History's Most Awesome airplane!! The B-36 Peacemaker


"The Peacemaker"

Consolidated-Vultee B36

Nuclear Bomber


<<In the factory>>


<<brand new & "out the door">>


<<Just how big is it??>>


<<Sitting on the flightline>>


<<At Thule AFB, Greenland>>


<<At Castle Air Museum>>


<<Just one of those big piston engines>>


<<B-36 fly-over sound>>


<<SAC B36 video on U-Tube>>


<<Another great B36 Page>>



Please be aware that many of the photos you see here on my pages were actually taken by Mr. Don Pyeatt. Don is associated with the effort to restore the last B36 now in a hanger in Fort Worth Texas and I understand this beautiful restoration is now virtually complete. I would suggest a visit to the web page dedicated to this effort at: <<http://www.cowtown.net/proweb/B36_Home.htm>>

But there is a serious problem. Don tells us there has been a problem finding an indoor home in which to properly preserve and publicly display this newly restored aircraft. It is felt that the city of Fort Worth, where all these awesome B36 aircraft were originally built, should provide such a facility. If you would like to see this beautifully restored aircraft find a safe home please go sign the petition. <<here>>

If you would like to check on the progress toward having a museum and would care to contibute to it's construction just click <<here>>.

Just one more comment. For those of you who have never seen one of these aircraft in person. Do not stand by and let this opportunity to contribute pass you by. If you think that seeing the famous "spruce goose" was really something... then go stand beneath one wing of a B36 and you will come to realize "you hadn't seen nothin yet!"

(November 2006): I must somewhat reluctently inform you that, despite intense efforts, a location to house the restored B36 "City of Fort Worth" at Fort Worth, Texas was never found. The USAF exerted it's still existing authority over the aircraft and it was provided by them to the Pima Air Museum at Yuma Arizona where it is currently being re-assembled for outdoor display. At least the old warrior will get to show off somewhere. Go see her in Yuma when you can, you won't be sorry! For now you can watch the re-assembly <<here>>.