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Pierce Wilbanks Family Reunion 3rd Sunday of June 2002 at Goatneck 
ierce-Wilbanks Family Reunion has been scheduled for
June 25 2000 in Cleburne, TX, in conjunction with the Goatneck
Old Timer Reunion. For more information, contact LD Pierce 
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Wilbanks Family Tree

My great grandfathers sister married
AM "Manny Wilbanks"
son of Hiram Wilbanks and Permelia Hale.
Hiram was son of Gardner Wilbanks and Sarah Nance.

This circa 1900 picture is of some of Hiram Henry's 14 children - the grand children of Gardner Wilbanks.  
 First row seated: Alonzo Gardner "Lonnie," Allen Mansil (who married my great great great aunt Rhoda Pierce, Emory, Ernest.  Second row standing: Arthur, Ollie L., Norma, Marvin Blanton "Bishop" Wilbanks

Garder Wilbanks was descended from
Marshall Wilbanks and Susannah Wilbanks.
Marshall was descended from William Wilbanks and Abrilla Goswick

rhoda2.jpg (19292 bytes)

AM "Manny Wilbanks" and wife Rhoda Pierce
click on the small photo to see larger images
photo right is Manny 1900

The History of the Wilbanks of Johnson Couunty page 1

The History of the Wilbanks of Johnson County page 2

hix and trixie from Hansford County Tx History Book  boopage2a.jpg (2215690 bytes)

click on small photos to see larger one
Back Row left to right AJ, Pearcy, Bogus, Front Row, Hix, Mr Wilbanks, Edgar, 
Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks (wife) and Sam in Fathers Lap


The Happy Jack School was a half dugout and was one of the first schools in Hansford Co. It was located on land that Ernest Wilbanks donated. The school named after A.M's nickname - Happy Jack.  Shown below, back row: Gilbert Wilbanks, Wanda Wilbanks, Pearcy Wilbanks, Miss Kate Cock, Fred Wilbanks; front row: Quida Wilbanks, Stella Wilbanks Arnold Wilbanks Ruth Wilbanks

Click Here
to Read Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks Biography
Written by Susan Pierce Dacus Allen in 1940


Click Here to Read Aunt Susan Bowden Wilbanks Biography 
Sister of Manny Wilbanks
Written by Susan Pierce Dacus Allen in 1960

Descendants of Rhoda Pierce and
AM "Manny" Wilbanks


Hansford Census 1930
Rhoda Wilbanks Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1863 Georgia Head

Edd N Wilbanks Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1889 Texas Head
Rubie M Wilbanks Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1890 Wife
Greta Wilbanks Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1912 Daughter
Loretta Wilbanks Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1915 Daughter
Joyce Wilbanks Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1917 Daughter
Carl Edd Wilbanks Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1919 Son
Roy L Keller Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1910 Arkansas Boarder

By LD Pierce Copyright 1999
Much of  the Wilbanks  data provided is from the work of Sally Boyd Davis of Denison TX
and Margaret Evans of Spearman, TX.  Sally is a direct descendent of AM and Rhoda Wilbanks, Margaret Evans is descended from another Wilbanks in Hansford County Tx. Thanks for their contribution to my Pierce-Wilbanks Book. Thanks to the Hansford Historical Commission for allowing me to reprint their family biographies.

Map to Goatneck and Pierce Ranch (History of Goatneck Soon)

I am
confused regarding Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks true birth date:  
The cemetery stone lists her birth date as year 1862,
The Biographies in the Hansford County History Book written by her family
also list birth date as 1862.  But Her Biography as interview 
by Susan Pierce Dacus states her birth date as 1860.Another question is that 
of her death date which is shown as November 25, 1941 from her biography in 
the Hansford County TX History Book. The stone shows death date of
Jan 25, 1941.Which is correct?? I will soon begin trying to obtain
the birth certificates for all of Capt. Andre Jackson Pierce's Children.

Married Rhoda Pierce 24 May 1877,​ Johnson,​ Texas
llen Mansel Wilbanks Born Dec 1858 Johnson County Texas, USA
one location states he was born in Rusk County Texas

Death: Nov. 7, 1927 Amarillo Texas
Buried  Nov 8 19027Spearman,  Hansford County Texas, USA
buried Hansford Cemetery
Allen M. Wilbanks Death Date: 07 Nov 1927 Death Place: Amarillo, Potter, Texas Gender: Male Race: White Death Age: 69 years Estimated Birth Date: Birth Date: 1858 Birthplace: Texas Marital Status: Married Spouse's Name: Father's Name: Hiram Wilbanks Father's Birthplace: Tenn. Mother's Name: Francis Hale Mother's Birthplace: Ga. Occupation: Retired Farmer Place of Residence: Spearman, Texas Cemetery: Burial Place: Spearman, Texas Burial Date: 08 Nov 1927 Additional Relatives: X Film Number: 2114435 Digital Film Number: 4165522 Image Number: 1941 Reference Number: 38102

pdficon.gif (253 bytes) WILBANKS BOOK

Wilbanks Book 1999 (Shortened Pierce Genealogy Book)
PDF Version: Descendants of Rhoda Pierce and Allen Mansel Wilbanks
(A.M. Known as "Manny")

