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One Name Study on the Surnames POINTING, POYNTING and POINTIN

This page contains links to family trees of people mainly with the surnames POINTING, POYNTING & POINTIN. However, these rather rare surnames were often spelt different (? wrongly) e.g. POINTON, POINTEN, PONTING, some of which are more frequent than the names under study. The names POINTING and POYNTING are more or less interchangeable and have not been separated in the trees below.

Presently several discrete branches can be discerned. However, as most references to the surname from before 1600 are from the West Country and in particular from Somerset it is not impossible that there is a common origin for the name (see, and please join, the new    POINTING/POYNTING DNA PROJECT to establish whether there are common origins for different families with the surnames POINTING, POYNTING, POINTON, PONTING etc). However, until the connections are proven, the trees have been arranged according to geographical area. The main lines are:  DFT Format files revised  28 Sep 2010

Families from Somerset & West Country (from ca 1500) (Last revised: 28 Sep 2010). DFT format

Family from Kent (from circa 1700) (Last revised:  28 Sep 2010).DFT format

Family from Sussex (from circa 1700) (Last revised:  28 Sep 2010). DFT format

Family from High Wycombe, Bucks (from circa 1800) : very likely from Bruton, Somerset (Last revised:  28 Sep 20109). DFT format

Families from London (from circa 1700) (Last revised:  28 Sep 2010). DFT format

Other families : Fragments of families that mostly have not yet been assigned to one of the above groups ! Many are from Australia. Some are duplicated in other trees. (Last revised: 28 Sep 2010). DFT format

These tree have been constructed  using GED2HTML from Gedcoms exported from the program Pedigree. In many cases, I have more information on file. Common Abbreviations: RD = Registration District; Numbers ending in Z, M and D are relating to Civil Registration Indexes and can be ignored; P/C = photocopy; Q2 refers to 2nd Quarter of Civil Reg indexes

The links labeled "DFT Format" contains almost the same information but in a format in which it is easier to follow the tree. 

I would love to hear from anyone who can supplement or correct any of the information. Apologies for the mistakes!

For any corrections, additions or comments please contact:

Peter Lowe, Hertford, England:

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Last revised: 28 Sep 2010.

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