Barling Family history


I am researching a worldwide One-Name Study on the name BARLING and BARLIN & close variants. 

These are Links to family charts of the main branches of the BARLING families:

Branch from Brookland, Kent, England. This branch is a derivative of the Egerton branch.  Click here for:DFT format

Branch from Egerton, Kent, England. Click here for:DFT format

Branch from Ulcombe, Kent, England. This is my wife's branch from Sheppey, Kent. Click here for:DFT format

Branch from Hampshire & Wiltshire & Dorset, England ("Romsey"). Many descendants in Australia & USA.Click here for:DFT format

Branch from Warehorne, Kent, England. Many descendants in Australia & USA. Click here for:DFT format

Branch from Kingston, Surrey & Worcesteshire/Gloucestershire, England. Click here for:DFT format

Other Branches. Many of these probably belong to the above groups. Others are from Germany and Russia. Click here for:DFT format

Updated (28 Sep 2010) data in Dynamic Family Tree Format is now available from the links labelled "DFT format "

Updated (28 Sep 2010) data in GED2HTML Format from the links labelled "Branch.... "



A simple, painless (!) DNA test can be used to establish whether two men, with the BARLING surname,  share a common ancestor, and can give an idea of when that ancestor lived. Full details of what the test is and how it works are here (or in downloadable PDF format).

A project has been initiated to test men who represent all the above lines. Ideally, we want several volunteers from each line. 

If you are a male BARLING and would like to participate please either contact me, or directly go to one of the web links to apply for a test kit (See here for more details):

Commercial Test by FTDNA                                                                   Free Test by SMGF(CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

  March 2011: Updated  results  for members of the "Romsey", "Egerton", "Warehorne", "Kingston" & "Brookland" branches. 

If you are not a male with the surname BARLING, but would like to help please try to contact a direct male-line BARLING or small financial contributions would be greatly appreciated. 


These people are also researching the BARLING surname:

Ted Wallace (Canada) : Descended from Emily Ann HORTON (nee BARLING), daughter of Henry & Elizabeth BARLING- from the Warehorne Branch

Pat Barling (Australia) also had a web site for the family history of the surname BARLING (also BARLIN, BARLYNGE & variants) worldwide.


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