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Electronic Book Publishing Service
We also assist in publishing Gedcom to Html Pages
and Hard Copy Bound Versions if you need it!

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Publish Your Genealogy files electronically on the Web
using PDF Electronic Book Format

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Conversion service offered-publish electronic PDF books

LD Pierce will help you place all the
information about your family into one readable  Electronic version of YOUR family
genealogy book.This will be a book that yourself, family members, and future
generations will be able to enjoy. Too often the past is forgotten.
Names disappear into the mists of time, known only to the oldest family
members. Once they are gone, then important pieces of family
information are also gone forever.  Electronic Publication assures that future
copies will continue to be available at a low cost!!

With us, the challenges of genealogy research need not be turned into a
pain with the hassles of publishing your results. After the hard work of
collecting your information, you can sit back and rest as we compile
your information and turn it into a treasured keepsake which all family,
present and future, can enjoy--DIGITALLY ONLINE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS

Our services let the genealogy researcher, both amateur and
professional, stay just that - a researcher. Spend more productive time
gathering valuable family history rather than wasting hours trying to
learn how to produce tangible fruits of your labor on your own. The
time and effort you save alone will be well worth it, not to mention the
impressive results which we can generate.

We can type your information into our database or take your Gedcom
file and convert all your information into an
wpe1.jpg (1069 bytes)Electronic book of your family
genealogy history.




Send for our free brochure, "Publish Your Genealogy in PDF Electronically," to find out more about the following:

  • First Steps
  • Electronic Preparation
  • Book design & proofing
  • Electronic PDF Choices
  • Special features of your choosing
  • Contract & terms.

To get your free brochure, send an e-mail with your snail mail address to LD PIERCE, or write to:
click here wpe1.jpg (1069 bytes)printable brochure

LD Pierce
P O Box 35394.
Dallas TX 75235



Genealogists Amatuer and Professional Can

Publish  PDF Genealogy Books Electronically & Affordably!!

LD Pierce Services  provides the genealogist with the capability  To publish your genealogy in PDF Electronic format. We use a GEDCOM or FTW file which your provide to us, then we use an Electronic Publishing method which produces very high quality output including top quality images of photos and documents. Other document file formats are accepted-call for more info.  A secondary  hardback or softback version can be printed  simply and inexpensively if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Exactly What is PDF Publish?

pdficon.gif (253 bytes) PDF electronic book publishing by LD Pierce is a service for genealogists to enable them to publish the results of their genealogy research simply and inexpensively. Most genealogists would like to be able to share their research with family members, other researchers, and libraries. Working from a GEDCOM file provided by the genealogist, LD Pierce uses state-of-the-art software to produce beautiful, pdficon.gif (253 bytes) Electronic PDF books in National Genealogical Society Quarterly Modified Register Format, complete with full name index, ready for  your relatives, co-researchers, libraries, and customers to print on their own printer at their home or office. Or they can download the book and just read it onscreen and no need to print it since it works just like a book.. In other words, this process converts a GEDCOM file to a Electronicpdficon.gif (253 bytes) PDF copy of the book.

    What do you mean "Electronic Publishing Method"?

Using a GEDCOM as input, we produce output to a MSWord 97, Quark Express, or Pagemaker file in a variety of formats. This output file is then edited to include necessary introduction, preface, and headers for the book. The software automatically produces a complete full name index at the back of the book. We then print the book using an electronic printing process which allows us to produce the electronic document.. Printing an electronic document helps minimize the initial cash outlay required.  The procedure is much more complicated if you have an existing out of print book, which is not inputted into a computer genealogy program. Call or Write for information about this conversion.     If normal publishing methods are used, the genealogist must decide in advance how many copies of the book is to be printed. If 50 books are published in this manner, the genealogist incurs an initial cost of approximately $1,500 (50 copies times $30 per typical copy cost). Electronic pdficon.gif (253 bytes) PDF , publishing enables the genealogist to minimize the initial cost of publishing, plus allows   immediate distribution via internet download. The books can be purchased with mastercard or visa in a secure transaction environment. The books can be purchased and downloaded and ready to read  and enjoy in 20 minutes!!

What Steps Are Necessary to Publish The Book

Here are the steps to convert your GEDCOM or FTW  file to a Electronic PDF book:

  1. Generate a GEDCOM file with your genealogy software.
  2. Complete a questionnaire to tell us how we should format the book. For example, should the book be in Ancestor of Descendant Format? What numbering system should be used? Should the index be two column or three column, etc?
  3. Provide text for any preface or introduction which you would like to be included at the front of the book.
  4. Provide photos or original source doucuments which should be included in the book.

What PDF Electronic Book Formats are Available?

The genealogist can select from a wide variety of formats plus a wide
variety of numbering systems. These include:
     1. Descendants or Ancestors using the Register System developed by 
         the New England Historic Register System.
     2. Descendants or Ancestors using the Modified Register System 
          refined by the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.
     3. Descendants by the Henry numbering system.
     4. Descendants by Generation
     5. Descendants in Sequential Order

How Do I Include Photos and Documents in My Book?

Photos or images of original documents can be included for a small additional charge. We will scan the photos and documents and return the originals to you by mail in a few days. Or if you already have scanned images, you can send them to us by E-Mail.

What is the Cost of this Service?

You will be surprised at the low cost of this service. Our initial setup charge is $500. We have a one-time charge of $10 per image to be included in the book. The Electronic pdficon.gif (253 bytes) Books are then printed the the pdficon.gif (253 bytes)PDF electronic book format.  Additional hard bound quantities of the book can be printed for a cost as small as ten books for 12 cents per page. Thus a 200 page book can be printed for $22 per copy including unlimited photos and documents. Hard or soft binding is available for an additional charge. You will begin making money when your relatives start downloading the Electronic Versions, and there are no printing costs!!  There will be a continuing charge or fee for the Electronic Commerce, i.e  charges associated with people buying your book via a Credit Card through a secure transaction mechanism.

E-Mail your questions or comments to LD Pierce 
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Mailing your Submission
 Mail Your Submission to:
Family History Department
Attn:  Ancestral File Submissions
50 E North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-3400

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