Please note that this is actually a shortened version of my Pierce PDF Book.  It contains only info on Captain Andrew Jackson Pierce and the Descendents of Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks. It contains only the Wilbanks trees and biographies and no info on AJ Pierces other children. The link to the full length Pierce Genealogy PDF Book is below on this page. This Wilbanks Electronic book is not completed-meaning it is not hyperlinked or clickable to work like a book like the pierce book is. If you want to be able to browse the Wilbanks Genealogy information using hyperlinks, use the full length Pierce book below. The Wilbanks Book. is not printable or editable, but you may download it to your hard drive and keep and read later offline!!



Below is a transcript of Rhoda Ann Pierce Wilbanks' family bible pages.
These were copied from a set of copies held at the Somervell Co. Genealogy
Society offices in Glen Rose, Texas. Spelling is exactly as found in the
copies. There where 5 pages in all titled: Marriage Cert., Marriages,
Births, Deaths, Memoranda

Marriage Certificate from Preacher

This Certifies that A. M. Wilbanks of Cleburne Texas and R. A. Pierce of
Cleburne Texas were joined together by me in the bond of matrimony at the
Pierce Homestead on the 24th day of May in the year of our lord 1877. In
the Presence of A. J. Pierce and wife and H. H. Wilbanks and wife. Signed
Rev Wing of Kimball Texas.

Marriages (page dated 1-27-12)

Andrew Jackson Wilbanks to Nettie Cameron Dec 18th 1901
Allen Mancel Wilbanks Jr. to Ophelia Beatress Ewing March 1st 1898
Percy Phone Wilbanks to James Blackburn Tower Sept 27, 1910
Howell L. Wilbanks to Trixie E. Winn Oct 11th 1908
Edgar Napoleon Wilbanks to Ruby Compton May 27 1911
Oliver Theodore Wilbanks to Lucille Kizziar Dec 29, 1913
Ruth Monica Wilbanks to O. Floyd Hawkins Aug 22, 1921
Wanda Ouida Wilbanks to George B. Reed June 9, 1925


Andrew Jackson Wilbanks born March 19th 1878
Allen Mancel Wilbanks born June 22nd 1879
Percy Phone Wilbanks born Feb 17th 1881
Angie Wilbanks born June 4th 1884
Howell L. Wilbanks Sept 17th 1885
Baby Wilbanks 1890
Oliver Theodore Nov 20th 1891
Wanda O. Wilbanks Jan 9th 1895
Monica Ruth Wilbanks July 17th 1897
Allen Mancel Wilbanks Sr. Dec 10th 1858
Rhoda Ann Pierce April 9th 1862


Angie Wilbanks died Dec 14th 1884
Baby Wilbanks 1887
Baby Wilbanks 1890
Sam Wilbanks Oct 21 1918
Birth of Tower Family written Nov 21 1941
Rhoda Tower born Born Dec 29- 1913
Coline Tower born May 25 (or 15) 1915 (1919 crossed out)
Arnett Tower born Dec 4 1912
Pearcy Wilbanks tower born Feb 17, 1881
Allen Mancel Sr. Nov 10,
Allen Mancel Jr. June 22, 1877
Andrew Jackson March 19, 1978
Rhoda Ann April 19, 1862 Jan 25, 1921 (typo on death yr, she was alive in
1930 census and grave and other records list 1941 as death)


Hiram H. Wilbanks and Amelia Ann Francis Hale were united in the holy bonds
of matrimon in Rusk County Texas A. D. 1850 remained in Rusk county about 10
years moved to Johnson County settled near Alvarado Tx remained there 2
years then settled near the Brazos remained there until death there were
the father and mother of 14 children 10 boys and 4 girls.

Andrew Jackson Pierce and Nancy Emaline Abbercrumbie were united in the holy
bonds of matrimon in Cherokee County Georgia A.D. 1838 Moved to Texas from
Georgia in 1866 settled in Mc_____ (blank should be McLennan) County Texas
20 miles west of Waco Texas remained there 3 years then settled in Johnson
Co. Tx in 1869. Both are buried on the old homestead in Johnson Co. Tex.
6 boys and ???? girls were borned.


