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My Great   grandfather's (LD Pierce) 1st
wife was A
LOTT. She died very young unknown causes
The Lotts were descended from
Luke Lott
whose family has been fairly well researched. See info below regarding
 Susannah Lott Puckett's family. (had been mispelled Pluckett)

Lorenzo D (L.D.) Pierce is buried in Old Hansford Cemetery, Hansford ., TX, with his wife Ora Finley.
st Wife: Susannah Lott Puckett Pierce 
(had been mispelled Pluckett) was born December 10, 1850, and died April 03, 1884 in  Bosque County, Buried in Kimball Cemetery. She married Lorenzo Dow Pierce, son of Andrew J Pierce  and Nancy E. Abercrombie they were married Oct 11 1877. She had a first husband- Andrew Pluckett  deceased. She is buried at Brazos  river crossing-Kimball Bend, Bosque County, TX. Kimball Cemetery is located on highway 174, Bosque County,  TX. Tombstone reads:

"PIERCE, SUSANNAH LOTT w/o L.D. PIERCE- "By Her Mother"; DEC. 10, 1850-APR. 3, 1884"

ld pierce married ora finley 05 Sep 1885 johnson county texas 

Editors note:  Feb. 02, 2000
Update March 20 2007
I have been wondering if Susannah Lott Pukett Pierce
and LD Pierce Sr. had any children?   they were married 11 years

. Susanna Canzada Lott; born 10 Dec 1851 Smith Co., TX (Letters, Cain to John C. Barron, 1978-98.); married L. D. Pierce 30 Jun 1873 Johnson Co., TX (Ibid.); died 3 Apr 1884 TX at age 32 (Ibid.); buried Kimball Cem., Bosque Co., TX (Ibid.).

Kreg kearly

I am descended from Absalom Lott as well...His daughter, Ida, married my great-great grandfather, James T. Kearley... If you have any further information please let me know...I have census records and a couple of articles...

LD Pearce married Susanna (Lott) Pluckett Oct 11 1877 Bosque Texas

http://www.findagrave.com/susan bowden wilbanks

On Oct 24, 1854, Absolum Lott and his wife Conzada sold land in Smith County (deed book F, page 612). So Absolum Lott was alive at least 10 months after the death of Arthur Lott. If he were Arthur Lott's son, some mention of his name should have been in the court records between Jan and Oct of 1854.

family search org Susanna Lott
residence: , Bosque, Texas
ward: [Blank]
age: 9 years
estimated birth year: 1851
birthplace: Texas
gender: Female
page: 14
family number: 90
film number: 805289
dgs number: 4297431
image number: 00081
nara number: M653

While Inputting newly located genealogy biographical Sketch about Susan Bowden Wilbanks written by my grandfather's Sister-Susie Pierce Dacus I happened to notice that Susan Bowden's Mother was a LOTT  Susan Ella Bowden who married Floyd Wilbanks Johnson County Texas daughter of Mary Jane Lott Bowden and Al Bowden, Johnson County Texas

see Biography at 
The Story of Aunt Susan (Susan Ella Bowden) by Susan Pierce Dacus Allen
Aunt Susan(Susan Ella Bowden) by Susan Pierce Dacus Allen

 Susan Bowden Wilbanks was descended from Mary Jane Lott Bowden and Al Bowden.  It appears this particular Mary Jane Lott was the sister of the above Susannah Lott Puckett Pierce, the first wife of my great Great Grandfather LD Pierce. He was commonly known as PEG LEG Pierce. His Sister Rhoda Pierce married Mannie 
(Allen Mansel) Wilbanks. Manny Wilbanks and Floyd Wilbanks  
 were brothers both being descended from Hiram Wilbanks and Permelia Hale.
(Floyd Wilbanks married the above mentioned Susan Bowden Wilbanks)

I have a 50 page biography of Susan Bowen Wilbanks of Johnson county and Hansford County Tx. She was the daughter of Mary Jane Lott Bowden who moved to idaho, 3rd husbands surname is unknown to me.

