[N718] email (2008)

[N719] (from Rosemary Childs): Wrote to Rosemary's parents: "Uncle Bill Barling - his
father was in the navy, his ship went down and all hands were lost. There is a
plaque with his name on it in St. Pauls Cathedral to commemorate this. It is on
the left wall about halfway down the church."

[N720] BIRT: "30" in 1841; 41 in 1851; 50 in 1861; 61 in 1871; 70 in 1881
JPG 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881
In 1871 with Alice A. SMITH age 8 Grandau born Rochester

[N721] BIRT: "30" in 1841
JPG 1841

[N722] BIRT: IGI

[N723] BIRT: 9 in 1841; 18 in 1851

[N724] BIRT: 3 in 1841; 13 in 1851

[N725] BIRT: 1mth in 1841; 10 in 1851

[N726] BIRT: 2 in 1841; 32 in 1871; 41 in 1881

[N727] BIRT: 3mths in 1841; 10 in 1851; 20 in 1861 born St Margarets
1861 living with grandmother

[N728] BIRT: 7 in 1851

[N729] BIRT: 60 in 1871; 71 in 1881
JPG 1861

[N730] On HMS Emerald Ships Muster Books:
Naval Cadet Henry A. Barling from:shore 5 Apr 1861 To: 19 Sep 1862 midshipman
Midshipman Henry A. Barling from: naval cadet 20 Sep 1862 to: 7 Nov 1863
Formidable, paid off

[N731] DEAT: ?? ; 11D
BURI: Record Search

[N732] BIRT: age 5 in 1871 as George WIELAND; 15 in 1881 as WIELAND; Birth as George Weiland

[N733] BIRT: 1 in 1871; 11 in 1881; 21 in 1891; 31 in 1901
JPG 1901 with Fanny E. TAYLOR age 16 born Enfield, cousin

[N734] BIRT: 8 in 1881; 19 in 1891 as Elizabeth

[N735] BIRT: 6 in 1881

[N736] BIRT: 4 in 1881;14 in 1891

[N737] BIRT: 2 in 1881; 12 in 1891

[N738] BIRT: 1 in 1881; 11 in 1891

[N739] BIRT: 1mth in 1881; 10 in 1891

[N740] BIRT: 33 in 1901

[N741] BIRT: 7 in 1891

[N742] BIRT: 4 in 1891

[N743] BIRT: 18 in 1901
JPG 1911 living with Susan in Islington

[N744] BIRT: 679Z Q4 1899; JPG St Pancras Workhouse Birth Record. Mother= Susan BARLING
DEAT: 445D age 0; age 8days JPG Death St Pancras Workhouse; illegit. d... Susan...
BURI: from Workhouse Register

[N745] BIRT: IGI

[N746] ancestor of Ann Kannegieter (email Apr 2009)
Mar 1 Aug 1836 in Minster/Sheppey

[N747] BIRT: 26 in 1891; 36 in 1901
DEAT: age 45
In 1891 as nephew of William Henry Barling
?? = Alfred John C. BARLING born 1872

[N748] BIRT: 16 in 1891

[N749] CHR : JPG OPR

[N750] BIRT: Q11877 425Z
DEAT: 370D age 10

[N751] BIRT: 724Z Q3 1905; in 1911 born St Giles age 5
DEAT: 1146D
no proof marriage/birth linked
Tel (c1997): 01623 882599

[N755] CHR : son of Samuel & Mary of Frances St; Samuel was "late mariner"

[N756] BIRT: 113Z
BURI: of Hackney Rd; age 10mths; JPG OPR

[N757] BIRT: 9mths in 1851; 10 in 1861; 20 in 1871
gtgrandmother of Gillian Forsythe (email Nov 2009)

[N758] BIRT: 2 in 1851; 21 in 1870
DEAT: age 82

[N759] BIRT: 40 in 1904

[N760] BIRT: 24 in 1919

[N761] Descendants in letter from great-grandaughter Gillian (Nov 2009)