Rhoda Pierce and A M Wilbanks Biography

Wilbanks Genealogy by Your Name and book here
Wilbanks Genealogy by Your Name and Book here

pdficon.gif (253 bytes)MARSHALL WILBANK BOOK

descendents of
marshall wilbanks
Please note that most of the information on Marshall and
all the Census info came from Wilbanks Researcher
 Robert Wilbanks of AZand his Wilbanks Newsletter.

here is his web page address



send him Email Robert Wilbanks

Hiram Henry Wilbanks Biography
From Johnson County Tx History Book


Hiram Henry Wilbanks, father of AG
"Alonzo Gardener" Wilbanks, Freeland

In 1892 "A Memorial and Biographical
History of Johnson and Hill Counties" by the
Lewis Publishing Co. of Chicago was published
with biographical sketches of early day
settlers. Hiram Henry Wilbanks and his
brother Allen N. Wilbanks each had a sketch
about themselves; their father, Gardner
Wilbanks, was in Allen N. Wilbank's sketch.
At the time this book was compiled, both
Hiram and Allen were still living. To quote
from the book:
"Hiram Henry Wilbanks, a farmer and a
stock raiser residing 14 miles southwest of
Cleburne, and one mile north of Freeland,
Was born in Wakely County TN, Jan 11 1833,
son of Gardner Wilbanks, A native of South
Carolina. Hiram H moved with his father to
Rusk County, TX,. and later in 1880 to
Johnson County TX settling on his present
farm of 706 acres, 366 acres of which
in-law Jim Lain, and Jim's brother, Lambert
is under a fine state of cultivation. In 1862Wilbanks enlisted in the Confederate
Service, in Company B, Captain Childress
command, Stone's regiment, was in the
Battle of Donaldsonville, Louisiana, and was
then detailed to the mail service. He served
until the close of the war, and was at home
on a sick furlough at the time of the surrender.
Hiram Wilbanks and his brother Allen married
sisters, Allen to Miranda Victoria Hale on Nov 22 1860
and Hiram to Permelia Ann Francis Hale Aug 11 1853.
The parents of the Hale sisters were Joel Whitehead
Hale, native of Clark Co., GA, and Nancy Tigner

Hiram and Allen's Father was Gardner Wilbanks
who was born on March 15, 1979 in Union District,
South Carolina, and he later died on Dec. 27,
1888, in Johnson Co., Tex. Gardner Wilbanks
married Sarah ("Sally") Nance, born about
1815 and died about 1870 in Johnson Co., Tex.
She was the daughter of John Nance of
Wakely Co., Term. They were the parents of
eleven children, the first six who were born
in Tenn. were Emilene F., William, Allen Nance,
Hiram Henry, Calvin and Jessie. Benjamin was
born in Arkansas, apparently while the family was
enroute to Texas; then came Doctor, Daniel,
Susan and Sarah.
Hiram Henry Wilbanks and his wife
Permelia Francis had 14 children. (1) Patience
married Frank LaFon; (2) Joel W.
(deceased); (3) Mansil (Manny) married
Rhoda Pierce; (4) Alonzo Gardner married
Alice Cathey; (5) Howell H. (deceased); (6)
Floyd married Susan; (7) Emory married
Willie Cathey, (8) Earnest married Eva
Baran; (9) Ada (deceased): (IO) Liza (deceased);
(11) Olley married Pat Scurlock, (12)
Arthur; (13) Norma married Abe Gresham;
and (14) Marvin Bishop married Cordelia
Hiram Henry became ill while visiting two
of his grown sons, Emory and Ernest, who
lived in what was then Indian Territory, He
died on Aug. 18, 1899, and was buried in
Texmo Cemetery, North of Hammond, OK.
Alonzo Gardner Wilbanks, Hiram’s son,
received an original land grant of (163) one
hundred and sixty-three acres of land from
Gov. John Ireland in June 1886. It was
located approximately 14-1/2 miles southwest
of Cleburne. The original home on this land
was a 2-story rock house-the stones being
hewn out of the Wilbanks mountain. When
this structure became unsafe, they built a one story
rock home to the west of the original
one, using some of the blocks from the first
home. Two walls of the original home stood
for many years, making it sort of a landmark
in the area, until finally in the early 1940’s,
fearing the walls might fall and hurt someone,
Earl Wilbanks knocked them down. The
second home is still in use today by the Earl
Wilbanks family. They remodeled the place
by taking the old long front porch off and
replacing it with e redwood glassed-in room
and adding extra rooms to the northeast side;
but the basic house with its 16-20-inch thick
solid rock walls, both inside walls and outer
walls are still there.
The Lime Plant which is owned and
operated by Rangaire today was initially
started on the Wilbanks mountain back of
the Wilbanks Home place. Friou Wilbanks
his brother-in-law Jim Lain, and Jim's
Brother Lambert Lain, finally got some
businessmen interested in the limestone, a
company was formed and rock and limestone
was quarried off the mountain for about 20
years. Then the plant moved to the Dayton
Holland Mountain 3 miles E of the Wilbanks place.
Alonzo Gardner Wilbanks known to his friends
as Lonnie or Uncle Lonnie or
by his initials "A.G." He was born Nov. 9,
1860 and died Nov. 21, 1938 in the home of
Fannie Lain in Cleburne. Alonzo
Gardner and his brother Emory married
Sisters, AG to Alice Cathey, and Emory to
Willie Cathey, daughters of Major William
Henry Cathey, and his wife Sammantha
both of whom died of yellow Fever during the
Epidemic in Shreveport, La. between 1876
1878. Alice Cathey was born Nov. 7,16132, and
Died June 29, 1916.
Alonzo Gardner and Alice Cathey. The Wilbanks
were the parents of eight children. (I) Willie who
married Green Cooper; (2) Laverne
married George Taylor; (3) Cathey
married Irene Friou; (4) Horace married Dell
Friou; (5) Earl married Anna Nickell; (6)
Fannie married Jim Lain; (7) Lonnie married
John Rogers; (8) Friou Glaucus married
Elizabeth Rogers.
The grandchildren of Alonzo ("Lonnie")
Gardner Wilbanks who are still living in
Cleburne and the Johnson Co. area are
(1) Vernon Cooper, son of Willie Wilbanks
Cooper, (2) Douglas Wilbanks, son of Cathey
Wilbanks, (3) Dorthea Rogers Tate daughter
of Lonnie Wilbanks Rogers; Alice Lain
Kneblik, daughter of Fannie Wilbanks Lain;
Friou G. ("Curly") Wilbanks, son of F.G.
Wilbanks, Sr.; and Earlene Wilbanks Rives
and Bitha Wilbanks Hinton, daughters of
Earl Wilbanks.
There are only 4 great-grandsons of A.G.
Wilbanks that bear the surname Wilbanks.
They are Antony Douglas (Tony) and Harold
Alvin Wilbanks, sons of Douglas A. Wilbanks,
David Wilbanks, son of F.G. ("Curly")
Wilbanks; and Robert Wilbanks son B.J.
("Bob") Wilbanks. Only two great-
great-grandsons bear the Wilbanks surname.
(1) Benjamin, son of David Wilbanks;
(2) and Blaine, son of Harold Wilbanks.
by June Rogers Tate
Article f796 Johnson County History Book
reprinted with permission

