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    Linda is the oldest in her family, then Jim, Dorothy and Tony. She joined the WAC (Women’s Army Corps) after High School. She worked as a medical clerk at Womack Army Hospital, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in the city of Fayetteville (irreverently known as Faggotville). She joined the 18th Airborne Corps Sky Diving Club, making 13 jumps, 6 of which were Free Falls (manual parachute openings). There she met her sky diving instructor; A wonderful, patient, thoughtful, friendly, intelligent, handsome man (me)! We married on May 5 1961.

Linda had completed one tour in the WAC (Women's Army Corps), and re-enlisted for a second tour. We had this "idea" that she would get pregnant immediately after re-enlistment so she could get an immediate Discharge. This way, she could get her re-enlistment bonus AND be out. Like having your cake and eating it too. (In the military, if a woman got pregnant, she could apply for, and GET, an immediate Honorable Discharge). Well, as luck would have it, this proved difficult, to say the least! We tried everything in the book, and some thing’s never published, to accomplish this pregnancy, including having her stand on her head after, or during, a certain type of encounter. NADA! It finally happened though! She got pregnant! And, she got her Discharge! However, after about 2 months , she suddenly announced that she was no longer pregnant! After 4-6 months, she finally had a miscarriage, and the doctor said that the fetus was only 2 months old! (God! The medical complications this might have caused!)

Actually, Linda loved the Army. She really had no desire to leave, but a certain work situation beyond her control made it untenable for her to remain. Her boss was a Warrent Officer who was overbearing in a way that, now-a-days, would be classified as sexual harassment. She complained to her Platoon Leader, who had her transferred to another section of the hospital. The Warrent Officer had her transferred right back into his section. In today's Army, that guy probably would have been Court Marshalled for his conduct. But, in those days, the phrase "sexual harassment" was unknown, even in the military.

We finally had our first child, Laura, at Ft Devans Massachusetts. Danny arrived while stationed in Okinawa (then a U.S. Protectorate after WWII, but since reverted back to a territory of Japan).

Linda is a joiner! Besides the sky diving club, at one point she helped run a nursery for working military wives, at Nadick Labs, Mass. At Ft Bragg North Carolina, she racked up 8 flying hours in a Piper Cub airplane. Unfortunately, because her instructor was not licensed in THAT state, she never got to solo. She was very active in the Army Officer’s Wives Club. As a civilian, she worked as Dispatcher for the Clay County Sheriff’s Dept., Brazil Indiana for 7 years, and later as Glendale California’s first woman Jailer, for 5 years. In Brazil Indiana, she was a Search And Rescue Team Volunteer for 7 years, while a volunteer fire fighter at the Jackson Township Fire Department for 5 years. She was also a member of the Fire Board at the Walmart Recreation Center for 5 years. Some other jobs she held were Security Guard in Rockville Indiana, and a Pinkerton Guard in Terre Haute Indiana.

Linda also loved to join in the activities of the communities, without payment, wherever we were stationed, while in the army. She picked peanuts in North Carolina, tied and hung tobacco in Massachusetts, picked cotton in Georgia, and in Okinawa, she waded in the rice fields, planting rice shoots along side the local farmers.

After our marriage ended, Linda hooked up with one L. L. Mc___ [name withheld], a colossal creep if there ever was one. He had a latino birth name, but he changed it because he was ashamed of his heritage. He envisioned himself as a "want-a-be" Irish mafia chieftain with a blond "babe" on his arm. Actually, he was small in stature, and his personality left a lot to be desired. They had two children, Heather and Tristan. While pregnant with Tristan, El Creep-o started a custody battle over Heather. This was done solely as an attempt to force his will on Linda. In later years, Heather located, and visited her father, just to get to know him. L. L. Mc___ pushed her out of his house using the soul of his shoe. Enough said! In order to avoid a second custody battle with the creep, Linda gave Tristan the Feliciano name, with my blessing. She later married Carl "Dean" Morris (coincidentally her maiden name), and had Missy Morris. Dean was a good man but, perhaps, too young for Linda. Heather prefers to use the name Morris!

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