Longview Cemetery, Austin, Tx

Longview Cemetery

Longview Road, Sunset Valley,

Austin, Travis County, Texas

GPS:  301210N  974961W

Bargsley Plot Fence

(This can only be a partial listing of persons)

We suspicion according to recent information that a number of our other ancestors inhabit the Longview Cemetery.  When researching this cemetery you will find only references to the Bargsley family.  We have located several other headstone in the lost cemetery now owned by The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department.  We have taken the necessary steps to be able to recover this cemetery.  Listings for this cemetery will be sporadic as we find them.

George Plumley  1875-1945 (no headstone)

James T. "Jim" Plumley 1872-1935 (no headstone)

James Turner Plumley, Sr. 1838-1898 (no headstone)

Mary Ann Grumbles Plumley 1844-1914 (no headstone)

Lafayette Benedict Best 1857 - 1888 (no headstone)

Sarah E. "Sallie" Plumley Boston 1859 - 1903 (no headstone)

Isabell Christmas Plumley 1888 - 1899 (no headstone)

Eugene Plumley 1929 - 1929 (no headstone)

Jessie James Plumley 1900 - 1901 (no headstone)

Mary E. Brown Nixon Plumley 1859 - 1920 (no headstone)

Nancy M. Bell Plumley 1962 - 1888 (no headstone)

(These persons are unaccounted for in any database and since Longview Cemetery originally was on Plumley/Grumbles property and it was known that the Plumley's had their own family plot, the indicators are that this is where the bulk of the unknown persons are buried. The researchers that I work with have agreed to say that we believe this could possibly be the final resting place of these persons!


David Strichland (part of the information missing)


In Memory of Mary Maddin

wife of TB Maddin

b. Nov 18, 1826

d. Nov 16, 1878

age 52

Vandalized stone, with no top marker anymore!

"gone but not forgotten" is all that is left!

Obscured stone that has no top anymore!



The Bargsley Family Section of Long View Cemetery:

Arrington, Mrs. Jack b. 1804 d. 1901

Bargsley, Ada Lena b. July 6, 1877 d. May 4, 1922

Bargsley, Sarah L. b. September 2, 1834 d. May 4, 1922

Bargsley, John b. Mar 13, 1829 d. October 13, 1904