Editors Note: June Rogers Tate was very friendly
And a very close friend of Dad and Mom in the 1970s
She used to come visit Spearman, TX Hansford County
Often.  She might have even in Hansford County for a while
Many of the Wilbanks and the Pierces picked up
And moved to Hansford County TX in 1906 for cheap land.

Gardner Wilbanks Biography
From Johnson County Tx History Book

Gardner Wilbanks moved to Rusk County,
Texas from Tennessee in 1839. He fought in
the war which won Texas independence from
Mexico and was given a land grant in Rusk
County for his service. Gardner, his son,
Hiram Henry, and their families moved to
Johnson County before 1883.
Hiram enlisted in the Confederate service,
in Company B, Captain Childress’command,
Stone’s regiment, in 1882. He was in the
Battle of Donaldsonville, Louisiana, and was
later detailed to the mail service where he
served until the end of the war. Socially, he
was a member of the Masonic Order and the
Grange; politically. a Democrat; and religiously,
a member of the Christian Church
Hiram had fourteen children and has many
descendants now living in Johnson County.
Allen Manse1 Wilbanks, son of Hiram, was
born in 1858. Although a very small boy,
Allen had to serve as a look-out for Indians
during the War Between the States. The
older youths and men were away at war and
the community was in constant fear of Indian
raids. He married Rhoda Pierce who had
ome to Johnson County from Georgia by
covered wagon at the age of three.
In 1902, Allen and his family of eight
children, including two married sons, moved
to Hansford County in the Texas Panhandle
traveling by wagon foor sixteen days. One son,
Andrew Jackson, had married Dove Oakes of
Hood County. The other son, Allen Mansel,
Jr., had married Ophelia Ewing of Johnson
County. Allen had a contract to drill forty
water walls on the XIT Ranch and had
purchased four sections of land in Hansford
County for two dollars an acre. This land is
being cultivated by his descendants today.
Allen’s two brothers, Earnest, married to
the former Eva Mae Burran of Johnson
County, and Floyd, married to tbe former
Susan Bowden, also of Johnson County,
traveled to the Panhandle and settled on
adjoining land. Another brother, Arthur,died
in Hansford County in 1908. He never
married. Thomas Calvin Hazlewood an active
businessman of Clebune, is the great-grandson
of Allen Mansel. Mary and Calvin Hazelwood
of Fort Worth are his parents. His grandfather
was Howell L. (His) Wilbanks who was
born in Johnson County in 1888. Hix was a
pioneer farmer and rancher and was Sheriff
& Tax Collector of Hansford County for twenty
years. Thomas is married to the former Gail
Gumm of Fort Worth who is the daughter
Mary and Charles C. Gumm of Fort Worth
and the Double Dollar Ranch near Rio Vista
Tom and Gail have one daughter, Holly.
Travis Hazlewood of Fort Worth, brother
of Thomas, is married to the former
Charwynne Bass, daughter of Fleeta and J.T. Bas
of Cleburne. Travis and Charwynne have on
son, George Bass. Article F795
by Gail Hazlewood Johnson County History Book pg 835
Reprinted with Permission
Editors Note the the author's husband Tom Hazlewood
is Mayor of Cleburne Tx Johnson County Click on GoatNeck Link .


