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These pages tell part of the story of the Pitt family, originally from Devon in the UK, the Frost family from Buckinghamshire and the Hodson’s from Lancashire. In their way they tell the story of Australia itself, its formation and its settlement, From Samuel Pitt who came to this country guarding convicts, Ann Quinn who came as a convict, Samuels children, one who married a convict, and another the son of a convict; and the Frost and Hodson families who came to Australia as free settlers.  Through these pages I wanted to express my love for my ancestors who came to this country and to celebrate the brave and sometimes foolish things they did.

I am descended through Samuel Pitt, his son Roger, his son William and his son Alfred Leslie Pitt.

Nothing was known of the beginnings of this branch of the Pitt family (in my immediate family) until I began my research. It came as a complete surprise that our ancestors contained a sergeant in the English army and a convict as well as my “ne’er do well” great grandfather Roger.


It is extremely difficult to do justice to their lives as very few written records remain.

The main document found so far is the court testimony regarding my Great grandmothers trial in Ballarat/Creswick, it is the only record where her actual words are recorded. A great find by a fellow researcher Diana Steel.







Frost Family tree


Hodson family tree



Stancliffe family tree





Some reproductions of certificates are available to view but unfortunately not as many as I would like. Others are scattered through the following pages.


Ann Quinn-Convict Description


Marriage of William Pitt-Bridget Penter


William Pitt-Death Certificate


Ellen Pitt-Court Report


Ellen Frost(Pitt)-Obituary


Jane Pitt-Birth


Samuel Pitt-Australian Biography




Zora Brenda Pitt-Birth

 Sarah Ann Martin-Death

 James Schott-Obituary


Charles E. and William Pitt's signatures 1891


 William Pitt-Mary Ann Gray-Marriage


Samuel Pitt's Will..1st page


Samuels Will-page 2

 Edwin Samuel Pitt-Birth


Samuel Pitt-Burial


Charles Pitt-Birth


 Alfred Ernest Pitt-Death


Ann Pitt-Death


Ann Carter(Walmsley)-Death


Charlotte Amore-Death


MaryAnn Francis-Death


Mary Jane Walmsley-Death


Moses Walmsley-Death


 Roger Pitt-Death


 Mary Ann Pitt-Moses Walmsley-Marriage


 Mary Ann Pitt-Frederick Francis-Marriage


 Charles Pitt-Mary Ann Grenier-Marriage


 William Henry Pitt-Mary Cobb-Marriage








Tiverton Church

Tiverton Church from Shrinkhills

St Swithins Pew

Tiverton 1820

Tiverton Bridge

Tiverton Castle

St Paul’s Tiverton

St Swithins Sandford

St Swithins


Tiverton Methodist Church

St Paul’s Tiverton

St Swithins-Vaulted Roof




The SuccessThe Success


Pedigree Collapse: Why we haven’t got an impossible number of ancestors.


Life in an English village


Map of Devon:

Maps of Buckinghamshire



History of Devon

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       Researchers who came before me did many parts of this work, and I have borrowed liberally; my thanks to Darcy Maddock, Pamela Andre, Diana Steel, Glenys Beveridge, Ted Frost, Pat Popplewell and Neil Carmody.


Dedicated to the memory of Lucy Hodson, Nancye Pitt, Alfred Leslie Pitt.