[N762] BIRT: 28 in 1870
DEAT: age 80

[N763] BIRT: 4 mths in 1861; 10 in 1871

[N764] BIRT: Record Search

[N765] BIRT: ?? = Eileen Mary

[N766] BIRT: 715X
DEAT: 487D age 0

[N767] DEAT: one child dead on 1911 census

[N768] BIRT: 7 in 1911; 691AZ

[N769] BIRT: 761Z W. Ham RD

[N771] BIRT: 11 in 1911

[N772] BIRT: 79 in 1911

[N773] MARR: 598M

[N774] MARR: 445M

[N775] MARR: P/C

[N776] MARR: wit: Nath Barling, Mary Ann Sharwood P/C

[N777] MARR: 80M; JPG OPR P/C. Wits John JONES & Mary Ann BARLING

[N778] MARR: 112M; Lewisham RD Q2 1860. JPG OPR P/C; Wits: John James P... & ....Sarah

[N779] MARR: 388M ?? needs checking by looking for POCOCK in index

[N780] MARR: 545M

[N781] MARR: 770M

[N782] MARR: 813M

[N783] MARR: 278M; Q1 1889 Woolwich RD; JPG OPR P/C; Wits: Thomas & Alice HEAD

[N784] MARR: 489M

[N785] MARR: 592M Bromley RD

[N786] MARR: 271M

[N787] MARR: 319M;Q2 1894; Woolwich RD; JPG OPR P/C Wits: Walter & Annie BARLING

[N788] MARR: 356M

[N789] MARR: 347M

[N790] MARR: 70M

[N791] MARR: 86M; witnessees: Elizabeth FENNER; Charles REGAN

[N792] MARR: 19M; wit: George Patrick, Caroline Mary Bartlett

[N793] MARR: 149M wit: James & Emily Barling

[N794] MARR: 239M; wit: W. Patterson; R. Knight

[N795] MARR: 420M

[N796] MARR: 739M; Q4 1949; Sheppey RD

[N798] MARR: United Free Church; from cert.

[N801] MARR: 96M 2b509;seaman RN on HMS Vincent. Wits: Caroline Terry, Alexander Brodhelt ?

[N802] MARR: 458M; 2a2612

[N803] MARR: before 1947

[N804] MARR: 61M

[N805] MARR: 187M

[N806] MARR: 276M; Wit: Eliza Lydia Barling, George Barber [?]

[N807] MARR: 500M

[N808] MARR: 335M

[N809] MARR: 379M
?? also married Q21902 in W. Ashford RD

[N810] MARR: Nathaniel of Minster

[N811] MARR: ?; Pheby Cathrine; wit: John & E. Hastings

[N812] MARR: wit: Nathl Barling

[N813] MARR: P/C

[N814] MARR: 74M

[N815] MARR: 346M Q1 1899; D/11/5

[N816] MARR: ? Frindsbury; 95M

[N817] MARR: 67M; N. Aylesford RD P/C; wit: Edward Thos Barling

[N818] MARR: 58M

[N819] MARR: P/C; Wit: ...Morris & ...

[N820] MARR: 128M; P/C

[N821] MARR: 20M

[N822] MARR: 27M

[N823] MARR: 60M

[N824] MARR: 4M P/C wit: Anne Barling, Thomas Crampton

[N825] MARR: 121M P/C

[N826] MARR: 165M

[N827] MARR: 339M

[N828] MARR: 658M

[N829] MARR: 603M

[N830] MARR: 718M

[N831] MARR: witn: Elizabeth Ann PETCH; Nathaniel HALDEN ?

[N832] MARR: 13M witnesses: Smithson, Venables

[N833] MARR: 83M Q4 1855 Newington RD JPG P/C Wits: Edward HUNT, Elizabeth Sabina HUNT,

[N834] MARR: 229M

[N835] MARR: 259M

[N836] MARR: 514M

[N837] MARR: 471M

[N839] MARR: 670M

[N842] MARR: 599M

[N843] MARR: 516M

[N844] MARR: 789M

[N845] MARR: 105M

[N846] MARR: 118M

[N847] MARR: 142M; P/C

[N848] MARR: cf Newspaper (Colin Penney); 1863 Dublin South RD

[N849] MARR: Record Search

[N850] MARR: from Kathleen; not in my index but in IGI

[N851] MARR: 290M

[N852] MARR: 519M

[N853] MARR: 563M

[N858] MARR: ?? 1883/ date
Name Francis Barling
Registration district Belfast
Record type MARRIAGES
Registration date - quarter and year Jul - Sep 1883
Film number 101254
Volume 1
Page 260
Digital GS number 4179387
Image number 00376
Record Search

