[N243] BIRT: "45" in 1841; 56 in 1851; 64 in 1861; 64 in 1871
CHR : ? 31 JUL 1797 Clover Street Ebenezer Or Great Meeting-Independenc, Chatham,
Kent s. of William & Fanny LARGE
DEAT: age 83 3a 138
JPG 1841, 1851 (visitor to HUGETT family)

[N244] BIRT: 32 in 1851;42 in 1861; 52 in 1871;62 in 1881; 72 in 1891 (wid)
JPG 1841, 1851, 1861,1871,1881, 1891

[N245] BIRT: "21" in 1841

[N246] CHR : IGI

[N247] BIRT: 18 in 1841; 27 in 1851

[N248] BIRT: 13 in 1841

[N249] BIRT: 58 in 1861
DEAT: 305D age 79

[N250] BURI: check age

[N251] BIRT: 1861 age 36 born Sheerness
DEAT: Inflammation of brain (Newspaper from Colin Penney)
?? = Henry A. Barling Navel Cadet on Emerald 5 Apr 1861 to 19 Sep 1862.
Midshipman 20 Sep 1862 to 7 Nov 1863 paid off to Formidable.
P/C 1861

[N252] DEAT: P/C death cert

[N253] BIRT: age 15 in 1851

[N254] from Bruce Mitchell ([email protected])

[N255] DEAT: 59D
BURI: age 11

[N256] DEAT: 536D; Bridge RD; age 81
JPG & P/C 1851
cf The Times 15 Dec 1881 lawsuit with Vicar of Cowley
P/C & JPG 1891
JPG 1911
WILL: will

[N257] DEAT: 432M age 67
BURI: MI A55 (vault)

[N258] BIRT: age 50 in 1901; 67 in 1911
DEAT: 629D age 81
WILL: will + Adm to Sarah GILLMAN (widow)

[N259] World Connect submission

[N260] BIRT: age 27 in 1861
DEAT: 427D; age 63
JPG & P/C 1861, P/C 1871,JPG & P/C 1891

[N261] CHR : P/C
DEAT: age 52 yrs 6 months. Paralysis. Inf: Harriet Gill
JPG 1841

[N262] BIRT: "21" in 1841
BURI: age 29; MI
In 1841 with Joanna ASHLEY

[N263] DEAT: 62D
BURI: age 23; MI

[N264] BIRT: 15 in 1841; age 24 in 1851

[N265] BIRT: age 6 in 1851; 16 in 1861
JPG 1851 with grandparents
P/C JPG 1861 Census with grandfather

[N266] BIRT: 70 in 1891
DEAT: 458D age 75
P/C 1881, P/C & JPG 1891 Census

[N267] BIRT: 55 in 1901

[N268] DEAT: 679D age 87
I bought a postcard from Colin Buck in Oct 2004, dated 25.12.1909 addressed to
Mrs Barling, 12 City of Westminster Bldgs, Marshall Street, Regents Street, W.
. It say Dear Ma, ....from Agatha. Note Marshall Street adjoins Poland Street.
JPG 1911

[N269] BIRT: 30 in 1881

[N270] BIRT: 37 in 1891

[N271] BIRT: 34 in 1891; 44 in 1901
DEAT: 783D; age 91
JPG P/C 1901
JPG P/C 1911 eith Elizabeth
WILL: will to Alice Coleman spr (niece)

[N272] BIRT: 32 in 1891; 42 in 1901
DEAT: 711D; age 79

[N273] BIRT: 25 in 1891; 34 in 1901
DEAT: 825D age 88
JPG P/C 1901
JPG P/C 1911
WILL: will

[N274] BIRT: 31 in 1901- no place of birth stated;44 in 1911
DEAT: 913D; age 98

[N275] DEAT: 1108D

[N276] DEAT: 297D; age 49
Advert in Sheerness Guardian 1864
JPG & P/C 1861

[N277] CHR : ? January

[N278] with father in 1861

[N279] DEAT: 276D; age 42; Q2 1877; date from MI
JPG & P/C 1851

[N280] DEAT: 4D
BURI: 1yr 9mth

[N281] BIRT: age 23 in 1861
DEAT: ?? date; 21 Aug 1866 from Record Search age 29
BURI: Record Search
JPG 1861

