Kent Civil Registration

Civil Registration Birth, Marriage & Death Indexes

An index of Birth Marriage & Death Certificates, provided by Kent Registration Services ( Kent County Council)  for much of Kent is now online:



Currently available 1837-2002

Searchable by both partners, and gives exact date of marriage (via hovering over the hyperlink on each name in the search Results page)

Some marriages are indexed by both maiden name & previous married name 

Each Register Number is associated with a specific location and often a time-period. 

A key to the correlation between Register Number and location is being created and a preliminary listing is here. 

[SOURCES: Those in green are from the Guild of One Name Studies Marriage Index (GMI), black are from my own records, those in red are derived from the IGI & other Internet resources. The purple and blue entries are presumed based on gaps in numbering & lists of Parishes within each Registration District. The bold black entries are derived from Marriage announcements in The Times; I am very grateful to help from David Wharton, Mary Rix and Peter Alefounder in providing lists of names, marriage locations & dates in Kent Parishes]

How to find the spouse when you have found a marriage of interest:

Note the reference and entry.
Note the full date and use that on the search.
Click the "Not Sure" box by the surname.
For Surname enter one vowel only. Work through the vowels.
Point at each result hyperlink until the required matching entry is found.

I would be pleased to hear of additions or corrections.

For any corrections, additions or comments please contact:

Peter Lowe, Hertford, England:

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