[N859] MARR: Record Search

[N860] MARR: 472M

[N861] MARR: 645M

[N862] MARR: 483M; lic

[N863] MARR: 679M

[N864] MARR: 755M

[N865] MARR: 746M

[N869] MARR: 991M

[N874] MARR: 747M

[N877] MARR: 818M

[N878] MARR: 815M

[N879] MARR: 995M

[N881] MARR: lic; both of Sheerness

[N882] MARR: both wid.P/C

[N883] MARR: ?

[N884] MARR: no proof correct Robert except date & wife= Margaret

[N885] MARR: 294M

[N886] MARR: 661M

[N887] MARR: 404M Q4 1906 Edmonton RD. MC Faux Certificate . Wits: Frederick BELCHER, Bessie

[N888] MARR: 427M Q1 1910 Edmonton RD. MC Faux certificate. Wits: Eliza MYERS & William

[N889] MARR: 589M

[N891] MARR: 390M
In 1911 married 6 years, 1 child- living

[N896] MARR: IGI

[N897] MARR: 47M

[N898] MARR: 18M wit: William Barling

[N899] MARR: 5M age 22 bricklayer

[N900] MARR: 344M Q4 1898 W. Ham RD 4a88; Wits: James Henry BRIERLEY; Clara Elizabeth BARLING

[N901] MARR: 282M; probably St Anne or St Mary, Brookfield

[N902] MARR: 132M ?? correct mar

[N903] MARR: 570M Q4 1929

[N904] MARR: 312M; from cardinal points likely to be St Anne or St Mary, Brookfield

[N905] MARR: 538M

[N906] MARR: 601M

[N910] MARR: P/C

[N911] MARR: ??

[N912] MARR: 7M Westminster RD

[N913] MARR: 203M; Q4 1875; date from Peter Betts;Greenwich RD; JPG P/C OPR. Wits: Jonathan

[N914] MARR: 409M

[N915] MARR: 129M Milton RD

[N916] MARR: 246M Q2 1883 W. Ham RD 4a 60 Wit: Henry Robert BUDD & Emily Lambert SOLE

[N917] MARR: 457M

[N918] MARR: 685M

[N920] MARR: 571M

[N921] MARR: 530M



[N924] MARR: 517M

[N925] MARR: 550M

[N926] MARR: 651M

[N928] MARR: 338M Q1 1898 W. Ham RD 4a31; Wits: Henry Robert & Alma Mary Ann BUDD

[N929] MARR: 677M Q4 1942

[N931] MARR: 523M

[N932] MARR: 719M

[N933] MARR: of Ratford; JPG P/C OPR; Wits: Danl Ponce [?] & Sam Starkinsone [??]

[N934] MARR: Marriage not found !!
Banns read 2 Nov, 9 Nov & 16 Nov 1828 at St Mary le Bow. Both of St Pancras,
Soper Lane.

[N935] MARR: 107M; s. of William, sealing wax maker; wit: Wm Hardwick & James Nash

[N940] MARR: 554M

[N943] MARR: wit David ATKINS

[N944] MARR: lic both wid.

[N945] MARR: lic; Rebeccah of How; Nathaniel of West Thorock. 8 Oct 1729 Faculty Office

[N946] MARR: 152M 1d 237

[N947] MARR: 177M Q4 1870 Greenwich RD; JPG OPR; Wits Richard MAYNARD & Elizabeth OSBORNE

[N948] MARR: 620M

[N949] MARR: 495M

[N950] MARR: 551M

[N951] MARR: lic

[N952] MARR: 101M St George S. RD; widower sealing wax maker. s. of William sailmaker

[N953] MARR: William wid s. of John, decd shipwright; Sophia wid; Wit John Pritchard, J & L

[N954] MARR: Elizabeth minor; JPG OPR; Wits: James SMITH & Jas Longman GAWLER

[N955] MARR: ? source

[N956] MARR: wit: John Barling ? correct marriage
Adopted: I1570

[N957] MARR: 11M; wit: Pinson John Dixon; Henry John Blin

[N958] MARR: 171M


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