[N282] P/C & JPG 1891

[N283] DEAT: 685D

[N284] BIRT: Greenwich RD 1d 720 (free BMD)

[N285] Fostered by Mrs SAVAGE

[N286] DEAT: drowning accident River, India
BURI: Record Search; age 39 army pensioner
Durham Light Infantry Brigade according to Charles M. Barling
After his death, his 3 sons went to Royal Military Aylum (Military Orphans
School) in Lovedale, Melagiri [?] Hills, India
Frances BARLING Male
Birthplace East Indies
Age 16
Occupation Drummer 2/19th Regiment
Marital Status U
Head of Household George KELLEY
Source Information:
Institution "Barracks" Sheffield
Census Place Nether Hallam, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4627 / 152
Page Number 31

[N287] DEAT: from army record of son; 14 Oct 1904 from Record Search
BURI: age 57 Record Search wid of C. Barling
? misreading of burial date by Record Search on LDS Film 527526

[N288] DEAT: 727D; age 54; coronary thrombosis
cf WO364/146
JPG 1911

[N289] ? from Madras

[N290] Charles M Barling does not know her fate (Oct 1998)

[N291] CHR : Record Search
DEAT: 1011D
WILL: adm + will

[N292] BIRT: IGI; Burma from 1881 census; Calcutta from 1891
DEAT: ? date 547D age 41
P/C JPG 1891

[N293] BIRT: 858Z
DEAT: 980D; 25 Dec from will index; Daily Telegraph death notice
Served with Coastal Command; Mentioned in Hector Bollito's book: "Task for
Coastal Command"
From ebay May 2003: "One off chance to own a DFC,DSO, 39/45 Star, Atlantic Star
bar F/G, Africa Star bar North Africa, Defence Medal, War Medal and 1953
Coronation Medal Group mounted as worn to Squadron Leader John william Barling
224 and 233 Sqn together with six log books. Original Certificates, Newspaper
cuttings and paperwork. Excellent Citations for DSO and DFC but too long to
Type but synopsis follows. DFC L/G 1943 This officer has carried out his tasks
with grim determination which resulted in a successful attack on a U-Boat. The
citation goes on that he operated from Gibraltar and sunk a U-Boat and assisted
in the sinking of another. Later he attacked anither U-Boat off the french
coast and the U-Boat scuttled itself. DSO L/G 1945 for two tours with Coastal
WILL: will

[N294] DEAT: 1103D

[N297] BIRT: 1109Z
DEAT: 1157D

[N299] DEAT: age 40; ??

[N302] BIRT: Q31927 Cahersiveen RD Record Search
DEAT: 941D

[N310] CHR : P/C

[N311] BURI: ??? no evidence that correct except absence of burial in Sheppey

[N312] CHR : P/C

[N313] BURI: ?

[N314] 1683-4 Churchwarden at Frindsbury
1697 churchwarden at Higham

[N315] BURI: from Alumni Cantab
cf Quarter Session Q/SB/11/32 2 Nov 1670 theft of eels
cf Files DRa/Ai/41/4 and /5 1660 and 1668/9 relating to Induction mandates at
St Mary Hoo
WILL: P/C Pr 3 Mar 1678. Bur. St Mary Hoo. wife: Maria. Eldest son: Walter. Sons:

[N316] BURI: widow ???

[N317] WILL: Pr 6 Apr 1627. Robert of Borden. Daughters: Susan (<24), Rebecca (<24),
WILL: Land in Eastwood. Robert might marry Mildred Harnett, widow. Son: Walter (<21)
land in Thurneham. In Ulcombe: Skynners Field & Barnards Meadow in occup of
Henry Kingsnorth. Son : Edward

[N318] WILL: Pr 7 Jul 1579. Bur. Ulcombe. Two daughters (<18). two sons: William, Robert.and

[N319] no proof of second mar., other than timing

[N320] WILL: Pr. 16 Feb 1534. Buried Ulcombe. Daughters: Johane Adye. Kateryne Margery

