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Descendents of Capt Andrew Jackson Pierce Nancy E Abercrombie
By LD Pierce
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May 9 1999 I have added additional web pages for the children of Andrew J Pierce
and Nancy E Abercrombie, for whom I have genealogical information.
Those links are above for pages for
Clem Pierce, LD Pierce Sr, Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks, George W Pierce, and Nancy Pierce Conn.
Information on those pages is essentially duplicated from my book above, but separated by family. Children will little or no information are placed on "other" children page.

New Gedcom Html Pages For Pierce Descendents of AJ Pierce
Jan. 2002 these Pages Are Temporarily Offline

Pierce Surnames Page Alphabetically

Index of Pierce and related Names

FRONT COVER OF PIERCEBOOK 1999 BY LD PIERCEPierce Book 1999 page 2 Dedication and Publisher

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Old Mobeetie, Panhandle of TX,
Ft Elliot and Fort Gibson.
These are PDF reprints from
New Handbook of Texas History.
Web Links to each article
are also included.

lL-R George W, Pegleg, LD jr, Clem . Vice front, allen, Ora Pierce, Salley Clark, babies Susan Pierce, Chunk-Valney Fisher

Peg Leg Pierce's family: far right George W, LD Sr, LD jr,
Aunt Vice, Clem. To side of LD Sr- Allen Pierce, Ora Finley Pierce,
Salley Fisher, holding babies Ora holding Susie Pierce (2 months) Salley
holding Valney Fisher

Pierce Log Cabin built in 1860 stuccoed over in the 1930's torn down in 1997

The Pierce Log Cabin at GoatNeck Cleburne, Johnson Co. TX the Peabody's bought the property from Either ther Pierces or Bertha Force--and Mrs Peabody of Ft Worth TX gave me this photo. She was born on the Pierce ranch and live there many years. The Pierce Homestead was called the Peabody Place in the 1920-60's. There are photos of Mrs Peabody and Actress Mary Martins cousin,on the Goatneck texas page.

top Jim Compton Left Grandpa LD Right Allen Pierce bottom Vernon Compton

Photo of LD Pierce and Allen Pierce with Jim and Vernon Compton
taken in Cleburne Tx. Top of photo is Jim Compton and Bottom is brother Vernon.
LD Pierce is on the left and Allen Pierce on the right

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Hugh Pierce 1749 VA Possibly Andrew Jackson's Grandfather
his possible son would be Reuben Pierce

Pages for Children of Andrew Jackson Pierce
Clem Pierce Sr Page | LD Pierce (PegLeg) Page | Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks Page
George W Pierce Page |
Nancy Pierce Conn Page |Other Children of Andrew Jackson Pierce |
new.GIF (1418 bytes)Click Here Goatneck and Pierce Ranch
Map and History-Goatneck 5 articles

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