 Henry Allen Wilbanks was born October 28, 1894 in Johnson County, Texas. He came to Hansford County with his parents Floyd and Susan Wilbanks in a covered wagon in 1903. Henry helped freight supplies from Texhoma with Tom Moon and Charlie Day. His parents raised Charlie Day, Susan's nephew that was orphaned at age five. Tom Moon lived with the family from age fifteen until his death in 1949. Charlie Day drilled water wells for XIT Ranch for many years. Henry helped him and they lived in a tent, and cooked on a camp fire using cow chips for fuel: They cooked beans in a tin bucket with a tight lid that had a hole in the top. Henry attended Micou School until 1908 when the family moved to Goodwell, Oklahoma during the school months. He farmed and threshed wheat for neighbors miles around. They had a cook shack and lived on sour dough biscuits, beans, and cured meat; and shot a rabbit occasionally for fresh meat. He served in WWI two years and was in France most of the time. The flu broke out on their ship going overseas and many of the boys died. He survived the flu and went to a hospital on arrival in France. Henry Wilbanks and Beatrice Walker married October 27, 1935. They had three children: Henry Allen, Jr., Nina Jane, Floyd Creed, and eight grandchildren. They moved from Spearman in 1936 to Moore County where they bought land and raised cattle as well as farming. Henry died February 6, 1964. He is buried in the Dumas Cemetery. Beatrice lives in the home in Dumas, keeping busy with the grandchildren. 
by Fay Wilbanks Klutts  Hansford County History Book Vol 1 pg. 301


Lawrence Wilbanks
lawrenviris.jpg (80457 bytes)

Lawrence came to Spearman in a covered wagon in 1902; He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wilbanks. Coming home from WWI Lawrence and his cousin, Gilbert Wilbanks, came to Butler, Oklahoma; that is where I met Lawrence, he operated a Garage. My parents were Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Cutberth. Lawrence and I married May  1, 1922 in the Baptist Church at Butler. Lawrence remodeled a Model-T car and painted it brown. That car was our "Hot Rod Car." We moved to Spearman to the Floyd Wilbanks farm, south and east of Spearman and lived there until we built our home in Spearman at 103 S. Townsend St.

Lawrence and brothers, Hiram, Virgel, and Henry along with sisters, Spray and Fay, went to school at Micou Schoolhouse. Their first teacher a Mrs. Monroe opened school playing the violin.

Miss Kate Klack and Trixie Winn, teachers, were favorites of the Wilbanks children later Trixie married Hix Wilbanks, Lawrence's cousin. She was his favorite teacher.

We bought land where the Micou Schoolhouse was located it was later moved to the Virgel Wilbanks farm. Lawrence and Gilbert, for pastime chased antelope, coyotes, and rabbits on their motorcycles they also brought the horses in for work, as there were no fences. They also killed "Loafer Wolves." The gramma grass grew tall enough to mow and stack for hay and the wild flowers grew everywhere.

Henry Wilbanks, Lawrence's brother, Gilbert and Fred Wilbanks, cousins, were all in World War One.

Virgel and Nellie Wilbanks and Lawrence operated and built the first cafe in Spearman. They cooked a large turkey for an oil well crew, near the Canadian River, they called the well "Snorty Gobbler," but the well came in dry.

 We worked very hard and long hours. Lawrence helped drill water wells, they worked over windmills and owned their own threshing machine and threshed grain in the county. We raised cattle and horses; we milked cows and churned our butter. We bought the basic foods; one hundred lb. sacks of flour and sugar, large wooden crates of fruit, apricots and prunes; large cans of honey; beans and sow belly.

We always had a garden, canning all we could for winter. We raised our chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks and geese. We made feather pillows from the feathers and down of geese and ducks.

We raised our hogs and butchered them. W cured the meat and made the sausage. We had no refrigeration; we wrapped our fresh beef and hung it on the windmill tower.

We built a long box for the water to run through from the windmill to the stock tank, in this we kept our milk and butter to keep it cool. Many times I found our milk gone, as people stopped for water and they would have a cool drink of milk.

Our home was not very large but had a bunkhouse for the men to sleep in. Our family was Lawrence and Virus, Hiram and Henry and Thomas Moon.

 We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary May 11, 1972. Margarette Wilbanks Evans, our niece, (more like our own daughter) and friends honored us with a reception at the First State Bank that year. This year (1 979) May I 1 we have been married fifty-seven years, Many "Happy Memories." We are members of the First Christian Church, Order of the Eastern Star, Worthy Matron 1960-61. Lawrence is a  Mason. I am honored, to be a charter member of the First Home Demonstration Club,  By Virus Cutberth Wilbanks Hansford County History Book Vol. 1 pg 302



