[1] Letter
from Grace Hill

Late father: John William Barling, born 19th Nov 1871 at 50 Silver St, Mile
End, son of J.W. Barling.
Thinks father had a brother, who was a Minister in Highgatearea

[2] Birth Certificate

[3] Marriage Certificate

[4] Death Certficate

[6] Letter
from Frederick James Barling

Grandfather lived in Forest Gate, bootfinisher = Henry Samuel.
Father:Harold Henry Samuel, born 4 Jun 1862, Forest Gate sub district. Married
Ethel Maud Macaree 11.7.1915 Holy Trinity Ch., Harrow Green.
They had 4 children all boys in order of birth:
Harold Valentine, born Leyton. He is married & lives at 25 Angus Close
Chessington. Son Russel (unm). c35 yrs in RAF awarded MBE.
Ernest Alfred, born Leyton. Married no children & lives at 26 Stanley Ave.
Frederick James (myself) born Leyton. Married with son Robert Stephen, age 19
Kenneth Raymond born Leyton. Married with son Timothy (unm). Lives at Hunters
Heights Station Rd Claverdon, Warwick.
Implies he know of female relatives as well
St Pauls Cathedral has a plaque, on lhs, halfway down one aisle, to ctrew of
HMS Captain which sank off Cape Finistere on 7 Sep 1870. Includes James
Barling, thought to be his father's uncle.

[7] Letter
from Rev. Albert Edward

27 Mar 1956:family were coopers from Edinburgh.
Grandfather: settled in Globe Rd Victoria Park, pianoforte builder
Father: dead. Different occupation.
Uncle William: doesn't know if alive.
19 Apr 1956: Father: Albert Edward
Grandfather's brother: Albert
Fathers brother: William. He has a son William.
30 Apr 1956: Grandfather, ? Albert Edward, died ca 1867 ca 41 yrs old
Father died 1914 aged 42. His brother William probably a year older. He had two
children: William ? in 40s. Margaret ? age
I am born 1898.

[8] PRO (Kew)
Naval records

[10] Letter
from Peggy Turner

[11] Letter
from Beryl Monica Roach

[12] Letter
from Ada Mary Barling

Her husband = Jabez Sidney (3 Nov 1915 at Newark - 1 Jun 1980). Family moved to
Nottingham Jan 1 1922. Brothers of husband: Colin & Stanley. Father: Rev.
William Thomas died 21 Apr 1923. ?? his father was a butcher from Maidstone.
William Thomas left home young to join the Baptist Ministry. Died age 29 from
Pneumonia in Nottingham, having been Pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist church
for only 1 1/4 years. Husbands mother died Apr 1975. Gives details of her
children & grand-children

[13] Phone call
from Colin Barling

Colin's grandmother widowed & remarried to KEEN, butcher in Croydon. Colin's
father worked in butchers with step-father, then became "lay-preacher". Colin
has a pamphlet from a Cong. church (?) "Master Barling of 123 Cherry Orchard Rd
Croydon", dated 4 Dec 1902. He left home age 16/17, split up from step-father.
Colin's father had a brother Gus (Augustus) with wife Zoe. saw them in the 50s.
Gus was a by sailor on HMS Ganges (ca 1910 ?0, a traing ship nr Harwich
Harbour. Served at Battle of Jutland. Gus lived Thornton Heath. Colin's father
had a sister Lottie (? Charlotte) married to SLAUGHTER, with some children.
Colin was a Flying officer at RAF Blake Hill Farm Wilts [met 2 other Barlings
there; one was Reginald, his age]

[14] Will

[15] Admon

[16] Will
of Clement Barling

Clement of Horton nr Chartham, clerke. To be bur. in chancel of Denton ch. near
Sir Anthony Percival. Nephew: Christopher Barling, cit & grocer of London, son
of brother Christopher dec. of Ulcombe = exec. Other Exec: Edward Coppin of
Bekesbourne, clerk.
Cousin: Mary MARTEN of Old Romney, wid.
Mentions: Mrs Ann COPPIN of Cant., wid. Mr Samuel COPPIN of Beakesbourne.
Cousins: Greenham & Leonard BARLING
Christopher son of nephew Christopher (above).
Mansion house in Ulcombe purchased from cousin Greenham to poor of Ulcombe.
various charities in Ulcombe, Canterbury, St Johns College Cambridge.
Mothers father: William Marketman.
Nephew: Clement, eldest son of said nephew Christopher. Land in Ulcombe, Lydd.
Christopher youngest son of said nephew.
Leonard youngest son of cousin of Leonard of Ulcombe dec. Cousin: Walter
Barling, clerk minister of Hoo.
Eldest son of cousin Robert Barling of Headcorn, dec.
John Barling eldest son of cousin Richard Barling late of Egerton dec.
Richard Barling second son of said Richard.
Cousin George Barling of Egerton.
Niece: Mary Barling eldest daughter of nephew Christopher.
Niece: Frances Barling dau of my nephew Thomas of Ulcombe, dec.
Friend: Mr Edward Coppin
Codicil: 6 May 1668: Niece: Elizabeth HULSE, eldest dau of nephew Charles
HULSE. Cousin Leonard, now living in Amsterdam, youngest son of cousin Leonard
of Ulcombe dec. Cousin Richard BIGG of Ulcmbe
2nd Codicil: 28 Sep 1670: Near kinsmen: John Whanstall of Westwell. Mr Robert
Day of Ashford & wife Mary
3rd codicil: 6 Mar 1670/71: Henry Marsh of Barham, 3rd Exec. Kinswoman: Mary
MARTEN of Old Romney, wid.
Pr 21 Mar 1670/1 & 18 May 1671


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