Plymouth County, Iowa Grave Stone Transcription


Adaville Cemetery
Now Online 1/2/03   Adaville, aka Pleasant Hill Assn.
Akron Cemeteries
Riverside - Akron Old
Akron (new )
St. Joseph / St. Patrick's Catholic
St. John's Luthern - Akron / Crathorne
Broken Kettle / Hancock Twp. Cemetery
Hancock Township
Brunsville / Crathorne Cemeteries
First Plymouth Presbyterian
St. Peter's Luthern
Craig Cemeteries
St. John's Luthern
Ellendale Cemeteries
Now Online 1/27/03   St. Joseph's Catholic
St. Paul's Luthern
Hinton Cemeteries
Hungerford Township

Melbourne or Floyd ValleyTrinity Luthern
Lincoln Township
Wetrovsky & Mathwig Burials in Lincoln twp.
Kingsley Cemteries
Kingsley City
St. Michaels Catholic
Elkhorn twp. or Quorn
Church of The Brethern
Pleasant Hill or Treptow Family
Liberty Twp. Cemetery
Liberty - Perry Township
Lemars Cemeteries
last update: March 10, 2002 Lemars Memorial or City
St. Joseph Catholic
St. James aka "Calvary" - joined with St. Josephs
Mammen Cemetery
Christ Luthern
Merril Cemetery
Hillside or Merril City
Assumption Catholic
Stanton Township
Millerville Cemetery
Mills Family
Neptune Cemetery
St. Joseph's Catholic
Oyen's Cemetery
Remsen Cemeteries
Remsen City
St. Mary's Catholic
Seney's Cemetery
St. Catherine's Church

Seney City
Union Center Cemetery
Union township Presbyterian Church
Westfield Township

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