 Our family the Floyd Daniel Wilbanks family came to Hansford County in 1903. Floyd and Susan Ella Bowden were married March 17, 1889 in Johnson County in the home of Floyd's father, Hiram Asbury Wilbanks. Floyd came to Hansford County in 1903 and sent word back to Susan to bring the children. They came from Johnson County in a covered wagon. They bought a section of land S.E. of where Spearman is now. There they lived in a half-dugout, sleeping on mattresses stuffed with prairie hay and feathers. With the family came a boy fifteen years old, Thomas Henry Moon and Susan's nephew, Charlie Day, five years old, Six children were born to Susan and Floyd, they were: Hiram Asbury, Virgel W. Henry Allen, Lawrence Edward, Olive Spray (Bradford), Nina Fay (Klutts). As the family grew a house was built beside the dugout. Lumber was hauled in wagons from Guymon, Oklahoma. As their children and the community grew the need of a school was established. This was the Micou School, attending it with the Wilbanks Family were the Sanders, Hazlewood, Douglas, and Windom families. During the earlier years of 1903-1940,the family went to Altus, OK. to pick cotton. The three older boys picked cotton with the folks while Lawrence, Spray and Fay stayed at the wagon. To get there they would have to ford the Canadian River, hoping to dodge the quicksand but sometimes getting stuck and having to be pulled out. At this time there were no roads, only open country and trails. Prairie fires were feared by all, as there were no plowed fields to stop them. In 1908 Susan and her daughters, Spray and Fay, visited Susan's mother who lived in Boise, Idaho. That was quite a train ride, the mountain scenery was great. They rode the streetcar to their grandmother's home. Now it's school time: Floyd and Susan moved the family in a covered wagon to Goodwell, Oklahoma where the children attended school until they all finished. The first day out they ate dinner just west of Hansford on the hill. Susan had cooked turkey and all the trimmings. Floyd and Tom Moon farmed. Floyd churned butter and put it in brine in a keg and brought it some cured meat to Goodwell. One day they drove up in a Ford car! Charlie Day was drilling water wells for XIT, he died in 1932. Thomas Moon lived with the family until he died in 1949. Floyd and Susan celebrated their Golden Wedding Day March 17, 1939 the school band surprised them by coming in full dress uniform and playing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." People came early from miles around and continued until twelve midnight. Floyd passed away November 23, 1942 and Susan, December 11, 1963, she lived to be 92 years old.
By Lawrence and Will Wilbanks. Hansford County History Book Vol. 1 page 302-303

Allen M Wilbanks Jr (Bogus)

Allen M Wilbanks, Jr., age eighteen, married Ophelia Ewing, age sixteen, in Johnson County, Texas, where they both were born.  They started to the Panhandle in 1896 tomake their new home.  They came through Oklahoma and live for a short while in Butler.  It was in Indian Territory that their first child, Stella was born.  One day a bunch of Indians surrounded their wagon and they were very scared as Geronimo was still acting up. The Indians kept pointing at Stelli and saying "pretty papoose." The Indians were friendly, however and gave the parents some fresh meat, and went on their way. They traveled on to Charming, Texas, to make their home. Allei went to work for the XIT Ranch, drilling their wells. These were rugged times. Their second child, James, was  born, lived only eighteen months, and was buried in Charming. Ophelia was in camp while Allen was drilling wells and she saw only two white women one year. One came in and ate dinner, and the other jus passed along the road. They saw the XIT cowboys often.

In 1903 their third child, Ouida, was born. Allen and Ophelia decided to move to Hansford County and Allen bought a section of land from the railroad two miles west of where the town of Spearman is. His father, uncles and families soon came from jobnson County and settled around them. Their fourth chlid, Trixielee, was born in 1908. Allen continued to drill water wells, but decided to move to Ochiltree where the girls could go to school.

Allen became interested in civic affairs and went into partnership with Edgar Poer in a drugstore. They named the store Poer Wilbanks. His hobby, along with Lynch Dodson and Dr. W. J. Brewer, was motorcycling. He also liked to tournament ride at the town picnics. This consisted of hanging rings on posts, riding horses, and gathering the rings off.

Their fifth child, Jack, was born in 1914 in Ochiltree. Allen sold his interest in the drugstore. He and some other men started the Farmer's and Stockman's State Bank, which was later moved to the town of Perryton. He also sold his ranch in Hansford County. He and Bill MeLarty built one of the first brick buildings in Perryton. His home was the third one moved to Perryton from old Ochiltree. He also laid the first sidewalks in Perryton. The Farmer's and Stockmat Bank went broke in 1924 and the building was sold to the First National Bank.

The Wilbanks decided to move to Amarillo and make a new start. Allen started to manufacture water softeners. He also entered the oil business, which he continued in until 1932 when he passed away at the age of fifty-two.

Mrs. Wilbanks still resides in Amarillo. Stella passed away in 1919 while attending West Texas State Norm at Canyon. Ouida married Paul F. Stewart, now deceased, who owned and published the Ochiltree County Herald from 1920 to 1923. Trixielee married Walter H. Deason and Jack married Dorothea Main. They all resided in Amarillo.

