley, Ulysses Hardy, Derek Hardy, Ray Roberts. Larry McCoy

Honorary Casketbearers:

Tommy Jack Bruce, Bobby Jack Pierce, Billy Miller, W E Sparks, John Steele. Leroy Man, George Bushman, Tracy Mann, Kim Mann, Ruben Mann, David Pierce, Mike Pierce, Jody Willison, John Bushman, Tracy Vernon, Frank Salgado, Willie Salgado.

Juanita Lois Faus was buried August 03, 1995, Old Hansford Cemetery, Hansford Co., TX



Hansford County Reporter-Statesman April 20th, 2000, Page 4
Among The Neighbors  By Helen Fisher 

  J.L. Pierce, in his nearly eight decades, has never flown, thinking the only advantage would be to be
 able to pass all those cars below without having to watch for a patrolman � but now he may be 
hitching plane trips all over the country.


  April 10th was his birthday and his daughter, Karon Hardy, sent him plane tickets to meet her in
 Phoenix, where she was working for several days last week.  So on Monday, he bravely
 boarded a plane in Amarillo.


  It was the birthday of one of the stewardess�, and when they learned that it was also JL�s birthday, 
the attendants and passengers sang happy birthday and presented him with a hat. 
This was also repeated on the next plane. He found the passengers very friendly, and it
 was a smooth flight, so he enjoyed it.


 Karon met the plane in Phoenix and they stayed at the Sheraton Hotel, where her conference 
was being held.  At that time there were eight conventions being held in the hotel.


JL�s Pierces sister and brother-in-law, Peggy and Bob Ferguson, both formerly of Hansford  county,
 live at Sun City AZ.  JL spent two days with them and Karon , who retired from the Army  a few years
 ago  (this is incorrect LDP Editor) is now working with the Navy as a computer networking expert. 
She has won three awards in her work and supervises 19 in her office in Norfolk VA.


She returned with JL to Amarillo, where they visited her two sisters.  She will be here till after 
Easter, when all the family plans to go to Elk City to visit brother Tylan Pierce.