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Hankins of NJ and NY Homepage

Hankins Family of Hunterdon County, New Jersey

 and Sullivan County, New York


Richard Hankins of Hunterdon County, New Jersey is the earliest known ancestor of this Hankins family in the United States. His exact birth, immigration, marriage and death dates are unknown. What is known is that he married Elizabeth Pinkerton, that he lived in Hopewell, Hunterdon (now Mercer) County, New Jersey, and that he had eight children.

Richard's son, Ralph Hankins (1776 - 1863) lived in Sullivan County, New York and Pike County, Pennsylvania. Ralph's sons, Samuel (1798 - 1877) , John (1803 - 1847) and Ralph (1814 - 1842)  all lived in Sullivan County, New York. John Hankins founded the town of Hankins, New York.

Several of his descendants are working together to gather information about Richard and his descendants and we have created this site to share information about our family and to help other descendants of Richard Hankins and Elizabeth Pinkerton trace their family history. To protect the privacy of living individuals, information about events after 1900 has not been included on this website.

I'd like to thank Susan Hankins, Homer and Marji Hankins, Terry Hankins, Philip and Barbara Hankins, Clifford and Dolores Hankins, David Smith, Lynette Hankins and Edey Werman for all of their help in compiling the information included on this site. This site is very much of a work in progress. If you have any questions about some of the information here or have additional information about this family, please contact Patty Hankins.

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