[N494] DEAT: 929D age 83
WILL: will to Phyllis Moller, daughter married of 5 Vincent Drive P/C

[N495] DEAT: 829D

[N498] BIRT: 508Z

[N499] BIRT: 564Z
CHR : Record Search
DEAT: 373D
BURI: age 5 mths Eccl Dist St Mary Magdalene

[N500] cf Source RIN12

[N501] BIRT: 358Z ? parents
Unlikely parents as not in 1881 census;more likely in 1881 son of James

[N502] WILL: Pr 12 Apr 1562. Buried Ulcombe. Wife: Ann. Daughters: Ffrisithe, Anne, Susan,

[N503] unsure whether Babage is surname of husband, or forename

[N504] not proven that he is brother of Thomas (d1534)
WILL: Pr 1527. William of Harrietsham. Bur: Ulcombe. Exors: Thomas Barmyng & Edward

[N505] ? mentioned in Will of John (d. 1579)

[N506] DEAT: cf Will of Adryan ? identical with "deaf Stephen"
WILL: Admon to John Barling "nearest relation"

[N507] Cant.Cath.Arch.:
FILE - Ecclesiastical cause papers - ref. DCb/J/J/19/38 - date: 6
Feb 1615
\_ [from Scope and Content] Defendant: Chris BARLING son exor;
Documents: Report on Will; Case: Test Thos BARLING Ulcombe
FILE - Ecclesiastical cause papers - ref. DCb/J/J/20/69 - date: 22
Oct 1616
\_ [from Scope and Content] Plaintiff: Mary BARLING rel & legatee;
Defendant: Chris BARLING, Ulcombe son & exor; Documents: Arts; Case: Test Thos
FILE - Ecclesiastical cause papers - ref. DCb/J/J/20/120 - date: 23
Jul 1616
\_ [from Scope and Content] Plaintiff: Chris BARLING son & exor;
Defendant: Mary MARKETMAN als B rel, Clem B son, Eliz HULKS als B dau;
Documents: Alleg & Sent; Case: Test Thos BARLING Ulcombe
WILL: ? correct Thomas. Pr 23 Jul 1616 Thomas Of Ulcombe, yeoman. Wife: Mary. Dau:

[N508] All children assigned to him tentatively. He was described as William Junior.
I suspect this might be wrong as there is a marriage 27 Jun 1576 at St Andrew
Canterbury of William Barminge & Elizabeth PARKMAN (same date as brother Robert)

[N509] Possibly Adrian was married additionally to an Anna, bur. 6 Feb 1603 Ulcombe
WILL: Pr 1 Apr 1611. Adrian of Frittenden, butcher. Son: Gilbert. Son: John Daughter:

[N510] BURI: ?

[N511] BURI: wife of William ? correct William

[N512] CHR : ? correct father

[N513] ? correct William

[N514] CHR : ? correct father

[N515] CHR : ? correct father

[N516] CHR : ? correct father

[N517] from Will of Robert (d. 1627), daughter Elizabeth wife of John Barling.
Otherwise this relationship is a bit of a guess.

[N518] WILL: Adm Gilbert of Biddenden to Dorothy wid. to Francis Everden of Northiam butcher

[N519] BURI: no proof correct Thomas, except 3 siblings married there

[N520] CHR : ? 1595
WILL: Pr 6 Jun 1636 (? 1631).Christopher of Ulcombe, yeoman. Son: Thomas (eldest).

[N521] DEAT: from Alumni Cantab
WILL: SEE RIN 16 FOR DETAILS.Bur in chancel of Denton ch. near Sir Anthony Percival.

[N522] ?? married John HULSE of Newnham [cf visitation 1663-1668]

[N523] ??? son of Adrian (d.1562). In 1562 Adrian had a son William.
In favour of William d. 1611 being son of Adrian, the will of 1611 mentions the
name BUTCHER, and Adrian's daughter Grace married John Butcher.
NB Inquisition Post Mortem C142/326 PRO : not read through yet & Ward7/46/73 :
Probate/court records: Archdeacon's Court, miscellaneous
FILE - Archdeaconry Court Miscellaneous - ref. DCb/PRC/18/12/72 - date: 14
Dec 1614
\_ [from Scope and Content] PLAINTIFF: Wm BARLING jr exor;
DEFENDANT: Thos & Jn BARLING, Ulcombe; Walt, My, Thos, Sar, Eliz, Rob, Geo, Wm
& Fran BIGG; Edw HUDSON, Sutton; My HUDSON, Biddenden; Cath HUDSON, Leeds;
DOCUMENT: All; CASE: Test (Wm BARLING sr, Ulcombe; Sar BIGG als BARLING, dau of
WILL: Pr 1614/15. William the elder of Ulcombe. daughter: Ann Barelinge. Walter Bigg
son of daughter Sara, ? married to Thomas BIGG. Son: Thomas Barelinge & wife.
They had children Christopher & Eliz. Son: John. Son: Willm, who had son
Leonard. Pr to son Willia