This Document is posted on my Pierce surname 

here is a quote from the biography:

" In 1908 Floyd took the girls and me to Guymon in the buggy where we entrained for Idaho to visit my family. I had not seen them since they had left Bosque County, years before. I had not seen them since. We corresponded however and I had learned that my sister was married to a Congressman who later became Secretary of the Interior under President Wilson. My brother, Will, was sheriff in Weiser, Idaho for about twenty years,'

I am trying to contact the descendants of this "Will" for I know they would have great interest in the biograpy of their great aunt Susan Bowden Wilbanks, and the other info I found about their family. L.D. Pierce 

Descendants of Absalom Lott
 Compiled by Joseph N. Lott and Daniel F. Lott
 February 7, 1999

 1 Absalom Lott b: Oct 06, 1810 in MS d: Jan 23, 1885 in Bosque Co, TX
 .. +Canzada A. Burt b: 1809 in GA d: Nov 30, 1907 in Cleburne, Johnson Co,  TX m: Dec 25, 1827
 ... 2 Abraham Lott b: 1833 in MS
 ....... +Mary A. ? b: 1840 in LA
 ... 2 Absalom Lott b: Oct 15, 1838 in MS d: Jun 22, 1885 in Cleburne,  Johnson Co, TX
 ....... +Mary Elizabeth West m: May 05, 1863 in Johnson Co, TX
 ... *2nd Wife of Absalom Lott:
 ....... +Mary E. Bradberry m: 1871
 ... 2 Margaret Lott b: Dec 08, 1841 in Republic of Texas d: May 15,1895  in Eulogy, Bosque Co, TX
 ....... +Robert P. Roby m: Jul 01, 1858 in Johnson Co, TX
 ... 2 Sarah Catherine Lott b: Mar 04, 1845 in Tyler, Smith Co, Republic of   Texas d: Nov 16, 1934 in Cleburne, Johnson Co, TX
 ....... +F. M. Irvin m: Jun 30, 1873 in Johnson Co, TX
 ... 2 Mary Jane Lott b: 1846
 ....... +? Hand
 ... *2nd Husband of Mary Jane Lott:
 ....... +Al B. Bowden m: Jun 21, 1866 in Bosque Co, TX
Daughter Susan Married Floyd Wilbanks Hansford Texas.
 ... *3rd Husband of Mary Jane Lott:
 ....... +Simon Moore m: Nov 06, 1873
 ... 2 Susanna Canzada Lott b: Dec 10, 1851 in TX d: Apr 03, 1884 in TX
 ....... +Lorenzo Dowell Pierce m: Jun 30, 1874 in Johnson Co, TX 
 ... 2 Martha Ann Lott b: Jul 23, 1854 in TX d: May 19, 1919 in Cleburne,  Johnson Co, TX
 ....... +George Washington McClung b: Apr 30, 1840 in TX m: Jan 20,1874  in Bosque Co, TX
 ... 2 John R. Lott b: Jan 22, 1857 in TX d: May 03, 1886 in Bosque Co, TX
 ....... +Mollie Mickey m: Jan 05, 1876 in Bosque Co, TX

she married an Andrew PLUCKETT, but his actual surname is without the "L" - it's PUCKETT.   And several people have posted her birth date as being 1851 - but that is incorrect according to her head stone......

1860 US Census:  TEXAS,  Bosque Co.
   LOTT, A: 46, m, Stock Keeper, MS
       Kanzara: 45, f, GA
       Abalum: 21, m, Stock Keeper, MS
       Catharine: 16, f, TX
       Mary J: 15, f, TX
       Susanna: 9, f, TX
       Martha A: 6, f, TX
       J. R: 3, m, TX

Texas County Marriage Index:
name:  A J Puckett
event: Marriage
event date: 23 Apr 1867
event place: Bosque, Texas
spouse: S A Lott
spouse's titles & terms: Miss

1870 US Census:  TEXAS,  Hill Co.  Pct.3
   PUCKET, Andrew: 26, m, w, Farmer, TX
       Susan: 18, f, w, TX
       James: 65, m, w, Laborer, VA
       Martha: 30, f, w, SC
       Jack: 12, m, w, AR
     WILSON, Charles: 18, m, w, AR
     PUCKET, Jackson: 50, m, w, TN

Texas County Marriage Index:
name: L D Pearce
titles & terms: Mr
event: Marriage
event date: 11 Oct 1877
event place: Bosque, Texas
spouse: Susanah Puckett
spouse's titles & terms: Mrs

1880 US Census:  TEXAS,  Hill Co.
   PIERCE, Loranzo: w, m, 24, self, M, Farmer, GA, f-SC, m-GA
       Susan: w, f, 28, wife, M, Keeping House, TX, f-MS, m-MS
     HAYS, Henry: b, m, 25, hired man, S, Farm Laborer, TX, f-MS, m-MS

- an unsourced note -
1st Wife: Susannah Lott Puckett Pierce was born December 10, 1850, and died April 03, 1884 in
 Bosque County, Buried in Kimball Cemetery. She married Lorenzo Dow Pierce, son of Andrew J Pierce
 and Nancy E. Abercrombie.. She had a first husband- Andrew Puckett-desceased. She is buried at Brazos river crossing-Kimball Bend, Bosque County, TX. Kimball Cemetery is located on highway 174, Bosque County,  TX. Tombstone reads:
"PIERCE, SUSANNAH LOTT w/o L.D. PIERCE- "By Her Mother"; DEC. 10, 1850-APR. 3, 1884"

Susanna H. [sic] Lott Pierce
Birth: Dec. 10, 1850
Death: Apr. 3, 1884
Burial: Kimball Cemetery, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX
this cemetery was moved when Lake Whitney was Built.