[N321] WILL: Adm to son Adrian

[N322] ? correct marriage

[N323] BIRT: 28 in 1906; 31 in 1910

[N324] BIRT: 29 in 1910; 30 in 1911
JPG 1911

[N325] BIRT: 11mths in 1911

[N327] BIRT: 29 in 1911
DEAT: 1050D

[N330] Ancestor of Hazel Stockhill

[N331] DEAT: drowned
?? = Henry Barling signal quartermaster of Dido in June 1795 Cf "The naval
history of Great Britain from... 1793... to 1820..." copy of page
1795 Capt. George Henry TOWRY.
On the morning of 24 June, DIDO, the senior ship, and LOWESTOFFE (32) Capt.
Robert MIDDLETON, having been sent by HOTHAM to Toulon to reconnoitre the
French fleet, found themselves being approached by two French frigates, MINERVA
(40), and ART MISE (36) on a similar mission against HOTHAM.
At first the French wore and stood away, but then perceiving their superiority,
turned towards the two British ships that were pursuing them.
MINERVE opened fire on DIDO at half past eight from a range of about a mile;
DIDO replied 15 minutes later when the French ship was on her weather beam.
MINERVE then bore down on DIDO with the intention of sinking her but, just as
the Frenchman's jib-boom was touching her main-yard, DIDO bore-up also and was
hit on the larboard quarter by MINERVA's bow, swung round and ended up athwart
latter's hawse.
Some Frenchmen climbed along the bowsprit which was entangled in DIDO's mizzen
rigging but went overboard and were lost when the bowsprit snapped, taking the
mizzen-mast, and DIDO's colours with it.
They were replaced with the Union flag by quarter-master Henry BARLING.
LOWESTOFFE now came up and and shot away MINERVA's fore-mast and remaining
top-masts before being ordered to chase ART MISE which was making her escape.
When he saw that Capt. MIDDLETON would not be able to catch the French ship,
TOWRY recalled him to renew the action with MINERVA which surrendered at a
quarter to twelve with additional losses of about 20 killed and wounded.
DIDO had six killed, including the boatswain, Cuthbert DOUGLAS.
The first lieutenant, Richard BUCKOLL; captain's clerk, Richard WILLAN, and 13
seamen were wounded.
BUCKOLL was promoted to Commander and MINERVA was taken into the Royal Navy
with Capt. TOWRY in command.
Capt. Henry HOTHAM succeeded him in DIDO.

[N332] BURI: age 32 no proof correct Ann; JPG OPR

[N333] BURI: ?? 1 Nov 1806

[N334] BIRT: age 69 in 1851
BURI: JPG OPR age 71 of Cross St Surrey Grove

[N335] in 1846 PO London Directory: Jas Thomas Barling, bricklayer, 83 Brook St, West
Square [near Borough]

[N336] BURI: JPG OPR infant

[N337] BIRT: age 57 in 1871; 31 in 1851; 41 in 1861
DEAT: 264D age 55 [? 1863]
JPG 1861
P/C JPG 1871

[N338] DEAT: 737D age 64

[N339] BIRT: Strand from 1891; 39 in 1911
DEAT: 754D age 72 Hendon RD
? in 1881 at 14 Harp Alley, St Brides
WILL: Adm to Edith STILES wife of William Henry

[N340] DEAT: 1043D
WILL: will P/C

[N341] DEAT: 1088D
WILL: will

[N342] BURI: age 33; or age 35 bur 25 Apr

[N343] Information from Peter Betts

[N344] BIRT: from 1881 census

[N345] BIRT: 716Z cf 718Z twin
DEAT: 588D influenza

[N346] WILL: P/C Adm: Ivy Maud BARLING otherwise Ivy Maud MURRAY

[N347] spouse = Eileen FOX or Kerry MARSH !