[N524] I cannot find at present why I think his wife was Mary. If it was Mary,
possibly she was Mary daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth POTMAN (cf Visitation 1592]

[N525] BURI: from will of son Leonard

[N526] WILL: Pr 27 Oct 1654. Of Ulcombe, wid. Brother: Richard WOOD. Grandchild: Leonard

[N527] WILL: Pr 20 Jun 1638.of Ulcombe, yeoman. Bur. Ulcombe nr father. Wife: Jone. Wife's

[N528] BURI: ?

[N529] "eldest son"
WILL: Pr1658 ? Only daughter: Frances (<21). Brother: Christopher, cit & draper of

[N530] DEAT: ? c1675 cf Admon
BURI: ? correct christopher
"youngest son"
WILL: Admon to Joanna relict of Christopher late of St Anne & St Agnes

[N531] cf indictment 23 may 1659 for murder of William BUNKER. Canterbury Assizes

[N532] from will of Leonard

[N533] BIRT: <21 in c 1658
BURI: Thomas & Ann of Egerton

[N534] BIRT: <21 in c 1658

[N535] BIRT: "youngest son"

[N536] BIRT: "eldest son"

[N537] DEAT: ?
no proof that correct children assigned

[N538] BURI: ??

[N539] BURI: widow
Information on this family from Fred Vickerson (2002)

[N540] BURI: householder

[N541] CHR : ? Dec

[N542] cf Document of 1664 from Barbara Saunders
WILL: Pr 28 Dec 1672. Edward of Rainham. Son: Thomas. grandchildren: William &

[N543] BIRT: ?

[N544] BIRT: ? mother
BURI: ?? correct "wife of Johannis"

[N545] WILL: P/C Pr July 1700 ? 1701. Propery in Barming. Sister: Mary

[N546] Residence from Rochester Rate Books

[N547] BURI: a child

[N548] CHR : ?? 26 Feb 1687 St Botolph Aldersgate
BURI: Charles jun.

[N549] CHR : P/C

[N550] ??? mar Christopher ADYE 9 Jun 1606 St Mary Breadman Canterbury

[N551] BURI: ? 28 Jan 1611

[N552] Mentioned in will of Edmund Steere of 1714,as Mrs Barling of Dorking. Also
mentions Edmund's cousin: Mary Gardner spr of Hackney

[N553] BURI: d. of Christopher ? correct one

[N554] BURI: drowned

[N555] BURI: no proof that John was mar. twice, or that sons were sons of Johanna

[N556] CHR : ?1580

[N557] BURI: unbaptized

[N558] of Newnham
cf Worldconnect Venita Roylance (2005)

[N559] BIRT: from mar. lic
no proof correct Adrian

[N560] BIRT: from mar. lic
of Egerton

[N561] BIRT: From Mar Lic

[N562] BIRT: From Mar Lic

[N563] ? correct marriage

[N564] of Frittenden

[N565] CHR : ? correct parents

[N566] BURI: ??

[N568] BIRT: age 47 in 1851

[N570] BIRT: 12 in 1881; 22 in 1891;31 in 1901
DEAT: 5a272 age 60
JPG 1901

[N571] BIRT: 459Z

[N572] BIRT: 319Z; 25 in 1894

[N573] BIRT: 26 in 1894

[N574] BIRT: 445Z
DEAT: age 2; 304D

[N575] BIRT: 296Z; 37 in 1904 (wid)

[N576] BIRT: 383Z; age 36 born Hackney in 1911
DEAT: 1935 ? Surrey NE RD 693D
Most likely WO363/B2509 (Burnt Service Records). If so foster mother = Mrs
Katherine Williams of 13 Pages Walk, SE & he is a leather dresser
P/C 1901: James, age 24, born Hackney with John BERRY, leather dresser & Ellen
JPG 1911 with Thomas & Katherine WILLIAMS

[N577] BIRT: 433Z; NOTE DATE OF BIRTH IS AFTER FATHER'S DEATH; Islington RD; 33 in 1911
DEAT: 949D
P/C 1901
JPG 1911

[N578] BIRT: 41 in 1911
DEAT: 809D age 79

[N579] BIRT: not found in civ. reg; Hackney from 1901; 15 in 1891; 24 in 1901
P/C & JPG 1901 living with sister, Selina VINCE

[N580] CHR : from PB

[N585] BIRT: 14 in 1891 born St Johns Wood

[N586] BIRT: 13 in 1891 born St Johns Wood

[N587] BIRT: 10 in 1891 born St Johns Wood; 20 in 1901

[N588] BIRT: 347Z; Woolwich William L. from 1871; Marylebone from 1881
DEAT: 873D age 88
In 1901 with his mother
Photo sent by Rosemary Childs (Jan 2008)

