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My Buffalo Project is up and running here. Not everything is complete, but it is in progress. You are more than welcome to explore these pages and use this data in your own non-published family genealogy, but please credit this as the source, and not the census. I may be contacted by temporary eMail also.
I have transcribed over 20,000 names from the census for Buffalo, New York who are of Polish heritage, and am in the process of making them available. The current focus of this project is more of a historical/sociological perspective, namely, what comprised Buffalo's "Polonia" - land area and people, the composition of these people in ages and immigrant status, number of population in Buffalo in 1920, etc. It is only secondarily a genealogical project, in that it can and should be used as a finding aid for those whose heritage in that place and time is of Polish ancestry. The surname lists are available for genealogists to use to find information on their Buffalo ancestors without having to initially go to the soundex for each individual surname.
The main criteria for this project is to include those people whose 1) birthplace or parent's birthplace is Poland, Galicia, or Posen, 2) native language is Polish, or 3) has a Polish surname. Others not meeting this criteria may be included if they meet my secondary criteria.
Not all people in the e.d.'s meet the criteria and therefore are not included. If you do not find someone on my pages who lived in that district it is because either they were not enumerated there or were culled from my list.
Update - 26 June 2001
      I have 20,000+ names accessible through this census entrance page. They are organized by ward pages. In each of the four ward pages on-line, you can either go to the transcription pages directly, starting at page one for that e.d., or you can access individual e.d. pages via the surname lists.
      Much of what is up has been checked for accuracy, based on what I have transcribed. However, only about one-third of this has been re-checked with the census to catch any transcription errors, or to verify that which seems to be wrong information is correctly transcribed. Unfortunately I have not been able to get through all the e.d.'s I have on-line to check for accuracy, correct the pages, and place the corrected pages back up. This applys particularly to e.d.'s 72, 77, 78, and 119. So you may still see some discrepancies in those e.d.'s.
      The transcription notes page accessible from all e.d. pages is not current.
      I will be away from this project, possibly until fall 2001. If you have any questions regarding the data you see here, I may be contacted by eMail.

My current address for requesting other than limited use is:
Kasia Dane, 1631 NE Broadway #128, Portland, Oregon 97232.

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Ward 9             Ward 10             Ward 15             Ward 16
                     e.d.'s 72-76        e.d.'s 77-81      e.d.'s 113-121    e.d.'s 122-130

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