[N348] BIRT: 25 in 1901; 35 in 1911 born Tottenham

[N349] BURI: Record Search

[N350] BIRT: age 43 in 1851; 46 in 1849
CHR : no proof that this is correct William
JPG & P/C 1841
JPG & P/C 1851
described as firework maker decd on Alfred mar in 1886
Devizes & Wiltshire Gazette 7 Nov 1833:
On Saturday night, while a lad, in the employment of Mr. Barling, a firework
manufacturer, at 24, John-street, Cannon-street Road, was making some serpents,
he upset the table, on which was placed a candle. Mrs. Barling rushed forward
to secure the candle, but she was too late; the fireworks exploded with a
terrific shock, and Mrs. Barling's apparel was set on fire. Before the flames
could be extinguished she was burned so dreadfully, that only slight hopes of
her recovery are entertained. The boy who had upset the table in rising from
his seat escaped uninjured. About 12 worth of fireworks were destroyed.
P/C Northern Star and National Trades Journal 10 Oct, 22 Oct & 22 Dec 1849
describing explosion from fireworks being made at 4 Brook St, including Inquest.

[N351] BIRT: 22 in 1861;age 30 in 1871
P/C & JPG 1891, 1901; deaf

[N352] BIRT: 26 in 1875
DEAT: Lewisham RD 611D age 69
data from Peter BETTS
In 1911 with son, Richard . 5 children , 3 living

[N353] BIRT: 38 in 1871; 48 in 1881; 58 in 1891
P/C (JPG) 1871 = George
JPG 1881 = Gottleb; JPG 1891 = Gottlieb Nat Brit. Subj
John M.G. from GRO Marriage

[N354] DEAT: 877D age 65

[N355] BIRT: as Ameilina age 42 in 1851; 40 in 1849

[N356] BIRT: "50" in 1841; age 58 born Chatham in 1851
JPG 1841
In 1846 PO LOndon Directory: William Barling, bricklayer, 42 Wellington Place,
Blackfriars Rd
JPG & P/C 1851

[N357] BIRT: "50" in 1841; age 61 in 1851; NO PROOF
DEAT: JPG Death register age 72; 161D St Geo S. RD
JPG 1851; In 1851 married housekeeper - NO EVIDENCE OF HUSBAND

[N358] DEAT: 807D age 48

[N359] BURI: age 35 from Sheerness

[N360] BIRT: 42Z
BURI: Record Search

[N361] CHR : d. of William & Jane. ? correct parents

[N362] ?? with family in 1851 census Bethnal Green, 7 Willow Walk, pianoforte case
Record Search:
Name George Barling
Gender Male
Burial date 05 Feb 1850
Burial place Wuzeerabad, Bengal, India
Death date Feb 1850
Age in years 32
Birth date 1818
Occupation Pvt H. M. 24th Regt
Marital status Unknown
Batch number B39237-1
Record group India-EASy
Film number 498988

[N363] CHR : ? correct parents.
BURI: age 6

[N364] BIRT: 1841 age 60, cooper
BURI: JPG OPR age 64 of Hare Street
JPG 1841 with sister Mary

[N365] BIRT: 47 in 1841

[N366] DEAT: Ophaldgia cf PRO records
Previously I had Joseph down as son of James & Sarah , but have no idea why

[N367] BIRT: twin

[N368] BIRT: twin

[N369] BURI: age 57 no proof correct Ann; JPG OPR; 9D Bethnal Green RD
In 1839 burial , of Lamb Row.
Could be buried 1808, but the 1839 fits better

[N370] BIRT: 28 in 1841
DEAT: 171D
almost certainly = Henry John Barling KENT, son of Saqmuel & Polly (Mary) (nee
Barling) KENT
In 1840 Pigots directory as Cooper in Tenterden, Kent
JPG 1841

[N371] BIRT: 23 in 1841

[N372] BIRT: 44Z Shoreditch RD
DEAT: 606D age 78
P/C 1871,P/C & JPG 1891

[N373] BIRT: Islington from 1871
DEAT: 332D age 46

[N374] BIRT: 272Z; Royston from 1881; 24 in 1891
DEAT: 607D age 54
not in 14 Busk Rd in 1891
P/C JPG 1891 as son in law of Joseph & Martha MAYNARD

