Carrington-Lyle Cemetery
Submitted by Cannon Pritchard

     Edward J.Carrington and his friend Samuel Lyle were both widowers with large families and
servants who came to Polk County from Cumberland County, Virginia in the Spring of  1856.
     Mr. Carrington was a planter who settled near the present community of  Seven Oaks with
10 of  his 14 children, 83 servants, 12 cattle, 17 horses, 3 wagons, and a buggy.  By 1858
he was the wealthiest man in Polk County. He had purchased 2,400 acres of  land from
Robert Sherman and Demetrius Willis which was located on Mud Creek and Long King Creek.
     Samuel Lyle with his son Samuel J. Lyle were successful Virginia merchants who settled in
Moscow, Texas and opened a large mercantile store. In 1858 Samuel Lyle died and E. J.
Carrington had him  buried on a hill behind the Carrington plantation home. With later burials
of both families in this area, it became known as the Carrington-Lyle Cemetery. Mr. Carrington
was  related to Dr. R. B. Jones and some members of  the Jones family were also buried in this
cemetery.  For over a half century the Carrington and Lyle families were well-known and well
respected pioneer citizens of  Polk County.
     The cemetery area is regularly mowed and is fairly large in size, but has few markers that have
survived over the years. There is no fence around the cemetery or any name identification sign in
the area. The cemetery is located on private property.

At the intersection of  U. S. Highway 59 and Carrington Road in Seven Oaks, Texas, go East
on Carrington Road (paved) for one and a half miles to a brick residence on the right side of
the road. The cemetery is located behind the residence. Turn right on a road at the corner of
the yard and go .2 miles across a ravine to the cemetery. The cemetery is located on private
property and permission from the owner is needed to visit the cemetery.

Marked Graves:
Bergman,  Virginia Pruett,  born  Apr 3, 1935  died  May 26, 1986
Carrington,  Edward Jones,  Jr.,  born 1844   died  Oct 1, 1880
        Private,  Co. F, Riley's Regiment, Green's Brigade,  4th Texas Cavalry, C.S.A.
        (P.O.W.) (marker states year of  death as 1865 which is an error.)
Carrington,  William Thornton,  born  1833  died  1875,
        1st Lt.,  Co. F, Riley's Regiment, Green's Brigade,  4th Texas Cavalry, C.S.A.
Hackney, Thomas Lyle,  born  June 23, 1887  died  Jan. 4, 1910,
        son of George Washington Hackney and  Sallie Lyle Hackney
Jones,  Eliza,  born  Mar 13, 1805  died  Nov 1, 1875, wife of   Dr. R. B. Jones
Jones,  R. B.,  M.D.,  born  Apr 17, 1798  died  Jan 3, 1873
Lyle,  Louisa Carrington,  born  Sep 10, 1837  died  Sep 6, 1918,  wife of  Samuel J. Lyle.
        Married on  Nov. 11, 1859.
Lyle,  Samuel J.,  born  Mar 10, 1830  died  Aug 10, 1911,
        Captain, Co. K,  Clark's Regiment, 14th Texas Infantry, C.S.A.,
        Royal Arch Chapter of  Masonic (Unity) Blue Lodge, #102,
        "None Knew Thee, But to Love Thee".
Lyle,  Sarah Ann,  born  Jan 26, 1832  died  Jan 16, 1916,  Professor, Moscow Academy
Sharp,  John F.,  born  1832  N.C.  died  Dec 3, 1862, Camp Nelson, Ark.,
        1st Lt.,  Co. K, Clark's Regiment,  14th Texas Infantry,  C.S.A.
Sharp,  Josephine Carrington,  born  Feb. 16, 1831  died  Jan 16, 1860,
        wife of  John F. Sharp, attorney,  and Mother of  John F. Sharp, Jr.
Smith,  Walter Gordon,  born  Jun 23, 1900  died  Aug 18, 1906,  son of Mr. & Mrs. F. A. Smith

Unmarked Graves:
The following names are those who are buried without cemetery markers.
This list is based on extensive research from Polk County deeds, probate
records, Wills, tax records, family bible, and census records:
Carrington,  Edward,  born  1854  died  1859,  son of  Dr. Paul & Mary F. Carrington
Carrington,  Edward Jones,  Sr.,  born  Jun 18, 1797  died  Oct 16, 1865
Carrington,  Elizabeth,  born 1863  died  1864,  infant daughter of
Edward J. Carrington, Sr. &  Jane W. Chambers Carrington
Carrington,  Lucy,  born  Feb. 1850  died  1869,
        daughter of  Edward J. Carrington, Sr. & Sarah A. A. Thornton Carrington
Johnson,  Mary Catherine "Kitty" Carrington,  born  1832  died  1890,
        married on Mar 18, 1858 to William B. Johnson
Johnson,  William B.,  born  1831  died  July 1858
Lyle,  Edward J.,  born  1865  died  1885,  son of  Samuel J. Lyle & Louisa Carrington Lyle
Lyle,  Harriett,  born  1840  died  1859,  daughter of  Samuel Lyle
Lyle,  Mary Elizabeth,  born  1878  died  1879,
        daughter of  Samuel J. Lyle & Louisa Carrington Lyle
Lyle,  Samuel,  born  1797  died  1858
Lyle,  Samuel Freeman,  born  Dec 2, 1897  died  1928,
        son of  William M. Lyle & Ollie Freeman Lyle

Edward J. Carrington, Sr. first wife was Sarah A. A. Thornton Carrington who was buried in
Cumberland Co. Va. with two infant daughters,  Patsy Carrington and Edmonia Carrington.
His second wife, Jane W. Chambers Carrington remarried in 1870 to Elisha P. Phelps.
His children not buried in this cemetery were:
Miss Octavia Carrington of  Choctaw Co. Ala.;
Miss Virginia "Jenny" Carrington of  New Orleans, La.;
Elizabeth Travis Thornton Carrington Venable of  Dinwiddie Co.Va.;
Sarah Carrington Woods of  Brown Co. Texas;  and
Lucy Carrington Allen of  Mobile Co. Ala.
Paul S. Carrington, M. D.  of  New Orleans, La.
        (Dr. Carrington had served as a Private in Co. D, 1st Texas Infantry
        Regiment, Texas State Troops, C.S.A. from Polk County).
Ida S. (Harding) Carrington,  born: Apr 28, 1843 Va.  died: Jun 12, 1914 Jackson/Hinds/Ms.
        buried: Bolden Cemetery, Hinds Co. Ms.,  married: Mar.22, 1871 to E. J. Carrington, Jr.

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