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The name WOOLFORD is highly concentrated in the WILTSHIRE/BERKSHIRE area. The name is particularly associated with places such as Lydiard Tregooze, Lydiard Millicent, Hannington, Didcot, Uffington, Ramsbury, Purton, Eisey, Wooton Bassett, Swindon, Reading etc.

My wife's family lived in London, Didcot and I have traced them back to Woolson in Uffington.

I suspect that there are only a few , if not one, WOOLFORD families from this area. With increased information many of the branches are beginning to tie themselves together.

I have made a start at computerizing the data that I have already and that I am being sent. I apologise that data that I have been sent is not always included and more importantly that the origins of the data are not clearly stated. If anyone has any problems or questions regarding the data please let me know.

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As an experiment the Family Trees are in two formats:

As GED2HTML: Can be confusing to follow lines. Last updated: 28 Sep 2010 [RECENT UPDATE]

As a Dynamic Family Tree: rather slick & easy to understand. Probably needs up-to-date browsers. Not so easy to print/copy from. Last updated: 28 Sep 2010  [RECENT UPDATE]

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Peter Lowe, Hertford, England:

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