Peter R. Poff Peter R. Poff
Peter is thought to have been in Augusta Co. in 1792 because his name apears with a George Poff on a tax list. In 1800 Peter and George are both listed on the delinquent tax list of Augusta as having gone "to French Broad". This is a river that flows from N.C. to Knoxville, Tenn. In 1798 Gorge Poff Sr. and Jr. are listed but in 1798 and 1800 only one George is listed. It is assumed that George Sr. died about 1798 because his name is missing.

It seems that Peter arrived in Montgomery Co. and purchased a farm on Wilson's Creek. In 1803 he was granted a land deed of 96 more acres. In a few years it seems the family moved near Check, Va. on Little River, stll part of Montgomery County. Peter continued adding to his farm. Tax records show he owned a saw mill in 1813 and a grist mill in 1814. When Peter died in 1830 his family divided his 665 acres of land.

The will of Peter Poff has been transcribled as follows by Barb Stanley.

I Peter Poff Seynior of the County of Montgomery and State of Virginia do hearby make my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say

1st that out of my moneys now in hand I desire that all my just debts if any thar be and funeral expences [be] fully paid off and discharged

2nd I will and bequeath unto my Dear and loving wife two of her chois Cows two beds and all the Ballance of the Household and Kitchen furniture except the ballance of the beds The Home place whear we now live during her natural life the paroshable part of what hath been bequeathed to my Dear Wife she may dispose of During her lifetime if she pleases

3rd I will and bequeath unto my Son Henry Poff the tract of land on which he now lives with all its appurtenances thereto belonging Beginning at the Draw bars whear they now stand near the old mill then a strait line on easterly course to the Cross fence whar it now stands and with said fence as it now runs to the Corner of Anthony Poff's [illegible] fence whar it now stands and then a line according to Anthony's Clamd land now is woods that is the land he now occupys and from his Clamd land a strait line to the nearest part of the old line and with the old line to the Bent road and with said road to the Beginning

4th I will and bequeath unto my Son anthony Poff all the mill place and all the Ballance of the land except that part devised to Henry Poff Beginning at the above named Draw Bars along the Bent road to whar it Crosses the old mill branch and down that branch to Wiley's line.

5th I will and bequeath unto my Son michael Poff all the land that lays of the [illegible] on the south side of the Bent mountain road and according to Anthony Poff's lines mentioned above

6th I will and bequeath unto my Son Charles Poff all that tract of land on the Pine Spar road which I purchased of Stephen R[illegible]

7th I will and bequeath unto my Son Peter Poff two small tracts of land and which he now lives on the aker adjoining the same Which is set forth by 2 small patterns

8th I will and bequeath unto my Son John Poff a piece of land that I took up adjoining the old place which will be set forth By a pattern of about ninety akers.

8th I will and bequeath unto my Son Samuel Poff after the decease of his mother the Ballance of the old tract of land

9th I Will and bequeath unto my two younger Daughters Christiniah and Anna Poff 1 Cow and 1 Heifer each and Anna 1 Bed and furniture also twenty dollars and the ballance of my paroshable property I wish sold and my outstanding debts Collected and my specified legays paid off and out of the proceeds of such sale and Colection I wish to Be equally divided between my five daughters

I mor over Will and bequeath unto my Loving Wife Seventy five Bushels of the grain growed or growing and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my friends William Conner Seynior & Jacob Hoback By this my will and testament hearby revoking all others In witness whearof I have hearunder set my hand and affixed my seal In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty September the 14th.