Submiued by Ouida Wilbanks Stewart




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  Web Pages regarding Abrilla Gostwick who married
William Wilbanks 
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Hix Wilbanks became Sheriff of Hansford County TX.
He was Rhoda and Manny's son.
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New from Barbara Caramba-Coker  Wilbanks researcher
She is in charge of the Wilbanks Email List

Barbara Caramba-Coker
873 20th Street
Oakland, CA 9460

this is the web address of the Wilbanks Group



1900 Texas Soundex for Wilbanks Surname


The text file Barbara has done is one her Wilbanks Webs at:


June 28  LD phone list of wilbanks below  PDF Format

Wilbanks 1999 phone book AZ AR LA NM OK TX

visted the Baker Lain Cem. in SW Johnson County a few months ago and found several Wilbanks buried there:

Alonzo G. Wilbanks ( b. 11-9-1860, d. 11-23-1938)
Alice Cathy (b. 11-7-1862, d. 6-29-1916) <wife, same grave marker>

Hoyetett Leroy Rives b. 2-9-1926, d. 9-12-1989
Earlene Wilbanks b. 8-7-1925 d.--- <same grave marker>
married march 28,1942

Earl Emory Wilbanks b. 5-22-1891 d. 7-31-1959
Anna L. b. 9-2-1897, d. 1-18-1988 <same grave marker>

- Behind Alonzo and Alice:
L. Cathey Wilbanks b. 2-22-1885 d. 8-6-1929
< this is one of Alonzo's sons>

- behind L. Cathey:
Gertie Ophella Wilbanks b. 3-10-1903 d. 8-12-1903

- behind and between Earl Emory and Earlene:
Wilton "Red" Hinton b. 2-09-1926 d. 9-12-1989
Bitha Lee Wilbanks b. 12-9-1928 d. ---
Children Donna, Leroy, Rick

In seperate area of cemetary:

Son of L.E. Wilbanks
d. 1895

I have some research on most all but I can't seem to connect Gertie and Bitha. I assume Gertie was L. Cathey's daughters. I do not have proof yet other than their dates match. I know that Girtie can not be Alnzo and Alice's child. In the 1910 census she lists all of her children as still living.

Bitha Lee must be Earl Emory Wilbanks daughter. I don't have any proof on this yet either.

Any help on Bitha and Gertie would be of great help.

Hope the above is of help to other wilbanks researchers out there.



I just purchased a county land map of Johnson County from an antique shop in the hill country. It is from 1888. It shows all the owners of land in Johnson County and their plots of land.

My greatgreatgrandfather Hiram Henry Wilbanks is listed along with his kin Alonzo Gardner Wilbanks and Allen Mansil Wilbanks. They are all living near one another in the Goatneck area of the county.

Big Mystery.... Along with the above, the map lists R.D. Wilbanks just to the west next to Alonzo Gardner. I have no relatives listed with those initials living in Johnson County at the time. None of the census extracts have an R.D. listed as well. Who could he (or she) be???

Anyone who thinks they have an answer, please send me an email. I will try to scan this part of the map in and post it fore everyone to see. If you are curious drop me a line and I will email it to you.


Gruver Independent July 8 1964

Highlights from the Past to the Present turns east this week as we visit in the Wilbanks home some three miles south east of Spearman. The spotlight of our story looks back some sixty two years as another important pioneer family moved to Hansford County.

In 1877 Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Wilbanks were married in Cleburne, Texas, it was there they made their home carrying on farming for their livelihood. Nine children were born to the couple near the town of Cleburne, being Andrew Jackson, Mrs. J.B. (Pearcy) Towers, A.M. Jr. . (Bogus), Howell L. (Hix), Edgar(Ed), Sam, Wanda Reed and Ruth Hawkins.

A desire to move west to better land and a bright future brought the Wilbanks family to the Panhandle of Texas and to Hansford County in l902. The family packed their belongings in two covered wagons, a buggy and a surrey and left for Fort Worth where they were joined by some thirty-five other families with the same desire of moving west. Forming what is called a wagon train The Wilbanks family along with the other wagons moved west as a group in search for a new home with bright opportunities. The people would camp for their meals and at night to sleep. Only once on the trip did they stay in a wagon yard another was at Childress.

Arriving in Hansford County on May 2. 1902 the family made their home on four adjoining sections on which Mr. Wilbanks had purchased for $200 apiece. Their first home was a dugout which was far from luxury and particularly small for a large family. Until the family was able to build their home some slept in covered wagons at night while the kitchen table was made into a pallet for the two small girls.

The two older boys, A.J. and Bogus, were married when they moved to the county and they had two of the sections which their father had purchased and began farming. Mr. Wilbanks broke his sod planted his crops as well as fenced his land to make preparation for his first crop. Aside from the farming and ranching which kept the family quite busy, Mr. Wilbanks also drilled water wells. He was assisted by his son Edgar who continued drilling wells throughout his life. Many of the first water wells of the county were drilled by Mr. Wilbanks and his son Edgar. They also drilled may of the, wells on the XIT Ranch .

