Beard Cemetery
Submitted May 30, 2000 by R.D. Hendrix.

Located on Rice Road off 942 between Leggett & Barnes.

Beard, I. F.  b-Feb.15,1807  d-July 30,1879; DS w/ Nancy
Beard, Nancy  b-June 30,1811  d-Sept. 23,1867;  DS w/ I. F.
David, Alton B.  b-Oct. 2,1904  d-Jan. 29,1976;  DS w/ Flora
David, Annie  b-June 18,1891  d-Oct. 27,1903; "Daughter of J.A. & F.E."
David, Anslem Matthews b-July 1918  d-Oct. 1991;  DS w/ Gladys V.
David, Augusta  b-Dec. 9,1897  d-Oct.11,1902;  TS w/ Escar & Milvin
David, Escar  b-Oct.13,1900  d-Dec.17,1918;  TS w/ Augusta & Milvin
David, Fannie E.  b-Oct.30,1849  d-May 17,1922
David, Flora  b-Aug.28,1906  d-______; DS w/ Alton B.
David, Folsom  b-Sept. 28,1866  d-June 3,1947; DS w/ Nellie
David, Gladys V. McCommon  b-Feb. 1920  d-Sept. 1980; DS w/ Anslem M.
David, Harold C.  b-Dec.11,1913  d-Mar.12,1988
David, Josh  1880-1957;  DS w/ Laura J.
David, Joshua A.   b-May 25, 1833  d-Sept.18,1895
David, Laura J.  b-1887  d-1969;  DS w/ Josh
David, Mallissie  b-Mar. 11,1876  d-Jan. 6,1908
David, Mary Selma  b-Nov. 11,1909  d-July 25,1998
David, Mildred  b-Apr. 24,1913  d-Sept. 27,1913
David, Milvin  b-Jan. 1,1915  d-Aug. 15,1918;  TS w/ Augusta & Escar
David, Nellie   b-Apr. 12,1875  d-Dec.16,1968; DS w/ Folsom
David, Nola Weems  b-Jan. 21,1895  d-May  4,1981;  DS w/ Wallace
David, Robert Vernon  b-Jan.10,1915  d-June 29,1976
David, Sarah E.  b-June 3,1839  d-Jan.21,1869
David, Vernetta E.  b-Sept. 25,1881  d-Apr. 26,1984; DS w/ William C.
David, Virginia  b-Sept. 5,1874  d-Nov. 4,1890
David, Wallace  b-Sept. 17,1887  d-Mar.13,1931;  DS w/ Nola
David, Wallace Jr.  b-May 5,1922  d-May 6, 1925
David, William C.  b-May 18,1876  d-Feb.10,1955; DS w/ Vernetta
Garcia, Kate Viola  b-Jan.15,1913  d-______  m- June 30, 1933 ;  DS w/ Sam
Garcia, Sam  b-May 30,1906  d-Sept. 27,1973  m-June 30, 1933; DS w/ Kate
Gard, Lionel Vern  b-June 28,1880  d-Sept. 8,1961
Gard, Nora Viola  b-Aug. 20,1881  d-Sept.28,1922
Unknown - 5 graves marked with rocks

Outside of fence in Back:

Finnigan, John  died-Aug.5,1903; ( Under bushes and trees.)
Smith, Elizabeth  b-Jan.3,1819  d-Feb.11,1873; ( Inside Picket Fence)
4-Unknown*  - ( Marked with rocks.)

* May be several more unmarked graves.

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