[N959] MARR: 143M

[N960] MARR: 350M; Q2 1899;W. Ham RD 4a463; Wits: Mary Ann STALLEY; Mary Ann SEXTON

[N961] MARR: 264M

[N962] MARR: 280M

[N963] MARR: 499M; Wit: M. Barling, W.J. Allen lic.

[N964] MARR: 465M W. Ham RD

[N965] MARR: 653M

[N967] MARR: 673M

[N968] MARR: 861M

[N969] MARR: 787M

[N974] MARR: 760M

[N977] MARR: 359M Q4 1899 W. Ham RD 4a61;wits: Henry Samuell & Agnes Emily BARLING

[N978] MARR: 391M Q4 1904 W. Ham RD 4a555; Wit: Henry Samuel & Maud Elizabeth BARLING

[N979] MARR: 406AM & 406M (under Albert Ernest) Q2 1907 W. Ham RD; Wit: Henry Samuel BARLING

[N980] MARR: 139M

[N981] MARR: 395M;Holborn RD; Q4 1904; Wit: Alfred William & Ruth Eleanor BURROWS

[N982] MARR: 334M

[N983] MARR: 702M

[N984] MARR: 349M Q1 1899 Shoreditch RD; JPG OPR P/C. Wits: Elizabeth BRITTEN[?]; Thomas

[N986] MARR: 529M

[N988] MARR: 169M

[N989] MARR: 172M; wit: Joshua Worboys ?; Sophia Ann Barling

[N990] MARR: 197M wit: Robert & Mary Ann Woodhouse

[N991] MARR: 253M Q1 1885 Bethnal Green RD; JPG P/C OPR; Wits: Walter John & Sarah Ann

[N992] MARR: 218M Q2 1879 Bethnal Green RD; JPG P/C OPR; Wits: John STEVENS & Charlotte

[N993] MARR: 843M

[N994] MARR: Q4 1874 Dorchester RD 199AM; MC Cert Wits: H. BENNETT & Emma Jane CURTIS. Emma

[N995] MARR: 434M Q3 1911 Islington RD; wit: Alfred Augustus BARLING & Frederick STUBBINGS

[N996] MARR: 449M

[N997] MARR: 574M

[N999] MARR: 1029M

[N1000] MARR: 263M; W. Ham RD; Q4 1886; wit: David SAYER & E.J. ARMSTRONG

[N1001] MARR: 374M; Q1 1902 Poplar RD; P/C; wit: Thomas & Cariy Breedon; JPG OPR

[N1002] MARR: 639M

[N1003] MARR: 559M

[N1005] MARR: 595M

[N1007] MARR: 232M

[N1008] MARR: 292M Q1 1891 Croydon RD; both wid

[N1009] MARR: 418M

[N1010] MARR: 576M (Nottinghamshire)

[N1011] MARR: 633M

[N1014] MARR: 684M

[N1017] MARR: 698M

[N1019] MARR: 811M

[N1020] MARR: 470M

[N1023] MARR: 397M

[N1024] MARR: no proof correct William

[N1025] MARR: ? correct William

[N1026] MARR: ? correct HUDSON ?

[N1027] MARR: Thomas of Ulcombe; Agnes of Lenham

[N1028] MARR: no proof that correct. Mar Lic 23 Sep 1617

[N1029] MARR: Ann of Boughton

[N1030] MARR: lic;John Bowell, Bredgar, yeoman, ba, about 24 married Rebecca Barlinge of

[N1031] MARR: NO PROOF CORRECT MARRIAGE; Mary wid of Edw. Tapley

[N1032] MARR: lic

[N1033] MARR: lic Elizabeth ? wid. John, yeoman (unsure whether could be wid)

[N1034] MARR: ?

[N1035] MARR: no proof correct Ann except wits: James Barling, Charlotte Sedgewick

[N1036] MARR: John son of Adrian

[N1037] MARR: Vic.Gen. Clement of All Hallows Barking.

[N1038] MARR: ? correct Alice

[N1039] MARR: ? correct mar. ?1602

[N1040] MARR: mar. lic

[N1041] MARR: lic ? correct Robert

[N1042] MARR: ? correct Maria

[N1043] MARR: ? correct Katherina

[N1044] MARR: lic

[N1045] MARR: lic

[N1046] MARR: ?? Leonard of St Alpege Canterbury; Mary wid. of St Andrew Canterbury

[N1050] MARR: 318M Q2 1894 Shoreditch RD; JPG P/C OPR; Wits: William J. BARLING & Miss [?]

[N1051] MARR: 200M; P/C Marr cert from Rosemary Childs (Feb 2008); Q1 1875 Hackney RD; Wits:

[N1052] MARR: 380M

[N1053] MARR: 195M

[N1062] MARR: 666M : In index as Julia LOGAN

[N1063] MARR: 793M; no proof correct Alfred

[N1067] MARR: 1048M

[N1068] MARR: lic; Info from Filmer Notes

[N1070] MARR: 462M

[N1071] MARR: 700M

[N1072] MARR: from LDS CD

[N1073] MARR: LDS CD; no proof

[N1074] MARR: from LDS CD

[N1076] MARR: #002952-04 Frederick C. BARLING, 32, London Eng, Toronto, horse collar maker,
P/C Cert

[N1077] MARR: 16 years in 1911

[N1078] MARR: 581M

[N1079] MARR: Colin Penney Newspaper

[N1080] MARR: IGI

[N1081] MARR: IGI

[N1083] MARR: IGI

[N1084] MARR: Banns 22 Jul, 29 Jul 5 Aug 1877 St Paul Canterbury. bride of Eaton, Norfolk

[N1085] MARR: JPG OPR: Wits William Henry LARGE; William & Nellie CARPENTER

[N1086] MARR: 535M

[N1087] MARR: 551M

[N1088] MARR: 400M Q3 1905 W. Ham RD 4a554 Wit: H.S. & Maud BARLING

[N1089] MARR: Rebecca GRAY, wid. of George GRAY of Bredgar

[N1090] MARR: Thomas BOWELL of Bredgar, Bondsman

[N1091] MARR: 3b1262 free BMD

[N1092] MARR: wit: Elizabeth Ann ATKINS

[N1093] MARR: Free BMD 1c 382; 334CM

[N1094] MARR: 358M Q4 1899 W. Ham RD 4a87Wits: John William & Alfred BARLING

[N1095] @[email protected]

[N1096] MARR: ? 22 May 1614; No proof

[N1097] MARR: 2a 1913 FreeBMD

[N1098] MARR: extract from cert. ; 265M Holborn RD Q41886; Wit: Thomas & Amy Frewin

[N1099] MARR: as BARLAND Cant Mar Lic.

[N1100] MARR: 53M Q1 1851 W. London RD

[N1101] MARR: P/C Cert

[N1102] MARR: 403M West Ham RD 4a445; Wits: Henry & Thomas Henry POTTS

[N1103] MARR: IGI

[N1104] MARR: 507M

[N1105] MARR: 1a1052

[N1106] MARR: 605M Q3 1934; C19X4 Kent Reg Serv

[N1108] MARR: JPG OPR; Wits: Thomas FREWIN; W. FOWKE [??]

[N1109] MARR: JPG OPR; Wits: R.W. BIGGS & E.L. BOARD

[N1110] MARR: JPG OPR: Wits William Henry & Fanny Amelia LARGE

[N1111] MARR: 530M

[N1112] MARR: 758M

[N1113] MARR: 629M


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