The son Sam died during the World War I , Wanda Reed retired just recently from the position she has held for over thirty years as Superintendent of Nurses at Northwest Hospital in Amarillo, Mrs. Ruth Hawkins makes her home in Austin, Texas.

The early pioneer days brought the service of a telephone on the top of a barb wire fence for the family. The men remained quite busy with the farming and ranching as well as the well drilling, while Mrs. Wilbanks and the girls were busy tending to the garden, canning and washing as well as the regular household chores.

Many hardships were faced by the family, but one of the biggest problems seemed to be getting to market and back. The closest market and railroad was Channing and the eighty mile trip would take three days to make while another day was needed to buy the supplies. Then the return trip home would also take three days therefore a week was needed to go for supplies. -.Many times the men were unable to make the trip and Mrs. Wilbanks and the two small girls would go by themselves. They would camp out on the prairie and cook out also as the trip to Channing was made.

The children who had not completed their education in Cleburne attended the schools of Happy Jack. 'The Wilbanks home was often the center for parties and several members of the family were musically talented so these two factors led way for many dances and socials.

As the time moves forward we look into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Hix Wilbanks, for Hix was born September 171 1886 in Johnson County Texas. His wife Trixy Evans Winn was born February 26, 1885 near Colombia, Missouri. She was the daughter of Young Ewing and Georgia Alice Winn and was the youngest of seven children. She attended the schools in Warrensburg, Missouri where was trained to be a teacher. Upon completion of her education she came to Hansford County Texas where she began teaching in the Micou and Happy Jack Schools.

She roomed and boarded in the A.M. Wilbanks home where she become acquainted with her future husband, Hix Wilbanks.

Hix Wilbanks and Trixy Winn were married October 11, 1908 by Reverend Wilson in his dugout parsonage, some five miles northwest of Old Hansford. The couple had four children of their own and reared one foster son, The children were Mary, twin daughters Beth and Ruth, Julia and a foster son Marcus Larson.

After Mr. and Mrs. Hix Wilbanks married Hix traded two mules for their first automobile which made six miles per hour. It is recalled that one time while out in the car enroute to the Micou school a rain came making the ground muddy and impassable without chains. Mr. Wilbanks got out. let the air out of the tires, put the chains on then, aired the tires back up and continued on the muddy path.  He didn't know that the chains could be put on without letting the air from the tires.

While boarding at the Wilbanks home during her teaching years at the Happy Jack school it was remembered by Mrs. Wilbanks that a big snow came and the school was a halfdugout, therefore Hix was afraid that teacher could not find her way to school because it might be buried by the snow. He took the plow plowed a furrow to the school for her to follow to find the school.

After Mr. land Mrs. Hix Wilbanks married he farmed and ranched but he also served as Sheriff of the county for nineteen years, serving the terms from 1919 to 1922 and 1928 to 1945 both as Sheriff and tax assessor and collector. Hix Wilbanks was known as a sheriff "who never wore a gun."  He would say that he kept one around where it would be handy in case he needed it. During his first three years in office he never made an arrest. He would not go out to look for an accused or guilty party just sent word to the party to come by his office and the party would usually drop by to see him.

When Mr. Wilbanks was first elected Sheriff there were only 135 votes to be cast in the county. While the depression and dust bowl days were devastating the residents of the county, Mr. Wilbanks had the chore to go out and investigate drought-burdened forms in the county before the farmers could get loans to help them keep their land and belongings. Friends and residents of the county recall that Sheriff Wilbanks never found a farm that he couldn't approve for a loan.

In April Of 1941, Mr. Wilbanks tracked down Orrin J. Brown of Lookout, California by starting from a shoe label as the only source of evidence. He brought him back to Hansford County where he faced a charge of murder with malice for the hammer-slaying of a 40 year old woman, Mrs. Leota Murphy of Marion, Indiana whose body was found on a country road some seven miles west of Gruver.

In 1920 Mr. and Mrs. Hix Wilbanks moved to Spearman where they lived until they built their modem brick home on the Wilbanks home place southeast of Spearman. The couple celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1958. On November, 25, 1959 Mr. and Mrs. Wilbanks were involved in a car accident which took Mrs. Wilbanks life. Hix Wilbanks recovered from the accident and continued to make his home at the home place until his death on June 4, 1963.

The Hix Wilbanks four daughters and one son make their home in the state of Texas with Mrs. Calvin Hazelwood of Fort Worth, and Mrs. G.R. Billingsley of Lubbock, Mrs. Ray Phelps, Mrs. Joe Don Bryan and Marcus Larson all of Spearman.

This brings us to the end of another of the quite outstanding life histories of the Hansford County Pioneers. We see a family who yearned for a home in the west with opportunities and have also seen that this family fulfilled their desires and made themselves a prosperous and well known family who will be remembered throughout the years to come.


Wilbanks, Joann
She was born on 11/06/1930 in Hansford County, TX
**THE FATHER'S NAME IS: Wilbanks, Edgar Napolian

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