I received the following info from
Joseph N Lott and Daniel F Lott
about Susanna Pluckett Lott's family


Ancestors  of Susannah Pluckett Lott Pierce
Descendents of John and Luke Lott
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Descendents of John and Luke Lott

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Compiled by Joseph N. Lott and Daniel F. Lott

Joseph Lott [email protected]
not sure if this is still good
Joe Lott appears to be a survivor of Sept 11 2001 World Trade Center

Update March 20 2007

Here is the name and address of another Lott Researcher
who wrote me recently regarding the info on Mary Jane Lott Which I posted to the LOTT Genforum

John Barron

I saw your message on the Genforum and your web site.  Good work.  I moderate a group on 100+ on-line researchers who study the southern Lott family (including Joe and Dan Lott) and invite you to join us.  There are several
descendant charts of John1 and John2 on my web site that differ a little bit
from Joe and Dan's.  You might check them out.  Nothing is in concrete
concerning these early generations.  Let me hear from you.

John Barron, Austin, TX
no longer have email address or website 

CLICK HERE read John barron 's 
 LOTT genealogy BOOK in 
Adobe Acrobat PDF Format/Acrobat Reader Required


susanna lott buried without LD Pierce

December 2012 email from anonymous Regarding Susan Lott Bowden

Hello........ I've seen some of your postings regarding Susan Ella BOWDEN and her family. I can give you an update regarding her family - though many questions still remain...........

On 14 Aug 1879, in Bosque Co. TX, Mary Jane (Lott) BOWDEN married Andrew Jackson HAND. (The Texas marriage index has her listed as Mary E. BOWDEN)

They became the parents of four children:
Lessie HAND (1881-1962)
Mack Henry HAND (1884-1965)
Alma HAND (1885-1958)
Irene HAND (1887-1942)

It is Alma HAND (the sister who was married to a Congressman) who married Frederick Albert BRITTEN (1871-1946).

For some reason, as yet unknown, the other BOWDEN siblings had changed their surname to WALKER before settling in Idaho. (I'm sure that there is a good story behind that change - but don't yet know what it is).

Anyway, it is her brother William Bennett "Will" WALKER (1874-1953) who was sheriff of Weiser, Idaho for many years.

Brother John Wall WALKER (1869-1942) also lived out his life in Weiser. He is a noted pioneer of Washington Co. Idaho - having come from Texas and arriving in 1889.

Sister Mary Jane "Mollie" was married several times. After leaving her husband, Joseph DAY, and son, Charles Joseph DAY, behind in Texas, she married (probably circa 1887 in Colorado) Robert KYTE and had two sons, Allen David KYTE and Francis Marion KYTE. These she also abandoned. Her sons were first left with her mother and step-father, but were later raised by their uncle William (Bowden) WALKER. In 1905 she married Thomas O'CONNOR and then in 1918 she married Henry Albert SELLE (1873-1939). I don't yet know what happened to her after her marriage to Henry Albert SELLE........... still looking on that note.

I would be interested in any of the information that you might have regarding this part of the family........ I am not related - except I am a "cousin" to Lessie HAND's husband

Thanks,  Anonymous

1880 census Hill county

name : Susan Pierce
event: Census
event date: 1880
event place: Hill, Texas, United States
gender: Female
age: 28
marital status : Married
occupation : K. House
race or color (original) :
ethnicity (standardized) : American
relationship to head : Wife
birthplace : Texas, United States
birthdate : 1852
spouse's name : Loranzo Pierce
spouse's birthplace : Georgia, United States
father's name :
father's birthplace : Mississippi, United States
mother's name :
mother's birthplace : Mississippi, United States
page : 407
page character : A
entry number : 4971
nara film number : T9-1311
gs film number : 1255311
digital folder number: 004244731
image number: 00304
Household Gender Age Birthplace
self Loranzo Pierce M 24 Georgia, United States
wife Susan Pierce F 28 Texas, United States
other Henry Hays M 25 Texas, United States

Susanna Canzada /Lott/
birth:  10 December 1851
Texas. USA
death:  3 April 1884
Bosque, Texas. USA
More information
marriage:  1871
Leakeslille, Greene Co, Mississippi. USA

LOTT Genealogy by Your Name and book here
LOTT Genealogy by Your Name and Book here

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