[N375] DEAT: 343D age 18

[N376] BIRT: 23 in 1891
DEAT: 761D age 75

[N377] BIRT: 578Z W. Ham RD

[N378] BIRT: 597Z W. Ham RD
DEAT: 875D age 67
JPG 1911 with MACAREE
WO364/146 army career
WILL: will

[N379] BIRT: 21 in 1911
DEAT: 1028D
In 1901 Census under MARSEE (cf Email from Janet Tocqueville 8.10.02)

[N380] BIRT: 816Z; Q1 1916
DEAT: 1138D

[N382] BIRT: 1076Z twin
DEAT: 802D age 0

[N383] BIRT: 1078Z twin
DEAT: 803D age 0

[N385] BIRT: 841Z
DEAT: 1081D Havering RD
WILL: will

[N386] cf email Apr 2002 from his daughter, Kathleen Burke

[N393] BIRT: 900Z Q4 1926
cf London Gazette 10 Oct 1947

[N396] BIRT: 319Z (Royston from 1881)

[N397] BIRT: 335Z

[N398] BIRT: 371Z; 24 Aug 1880 from CEF !!
CEF FILE: BARLING, Frederick Charles Regimental Number 273029 Box:438-32
Service # 273029 [P/C] Attestation Paper 20 March, 1916. residing 27 Blythe
St. Hamilton, Ontario born London, England, next-of-kin Alice Barling, same
address as above, relationship wife, date of birth 24 Aug 1880 Occupation
Saddler. Height 5 feet complexion dark, eyes brown, hair black. He had 2
daughters Vera Grace 8 yrs and Margaret Ellen 3 yrs--His life insurance form,
dated Mar 26, 1917. Also from his life insrance form,his father Henry Samuel
Barling was living and his mather was deceased no name given. He sailed on Apr
18, 1917 on the Scandinavian to England. He was at Shorncliffe until Sept 26,
1917 when he proceed o/seas to 1st C.D.A.C. Joined column in field Oct 6,
1917. Posted to Cdn Arty Pool and ceased being attached to column Oct 22 1917.
On Jan 16,1918 he was awarded a G.C. Badge He was granted 14 days leave to UK
Jan 11, 1918. Date od discharge 2 May 1919 reason demobilization, at discharge
age 38.On Nov 11, 1922 Frederick Charles Barling lived at 23 Pears Ave. Toronto.
There is a card that he died Aug 11, 1935
CEF FILE cont:
Pte Frederick Charles Barling Service #273029 - Upon demobilization his
dental exam in England 24/3/19 it was noted that he required 2 extractions
and one filling. He already was missing 2 teeth and partial dentures would
be required.

His rank was 'Sadler'
. Left Havre 19 Mar 1919 proceeded to England
. On 29 Apr 1919 he embarked S.S. Baltic at Liverpool
. 9 May 1919 Discharged from H.M.S. No. 2 Cischarge Depot Toronto
Medical Exam upon leaving the service Barling Fred'k Charles Unit 49th
Rank Saddler Health was good. Weight 120 lbs height 5 feet plus

May 10, 1920 Canadian Forces paid for his dental work. He was living at 15
Pears Ave. Toronto. Two years later Nov 11, 1922 he was at 23 Pears Ave.

[N399] BIRT: 447Z; Q1 1879
DEAT: 885D
Naval Career from 12 Jul 1900- 26 Jul 1922 in ADM188/519
JPG 1911

[N400] DEAT: 996D

[N401] BIRT: 676AZ W. Ham RD
DEAT: 746D age 40
No proof of death being correct
In fact unlikely as Frederick James does not know of him

[N402] BIRT: 66Z
DEAT: 290D age 34; ? correct entry

[N403] BIRT: 59 in 1901, wid
DEAT: 674D age 83 Q3 1932; ? correct death
JPG 1901, 1911
JPG Death Islington Poor Law Register. Died 20 Aug 1932 age 83, Admitted from
117 Shepperton Road, N. Cause of death:senility. Buried by Friends

[N404] BIRT: 273Z
DEAT: 253D age 9

[N405] BIRT: 402Z
DEAT: 848D age 79
JPG 1901
JPG 1911
cf WO364/146

[N406] DEAT: 993D
NB centenarian

[N407] BIRT: 382Z Bethnal Green RD; Mile End from 1911
DEAT: 556D age 40
1911 JPG