[N589] BIRT: 31 in 1881
P/C JPG 1881

[N590] BIRT: 1 in 1881; 11 in 1891; 21 in 1901
P/C 1901

[N597] DEAT: 988D
All four children have Kelly as mother's maiden name

[N598] BIRT: 964Z
?? Farnsfield, Glasgow in 1987
no children

[N601] ?? remar. 1973 in York RD to Colin DYKES

[N602] For descendants see letter from Julie Akhurst 26.1.98

[N603] BIRT: ? 1640
For more detail see Worldconnect from Doug Beck

[N604] BIRT: 64Z
DEAT: 69D age 5 firework accident
BURI: age 4, of Brook St. jpg
cf Times 17 Oct 1849 Inquest Report

[N605] BIRT: 11 in 1841
DEAT: 71D age 20 firework accident
BURI: age 20, of Brook St. jpg
cf Times 17 Oct 1849 Inquest Report

[N606] BURI: MI

[N607] WILL: Proved 10 Aug 1716; K43/50/4a " To sister Barling 3 messuages in Dorking, in
Highstreet and West Street"

[N609] BIRT: 10 in 1871 born Gravesend; 19 in 1881; age 22 in 1883
DEAT: 421D; age 35
from Army record = Christina
JPG 1881
WILL: Will wife of George, butcher

[N610] BIRT: 177Z
CHR : from LDS CD
DEAT: 125D
BURI: Record Search LDS Film 1469345 Item 2 p. 253

[N611] CHR : from Peggy Jefferson

[N614] BIRT: age 28 in 1871
DEAT: age 38; 288D
NO PROOF THAT ELIZABETH d. 1879 was wife of Alfred. Alfred & Eliza were parents
of Eliza.
No proof that Elizabeth d. 1879 was born MALONE

[N615] BIRT: Civil Reg.
No Proof dau of Alfred (b. 1840)

[N619] DEAT: murdered

[N620] from Jerry England (Rootsweb)

[N621] from Jerry England (Rootsweb)

[N622] BIRT: 37 in 1911
DEAT: 820D age 79

[N623] DEAT: 179D
BURI: age 12yrs 10mths from Record Search Film 1473662 P85-1-91 p. 119 JPG
JPG P/C 1861 Census with grandparents

[N624] John from marriage cert

[N625] BIRT: 728Z W. Ham RD

[N626] farmed lands in Lenham
WILL: Will dated 7 Jul 1744. Probate 11 Aug 1764. Arch. Court Cant. A 97 76.
Jeffery Filmer, the elder, of Lenham, farmer.To mydear wife Mary, 30 and to my
two daughters, Catherine and Mary, 15each.To my son Robert, 10, to my son
Edward, 20 and to my son..

[N627] lives in Australia ?

[N628] CHR : IGI

[N629] CHR : IGI

[N630] CHR : IGI
DEAT: infant

[N631] CHR : IGI

[N632] CHR : IGI

[N633] CHR : IGI

[N634] CHR : IGI

[N635] CHR : IGI

[N636] CHR : IGI

[N637] CHR : IGI

[N638] BIRT: 460Z; Greenwich RD
DEAT: age 0; 309D

[N639] BIRT: age 2 in 1881

[N640] DEAT: age 28 as Charles Alexander; 2a 2521

[N641] CHR : from Maxine McNamara

[N642] CHR : from Peggy Jefferson

[N643] CHR : from Peggy Jefferson

[N644] CHR : from Peggy Jefferson

[N645] BIRT: from Peggy Jefferson
CHR : from Peggy Jefferson

[N646] CHR : from Peggy Jefferson

[N647] BIRT: from Peggy Jefferson
CHR : from Peggy Jefferson Aug from Maxine

[N648] CHR : from Peggy Jefferson
DEAT: from Peggy Jefferson
BURI: from Peggy Jefferson
fordescendants see letter from Peggy Jefferson 24 Feb 2002
also see emails from Maxine McNamara 2nd cousin of Peggy

[N649] BIRT: from Peggy Jefferson

[N650] CHR : from Peggy Jefferson

[N651] BIRT: from Peggy Jefferson

[N652] BIRT: 2a335 (free BMD)

[N653] BIRT: 29 in 1851;38 in 1861; 49 in 1871; 59 in 1881

[N654] BIRT: 6 in 1861; 16 in 1871; 26 in 1881

[N655] BIRT: 3 in 1861; 13 in 1871; 23 in 1881

[N656] BIRT: 9 in 1861

[N657] BIRT: 7a363 (free BMD);7 in 1861; 17 in 1871;27 in 1880 of West Ham
Alfred Bailey in 1881

