Bracewell - Hill Cemetery
by Beverly Evins, April 2002
    190 E. 3.8 miles, left on Nettles Rd.; left onto Bracewell-Hill Cemetery Rd.,
    approx. 2.1 miles turn right onto dim road .8 miles in woods
    Approx 1/2 acre enclosed in chain-link fence.  Overgrown with tall brush.
    Downed trees and limbs could easily be covering markers.  Only 8 were visible.
“E.H.B.”    Home made cement marker
“W.E.B.”    Home made cement marker
Bracewell, Annabell b-July 25, 1906 d-Nov. 4, 1906
        “Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Bracewell”; FS-“A.B.”;  HS broken in 1/2
Bracewell, Annie Bell  b-July 25, 1906 d-Nov. 14, 1906
        “Daughter of Mr & Mrs. R.D. Bracewell”; FS-“A.B.B.”
Bracewell, Odes  b-Sept. 17, 1904 d-Nov. 14, 1907
        “Son of Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Bracewell”; FS-“O.B.”
Bracewell, Rudolph  b-July 10, 1902 d-Oct. 5, 1903
        “Son of Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Bracewell”; FS-“R.B”
Hill, Mary Jane Gregg  Born 1833 Florence, S.C. Died 1867; Daughter of Joseph Gregg
        DS w/ William; married 1851;
Hill, William Henry  Born 1823 Wilmington, N.C.  Died 1909; Son of Arthur J. Hill
        DS w/ Mary Jane; married 1851;  “Erected by Eva Hill Smith-grandaughter”

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