[N408] BIRT: age 25 in 1901; 36 in 1911
DEAT: 757D age 68

[N409] BIRT: 663Z "20 Jun 1895" according to death
DEAT: 971D
WILL: will

[N410] BIRT: 679AZ
DEAT: 799D age 47

[N411] DEAT: 1077D
WILL: will

[N412] BIRT: 353Z Mile End RD; 25 in 1899
DEAT: 818D age 80
JPG 1911 3 children, 2 living. With nephew Joseph HARVEY age 21 born Hoxton &
adopted daughter Annie WARD age 22 born Islington
WILL: Adm to Edward CARVER

[N413] BIRT: 22 in 1899
DEAT: 901D age 85

[N414] BIRT: 683Z
DEAT: 1031D

[N415] BIRT: 672AZ

[N417] DEAT: 1096D

[N419] BIRT: 81Z
DEAT: MI St Pauls Cathedral
??? to USA;??? died in 1870 as James
? The following refer to James in records but I wonder whether they are in fact
William :

Sheerness Barracks to 3 May 1869
HMS Captain 24 Sep 1869 to 1870 cooper

[N420] BIRT: 43 born Barbican in 1891; 53 in 1901
P/C 1871 "widow of cooper R.N."
JPG 1891 & 1901
Photos sent by Rosemary Childs (Feb 2008)

[N421] BIRT: 100Z Shoreditch RD; 40 in 1891
DEAT: 599D; age 72; no proof correct James
C.S. 31607A
HMS Fisgard 12 Dec 1864 to 6 Jan 1865
HMS Boscarver 6 Jan 1865 to ?
? Theffollowing refer to his brother but is clearly James in records:
Sheerness Barracks to 3 May 1869
HMS Captain 24 Sep 1869 to 1870 cooper
P/C 1871, 1891 (JPG)

[N422] DEAT: 301D age 32 ? correct Sarah

[N423] BIRT: 142Z

[N424] BIRT: 170Z; 27 in 1885; Q2 1857
CHR : JPG OPR; father: Henry Samuel Kent BARLING
P/C 1871

[N425] BIRT: 26 in 1885
?? John James WOODHOUSE or Thomas James LEE

[N426] BIRT: 197Z Q1 1860; 21 in 1879
DEAT: age 93
BURI: MI Photo (Jane Ward)
died 12th August 1974

[N427] BIRT: Worldconnect Carol Ward (2007); 24 in 1879
DEAT: Worldconnect Carol Ward (2007)
BURI: MI Photo (from Carol Ward)

[N430] BIRT: 443Z Albert from 1891 with James & Elizabeth age 15 born Islington; Arthur age
DEAT: 787D age 69
P/C & JPG 1891 St Leonard Bromley; described as born Hackney age 12 adopted son
of Walter HACKLEY age 47 carpenter born Colchester & Lucy HACKLEY age 42 born
City Road
P/C & JPG 1891 at 62 Harling St Camberwell born Islington, as Albert
P/C 1901 born Mile End
JPG 1911

[N431] CHR : JPG OPR
? in 1851 at Gifford St , Shoreditch age 15 cabinet maker JPG
?? died 1857 Camberwell

[N432] BIRT: 937Z
DEAT: 999D Salford RD
WILL: Adm P/C to Mrs Barbara Jean Barling

[N435] BIRT: 796Z
DEAT: 552D age 0
mother: KEEN

[N436] BIRT: 636Z
BURI: Plot 14 Row B Geave 12
Great Britain, Royal Naval Division Casualties of The Great War, 1914-1924
Name: Ernest Barling
Service Branch: Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Unit: Howe Bn.
Rank: Petty Officer
Death Date: 26 Oct 1917
Cause of Death: Killed in action
Burial: Tyne Cot Cemetery, Passchendaele (B 125)
Service History: Enlisted 5/11/14 ; Benbow Bn. C/134 5/3/15, transferred to
Howe Bn. 12/6/15-26/10/17 DD.
Notes: Appointed Howe Bn. Armourer 1/6/16 ; A Motor Engineer ; b.9/10/1896 ;
Next-of-Kin & home address: Father, James, 82 Little Albany St., Regent's Park,
London NW.