[N658] BIRT: 23 in 1880

[N659] BIRT: 560Z Westminster RD

[N660] BIRT: Medway RD 693Z

[N661] BIRT: 475Z Q2 1882
DEAT: from Brian Arthur
Photo from Brian Arthur

[N662] from BURWASH family of Egerton cf email Fred Vickerson (2002)

[N663] BURI: no proof

[N664] BIRT: date from Sandy Holdom

[N665] information from Sandy Holdom (2004)

[N666] BIRT: 6 in 1841

[N667] BIRT: age 26 from Wisbeach in 1901

[N668] grandmother of Sandy HOLDOM

[N669] BIRT: 3 in 1881; 23 in 1901
P/C JPG 1901 school teacher in Heston

[N670] BIRT: 5 in 1881
1901 Newington laundry stoker ?

[N671] DEAT: age 81

[N672] DEAT: age 32

[N673] more family in emaail from Caroline (2004)

[N674] Great-grandfather of Jean Pooley (Jan 2006); more details on chart sent by Jean

[N675] BIRT: from 1871
DEAT: age 10 260D

[N676] BIRT: 322Z; Homerton from 1891; Stratford from 1901; Hackney from 1881; Hammersmith

[N677] BIRT: Poplar RD 348Z; West Ham from 1901 age 28; Bow from 1881
P/C 1901 living with two brothers

[N678] BIRT: 40 in 1891
DEAT: 443D age 46; NO PROOF

[N679] BIRT: Hackney RD 493Z; 7 in 1891; Southwark from 1901
P/C 1901

[N680] BIRT: 534Z; 4 in 1891
DEAT: 391D age 5

[N681] BIRT: 585Z
age 10 in 1901 "workhouse child"
JPG 1911

[N682] BIRT: 509Z
DEAT: 409D age 10

[N683] BIRT: 5 in 1891; 15 in 1901

[N684] BIRT: age 4mths in 1891; Dorchester RD; 10 in 1901

[N685] BIRT: Hackney from 1901; 343Z; 29 in 1901
P/C & JPG 1891, 1901 (& JPG)
1891 adopted daughter of James R.& Catherine THOMPSON

[N686] BURI: or 1 Dec 1735

[N687] BIRT: Of Newnham, Gent, Ba
DEAT: w/p Oct 1713

[N688] BURI: w/o Nath

[N689] BURI: Gentleman from Selling

[N690] BURI: Edward Hulse Sr.

[N691] BURI: age 84

[N692] BURI: from Petham

[N693] BURI: widow

[N694] BURI: Householder

[N695] BIRT: (do Nath from Acrise)

[N696] BURI: d/o Nath from Acrise

[N697] BIRT: s/o Nath of Whitstable
CHR : of Whitstable

[N698] FRom Roger Gilbert (May 2005): "Arthur Guilford ABBOTT (my grandfather) b 22
Sept 1889 (bc). Joined Sheerness dockyard 23 Sept 1903 as apprentice to engine
fitter. Finished apprenticeship 14 July 1909. Married 4th July 1915 to Edith
Emily Baldwin at the Alma Road Chapel Sheeerness. His profession is Engine
fitter. His father is described as a 'gentleman' but does not witness the
certificate. This is done by 'Thos. Wm. Abbott' (I think Arthur's brother) (mc)
Died 22 April 1974 at Sheppey general hospital (dc)."
1901 Census Index: Arthur Abbott 12 Chatham Kent Kent Chatham Scholar
Photo from Roger Gilbert (2006)

[N699] Photo from Roger Gilbert (2006)

[N701] Davie Caroline Susannah Sheppey 2a 1913 or
Tulley Catherine Susannah Sheppey 2a 1913

[N702] In 1881 & 1891 with Uncle Alfred
Great grandfather of Jackie (email 2005)

[N703] of Minster, Sheppey; Rigger

[N705] BIRT: age 18 in 1851
mar in 1851 census

[N706] BIRT: age 26 in 1851
In 1851 Visitor with Edward Barling in Sheerness; no proof that he is related

[N707] BIRT: age 86 in 1851

[N708] BIRT: age 20 in 1851; 17 in 1849; 9 in 1841
survived fireworks explosion of 1849

[N709] BIRT: age 20 , mar in 1851
JPG & P/C 1851

[N710] JPG 1871

[N711] BURI: MI Photo

[N712] JPG 1871 :grandau of George SOLE; 1881 nephew of Georhe SOLE junior

[N713] JPG 1861 with Joseph SOLE & family age 39 sailmaker born Sheerness

[N714] JPG 1881

[N715] JPG 1861

[N716] BIRT: 9 in 1891; 19 in 1901

[N717] BIRT: 9 in 1901


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