Brown Cemetery
Located next to Greenfield Cemetery, on Hwy 59 Bypass Livingston, TX
Indexed November 2000 by Beverly Evins

    This small family cemetery was created by Mr. A. L. Brown on his residence property in 1941.
He located the cemetery adjacent to the Greenfield Cemetery and enclosed the cemetery with a
chain-link fence and gate. There are graves in this cemetery without any markers including Mr. Brown
and his wife.
    The known children of Mr. & Mrs. Brown were: A. L. Brown, Jr.,  R. D. Brown,
Zelma Pearl Brown Coates, Lillie Mae Brown McCormick, M. L. Brown, Clara Brown Williamson,
Lila Brown Tillman, and Robert Lewis Brown.

Abbreviations used are:  FS-Footstone;  HS-Headstone;  FHM-Funeral Home Marker;
HMHS-Home-made Headstone

Brown, Abraham Lincoln "A.L.",  born:  Feb. 14, 1867  died: Nov. 16, 1942 / row 1
        {HMHS-data plate missing}
Brown, Emma F. (Wade)  born:  Dec. 19, 1870  died:  Aug. 2, 1941 /  row- 1
        {HMHS-data plate damaged:  "_______, _____ F.  b-1870  d-1941" }
Criswell, Mrs. Cecil  b-Aug. 20, 1930  d-Feb. 23, 2000 -Duncan FHM only / row-2
Harl___, Raymond  b-Aug. 3, 1928   d-?   “Age 57 yrs”    FHM only  / row-1
Joyce, A. C.  b-Apr. 15, 1937  d-Feb. 24, 1958   “He is not dead, but sleepeth” / row-3
        HS is lying flat on ground & broken
Joyce, Eddie Lee b-Mar. 7, 1918  d-Jan. 6, 1973 / row-3
        HS-Grey granite cross
McGinnis, D? B?  b-Sept. 12, 1879   d-June 24, 1969 / row-3
        “He is gone…..”-difficult to read
Mitchell, Lillie B.   b-May 20, 1923  d-May 27, 1988 “65 yrs” FHM only / row-4
Unknown x 12
Williams, L. C.  b-1921  d-1991 /  row-4
        STM3 US Navy WW II

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