[N437] BIRT: 223Z
1881: deaf' 1891: deaf from 9 years
1911 jpg

[N438] BIRT: 244Z; no proof identical with Emily
P/C & JPG 1891

[N440] cf Source RIN 11

[N442] BIRT: 1037Z ? correct parents
DEAT: 765D age 0
BURI: ?? Jean Barling Section 1239 r consecrated Willesden New Cemetery

[N443] cf letter Source RIN 11

[N444] BIRT: 5Z; 3 in 1841; age 14 in 1851; 35 in 1874; as Alfred age 42 in 1881
DEAT: 344D age 48
JPG 1861 A. Barling age 21 born St George Mdx
1871 Royal Horse Artillery Woolwich P/C & JPG
JPG 1881

[N445] BIRT: age 62 born Upwey from 1891; 44 in 1874; 53 in 1881; 73 in 1901; Upwey from 1911
DEAT: 555D age 86
P/C & JPG 1891; JPG 1901 with Ada BOOTH
JPG 1911

[N446] BIRT: 580Z

[N447] BIRT: 596Z; 18 in 1911
Initials: A
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Gunner
Regiment/Service: Royal Field Artillery
Unit Text: "C" Bty. 62nd Bde.
Date of Death: 09/08/1916
Service No: 83613
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: XII. C. 2.

[N448] BIRT: 803Z
DEAT: 597D age 5

[N449] BIRT: 614Z ? parents
DEAT: 450D age 5

[N450] BIRT: 647Z; 13 in 1911
DEAT: 718D age 41 ? correct person

[N451] BIRT: 666Z ? parents
DEAT: 442D age 0

[N452] BIRT: 684AZ
DEAT: 483D age 2

[N453] BIRT: 709Z; 7 in 1911

[N454] BIRT: 738Z ? parents
DEAT: 496D age 0

[N456] photo on file

[N459] BIRT: 806Z
DEAT: 590D age 4

[N460] BIRT: death cert (Jacqui); age 39 in 1886
DEAT: age 39 4a101 342D

[N461] BIRT: 384Z W. Ham RD

[N462] BIRT: 795Z
DEAT: 566D age 2

[N463] BIRT: 30 in 1911
DEAT: 874D age 79 ? correct Annie

[N464] BIRT: 825Z

[N465] BIRT: 776Z Q4 1910
DEAT: f. 1-21488 age 70; 1980/42415
Emigrated to NZ in 1969; photo from 1941
Probate Auckland 1980

[N466] BIRT: 776Z

[N467] BIRT: 696AZ
DEAT: 1036D

[N468] DEAT: 911D age 62

[N471] BIRT: 207Z ? related to Henry Samuel; 6 mths in 1861
DEAT: 367D age 28 Croydon RD
? son of John (1837-1875)

[N472] BIRT: from 1901; 30 in 1891

[N473] BIRT: 34 in 1891, wid

[N474] BIRT: 484Z
DEAT: 621D age 39 from pneumonia
Electoral Registers 1885-1887: William Barling, 29 Cherry Orchard Rd.
Croydon Advertiser 20 Oct 1888: Death 14 Oct 1888 William John Barling age 28
at 49 Theobalds Rd. Buried Croydon Cemetery 19 Oct 1888, Eccl Dist St John

[N475] BIRT: 786Z
DEAT: 1110D
WILL: will

[N476] DEAT: 1060D

[N479] BIRT: 814Z Prestwick RD Born Manchester according to Colin
DEAT: 1021D
WILL: will

[N490] BIRT: 871Z
DEAT: 1099D

[N491] BIRT: 1048Z
DEAT: 795D age 2 Q1 1949

[N493] BIRT: 540Z;Q3 1887
DEAT: 879D
Naval Career from 4 Aug 1905- 6 Jun 1921 in ADM188/396
JPG 1911
WILL: will


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